IM+ launch a free version of their popular instant messaging app for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By James Richardson on 11 Aug 2012 12:46 pm EDT

Great news for PlayBook owners - A new free version of IM+ is now available to download from BlackBerry App World. Why is it free you may ask? Simple - it is a port of the free Android version. This means that the version does have a few services missing from it, such as Skype, but if you need the Pro version you can already pick that one up.

You will see from the video that the user interface is totally different with the free version in comparison to the Pro one. This is due to the Pro edition being a specifically designed PlayBook app and not an Android port. If you haven't used or heard of IM+ before it is worth checking out. IM+ is a instant messaging client that incorporates many services. So if you enjoy using Google Talk, Facebook chat, Yahoo just to name a few you can run them all from within IM+. Makes sense don't you think?

There are many tweaks that can be made within the settings of the app - such as switching between a light and dark theme. I have used IM+ for some time, not only on the PlayBook and BlackBerry smartphone, but also on Android and iOS and with each version it makes keeping in touch with your buddies just a little easier.

Below you can see the list of other features which will definitely take your mobile IM experience to the next level:

  • Send text messages, photos, and voice notes
  • Group chats in MSN, AIM, ICQ
  • Chat history
  • Multiple accounts per service
  • Create personal status messages
  • Customize your IMing experience with avatars and emoticons
  • Typing notifications

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Reader comments

IM+ launch a free version of their popular instant messaging app for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Cool app. I wish I had a PB but still holding out for the 10" PB. Long wait but worth it. Let's hope BBM on the BB10 has all the great features naively instead of having to d/l different apps. The again choice is good.

They need to get bis working with Qnx before we can expect to see BBM and I wouldn't get my hopes up for BBM on the wifi PlayBook.

Swipe across the bottom bezel (across the word blackberry) to perform the "back" gesture

Yes I know rim says diagonal, but that doesn't work 100%. If you don't get the angle right, it goes to the homescreen.

Swiping across the blackberry logo is the easiest way to go back in the android player

I wonder if this version has less lag that the one specifically designed for PlayBook has anyone used this new version?

Seriously, that thing crashes, hangs and lags like it was made for Windows Mobile 5 or without any quality control. I'm not unhappy about my purchase, I can afford it, but feel dejected for being let down by the experience. Not sure how many people remember the noise Shape Services made last year about RIM's prolonged app approval process when they were delivering a sub-standard product themselves. Just to give IM+ the benefit of the doubt, maybe QNX is to blame for not being able to support their product completely. On iOS & Android, IM+ shines, same on BB OS. So, what is making it fail so badly on the PlayBook?

I'm glad to see them do this, but the version the paid version that they have for the PlayBook is garbage anyway. It's never worked properly and was always slow and clunky.

Are you Kidding? This is useless. if you can make phone calls or skype features. Its a waste of time without the key feature. Who uses IM any more? I hope you aren't posting this because no other news to get by the weekend? As a 12 years loyal BB user, I am really disappointed with the Lack of RIM's effort to bring the key apps to Playbook and Blackberry phones. I hope BB10 changes this if not the game is over!!

Let's all stop getting our pannies in a bunch over not having Skype yet. RIM heard us, I'm sure they understand the importance of it.

The rant over it is so last year.

Not to mock IM+ and all, but I'm all about my sideloaded Trillian Android app. I love how it syncs with my PC version and my BlackBerry version. Just wish they would get to making the BlackBerry app free like iOS and Android, but whatever.