IM+ All In One Instant Messaging For BlackBerry Updated To Version 8.3.0

By Bla1ze on 21 Oct 2009 06:36 pm EDT

* Update: NOW ON SALE - Shape Services saw the post and comments and until November 22nd has put IM+ on a 30% off sale. You can now grab it for $27.95 at the same link below. * 

A new update for IM+ Messenger was released the other day. IM+ Messenger is a instant messaging application which allows you to connect to multiple networks all within one application. You can have all your contacts in one spot no matter what they are using be it MSN, Yahoo, Googletalk, Facebook as well as Skype and many others. Some of the features in the new version are:

  • Group chat in Skype
  • Speech Recognition subscription
  • User Avatars
  • UI improvements and general bugfixes

This is a greap app for those who have friends in many social networks and are looking for the versatility to keep communication with them all. IM+ is a little on the costly side as it's priced at $39.95 but well worth it if you rely on being able to stay in touch with everyone and a free trial is available for you to check out.

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IM+ All In One Instant Messaging For BlackBerry Updated To Version 8.3.0


well, they keep it at this price because clearly people are willing to pay it. if people refused to buy the app at that price, they'd be forced to lower it.

That's ridiculous considering the same damn app for the iPhone is 9.99.

Just like beejive is ridiculous for bb and only 9.99 for the iPhone. That's what is keeping me from switching back to a BB among other things. Apps are ridiculously priced.

$40 is a rip off esp during the economic times. seems like a cool app but way to expensive. Also not to be rude but i dont understand the lady speaking

If you're not a skype person like me, go for BeeJive. I paid 29.95 but I was able to get a license key that I can take to any Blackberry device. It's paid off! I'm already on my 3rd Blackberry device. But hey, if you're a facebook fanatic, which I'm not.. then maybe this app just might be for you.

Anyone else have troubles with this version on On my install it showed keyboard at all times and did not allow proper selecting of anything.

I dont know why you guys are complaining about the price of the app. This app is amazing. I can be online on all my instant messaging accounts at once, and it has push-IM, a really useful feature for then on-the-go. This app is essentially similar to beejive but beejive does not work with OS5 so I am using this.

RIM's built in clients do not work nearly as well because AIM for example times out the connection frequently.

looks great but i will never pay $40 for this or beejives $30. when it drops to the same price as on the iphone ill buy it at $9.99.

This seems like a really cool app that I would probably use often but not for that price. If it went on sale for 50% off I'd probably pick it up

On the one hand I can see if I really needed to stay that connected I MIGHT fork out $40 but I don't so I'm not. Now if it ever went on a 50% sale then yeah I'd probably consider it. It does seem ridiculous to pay that much for an app when all those IM's are free. BRING THE $ DOWN!!!!

Dont expect any kind of support or response from this company. Just figured I would warn you before spending that much money!

Oh, and I've been using Nimbuzz on my 8830 World Edition for several months now with no problems.

I accidentally discovered this app while browsing through

OK. I’m usually not one to stick my nose into something like this, but here it goes (please take it for what it’s worth)…

The actual gamesmanship of price setting notwithstanding (and that’s a huge issue, believe me), it basically boils down to a couple of things, I think. First, if it’s something you can use and your use becomes more streamlined/efficient for it, then it may well be something worth paying for. I’m not just talking about IM+, but in general. Similarly, if it’s NOT something that’s going to make your life any easier, then this would indeed be a splendid way to waste your money (like none of us have had "that" kind of purchase in our past).

Easy breezy! Particularly when there’s a trial period allowed. (Those that don’t allow for trials are a bit schizzy in my book. Had that been the case at this price point, then I’d be all aboard the bash fest.)

That said, I actually run a bit counter to most of the previous posts in that I bought this thing some time ago (so I guess I’m a “stupid a**f*ck” according to UPSTREAMMIAMI), but it does the job I ask it to do in one consolidated place, which in turn saves me time (and ultimately, RAM—this thing is no princess there, but for what it replaces, in a way it is). Was a balancing act for me, and I’m one of those people who loathes messaging. HOWEVER, there are those I work/cavort around with who cannot be found UNLESS you message them, across the spectrum of services, so this fit the bill. Time is money, as they say… (For me, it’s more a matter of sanity.)

Was it worth $40? Not to me, no. Which is why I waited for a sale (I think it was 30% off or somesuch). Their customer service was quite responsive to me w/a couple of issues I had, and insofar as the leveraging of cost for cost’s sake, $40 flat (forever) is far more appealing to me than any subscription based software that bleeds you $10/year or whatever. THOSE I find far more annoying. I have enough “payments” to worry about, never mind software you forget you’re constantly paying to “rent” (yes, yes…I know the whole Windows/OSX/Anything-but-Linux code rental EULA business).

If I had to black-eye IM+ for anything, it’s that the battery does seem to take a bit of a hit for its constant monitoring of your accounts, but I think something similar can be said for most such clients if left switched on. THAT, if anything, would be my warning!

Thanks for the read!

P.S. Because I DID pay a while back, these people have nothing to gain from my taking the time to write this! LOL.

Buy not in anger, my fellow CB'ites... Simply buy (but not before using the trial to its fullest!), or not buy.

I think it would be cheaper to have the whole planet switch to BBs and use BBM. It can do just about the same and looks sleeker than this cheap app. Nobody should pay for an app that uses free IM services. A scam!!

I got this app for 50% off several months back. Their customer service answers within 24 hours and they release periodical updates, all of which are free. The program itself is very functional, usually reliable and has features not supported on the competition (push messages, speech to text).

No in no way does Nimbuzz....which is a WAP browser chat compares to IM plus which is a solo Application with Avatar, speech recognitions, message history save, custom BB alert options etc. Ya'll are insane.

Just take a look in app store on iPhone, it costs 9.99$,
but for BB users, it costs 39.99%, almost 4X.

does it mean the BB version is 4x more powerful

or the BB version is 4x harder to develop??

or .... we are 4x richer than iPhone users?? lol :D

just kidding but try to be fair..

That's because Facebook develops the Facebook app for Iphone which already has facebook Chat built in. Which is the only reason why the BB version is so high priced because its the only APP...not web browser WAP chat but actual APPLICATION for BB that has Facebook Chat with picture Avatars etc. You can even update your FB status from within IM plus.

Oh and for the dude with the keyboard not being able to hide issue you need to go into Applications, highlight IM plus and disable compatibility mode.

This app does two things really well that the others either don't do, or do poorly: sending pics/video, and sending voice recordings.

C'mon people, these are smartphones that have monthly bills (sometimes in excess of $100), and you want us to shell out 40 bucks to IM people?

Whoever doesn't have a blackberry to Pin-me or use google talk (my only IM i'm willing to use on the go) then we'll talk later.

I would think something like this would appeal to teenagers, BUT EVEN THEY AREN'T DUMB ENOUGH to pay 40 bucks for an app like this.

I mean.. really? really?? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

All registered users could transfer their IM+ licenses for free to any another device (but iPhone/iPod).

Also, App Store and App World have different popularity. With rising of App World popularity the prices on BlackBerry apps will be reducing.

Hi and thanks for your comments and suggestions.

We are planning a discount for CrackBerry users.

Stay in touch with our news and updates!

Yours sincerely,
SHAPE Services team

How do you keep from having to type in all the information when you update to a new firmware?

I hate having to type in every single character.... every single time I change the firmware.

Couldn't shape services hold our information on a server where we would only have to put in one central login to bring up all of our data... sorta like a similar web application that is slipping my mind at the moment.

If I'm missing something... please let me know. If not... "HEY SHAPE... spare my thumbs..." "Are you listening to my rant?".......

Thanks again for all this suggestions, finally, there is 30% discount for IM+ at Crackberry App Store. Hurry up! :)

ok, why cant they get away from those ugly a$$ green icons. Why cant the normal service icons be used for AIM/Yahoo and such???

I still have yet to figure out why the iPhone/iPod touch instant messaging apps are so much cheaper than the Blackberry versions...... I have Beejive and paid $30 for it. While I think it's a terrific application $30 is very expensive when the same app on the iPhone/iPod touch is 1/3 the price. To Shape developers....why the price difference between the different versions? Is the Blackberry version of IM+ 3 times better than the iPhone/iPod touch verison....?

On another note I used the trial version of IM+ and thought it's a great application that offers more functionality than Beejive....what led me to purchase Beejive over IM+ was the interface. Beejive has a much more visually appealing interface and even thought IM+ was only $19.95 and Beejive was $30, I still went with Beejive. Just something I thought you all would like to know....

This program isn't even worth free.. I did purchase this, worse purchase of my life next to my ex-wife's diamond... If you like the idea of having one program for all your IM's, look somewhere else. Always disconnects, facebook chat is just an icon... never works. Buyer beware on this one...

Ok. So I thought I’d download the free trial to see if this app got any better from its prior renditions, and after downloading, I clicked to open it and got an error.

After that, I deleted it, and tried reinstalling, to which the phone reset and then I got a white screen (Same as when I downloaded BBM5 from the Blackberry App World). I have to now reformat my phone and reinstall the OS, and I haven’t backed up my phone for a bit, being I’ve been very busy. So now I tried downloading this from early in the morning and am now without my beloved Blackberry until I get home – and that is rather late being I am working late tonight.

I just hope HOPE that Skyfire is not released anytime today before I can get my BB up and running again.

BeeJive is better in my opinion, but neither is worth the money. The native IM apps are sufficient, and especially with the new BBs having more memory. The only thing I can say is I agree with Boston Tour and the statement that I’ll wait, too, until BeeJive is lowered to the same price as the IPhone – which I don’t understand why it’s not…

Either way, never thought I’d say this, but hope they don’t release Skyfire until tonight (unlikely) or tomorrow. Which it probably will be released as soon as I post this lmao.