I'm going to Waterloo next week for RIM's Shareholder AGM! What questions do you want answered? What t-shirt should I wear?

CBK at the RIM AGM in 2011... Man I was fat and had short hair
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Jul 2012 12:46 pm EDT

Get ready for it. My flight is booked and on Monday I'll be making the trek to the birthplace of BlackBerry. On Tuesday morning Research In Motion will be holding their Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in Waterloo, Ontario.

I attended the AGM last year. It was my first trip to Waterloo and I went there wearing my Rimpire Strikes Back T-shirt (a huge hit with the hometown crowd), not quite knowing what to expect. This year I'm going back much more mature in my understanding... and with way longer hair than the photo above.

It's amazing just how much and how little has changed in the past year. On the business operations side we have seen massive restructuring from RIM, not the least of which is a new CEO. On the new device front, well... I'm going to be rocking a Bold 9900 next week - the same phone I tried to run away with from Waterloo last year. As for a phone based on QNX... it was at last year's AGM that then Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis told us that QNX phones would come in Q1 of 2012. Last week we learned that's now Q1 of 2013. Suffice to say, between the BB10 delay and with the share price where it's at there's no doubt a lot of tough questions will get thrown at Thorsten Heins and company next week.

Which brings me to my questions for CrackBerry Nation:

Q1. What question do you still want answers to? RIM has gone on a media blitz this week, but if you're not seeing the questions you want to get asked get asked (or the answers you want to hear), let me know in the comments. I'll do my best to come home from Waterloo with answers.

Q2. What t-shirt should I wear this year? I don't think we're striking back until BlackBerry 10 launches, so I need something to wear that's more suitable to the time and circumstance. I was kind of thinking a Journey-inspired "Don't Stop Believing in BlackBerry 10" shirt might do the trick. Have a better idea? Drop it in the comments!

And if you happen to see me in Waterloo, don't be shy. Be sure to stop me and say hi!

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I'm going to Waterloo next week for RIM's Shareholder AGM! What questions do you want answered? What t-shirt should I wear?


Ask them what they are doing to revamp marketing ahead of the BB10 release. I would love to hear some plan from CMO. And maybe some quesitons about why Investor Relations and Corporate Communications continue to mis-fire (terrible results call, poorly executed media blitz--see C.U.'s post).

And fundamentally, why should people be investors in Research in Motion? Can they give us tangible reasons? Not just "we are building a new mobile computing platform that is really cool, you just need to trust us. yeah yeah, it's way late to market, but we're RIM--late is way of life here..."

Oh yeah, FIRST baby...

I agree especially with the second question. I continue buying more share to take advantage of the fire sale going in, but it is hard to convince someone who is not a BB believer at heart.

Wow... buying RIM stock at this time!? Well, if they go belly up(bankrupt), you're SOL.

Then again, you could probably write it off as a capital loss on your taxes next year. Then again (once more), if RIM can pull this off, and make the come back of the decade, you could be sitting pretty.

I've been burnt too many times to invest in a company that just doesn't seem to have it's act together like RIM.

I want to buy shares bit don't know what broker I should deal with. I live outside of Canada. Can you give me any advice on this?

I think you're crazy.... but I always thought that TD Ameritrade and Scottrade were worldwide. But take my advise: DON'T DO IT! SERIOUSLY: DO NOT DO IT.

RIM will not go belly up next year. There are more than a few potential suitors. Don't be surprised if Apple steps up to the plate.

1) Yes! great question about their marketing plans for BB10. The 'if you build it they will come' strategy is not working anymore. They need to build an emotional connection to their products.

2) Will the Dev Alpha get a cadence of updates?

3) What specifically led to the delay in BB10 (that generic answer is not cutting it)?

4) are they having problems with BBM on QNX?

5) are they having problems with the radio stack on QNX?

6) what are specific plans for pushing sales of BB7 phones in North America?

7) What is Thor's stance on becoming more of a blackbox when it comes to release dates and product refreshes? If they had said nothing about BB10 or made promises on release dates they would be in a much better position.

8) Is what they demoed of BB10 all they actually have working thus far (i.e. keyboard, inbox, app dock)?? what the hell have they been doing for the last year?

9) is there more than one coding engineer working on BB10? (don't actually ask this but sometimes it seems like they don't have enough coders working on software)

I don't know how to frame the question, but I would like to know the software development roadmap for that 9900 you (and I) are rocking. I realize that there will be no BB10, but I'd like to know if, when and how the device and desktop software will evolve.

Ask them if they are going to be around when I have to replace my 9900 in two or three years.

"Blackberry by Choice" sounds like a good plan!

By the way, get a haircut. ;^)

Go dressed as Thor with a BlackBerry symbol on the hammer and RIM on the cape. That would be epic. No doubt Thorsten would laugh.

The time for juvenile antics is over. A bloodletting at the AGM is the only reasonable action and Thor will not be laughing when the shareholders give him the smackdown and vote of non-confidence. Kevin, please do not pussy foot around at the AGM; ask the hard questions and make RIM senior management feel very uncomfortable. Your hair is looking better every month that passes; start playing guitar and you can sing the BlackBerry Blues. ;)

I kind of agree, don't think this is going to be a crowd that will be planning to having a good time. Most of them are in the position of potentially loosing a LOT of real money if things do not change for RIM.

My be time to get a haircut and put on some adult clothes ;)


If Rim thought shareholders where not too happy at last years meeting. Next weeks its going to be a blood bath. If Rim cant get the trust of the investor back and fast its only months before Rims stock gets shorted and someone buys them out whether they like it or not. Come on Rim get your act togther asap or we might not see a Rim come first quarter 2013. There is only so many times one can majorly screw the pooch and come out of it untouched enough is enough.

Ask if they have any plans to do a free trade up to BB10 from any current BB7 phone? If they do something like that, they might at least be able to sell some BB7 phones while we all wait for BB10. Who wants to upgrade now and have to pay full price on a BB10 later?

Yes this !!!

And it doesn't have to be a free tradeup, but heavily discounted. Personally, If I like what I see in WP8, I'm jumping ship. I need a new phone, and can't wait for BB10. Not going to buy a BB7 device only to be obsolete in 6 months.

If they want to hold on to subscribers, they are going to have to offer up something good here.

On the front "BlackBerry by choice"
On the back every other quote "RIMpire strikes back, Be Bold, let's rock & roll this, tools not toys, ...

Maybe ask T.H for another catchy quote :)

...and make a Crackberry doodle showing BB peeing on an iPhone, android, and windows phone...after some kind of brawl, 3 against 1 - "Blackberry by choice!"

Q1 Can you stop saying what your going to do until your sure you can do it?
tired of the waiting if we don't hear about something till its ready to drop, and it gets released early or on time everyone will get confident again. Got to be like Scotty from star trek, double the estimate and deliver early.

Q2 Wear and Apple or Android shirt to shale em up!

P.S. if you can get nominated for new CEO or whatever, you have my 400 votes

Ask them what events are they planning from now till BB10's launch , and what announcements we can expect to see during these events.

As for dressing, the RIMpire strikes back shirt would do great!

Love the idea of "Blackberry by choice" for the tshirt! Also I agree with another poster about asking about trade ups for BB7 to BB10. Not like it matters to me but for the people who are currently on the fence :P

"RIMPIRE STATE OF MIND" might be another idea for a new logo in keeping with the "RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK" (just a suggestion).....BE BOLD!!!

Since BB people are doers, something on the line of "Blackberry people just do it; be believe in BB10!" and possibly ad "Don't you stop believing!"

What doest kill us makes us Stronger!

Picture of the mythical phoenix

Better, faster, stronger

Or font and graphics similar to back to the future movie but says

BACK to the top
and into the FUTURE

You could wear a T-shirt with one of those Captain Canada mock-ups that are on the web

I'm really interested in knowing whether the delay of BB10 is still being influenced or not by hardware. It'd be great to know if the specs are ready or are still in development

T-Shirt Front: "But like a poor marksman, you...keep...missing...the...target!"


PS - For those of you who don't get the reference, think Star Trek II, Wrath of Khan.

For many consumers, the last earnings report was the last straw - individuals were simply tired of waiting and tired of having delays after delays - they moved on. Assuming that BB10 actually comes out before we all die, what steps, if any, will RIM take to reach out to former Blackberry users who have left or become disenfranchised with the brand?

Don't wear it. The analogy was a weak one at best; the "RIMPIRE" was destroyed in the movies after all.

Questions to ask:

What will RIM do to slow the erosion of the North America customer base (someone mentioned some type of upgrade from BB7 to BB10 devices)?

What is planned beyond BB10 (a shareholder is hopefully a long term investor and looking beyond the current and next fiscal years)?

For the t-shirt, how about either of these ideas:

1. Waiting is the hardest part!
2. Waiting is the scariest part!

First ask them, no beg them for your testicles back. Then ask them for a more definitive reason for the BB10 delay. And don't accept anymore RIM circle talk.

It didn't help when mine were in your mouth. You just couldn't let 'em go! I've got such a wonderful Scroat!

Here's a T-shirt idea "Which will come first, apocalypse or BB10?
I still rock my 9800, my contract is up in Oct. I was really hoping for Torch style BB10 dropping the Q1 of 2013. But I guess it will be about June or July of 2013, if they even release one at all. Ever since lasts weeks kick in the berries I've been looking into Ice Cream Sandwiches & Jelly Beans. Who knows I might switch, I might not. If I I switch might come back, I might not.

You're going to replace class with goodies that pedophiles use to lure in children into the back of their rapevans...

I would like to know when we might see a preview of the hardware, I really hope a month or two before launch.

Q1 - What was/is the hold up for BB10?
Q2 - Will there be any incentives for me to buy a BB10 when released? (I have a torch 9860)
Q3 - Marketing?

Wear your RIMpire Strikes Back tee. Nice hair cut btw!

Just one question: will RIM learn from the come to harm for the future? Will RIM avoid the Lazaridis-lordliness in the future? ....

T-shirts messages? What about that: "Heins catch up!"
Or "Blackberry10 Blitzkrieg 2013"?

+1 "Heins catch up! C'mon RIM you can pass the mustard! You just mayo regain your former glory! We will relish the day!"

With this delay, ask RIM whether they plan on releasing both the all-touch and the physical keyboard phones at the same time?

Not a business person but I think releasing both simultaneously or within a month (at most) will be a major saving grace from their delay setback.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

For the thousands of North Americans who need to upgrade their cell phones now, why should they continue to wait for RIM rather than jumping to Android or Apple models? Once lost to a competitor's OS, they will be lost for a long time, if not forever! What incentive can RIM offer people/companies today to continue with RIM in Q1 2013?

my 9800 is almost dead going to by a battery and see if that helps..but you are correct get a android or by a minute phone until February or March

The damage for RIM caused by this delay (of two month) will become small in comparision with the real harm which is provoked by the unability of RIM to release suitable phones in the last two years (since purchasing QNX)... I would nail someone on a cross for this... I dont want publish the name but I mean a former CEO with greek roots... Irony (in context with greek): primary german(y) has to fix it... :-D

My questions are:

We have seen the little information at the BBWC in Orlando, what new information will be available to the public between now and the suspected launch date?

What will RIM provide to keep their current fan base (mainly N.A.) interested in the new platform that isn't available on other OS's?

Will there be some sort of trade up program somewhat similar to the offer on BB7 devices? This is where RIM can get a leg up on MS.

What kind of apps will we be seeing available come launch? How are the developers coming along with the BB10 devAlpha devices? There has got to be some sort of idea with these Jam sessions happening.

After this new platform is released, what kind of overall ecosystem will it have? Cloud based storage? Will there be compatibility with home PC/Macs, laptops, and etc, similar to Apple with their iProducts, and what Microsoft is working on with WP*?

1.) Ask them what the top three issues are that prevented BB10 from being released on schedule.
2.). Ask them how they intend to show their appreciation to the share holders who have stood by them through the escalator ride down.
3.). Ask them how they intend to show their appreciation for those of us who were Playbook and Bold 9900 beta testers who paid full price for an unfinished product.

I like the idea of the 'trade up' program (BarracudaBob) for BB10. I still have a 9780 and I was wanting to upgrade to BB10. If they could maybe in the meantime have a 'trade up' program to 9900's, then when the BB10 comes out, have another. It would be one way to keep BB users holding out to upgrade instead of switch. I have a few friends right now with 9800's that are on the fence about switching.

Now if you didn't go to UpTown Waterloo last year and you're there Tuesday night, go to Ethel's lounge for cheap Taco Tuesday. $2 for 4 tacos. Can't go wrong with that!

My thoughts exactly. A trade-up from any older BB to a current BB7 device, then move everybody on board BB10 with a guaranteed value (discount) on a new BB10 phone when you trade in your BB7 phone. They somehow have to leverage the large proportion of users with with older BB's and keep them in the family before BB10 comes out. But they also have to acknowledge the consumer's potential reluctance to buy a non upgradeable phone at this stage. This will not do wonders for margins I know, but for the next year it's all about launching a platform with as much traction as possible.
From the virtual keyboard of my Neutrino powered Playbook


Want to do a little jab at Thorsten?

Wear a shirt with the text "Wouldn't of happened if I was the CEO"... but since it's an annual shareholder's meeting, I'd say don't.


1. You (RIM) have seen a negative media reaction regardless to what you do. Your last products release, your media blitz. While there are points that RIM could improve on, what plan do you have inplace to give BB10 a fighting release chance?

2. With partners/businesses such as Skype and Netflix unwilling to bring an application over. How will you address this reluctance to support Blackberry technology as users including business users need theses applications to move over...

3. BB marketing has been horrible. One reason the iPhone and i{Product} has kicked off is with there commercials that show how you can use their products. RIM's "Be Bold" really didn't deliver a why you should use us message. What are you doing to address that?

4. (Developer specific) - Where are my d*** API's to develop with?

I would like to know two things if you can ask;

1) Why aren't they considering doing what needs to be done to make BBM a cross platform messaging app and is it on the horizon? From my perspective, it would be highly positive for RIM to be the first to offer true cross platform messaging services and if this was an app available in the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone stores it would a) sell like hot cakes b) put iMessage to shame, and c) generate a lot of positive media attention for RIM. Maybe they could even make it compatible with a desktop IM client for windows / OS X..... - The idea of hanging on to it as a selling point for BlackBerry devices is not going to pan out in the end. People need other reasons to buy a BlackBerry device these days and more and more you're going to see subscribers willing to sacrifice their BBM if BB10 doesn't deliver the entire package. In other words, there will come a time when people are no longer keeping their BlackBerry's solely for BBM regardless of whether it's available on other platforms or not.

2) What do they see in the future for the Playbook? It seems to me that when WIndows 8 launches along with tablets that will be running Windows 8 Pro , that these will be the go to tablet devices for truly getting work done without limitations and that the Playbook will be seen more along the lines of a content consumption "toy" that happens to be somewhat productive with a select number of tasks (honestly, for me that's kind of what mine is already...)



Or continuing the Biblical theme.. "All things are possible to the one who believes"

Or... given Bieber was born just down the road in Stratford

"I'm a BBeliever"

Tshirt logos
1. "Noone is Dilusional Here?"
2. Care Bear "Sharing is Caring"
Sorry. Thought they were kinda funny...How about

3. "BlackBerry 10"
The Ten Year Platform

Support question:

Why has Blackberry Traffic been down for over a week? Verizon and ATT customers are getting "Unable to Reach Server". Is this still a RIM server problem or did Verizon/ATT start blocking apps data flow again so they can captialize on carrier GPS solutions?


Ask Thor why Uncle Freddy is so disappointed with the "BB 10 launch debacle" that he is going to go to the ATT store, tomorrow, to buy a Galaxy S3 - after having purchased the 7 BlackBerrys (note the ID - forgot to add 9800 for those counting) and a Playbook for personal and business purposes, and lost thousands of dollars as an investor in RIMM over the years - does this kind of "RIMM Loyalist" matter? Is there anything you can do now, or in the future to compensate or "win" his business back - or are these kind of guys who have been with you for many years easy to replace and don't matter?

You can even give him part of the "answer"... A couple of "free" BB 10 phones would help, a "firm date" on when BB 10 is "launching" .... See what he says....

I would like to know just how does a QNX OS Platform compare to the competition of Google and Apple Platforms? After all we know what QNX is capable of because we've done are research on it but the avg consumer only goes off of hear say to say the least.

With the avg consumer brianwashed with dual and quad processors will this have an affect on how the spec's of BB10 are percerived if they are not on par with the spec's of the other two platforms?

A company like Samsung is a dream merger for most BB fans. What does RIM think of such a mega merger at this point?

Q1. Is Mr. Heins prepared to step down if BB10 is delayed again? (This would be a symobilic gesture to the investment community and to the employees of RIM).

1. What are they doing to ensure that release deadlines are hit consistently?
2. What are they doing to change the dysfunction in the engineering culture? I.e. what steps are being taken to make it more accountable, streamlined, and a meritocracy?
3. Are they partnering with vendors like Microsoft, Google, Citrix, etc. to ensure that BB10 seamlessly integrates into their ecosystems (Google Apps & Google ID), (Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, etc.)

T shirt should read " IT'S THE BOTTOM OF THE NINTH"

with all the bases loaded and down by three. RIM better hit a homerun with BB10.

I don't know about questions, but I believe you should wear a shirt with:
- a silhouette of your face from the side-view
- "I'll Not Cut My Hair Until I Got My Hand on BB10"

U can customize the text, but the point is there :D

To quote a famous/infamous movie: 'What is it that you do here?"

Seriously tho:

1. Why should consumers care about RIM/BB devices when you fail to meet even soft deadlines?
2. As a BB user, is there an incentive for me to wait to upgrade? (vs getting a competitors phone)
3. As a share holder your destroying my value, what partnerships are you doing to stave off the bleeding?

You could ask them when they are going to give me a job here in the UK.

If they say bugger off, put your apple t-shirt on. ;0)

questions: NO questions. They will probably skirt the answer and give you the BS they always do.
As for t-shirt, you should wear an Android one; it is the device you're using after all

Does RIM see a benefit in continuing to invest in developing and maintaining their own radio stack vs. the economics of OEMing third party (Qualcomm)?

What IS the potential for the "connected car" and the advantages inherent to RIM by having owning both a mobile OS and automotive OS? RIM should be doing more to promote their thinking in this arena.

What is RIM's plan for their acquisition of QASARA from a couple of years ago?

CHINA CHINA CHINA... RIM failed at releasing a TDSCDMA mobile phone to China Mobile, if they did release one it saw very negligent sales. What is RIM's strategy to recoup their position in this key mobile market?
As for the t-shirt... i think "Blackberry by Choice" has a great ring to it. Wish i could think of something clever to counterpoint it with something about not following the herd like the iSheep...
maybe something like "iSheep look up! We are Blackberry by Choice".

A few questions

1. When did they know that they were having issues with BB10 to the point that they had to push the release date of the phone until next year? Were the coding issues that they're talking about now issues that just came up or were they issues that weren't realized until recently?

2. What sort of incentives will they provide to individuals that have current devices (9000, tours, curves, etc) to upgrade to the new platform?

3. Since they're missing the back to school crowd, holiday shoppers, etc, what are the expectations of first BB10 devices in regards to sales and devices shipped?

4. BBM on the playbook, when can we expect it?

5. Though the user base is nearly 80 million, cash is in the bank and there's no debt, everyone is still talking about your company being in the dead man walking phase. Other than this media blitz, what will you be trying to do to improve your relationship/communication/message to the media, investors, and technology websites that are killing your right now?

As for what you should wear Kevin, you are the CEO of crackberry nation. You're not a businessman you're a BUSINESS MAN! Look the part, be the part. Step it up and bring your A game.

Dude. Jay Z. That's one of my favorite lines.. I'm not a businessman, I'm a Business, Man!

Going all business formal doesn'st make sense though... my homemade tshirts are a trademark. They're like steve jobs and a turtle neck.

make a t-shirt with Thor screaming "THIS IS BLACKBERRY !!" :p

or "Blackberry by Choice", i'll buy it if anyone sell it at my place lol..

I think there is only one relevant question to ask with the current position they are in with the delay of BB10 to next year.

What does RIM bring to to the table with BB10 that would make someone looking to get a new phone wait for your platform to be released (vs iOS6 / Android) next year.

(addition) I wanted to add this is the position I am currently in. I have been a user of many phones in the past: Samsung Dumbphone, RAZR, HTC windows phone, Pearl, Bold 9000 (both Black and white), iPhone 4, Bold 9900. Use a 9700 for work.

As you can see a large amount of phone experience have been with Blackberry phones. I even own a 64GB Playbook I got when the sale was going on. I went with an iPhone 4 for a while, but went back after missing the 9000 keyboard (still my favourite phone though the 9900 has been ok, battery life not as good) though i did love that screen on the iPhone 4. I have been a customer of RIM for many years.

However, I will be up for a new phone this fall and was wondering why I should wait for the new year for a phone now that BB10 is going to be delayed again. There are a ton of awesome phones already out or coming out at that time, and although I do like physical keyboards there are a lot of great things on newer phones that outpace much of what RIM are currently offering. I frankly don't see what the draw to BB10 will be that will keep people like me from moving to another platform. Which brings up my question above.

Blackberry Maps in South America? 7 countries do not have it available.
Native call recording, native photo editting.
I could also ask for a radio, It will great if they can force retailers to publish OS updates. no 7.1 in any blackberry 7 device in bolivia,

Neither are the 9320 or 9220 available in Bolivia, blackberry made public the Latin America launch at 25/05/12.

It’s hard not to be disappointed with Heins. He hasn't been able to articulate a clear strategy after six months on the job. He needs to tell someone:

1) What the difference is between a new “mobile platform” and a new smartphone OS. There has to be some benefit to it or he would wouldn’t be saying it. How hard is it to say our customers will be able to < enter do something great here> if they sign up/stay with us.

2) Why BB10 is actually well designed for this task. For example, its linage is in embedded systems… what if we ship our messaging apps on top of a scaled down version of BB10 and “embed” it in all the non-Apple devices. Give it to Samsung, HTC, Nokia to add to their security ridden android devices to create a “business partition”. Make money on the access fees and MDM/MAM. Also to admit… nobody in their right mind would commit to this until we ship.

3) To come out and say – here are the devices we are going to design and have someone manufacture and here are the devices we are going to let someone else build if they want. We can’t support 10 different models (with 30 different models of those) with 5000 fewer employees. I have to fire sale the discontinued devices anyway, so what's the harm in being definitive about focusing.

4) Why doesn't he come out and say… we are going to turn our hardware business into a break even operation by shrinking our offerings and offloading a bunch of work to others (and cutting our headcount). We are a service company and are going to add feature function to our network & software so our monthly subscriber fees goes up (not down). For goodness sake, Symantec charges the same for Norton as they did 10 years ago even tho AV is a commodity. How? They continue to add features customers will pay for.

Vague answers to important questions are hurting them worse than poor results. If they have details about their strategy, being super secret isn't going to help them. They need to speak up. A good leader does this:

1) We made mistakes in the past and that sucks. We are laying off 5000 of our friends to pay for those mistakes. But that stops now.
2) This is what we plan to accomplish together .

Some of this the CEO can share with the world (including weary shareholders) and some of it is internal. But he can still tell everyone that's what he is doing. Just my opinion... but a well thought out strategy with credible details has to be articulated soon before the company is written off even by its most loyal supporters.

Kevin -

Typically, the vast majority of disappointment tends to lie wehn reality fails to meet the expectations and/or hype.

A few comments from RIM have already been offered about the almost revolutionary and innovative features never before offered thru mobile devices. A comment something about a car and our BB10 devices come to mind. (What exactly that means is anybody's guess).

How can RIM shape and temper these expectations so as not to set folks up for disappointment come launch day? Expectations are by far one of the most dofficult aspects of any business to manage, so how can RIM manage that in the midst of the negativity in the market?

Secondly, will RIM be able to live up to all the talk around the innovativeness they speak of with the capabilities of BB10? What do they have to support that and can they avoid the mistakes of the past of not being able to deliver on the expectations that RIM helped shape?

Ask Thorston if any of RIMs strategic options include bringing Ethan Hunt onto RIM's board of directors. I think someone with "Mission Impossible" experience could be of use right now.

I just went to the comment section so if this is a repeat, sorry. The question I would like answered is when is RIM going to deliver on time? Very few companies can continue to say that a product will be released in one quarter and then continue to push it back. If memory serves BB10 devices should already be here. First it was the dual band LTE with better power consumption excuse. Now it is we are trying to get it right with the entire ecosystem (that is not even close to being in place) excuse.

I would like a real explanation as to why I should believe that BB10 will be released in Q1 2013 now and if not what plans to RIM have to pay the price. I mean will the entire upper management resign, give back their entire compensation packages? Will RIM offer a huge trade in allowance like basically bringing down the out of pocket cost to $25-50 bucks (funded by upper management return of salary and stocks)?

I mean really, RIM is being left in the dust. I only know of two other people that use BB's one is still under contract and when that is up they are moving to iPhone, the other has a company provided phone. I came from iPhone and have very few regrets until recently. So get them to answer why we BlackBerry faithful should hold on, or does RIM go the way of Palm and the first two giants of the smartphones go off to extinction?

Just tell them that loyal users will not abandon RIM.

UNLESS.... RIM abandons them.

We don't want an iPhone.

They don't need to make an iPhone copy.

We want a BlackBerry.

Just keep making BlackBerry phones for us.

How on EARTH can that be so difficult for anyone to comprehend?!?!???

Us loyal users want a better BlackBerry, not an iPhone in a skin. Differentiate BlackBerry from other brands, not your own models. +1.



Is Q1 of Calendar 2013 the worse case scenario? Can investors have some assurance that there won't be any more delays?


Long time Blackberry and big CB fan...
You need to wear a android shirt, if they fail Q1 2013...most true crackberry people will go to Android (Iphone not a option)
This might make a point...don't be late.....later

We all want BB and BB10 to succeed but what is the back up plan/plan B?

BB 10/10. Only perfection is acceptable!

A no-wriggle-room question:

Re: BB10 delay.

1. What went wrong?

2. What did/will you do to prevent that happening again?

Question: Can there be an exchange/trade in promotion for bb users wanting to upgrade to a bb 7 but wishing to put their hands on a new bb10 when it arrives?

Ask them "When did getting BB10 phones to market change from a hardware problem to a software problem? Can you explain the delay from March 2012 to "later in 2012" in light of the recent delay to 2013?"

What I'm looking for in an answer is some honesty about who lied, or who had no clue how to manage the transition to BB10. Someone must be to blame...the only reason I haven't had a Bold 9930 since Febuary 2012 is because I was waiting for BB10 in March...and then "later 2012". Had RIM been completely honest and/or more competent about analyzing their situation I'd be MUCH happier with my 9930 than my 9650, and wouldn't be so pissed off about the delay to Q1 2013. They might lose me to a competitor this fall, whereas if I were on contract with a 9930 waiting for BB10 would be a no-brainer. I know I can't be the only one in this situation.


Blackberry: for people that do,
From a company that doesn't.


1. The Check is in the mail.
2. yes I will still respect you in the morning
3. We are going to deliver or products on time from now on.

I am with you RIM till the end.... It is BB that make me pay my bill in the most efficient way. I did try an iPhone, but it just didn't work for me.

I also agree to many comments that they should try as best as possible to put BB7 in people hands particularly in the US market. It is a night an day comparing to BB6 and down.

Last but not least, no comment really about your shirt. But bring your PAM and PO and the meetings, eh....


My first question is. Why was the playbook given bis or BBM capability. That would have given them a strategic advantage over other tablets. My second question is why are they talking with so much hope while they have just hired two analysts. It seems that they are contradicting themselves in believing that bb10 will fix things.

Tag line. RIM till I die.

Would it be possible to have someone elaborate on what they mean by "platform" and "mobile computing" in concrete terms? As a non-tech type I think much of the potential upside of this transition is being lost on me, and likely the average consumer.


Another for theT-SHIRT
Rapunzel: [singing very quickly] Flower gleam and glow let your power shine make the clock reverse bring back what once was mine...

Kevin, I don't have the slightest idea how old you are, but I'd like to suggest to you that if you choose to dress as a child, you shouldn't be surprised when no one takes you seriously. Why wear a t-shirt? This is no time for RIM or anyone interested in the company's survival to be jesters by choice; wear a suit and tie, cut your hair and strive to look professional, once you've nailed down the adult look you can proceed to ask the tough questions that should be asked and in return you should expect and/or demand truthful, honest, candid answers. The man-child look does no favors for you or anyone else who expects to be taken seriously. It's time to grow up and behave like a man Kevin.

As for a t-shirt Kevin:

I think it's time you show up in a suit and tie and tell Thorsten, "it's about business. So RIM get back to business and show everyone you can run this business like 'you mean business'. And running a business means you do what you say your going to do, for the price you said, on the schedule you said you would keep. That's what we expect!. So RIM get back in the business"


RIM needs to push blackberry playbook somehow (especially in North America), may be with some kind of combo deal with their phones. The idea is to give people glimpse of what is coming in BB10. Also, this will give some existing BB customers (who are thinking of switching) some incentive to stay with BB until BB10 is launched. This might even get new customers on BB. As we all know people love good deals. I have never used blackberry phone and I never thought I will but then I bought playbook and now I am eagerly waiting for BB10.

I agree with the 'business look' crowd. That alone will send Thorsten a strong message that you are seriously concerned about RIM's future.

As for questions - ask how they're planning to market the new platform, and whether they're planning to stay with the morons who came up with the 'Be Bold' campaign. It sucks, and they need to know that.

1) Will there be incentives to purchase a BB7 phone, for example buy a new BB7 phone and then get a deal on the new BB10? I need a new phone and I am thinking about buying a nice new white Bold.

2) How has the announcement of the delay affected the interest of developers? I am curious to see if the buzz that appeared to be building at all the Jam sessions has been lost by the latest announcement.

3) What are the plans for things such as cloud based storage, one ecosystem for music, movies, tv etc, and how do they expect to compete on a media content front with the likes of Apple?

That is it for me. When you are in the area for the meeting tweet out your location if you are going to do a meet and greet.

Love the BB and Playbook that bridges to the phone without needed a dedicated service contract. But will need to switch 50 phones to something else within the next 12 month if things don’t change a RIM. The entire aviation industry has embraced the Ipad and most pilots are using them for cockpit charts and inflight weather. Lots of information providers are writing apps and software for Apple and Android devises. These apps are essential to our industry and we need to load these apps on our BlackBerrys or get rid of all of them. We wish Blackberry the best of luck… PLEASE ASK IF THEY CANT PROVIDE THE APPS, WE WILL BE ABLE TO AT LEAST RUN ANDROID APPS SOON?

If you run into John Paczkowski from All Things DingDong, I have some questions for him:

Dear Herr Himmler (Paczkowski),

1. Have you requested interviews with any of the principals at RIM? Have they refused your requests for interviews?

2. Your Dr. Death articles about RIM are your opinion, correct? Have you been correct or wrong about other companies? Did you review Apple in 1988?

2. What are your credentials as a business analyst? Stock analyst? Technical analyst? Have you been trained at the bachelors, masters, or doctorate level and at what universities?

4. Have you reviewed the proposed Blackberry 10 operating system in detail? What do you think of their proposed operating system?


Don't even get me started with that Johnny Paz freak. Do you know that panty waste blocked me, and I suspect anyone else, from expressing any kind of a "pro RIMM" message on his piece of garbage Site?

Look to see if there is ever a "pro RIMM" or "anti APPL" post on that Fanboys Site? Not hardly.

Censorship is alive and well over there.

Oh, Kevin - shirt.

"Why did you make Uncle Freddy just buy a Galaxy S3?"


"I WANT my BB 10"
On back "BB 10 on 10/10"

Go with the second one, anyway. It was good and will give me a little jab for being late.

From my Playbook

RIM How will you get carriers to promote Blackberry ? If they stop promoting BBerry. ( like all the local carriers where I live who actively have declared it is DOA. ) It wont matter how good the product is.


There is a general lack of awareness in the US market about RIM's products, their capabilities and how they differentiate. As you prepare for the BB10 launch, could you please describe RIM's view of its current US market segment for each the BB 7 phone & Playbook and what is being done in the short-term to drive sales into those segments and educate them why these products offer increased value relative to named competitive products in the marketplace?

I'm not a shareholder and I don't have any questions because I'm very satisfied and I would rather not expect to see anything until it actually is released in stores. I am the type of person who wants to be surprised and have a hands-on tour of the finished blackberry 10 QNX device when it's available as a live demo unit at carrier stores.

So I don't need to ask any questions, but I'll be excited to hear answers from the questions that kevin asks!

Hi , not so much a question as a suggestion.....
They should come out with an offer that gives anyone buying a current , new os7 device a bundle of goodies when upgrading to the new bb10 phone/phones....eg: a decent rebate/discount on the new bb10 phone/ free games/free cloud storage/blackberry gear/free access to online content providers etc. Any collection of things that would make it worthwhile to buy or upgrade to a current phone while waiting for the new os/phones to come out........
Otherwise Im pretty sure they will really keep struggling to sell phones in the meantime....and last quarter sales seem to be showing this trend......

Other suggestion for T-shirt : I am Blackberry by nature.

I believe it even more denotes the personal ('innate') feeling against the marketed ('acquired') concept.

How many apps there will be in the bb10 platform at launch ??? Cuz I realy want my favorite apps like pulse news, flipboard, cut therope, angry birds and all the amazing apps on ios ! I want it to be available at launch, if not I won't buy bb10 device ! So how many apps for bb10 smartphones (not playbook) there will be on the bb10 appworld ?
Will fm radio be available for all bb10 devices ??? Cuz I love fm radio !!
Will the bb10 smartphones be competitors to the new iphone and upcoming android phones in entertainment and gaming or not ??

So far I know,all Playbook apps will run on BB10 devices. I believe they can "as is" or being slightly optimized (for enhanced UI use) ...


Thanks for the post. I have a couple questions on Thorsten.

1) Is RIM still Canadian company?

2) If this annual shareholder meeting is your last day as RIM's CEO how would you evaluate (in two or three words) your CEO mission?

3) Do you think the steps you have already taken in your CEO role are in the best interests of the ALL shareholders?

4) Are you aware of existence of the certain numbers of journalists/media who are most likely paid for bashing RIM? If so, why RIM has made almost NO steps to protect RIM legitimate interests?

5) What words would you address to minority individual shareholder who under your and previous management lost more than 1 year net income.

6) What is your view on class action lawsuits?

7) Do you like apple(s)?

That'll be all ;-)

*Sorry for the mistakes. English is not my native language*

1) When do you plan to resign?
2) When are you naming a succesor with a pair of cojones, leadership and inspiration needed to move this company into 2013?
3) Would you have the decency of giving up your salary to the 5000 sad souls you are dumping? Would you have the decency of shaking their hand as they go out the door.
4) What traumatic experience did you had as a child that made you such a sad looser?

How are you Kevin? Good luck in Waterloo!

Q1. I would like you to ask why should I shed my 32GB PlayBook, which I totally love, for a 4G one? Maybe rephrasing, how will they get the consumer choose it over a possible upcoming 7" iPad?

Q2. I think you should wear a t-shirt reading:

Wake me up when December ends.


Water10o - Knowing my fate is to BB with you

A BB fan who wish could hibernate through the next six months until BB10 is finally here.

I would like you to ask RIM when they plan on starting the restoration of credibility with users and investors. The replacement of Mike and Jim wiped the slate clean until Thor pushed back the BB10 release date. Anytime RIM announces a date for anything it is a huge joke because they haven't hit a single date for anything that I can remember.

Also what do they plan to do about carriers and carrier store employees in the US intentionally steering people away Blackberry devices? They always talk about strong carrier relationships, but the relationship in the US is pathetic.