I'm going to Waterloo next week for BlackBerry's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders... what do you want me to ask?!

BlackBerry AGM!
By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Jun 2014 10:06 am EDT

It's time for my annual pilgrimage to Waterloo, Canada, the birthplace and hometown of BlackBerry, to attend the company's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

This will be my fourth year attending the AGM and John Chen will be the fourth CEO to take the stage in as many years. We were there for the end of the Mike Lazaridis / Jim Balsillie co-CEO reign and we were there for the Thorsten Heins era has he worked to bring BlackBerry 10 to market. This year we'll hear from John Chen, now just over six months on the job, as he works to rebuild value for shareholders.

John Chen came into BlackBerry as an outsider —there was no internal promotion here as there was with Heins — which I think most shareholders agree was a wise decision. It's clear he's going to do whatever it takes to find shareholder value, even if and when that means making tough decisions. Chen has been consistent in his interviews and messaging throughout his time as CEO that he'll look at all options and opportunities. There's no internal "baggage" holding him back on making changes.

Given where BlackBerry's share price has been the past few years, I've always walked into the AGM expecting a shareholder bloodbath of sorts, but it has always been the opposite. I have mainly witnessed support from the shareholders in the room, who clearly want to see their local tech success story not only survive, but thrive once again. I hope to see that local support next week as well, but it's also clear now that BlackBerry is a very different company than it was - there have been a LOT of layoffs in the past year in the Waterloo region and across the company (necessary, but hard). Many, many people have been affected by the changes.

Last year, Thorsten Heins used the AGM as an opportunity to present his plan on how he would restore BlackBerry to profitability. It will be very interesting to see how Chen uses his time on stage this year, especially given the AGM is on the same day as the company reports its Q1 2105 earnings. The market will undoubtedly be reacting to that news while the AGM is taking place.

What questions do you want me to ask?

As I type this we're still putting together my itinerary for my Waterloo / BlackBerry HQ visit. Like last year, I want to head to Waterloo armed with the questions that CrackBerry readers want answered. Given that the earnings report is happening the same day as the AGM, I think John Chen's time will be at a premium, but hopefully I'll be able to get some of those questions answered if they're not already addressed throughout the day.

On that note, let me know in the comments the questions you would be asking if you were able hit up the AGM next week. I'll do my best to return home with answers!

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I'm going to Waterloo next week for BlackBerry's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders... what do you want me to ask?!



Please ask about the big apps, because 17 months have passed since the arrival of OS 10 and even they lack several apps, sample Pinterest beta app come to Windows phone 2 days ago!!

They just gonna say "we are focusing on enterprise right now" so it's not worth asking to hear a BS answer.

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Chen needs to understand that enterprise is actually tied to consumer when you discuss hardware. If he wants to abandon the hardware market, then he does not need a high spec phone or the popular apps.

Sell more phones then iPhones and instagram will come running... it's not like blackberry users can't use instagram!

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It's worth asking, but in a different way. I would ask, "You're focused on enterprises, but enterprise users still want and need apps. How can a BB10 strategy be successful without key enterprise or line-of-business apps, let alone the consumer-oriented apps"

Plus it's the users inside enterprises who are pushing for companies to switch so they need to appease those users.

To be honest I think they are on the right track now. I pretty much have all the apps I want other than a few Google ones thanks to the android runtime. I suspect this is going to get much better in the future.

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On that note I'd ask when are they gonna make a deal with Google and bring Google Services and Google Play to BB10.

Native apps is a lost battle so lets focus on a real solution here.

The last thing I want to see is a deal with Google. Google's business model is to know everything about everyone. Any deal with Google would required blackberry to hand all my information to Google. The day that happens is the day BlackBerry dies because security becomes non existent. Stop rewarding Google's bad behavior, stop using their services.

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It's about choises you can keep using those bunch of apps that are in BlackBerry World while others want to be able to download android app that actually works. They can coexist if you dont want to use them why should you prevent others to do it?

I wanna use apps like Hailo to get a cab and other usefull apps for example.

IMO, allowing Google into BlackBerry's ecosystem undermines BlackBerry's security mantra. They can't go around saying they're the most secure OS if they allow data mining apps.

That's your opinion but the reality is that for the average BlackBerry user the security level is as the same as Android. Only if you're on BES the security is higher.

So then, they aren't really the most secure OS. They really should stop false advertising then. Maybe that's why people think BlackBerry's are such a joke.

Read the news. They hand over the keys to agencies and law enforcement regularly. No corporation offers the security profile you used to have.

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Keys aren't 'handed over' lol. You are getting that confused with a judge's orders for an investigation for serious charges.

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No total Google integration / infiltration, please.

If they give in, please provide an option to turn off or give us access and a hosts file to block all Scroogle IPs, via an app if needed.

The world has been subtly seduced by Google's add-on services, and given or allowed them to become a quasi-monopoly in search. Hardly any website out there that does not implement or contain some sort of Google service or elements. So everything is tracked now, at least on the IP level.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Indeed, came back from android more than a year ago and a very happy camper. Some people here want more Google crap. Not me, I have all apps I need and more so I'm not in favor of signing deals with Google. If you want android, then buy android. If I block all permissions on my android phone, the apps mostly wouldn't work anymore. The rights some android apps ask are completely bogus, not on my BlackBerry, they still work with no permissions. What I mostly would like on my Q10 are a homemade spamfilter. I still hold BlackBerry shares, Chen could give me a discount on my next BB10 device. Last year I bought shares and a Q10 so

CB10 - Q10

How about a method for the average consumer who BUYS a Blackberry device to install Android apps without jumping through all these hoops. Until an Android App store comes pre-installed on Blackberry devices Google Play Services will ONLY benefit a handful of people who know what "Snap" is. You're also making a huge assumption that Google or Amazon won't block your account.

This is the same as an Android user telling users to "root" their Android device if they're not happy with it. Why would anyone buy a device and go through all the trouble to use apps that were not built for the device in the first place? Why not just buy a device that developers build native apps for and TEST for?

1. Ask How BlackBerry Blend is going to compare against Apple Handover and Samsung SideSync (Basically like BlackBerry Bridge Functionality but they killed Bridge)
More info here: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackberry-10-os-f269/bb-blend-vs-apple-han...

2. Is BlackBerry going to open up their API in 10.3 like iOS and Android? (everything from themes, headless/hub [Making it easier for 3rd party devs], homescreen, Toasts, Lockscreen, BBM channels)
More info at the link above 2nd post
BBM monetization and API ideas here http://n4bb.com/bbm-channels-rule/

3. Cardholder and BBM Money where did these go? Cardholder has been in BB10 since 10.2.1 but not functional. When is BBM Money going to be brought out for the rest of the world.

4. Are they going to fix the contacts app?
(All apps need to be patched and integrated into the OS more but Contacts needs to be the first app to fix http://www.imore.com/ios-8-wants-inter-app-communications)
Example: BB Maps needs offline maps that you can download throughout the world. They need to connect it better (get POI info) to foursquare and or Driveopedia (used to be called updatein places)

5. This one is huge!!!
What are THEY doing to get BIG name DEVs to BB10. I haven't heard a big name app in months. WP8 is gaining traction with apps. This is one of the biggest reasons why BB10 is going downhill. We need app NATIVELY from BIG devs.

6. How is Intelligent Assistant going to compare against Google Now and Cortana
Cortana (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhtYIAxLl8g) is a bit better then Siri and Google now with phone integration. How is Intelligent assistant going to compete with that?
I would like to see features from EasilyDo in this app as well.

7. I contacted QNX via email and they don't have the out of the box solution for cars. Ask them if they are willing to make a Car infotainment System out of the box that I can go to a QNX hub or Future Shop to buy and have them install it to put in my 2009 Honda. This is the best thing for QNX to get their name out since no one but BlackBerry fans knows what QNX is.

I would love to have a Bluetooth Mirror Link in my car out of the box.

8. Desktop BBM goes hand in Hand with Blend

9. How are they going to clean up BlackBerry World?
- Help out our 3rd party devs and better port from native sorting.
- I'm never going to download a port from BlackBerry work because I can download the updated APK from Snap.
- all the "App for" apps are still there and stealing people's money
- Fix the corrupted comment and rating system

10. Smaller 2
Documents To Go: This is a business phone and this needs to be greatly updated and BlackBerry Express should be able to have PowerPoint documents to open in it. You must be able to sign any document in Docs To Go and Adobe Reader.
Print To Go: Needs to be able to connect wirelessly and/or with bluetooth to any printer. Like Air Print

11. Why doesn't BB pay attention and chime into Beta Zone conversations?
- Why aren't they sending me surveys like they use to about most wanted features or new ideas?
- Why aren't they moderating and cleaning up the forums?
- What's the deal with https://blackberry.icanmakeitbetter.com/?
To be successful you have to listen to your customers and BlackBerry hasn't. Look at iOS8 they watched android move ahead but now look at all the new things. The only thing they won't have from BB10 is the hub. They listened and they are delivering. (APIs, Toast, Universal Search, Inner OS App integration, seamless phone to computer notications [Handover], making it easier for devs)

P.S. I live in Waterloo just off Columbia, I have so many ideas and questions if you wanna drop me a PM on here

Thanks guys

Just thought of another huge question that might be too big to ask.

We can arguably say BlackBerry 10 has the weakest ecosystem. BBOS has it by miles.

All the big phone companies like: Apple, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft all have an amazing ecosystem when ti comes to add ons. I mean Laptops, Tablets, Apps and accessories. We don't even have a proper dock for our phones. We have a half a**ed bridge to the Playbook and Gateway (bluetooth which i use daily).
We don't even have native business, productivity and utility from the big players apps for crying out loud. We don't even have a seamless way to sync our Outlook/Gmail Conacts/Calendars/Notes (yes their are ways but no "good" ways to FULLY excute it)

How is BlackBerry going to get a better ecosystem for Business and Consumers?
What is their plan?

Personally I think they should make a Tablet directly for Enterprise and prosumers with the most perfect bridge. Yes, business' are buying into BES10 but personally I wouldn't use a BB10 phone. Hate to say it but I'd go go with iOS on BES10. They have a fully functional Microsoft Office on their iPads and it's better to get a phone that sync with it plus iOS apps. This is why BB10 needs a tablet.

(yes WP has more, better and NATIVE apps then BB10, were just lucky we can use APKs which arguably could have gotten us into this app mess but at least it was a good short term solution))

I agree 100% with khehl - I, for one, would very gladly set up my home office with BlackBerry devises (computer, laptop, etc etc) if these are available.
In addition to my respect for the brand, I am an ex-UoWaterloo student and BlackBerry serves to remind me of the great two years that I spent there.

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Kev....ask Chen if BlackBerry's relationship with US carriers is "improving, deteriorating, staying the same - or if he even gives a rat's sack how they are"?

With new BlackBerry phones coming out this year - pretty sad that I have no idea which carriers are going to sell them, much less, support them..

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Whats sad is that they would need to market to the US and the rest of the world would see from them. But BB has no money to spend to do so. Apple and Samsung give commission to phone sales so the carrier them selves advertise and push it better then any other phone. BB has no money to do that either.

Khe...I do believe you are "correct" about, at least, Android companies paying commissions to carrier reps.

I remember when the first Motorola Droid came to Verizon...they were sniffing those reps so hard they wouldn't let you look at any other phones...

So much for selling the customer what they need...

BlackBerry doesn't stand a chance in the USA - which is why I think they should finance phones through BlackBerry.com so people could buy them on a plan.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Wang to know the company's plans on promoting native app development should they still have it. Being able to use android apps is great but of course I still prefer native apps for consistency on the ui and design. Hoping to get good news on that.

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Good point. I Definitely prefer native apps and want to hear their plans. I do believe however as more bb10 devices sell so will the apps and I do believe bb10 will gain traction

C00121953 channel for car freaks!!

When are blackberry planning to manufacture a phone with high end build quality..htc one or iphone 5esque...because thats seriously lacking in their phones

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Have you used a Z30? It destroys iPhone 5. Not even a comparison. Battery life, browser speed, multi tasking apps, typing. People need to spend a week with the phone to understand.

Still rockin my PlayBook and a Z30

But the Z30 is not a beautiful looking phone, neither is the Z10, and that is the point of the question. I agree with Sahil, when are they going to bring out a great looking phone, running on OS 10? I'm a Z10 user, but I want to buy the next "sexy" and we'll crafted BlackBerry. HTC One M7 and M8 are the gold standard in phone design. They are so cute. But as far as OS is concerned, I'm BlackBerry all the way.

Posted via CB10

To each their own then. I personally think my Z30 is the sexiest device I have ever owned. The iPhone does nothing for me, it's as plain as a piece of glass can be. The HTCs are not bad, but they still don't have the overall sleekness to them, and I'm not a fan of the rounded/elliptical backside that everyone seems to be adopting nowadays like the Lumias, etc.

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Hooooold up. You want a sexy BlackBerry? Go and buy a Porsche Z10! It looks awesome, has a strong brand behind it and it has all italian leather, designed clock stuff:)

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I gotta admit, I phones are anything but beautiful lol. Never owned one, but I see me everywhere. Z30 is a much classier looking phone if you care about that. Beauty is only skin deep though. I like function and this z30 rocks. Fast browser, loud speakers, etc etc.

Posted via CB10

Im not arguing on the "power" front. Indeed z30 is better..but if a company like huawei can produce sleek phones like p6 and p7 then why not BlackBerry

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Z30 is the best phone you can buy right now, you have to try one. Completely smokes iphones

C00121953 channel for car freaks!!

Smartphones are becoming a commodity product. Therefore just like my tennis instructor once told me, "It doesn't matter how well you perform but how well you look doing it!"

This a sexy looking phone will certainly help get regular consumers to consider it.

"Prosumers" and enterprise I know don't care much for looks but that's not who the target market would be for sexy phones.

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Your tennis instructor stole that line from Wesley Snipes in "White Men Can't Jump".

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Samsung is massively advertising their GS5 here in Australia.

Just watch this:


Are we getting a ruggedized, splash/waterproof Z30 variant or some other phone for tough industries like construction / garden maintenance, primary industries like cattle farming or fisheries, mining sites, etc.?

That also runs Android apps and has cool industry-specific apps? Great battery life? Extreme antenna for remote areas (Telstra blue tick or better, for outback towns and interstate highways)? BlackBerry encrypted cloud backup? Etc... and other relevant features?

It would sell, most definitely...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Why? Their latest all touch flagship is less than a year old, and it has sold extremely poorly despite being an excellent phone. Why would they repeat that process so soon?

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The Z30 is a great phone, but design wise, it is not great. BlackBerry needs a looker of a phone, backed up by the great OS 10. The consumer device market is about specs, performance and looks. BlackBerry phones have never been lookers, they have been about performance, and maybe that's why they have not been selling so well in the midst of competition from Samsung, Apple and HTC.

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They also did nothing to let people know that that phone exists. They practically hid it from consumers. Outside of crackberry no one knows what a Z30 is. People would have bought it if they knew about it!

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This is really incredible. I been sporting a Z something and nobody knows nothing about them. Looking at the Samsung kiosque at the airport (Brasil, world cup) though I can see why. There are zero clients looking at the phones but they have 7 staff available. This kind of direct marketing is so hugely expensive and they literally flooded airwaves, highway boards, buses, etc. It is unreal. In Sao Paulo Samsung is repainting everything blue. BlackBerry could bankrupt itself 10 times over and still not get half of Samsung visibility.

Z30 Vivo Brasil

I had to school Verizon reps on more than one occasion about my z30. They won't even pick them up to learn about them

Posted via CB10

I agree on the lack of marketing. I have had my Z10 since the AT&T launch in March 2013 and I have yet to see another one while out & about, and I have had my eyes open for them. When people see my Z10 and ask me about it they have never heard of the Z10 or a BlackBerry touch screen phone, much less its many features or that it can also run Android apps. They do seem impressed with what it can do more efficiently than other phones. More marketing is desperately needed for sure.

Lovin' BB10!

Well as much I will probably cave and get the classic or the Windermere since I'm still rocking the Z10 I will definitely want another all touch screen phone! I thought the Z30 was too expensive when it first came out... after too many videos i wanted to buy it but couldn't find it anywhere... now I don't want to get it because I would feel outdated, take into account it already had outdated specs..

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I would rather they fix the reoccurring tasks problem in Remember than bring out a newer higher end touchscreen. And make Maps better. Need lots of baked-in apps to work better with better features. In OS7, you could share map directions with someone over BBM, txt, email. Now you can't. WTH?

Biggest mistake Blackberry ever did was not bringing BB10 to the Playbook. If they had done that, many of us would have upgraded to BB10 sooner and they could have showcased the sweetness that is BB10 very early on. Too late and now no one in North America is buying the BB10 phones. Sad, because it rocks.

+1 if BlackBerry were to offer a BB10 update to Playbook, even if it ran a bit sluggish, would be a huge attention grabber. Almost like free advertising. That simple act alone 'might' make developers take notice.

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Yep. BB10 on PB would've been awesome. And no disappointed buyers.

Even just a "dumb" mirror mode to BB10 phone would have been great. Not a half-baked bridge.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Given that many BlackBerry supporters adopted the Z10 on opening day, and given that the majority of those early adopters are probably on 2 year upgrade plans, what device will John be putting forward to entice the faithful to upgrade? I like the Z30, but by next February it will be getting fairly long in the tooth by mobile device standards... What will my Z10 become?

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When are blackberry going to advertise there phones better the promotion of there smartphones is ridiculous how are people going to buy the new bb10 devices if they don't no there out there or what features they offer over other manufacturers.

Posted via CB10

Cosign. They have wonderful products and services to advertise. It's not too late to advertise what is already out now. I really want to know why they aren't advertising. I have heard sound reasoning from the CB community but, I want to hear the reasoning directly from BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Chris is advertising for them on the front page of Crackberry. Just go back a few articles and you can read it.

Posted via CB10

I understand English may not be your first language, but please take 5 minutes to learn the difference between there, their and they're, and then another 2 minutes for 'no' and 'know'. That was painful to read. Oh, and some punctuation would be nice too.
/end rant

Just try to grasp the message will you?This is not a classroom

Incurable Q10 Syndrome.....Keep away!!!!!!

Taht's rhgit, we dno't wnat any gamamrr and selplnig thcerae's on tihs stie.

Posted via CB10

What is the time frame that Chen thinks BlackBerry will break even and show some decent profits.

What are the marketing plans, if any, for consumer handsets.

How is BlackBerry planning on addressing Good.

Does BlackBerry plan on signing an agreement with Google.

How is BlackBerry addressing carrier issues.

Thank you.

Sent from my Q10 or Z10.

You have a lot of gems here. I'm most interested in how they plan on approaching the app gap differently, as their current approach is obviously insufficient.

Posted via CB10

The marketing doesn't even need to be consumer focused. They can stick to enterprise customers for now. It's where they are seeing success and where they will continue to see success if more companies know that they are still alive and ticking. Consumers will come automatically with increased enterprise adoption, and they can add more consumer focused marketing when they become profitable again.

I hope they question is answered this go round.

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Ask about Certicom, and if they have plans to sell it?I haven't heard anything about them since the Visa agreement and I think they paid 60M for it way back when,that's about it.Thanks in advance.

Are there plans to support bluetooth le android apps that pair with wearables ie: fitbit, pebble, and other connected devices.

I can answer that for you: yes. (Well, if all holds true with the OS 10.3 builds.)

Don't have any glaring questions myself, Kevin, but wanted to let you know that you wrote "2105" instead of "2015" when you were talking about the Q1 earnings report in the third to last paragraph.

Would love to hear how they plan on working with carriers in the United States to get OS updates and other things pushed to consumers just as fast as it is on other platforms. Also a way of getting carries to not try to persuade you in buying ANYTHING other than BlackBerry...because "BlackBerry is dead" according to them.

Posted via CB10

I agree, they need to get the United States carriers back in the forefront and not always dragging months and months behind. They need to be able to address the long delays in updates arriving timely. Ask about providing direct OTA updates by passing the carriers. Ask when they will be releasing the a LTE phone direct to consumers by passing the carriers such as a Z30 model that will work on AT&T. Ask when the american consumer and enterprise customers will see some marketing that knows BB still exist.

Exactly the same in Australia, and retail sales staff are either bewildered, derisive or ignorant of BB at point of sale. Free phones for sales staff? Does it work like that?? What does JC think?

Posted via CB10

Maybe a little early, but I would like to know how they plan to develop and expand their Project ION. What can it change for a company to be part of it/ why they would be interested? What's BlackBerry's plan to attract partners to their project? What would be BlackBerry's role in this partnership?

I really like the diversification they are undergoing, but all roads are built to lead somewhere valuable.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30STA100-5/

Indeed the lack of advertising why etc?

And All Touch expectations ;)

Posted via CB10 for my beloved Z30 running

I can answer that. They are trying to conserve cash and they aren't getting a decent return on their advertising so they don't do it

How many hydrogens fit in one Z10?

My BBM channel- [URL="bbmc: C00015A31] The Gamer's Network [/URL]

What is their strategy to win back consumers? NOT enterprise customers!

We all know that they are going after enterprise and have a pretty good hold on that but I would love to know what they are planning to do for the consumer market. Are they just going to continue to settle for a small fight at 3rd place or do they have something in the pipeline that will hopefully draw people back to blackberry?

ie. New flagship phone? Phablet? Tablet? Anything?

Posted via CB10

Coming soon... tricorder cell Z90 with phaser set to stun ( transporter beam added in next OS update after the release).

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Next phones surely coming? Pricing of those? Specs? Are they planning to build a tablet? Are they putting money on native developement? Are they planning to put money on SERIOUS marketing strategy?

Posted via CB10

I would be interested in plans to promote their phones, honestly, here in Romania I see no advertising, ppl here thinks that the company went off.... And the carriers don't offer any kind of support for any blackberry, if they would have promoted they're products I'm sure that they would be more successful. as for example, you can buy the BlackBerry z30 only at Vodafone ro and only on one store located in bucharest, that's the only place in Romania where u can find that phone in a 23milion ppls country.... shame

Posted via CB10

Asking about big apps, or at least the current efforts to get them to adopt native apps is a good idea.

But I am more interested to know about their current stance on public marketing. The Z3 may have had some nice public awareness, but if they are really intending to release 2 or 3 new 'flagship' devices this year why have we heard so little about them officially?

Is it not a little late to starts a positive 'hype' if you only have 4-5 months left?

This of course is further downplayed by J Chens vague comments on Android, phablet and enterprise, which to me make it seem even less clear what the battle plan is for the rest of this year.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

Specific to BBM:
In Europe there is exactly 0 public awareness that BBM has even gone xplatform. I think there IS a potential for BBM to be a hit here, but it is just so unknown. So what would the marketing steps there be?

People still only think "lol PING that is ancient tech".

BlackBerry 10 signed.

I'd love to know when they plan on moving away from their current marketing company (if you can call them a marketing company), and start actually marketing their products properly.

mine is a sort of seconding your motion... ask john chen whether they're going to change their marketing strategy. they need to create ripples that would eventually make big waves!

Posted via CB10

How about actually taking advantage of a very highly successful F1 teams success? Why is there not more commercials (or any) bragging about the success of the team thanks to blackberry. How about when do they plan on getting different musicians from several genres that are actually popular (not Alicia Keys) to show blackberry love. People are simple, if someone popular tells people to buy a bag of crap (iphone) they would cause its cool. Lets get artists on board.

Still rockin my PlayBook and a Z30

Ask.....No tell them to get NFC payment going everywhere, its one of those a-ha ideas that they are not capitalizing on, please and thank you.

Hmm.. When don't stare at smartphones, people usually hook their eyes to big devices called TVs. Please ask them if they have heard these two words "Commercials and Advertisements". If yes, please ask them if they know the meaning of those words.

I guess it would suffice.

Dude ask if they r planing to improve the os or whts the next plan of action. What about all the apps which are needed here on the BlackBerry devices which are yet to come.

Posted via CB10

1) clarify what he meant about an android phone

2) if there is a Z30 successor in the works, i.e he as said he will focus on keyboard downs that mean Z3 LTE will be the only Full touch 'high end' phone in the upcoming quarters (up to and including Q3 2015)

3) does he thing BlackBerry can build it's own ecosystem successfully or will they rely on android/other assistance, and what this will mean for people who are passionate about BlackBerry that want them to go into laptops tablets not just software

4) when he says he'll give the consumers one more go does he mean catering to a sustainable niche or in the long term potentially regaining market dominance in terms of smartphones

5) Tablet Tablet we wanna see a Tablet, or a good Phablet, how far off would such a device be?

6) where does he see BlackBerry being in the next 5 years, what does he envision for the company

7) does he think he can do enough to get BlackBerry to start getting taken seriously again on a limited marketing budget? News stories rarely mention BlackBerry when talking about the Internet of things, more predicting Apple's dominance in the market, both software and hardware... can he do enough to make some noise and convince them otherwise?

8) would he consider a trade in program for old legacy devices for money off new BlackBerry 10 devices. Or even older BlackBerry 10 devices for money of.. if not.. why not?

9) does he look to expand the BlackBerry physical stores to at least the major cities (e.g. Where the experience events were held), instead of just dubai?

10) what's his view and plans in terms of carriers.. in the UK and US he's not getting the support he needs (only Carphone Warehouse have a working relationship with BlackBerry in terms of stocking new phones Z30), what will he do about it? Is the BlackBerry store the answer? With physical stores in key places + similar subsidies to carriers (12 month contracts)

11) as well as getting rid of excess baggage, what is he doing to ensure that everyone from BlackBerry reps to managers are being effective in this critical time?

12) you've said before that you don't consider the upcoming iPhone 6 a competitor and enjoy seeing more phones in the market, with many talking about a diminishing BlackBerry market share could you shed more light on what you mean with this view? Is it about BlackBerry targeting a niche?

13) how far do you want to expand bbm money? UK? Timeline?

14) what are you doing to increasing the stagnating uptake numbers of bbm, the single biggest issue is lack of contacts, will you consider tying numbers to BBID so users have access to know of their contacts to have on bbm? What's the strategy?

15) when can we expect or can we expect to see BlackBerry start coming out big on the marketing side in terms of Europe + US, will the profitability that you're aiming for lead to that?


Check Out [URL="bbmc: C0008DDD1"]TechCraze[/URL]

Very valid questions.

I would just add:

1) Have you ever considered releasing a SLIDER? If not, why?

2) How many hardware (handset/tablet/desktop) vendors did you negotiate with to sign a BB10 license agreement? What were their arguments not to sign such agreement?

3) Do you take the same approach to the ALL carriers? If not, why?

4) Did you ever participate in meeting with someone (intermediary, BBRY shareholder..) representing BBRY competitor? If yes, was discussed BBRY's or competitor's strategy?

5) Would you prefer BBRY to stay Canadian company?

6) Are you proud of you have so far achieved in BBRY?

(1) When are we getting better (higher specs) touchscreen phones.

(2) What's the plan for tablets or larger screen devices?.. is it standalone or do we dock our phones into it - what is the timing for this?

(3) What's is the plan for getting more BB devices into people hands - marketing, increase sales due to discounts, etc.

(4) What's the plan for eliminating the app gap - Native or Android? Developing the developers for BB devices

What's the deal with at&t. They say they support the company, and then axe the flagship phone that's compatible with their network.

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Apparently the real deal looks better than on the leaked photos. See DJ's recent article...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Z10 upgrade options for next year with all the major carriers?

I'm not looking for a "right" answer...just an answer. I am locked in to ATT for a variety of reasons and don't know what phone to get next...I'm sure I'm not alone.

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Access to Google Playstore, when will we see a new all touch phablet with high specs, BlackBerry protect going back to its original function (blackberry link is terrible and they refuse to address it) and Shop BlackBerry phone pricing which is too high

Posted with none other than the Zed 10

Marketing??? With such amazing products why aren't they getting this message out there? People are blown away by my Z30, but it seems to be only us users doing the promoting!

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What is BlackBerrys plan to address the situation in the north American market, low sales.

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Hi Kevin! just the usual stuff will they continue marketing phones if so will they improve app's ecosystem? do they plan to make more models and quickly introduce them to market? is a tablet in the offing? will they improve the service especially here in India? & lastly the most basic.... when in the heavens name will they improve their marketing?

I would like to know when BlackBerry will release a new all touch device so I can upgrade my Z10?

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The Official statement on the BlackBerry PlayBook? Are BlackBerry aware of the PlayBook continued support petition? Please represent your BlackBerry PlayBook CrackBerry members? Thanks.

PlayBook UK BBM Channel C001CB4A1

1. (Kind of a niche question.) Will there be a slider phone released in the coming year? Alternately, what about an innovative case that effectively makes a Z30 or similar phone into a slider?

2. What ever happened to the "dummy tablet" concept? I still think it would be awesome to have a dummy device about like a Yoga 2 11 that would be controlled by a BB10 phone.

Are you pleased with the progress BlackBerry have made under John Chen's leadership? If not what further efforts need to be made?

Do you plan to purchase a BlackBerry in the future!?

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Has he seen any of the concept BlackBerry devices that are in the CB forums? If so, have they ever considered any of them, like the ever popular BlackBerry Blade? A radical and unique hardware design, that actually has the quality specs to match the look, would be an automatic seller for consumers. Plus, it would truly show BlackBerry has evolved.

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Why cant they simply make a "long enough" rectangular screen phone "like everyone else" only add a keyboard and track pad for one handed operation ? Also get playstore on the phone either adopt android or make the android applications run seamlessly..Why they have not done this yet boggles the mind!

Keep the old way when answering calls. Swiping up and down which is very unique but now it is like androids phone.

Any new blackberry phones must have removable battery.

BlackBerry phones need attractive look like iPhone so, you must hire talented designers and fire the old folks.

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agree! The design of the current BB10 phones are nasty! The only half decent looking phone is the Z10 but i cant recommend it to any because of the batt issue and I'm on my 3rd Z-10. Just glad Blackberry has owned up and replaced the phones.

Show and Tell the rest of the world what, "YOU BB", has to offer. Only "Loyal" BB users seem to know. Show off your stuff BB, for God's sake. Get your head out of your A$$. Oh ya, have fun dodging all the "maybe this" and "possibly that" ... etc. :)

When will we see BlackBerry 10 phones stocked in Ireland at the moment after contacting all carriers none have plans to stock z30...... due my upgrade from z10 soon and even if I wanted to get a q5 for my teenage kid can't be bought in Ireland.
In fact only one carrier has a Q10 on sale online the other five have no BlackBerry phones at all .So frustrating that the same carriers in the UK stock the full range of BlackBerry 10 phones.....not even carphone warehouse Ireland stock BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry are not at the races in Ireland emailed BlackBerry md Europe start of this week .

Phones no even available on BlackBerry Ireland online

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Hey! I'm irish too!

Meteor and Vodafone used to sell the Z10 and the Q10 but now only vodafone have them.

I called because my plan is due for renewal as well, Vodafone recommended that I go on one of the cheaper 30 day contracts and buy my own phone online, after doing the calculation I realised that I would have about €480 for a new phone...

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Yeah same here...... blackberry don't love us Irish customers :( want to upgrade to z30 not happy buying from third party

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A lot of people want to know about apps, but native apps will only come along side a higher market share, so I feel like they need to churn out more low end phones with an amazing high end once every year or so.

I feel that the android runtime is a temporary solution to help consumers tick more boxes when deciding whether or not to buy a BlackBerry, and it has been extremely helpful for those people who just need fast access to android apps.

But what I want is more native functionality that's well integrated into the os. I really love the hub! And I wish remember was built into the hub as well, and the ability to lock an active app like calendar so that it's always open.

So my question would be, will there be an early release of 10.3 for current devices.

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1. Dude wheres my Slider ?

2. When can we expect to see a True Flagship Full Touch Phone ? (not so keen on physical keyboard after the Z10 addiction)

3. What will he do to try and stop Top Tier Developers from making Rubbish Android Ports ? (Viber, Skype)

4. Are there any Plans to Work with Google ? Bring Google Play Services to BB10 ? GMaps, G+, GDrive etc.

5. Any Plans for an 8 Inch Tablet ?

6. Did i mention there needs to be a Slider ?

I would like to know what they are going to do to appeal to the consumer market. Lots of talk lately about the enterprise market (and I understand why they are doing that), but most Crackberry readers seem to be in the consumer market.

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Another one: ask about updates to BBM for iOS and Android. I may be able to convince my wife to download BBM on her iPhone if it has more features than just chat.

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I'd like to know if they will consider a water tight phone for people in boating and marine related industries.

So many times I've come across people saying they wish blackberry would make a phone they don't have to worry about getting wet.

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Ask them about a Z10 with a bigger battery and upgraded specs...if it's a possibility or not?

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I agree, the problem is lack of advertising, I own a Z30, and besides myself, know one even knows what the hell it is.
And it is definitely the, or one of the best phones money can buy right now.
The OS kicks ass, the phone is incredibly fast, excellent multi tasking and the browser is as snappy as they come.
Come on BlackBerry.... spend some money advertising!!!

Posted using the most awesome phone on the planet... BBZ30

Need to fix relationships with the carriers and other channels. Limited marketing budget is one thing but going into a store to buy a BlackBerry and being talked out of it is another. This has to stop now. Needs urgent attention.

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I feel forgotten as a non-enterprise small business owner, and want to know if basic functionality will come. I desperately need Link to not make a mess of my contacts. Right now I feel I will never touch it again. And contacts needs fixing. I am hard core BlackBerry but can't afford the blunders.

Also Marketing, as mentioned. Advertising in the traditional ways costs too much for BlackBerry right now. But what about some creative thinking? You Tube video contests, inviting CB Nation, college students, etc.? Some great ads have been posted on CB.

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+1 on the creative advertising! I feel like the BlackBerry/CB Nation could really get involved with this!

 OS 100-4/Verizon Z10

Good that you will be going. Is Chris Umi going as well? I can't think of any serious good questions, but I am sure that he can cook a few up in a heart beat!

Why Z3 not out in rest of Asia, South Asia and Africa? Should have tapped those markets weeks ago!
In developed markets, contact everyone with a BlackBerry device and educate them, most people I know don't have a clue what the new oS can do!
Contact the mainstream media channels, and give them a full brief, I was watching CNN and their tech guy had no clue what he was talking about, didn't even tell the host or probably knew you can download android apps, and they still talk about the old slow browser on CNBC!
Get android apps working and make it as simple as downloading from app store not side loading, which most users have no clue

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I want the Z3 to come to th UK. Need a cheap phone here to get people on to the BlackBerry 10 platform. Once they're hooked, can then look at more expensive BlackBerry phones as their future upgrade.

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Plzz make an native apps..nt just as copying frm android...itzz a blackberry not any other cheap companies ryt....an make the os in a colourfull way give a transparency..look fr notification an search..or any others...make this I shore again blackberry will prove again that blackberry is a blackberry nothing can beat it...

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Why they don't consider Global shipping & global updates ? There are some users around the world wanting the devices and wanting the updates.

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As of yesterday, Q10 is the most expensive touch-and-type smartphone ($450) from BlackBerry in India & Z30 the most expensive all-touch ($590) as per Snapdeal.com.

Exceptions : P9981 & P9982.

Will this aggressive pricing strategy continue for new launches ?

Aggressive pricing usually means cheap, ....

... in order to undercut competitors...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

And yes why the delay in launch of Z3 to other developing countries. If they launch the device in India with the same promotion as Jakarta, will be a hit. Z10 going out of stock after price cut is proof of that.

When they plan on aiming for 3rd place? And if they believe they can accomplish that feat without marketing and carrier / app / vendor relationships.

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"Does BlackBerry have a new tablet in development? "

I assume if they do there's going to be some kind of NDA not allowing him to comment. But if not it would probably be a flat out no. I'm just curious how he would respond to such a question. I'd also like to know about plans for new devices.

(although to me it seems like people are starting to ignore tablets, so they might not go for it)

Why Chris U. Is now rocking a SGS4 and left BB10 and why you let him write about it.

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Are some of the Manitoba rumours (especially specs) true, and if so, what can he tell us about it at this stage?

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With apple now adopting desktop integration with ios features for consumers, will BlackBerry extend the desktop features to consumers and not just enterprise?

I'd love to know much more about BlackBerry Blend.

- When it be released?
- Will all BB10 devices support it?
- Will it be for enterprise only or for all?
- Will it be free?

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Ask them what do 2 LED flashes after holding the power button down exactly 10 seconds while plugged in to the power supply on my Z10 mean. This is the only thing it does anymore after getting an 'OS error'. You might also ask them why their customer service sucks so badly as I have found it impossible to get any interest whatsoever in helping me resolve this problem. Thanks. = rez =

I would really like to know how they are going to grow the ecosystem while maintaining their BlackBerry 10 experience.

Three questions spring to mind:

1. What is being done to improve carrier relations in North America?

2. Are there any plans to leverage the existing NOC for QNX or other uses as BIS use falls?

3. What is the ideal balance in terms of meeting the expectations of the consumer user and the enterprise user?

If the relationship between BlackBerry and T mobile could possibly be reconciled. I like T mobile but want the option of purchasing future BlackBerry devices.

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Ask if BlackBerry has an official position towards Bitcoin and whether accommodating that developing ecosystem is something they see as beneficial. Thanks

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I want to know if there will be a full touch 5" successor to the Z30 with best in class specs and hopefully made out of metal. I also want to know if they will have an Android KitKat runtime ready by year end.

Thanks Kevin!

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Hey Kevin, ask if they won't consider offering free monthly data with each os 10 phone...like a gig or two...and they should stop selling os 7 phones like yesterday! people are only buying them new because of unlimited browsing via bis...that's offered in South Africa anyway, but then are comparing the "new" old os 7 phones to any of the new smart phones available from the many android options which are just way ahead feature wise and thinking that all BlackBerry phones are the same...as in like ancient os 7 phones...sigh...I use a z10 and it's fantastic...but not many people are going to try a os 10 phone unless they are really big BlackBerry fans if they are comparing os 7 to any modern smartphone...

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While there be a consumer variant of BES 12 on site solution without the need of MS Server?

Just the one question.

+1 ... I would like to see a home/family version of BES 12. If the cloud offering can be tiered for family, that could also do.

Please ask if Voip over LTE will come to z30... and if in 2014 there will come a new full touch device like the z30... and when 10.3.1 will be released ;)

If they are doing any change in software or hardware, either they should do it %100 or they keep there finger away from it.
Android without google service is like a car without engine.
Open there programming codes for developers worldwide, I am sure hobby software are cleverer then BlackBerry guys.
If you use headphones from Apple it has more functionality with BlackBerry than the BBC. Apple guys know more about BlackBerry than BlackBerry themselves.
And leave your over proud at home when you talk about BB

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Please ask them to consider Russian market. We love good gadgets here, and spend a lot of money on them, and our average business owner is a paranoid, so BlackBerry security might ring a lot of bells here.

How about future plans on future blackberry phones such as are they ever going to think about more built in memory to the average consumers, not just the guys who can go out and buy a Porsche design one, or even cut down from 10 phones just to possibly three and build them with 16gb, 32gb, 64gb and if they really want to impress more people 128gb but hey that last one doesn't have to really matter, as I am a z10 owner since launch day and have to watch what I download as my memory runs low after downloading some apps

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Kevin if it is not answered at AGM ask what is the plan to improve BBRY marketing to rebuilt it brand Name and educate the sale force at Rogers, Telus, Bell, Best Buy, Future Shop about great features an advances BB10 OS. Is the any plans to have a retail stores fore BBRY in the key large metropolitan cities Like Toronto, Vancouver, Cargary,New York, etc.

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The market is never going to support 4 competing OS/ecosystems (iOS, android, bb10, wp). I spoke with an IT architect from a very large international company two days ago and his comment was, "BlackBerry is not a smartphone, it is just for email." (And yes, he had used the z10 for some time, but only when it was first out.) That company does not want to support 3-4 device OS's. Apple or Android are the only options for employees.

I love my Z10, and I use my offline Bold 9900 daily for Pandora. I've used the others, and BlackBerry is superior in some respects. But it is not a complete solution yet. The voice control is terrible, maps and search features are so frustrating that I'm ready to give up or possibly go back to the bold.

So, to answer your question, ask, "if you can't create a phone to match great features like Siri or Google search and Google maps, what phone should BlackBerry customers settle for?"


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When are we going to start seeing some proactive marketing for BlackBerry devices?

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Ask what BlackBerry is going to do about their brand image. When I read other sites or forums (like Reddit), if someone mentions BlackBerry, there is a collective snicker and comments saying, "What's a blackberry?", "BlackBerry is still around?", "Does anyone even use BlackBerries any more?"

BlackBerry has a very bad image and is seen as a joke now. What are they going to do to reverse that image?

Ask when we will get OTA OS updates like apple instead of fragmented releases we now get?

Posted via secure bb10.2.1.2179

I agree. They need to offer unlocked phones directly from blackberry that do not need to rely on carriers for updates.

If they can do anything to address the retailers like Best buy working to convince people to buy something other than BlackBerry. Just watched it happen yesterday and it made me sick. The salesman at Best buy told the guy asking to buy one that they don't sell the BlackBerry's to consumers (even though they were on display) and that BlackBerry was done making phones. They need to do clever marketing to combat this attitude.

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Perception is everything.

Over the last few years the perception of BlackBerry has not been very positive. How does BlackBerry plan to change the publics perception of the brand over the next 12 months?

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Ask about the full touch, flagship phone. Also I would like to know how soon is the QNX software for everyday vehicles is going to be released. I've seen the demo's for Bentley but it looks useful for every day use, in realistic cars like VW, Chevy, Honda, Toyota ...


1.) Advertise in America!!
2.) Sell all of the phones on shop blackberry, and list which phones are fully compatible with US carriers.

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Is BlackBerry planning on some kind of retailers education programs? So that customers are aware of an alternative to iOS and Android.

The Democrat and Republican thing doesn't work for the handheld market!

Z10 (STL 100-3) Superphone with vitamin

Can you ask Mr. Chen to bring some CB stickers to BBM please?

Just kidding! LoL

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

Will BES12 be compatible (and secure) with office 365? When will bbm video make it to all platforms? Can we have a bbm desktop add?

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Please ask if they are going to make a phone as big as the z10 but with far better specs and better camera

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1. What's the deal with the contacts app?
2. What's the deal with the limited wifi?
3. Can we get google services?
4. Can you make your phones available for sale and at a decent price. I had to jump through hoops to get a Z30 100-5 and it's impossible to get a Q5 100-1 at a price that is sane.
5. Will you build a 9810 type Torch slider so people can have a keyboard and a decent screen.
6. Do you give a crap or do you want us to give up and go to another platform. Because it seems like you screwed us on the PlayBook and now you're screwing is on BB10.

Z30 / STA100-5 / / T-Mobile USA

Ask them when are they planning to start marketing their products and stop hiding them.

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Where are the low-end/priced phones for North American consumers? Not everyone wants or can afford a $600 phone.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10 running

When are they going to bring back the Bold name and high end premium styling to go with the name?

Please ask about when they are getting their products marketing right.. rather when do they start marketing their products??

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Google Play Services support!!!!! We need it..We need that App store in a legit way...and soon! If they do that consumers will be happy and they can focus on Enterprise more.