IM+ IM client for BlackBerry updated to v8.5; brings along updated UI for the ride

By Bla1ze on 6 Jul 2010 05:44 am EDT
IM+ IM client updated to v8.5 brings along updated UI for the ride

SHAPE Services has recently updated their IM+ application for instant messaging across multiple clients. The new version features an updated UI which offers a much more refined appearance over previous versions. The UI changes were not the only thing added to the v8.5 release however, a few other big fixes and adjustmnents have been made to help make IM+ better for end users. They include:

  • Convenient history review for all conversations
  • Improved multichat support for MSN and Skype 

If you are already an existing user of IM+ then you may grab the download direct from the SHAPE Services website. And if you have yet to check out IM+ you can get yourself a license in the ShopCrackBerry App Store for $39.95 (yeah we know.. pretty pricey - don't shoot us, we don't set the prices) and a free trial is available if you'd rather just check the app out before purchase.

Reader comments

IM+ IM client for BlackBerry updated to v8.5; brings along updated UI for the ride


I think once Trillian works out all the bugs, there will be some competitive prices amongst IM+, Trillian and Beejive.

I can't wait for the Bla1ze review comparing all three!!

They get off in your mouth, and people just take it. Trillian is a good app, it just DRAINS the crap out of my 2600mAh extended battery.

You doooooo knowww, that when you press close in trillian it suspends your session right? Meaning youre still on and the program closes, but it doesnt use data, so your batter doesnt waste. Its a pretty amazing feature, and you get the im's that people send you in an email. and if you wanna talk on it just open trillian up and talk. Thats how you save battery life, just stay suspended till someone im's you or untill you wanna conversate. Noobs

Very happy to see that the new IM+ has support for being able to have multiple logins on Live Messenger. Have been waiting for a BB IM client to finally support this, was hoping that the native BB app would have had this already but IM+ beat them to it. Though it is not perfect as I did find that changing you online status on the BB will erase your status message on the computer logins. So you have to save your desired status message on the IM+ app too and be sure to check it whenever you change you online status. Not a big deal, just something to be aware of. So far it has been working pretty good, and like the UI improvements, looks a lot better now.


...but I have ported it from 7520 => 8820 => 9000 => 9700 and it will go on my next BB as well. I can't think of another app I used on each of my BB's. After all these years I just like it and it's seems to be the one messaging program that works everywhere.

Only on BB do developers charge things like this. Why read the whole review if no one is going to buy the app anyway?

and still not happy with it. dont work with berrybuzz either. sure BBuzz will update that soon hopefully

I prefer Trillian, but there is an IM+ LIte which is free and works fine, just has some small ads and you can't close it and have push notifications. The $40 really is for the push notifications despite the app being closed, so it has minimal battery drain.

I agree its still $30+ overpriced, but what can we do...

What you can do is not buy it, so they realize that $40 is way, wayyyyy too much to charge for an IM app. I wouldn't pay $40 for a chat app if it brought the person through the phone and stood them next to me.

for a chat app? like WHEN did you ever pay for one of these? HAHAHA. this must be the first chat app you have to pay for, and they dont even run the network.. they just connect to it. Pretty much taking the PISS.

Maybe it was a typo and what they meant to charge was $4.00 and they added an extra zero ;-) $40.00 this guys must be smokin' something.