IM+ Pro for BlackBerry 10 gets updated - Skype chat is back in business

IM+ pro
By James Richardson on 22 Feb 2013 05:39 am EST

We told you that the popular cross platform instant messaging client IM+ Pro had been released for BlackBerry 10 earlier this month. Although an Android port the app seems to work pretty well on the Z10. Well, it does now anyway since an update hit my device. Previously the Skype chat feature didn't seem to want to work. That's now fixed so you can chat with your Skype friends around the world after updating to version 1.64.8116.0.

With a whole host of services supported such as Facebook, GTalk and Jabber, just to name a few, IM+ Pro really is a great way to keep in touch with your friends who haven't yet made the jump over to BlackBerry. Whatever smartphone they are using, there will be a compatible messaging service in IM+ Pro.

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IM+ Pro for BlackBerry 10 gets updated - Skype chat is back in business


Skype chat worked for me in the previous version. Had plenty of meetings on it, but updates are always welcome :)

Will IM+ Pro work / run in the background and notify if a new chat is initiated or message is received?

I don't know if its worth 5 bucks to me though. Google chat has an app now and I only use Skype. I think I might wait it out

Needs to be written for BB10, port is hard to navigate (backswipe) and gmail keeps asking for authentication making it impossible to have multiple gmail runnng at the same time.
I only have a need to use this for multiple gmail, 1 yahoo and skype maybe. Will probably give Nimbuzz a try instead.

I can't seem to find anything; does anyone know how good the Yahoo! Messaging is on here? Features (add attachments, video chat), reliability (doesn't kick me off every 10 minutes like BBRY's app), do i need the app open to receive messages?

That's cool, but I find skype chatting to be extremely hateful whether on a mobile or a desktop OS. I'm fine with the VoIP, but for normal chatting it's just a disaster!

My biggest complaint is how chat history will forcefully pop up in your face once you sign into your account on a different device. If you haven't used that device for a few months, the forceful history syncing is enough to CRASH the program - it's done so on an ipod touch and an Atom-powered netbook. Come on microsoft, cloud of chat history is welcome, but I don't need the last 3 months of messages to pop up in my face when I sign in on my spare PC.

My other complaint is the limitations with sending offline messages - something even Microsoft's own MSN service does properly. On MSN, if your friend's offline, you can send him a message and it pops up once he signs on, regardless of your own status when that happens. On skype, if you send a friend an offline message, he won't receive it unless you are also online when he next signs on.

If not for the fact that so many of my contacts insist on using it, I'd ditch skype and use Google Talk, which isn't as good for VoIP but far superior for normal text chatting.

It's really ironic how Microsoft can work on two similar products at the same time yet have a drastic quality gap between them. For example, I use Lync at work which is a fabulous program though limited to enterprise use. Yet Skype and Live Messenger, which are supposed to deliver the same functionality, are absolute turds.

Better to just sideload skype or (my favourite) imo where you can get skype, google talk, and a few other messenger apps at once.

Why does this app not allow me to choose its application permissions? Every permission is set to "On" without my ability to set them "Off".