IM+ for BlackBerry updated to v9.2 bringing push notifications and more

By Michelle Haag on 24 Nov 2011 10:31 am EST
IM+ Pro for BlackBerry
SHAPE Services has just released an update for their popular instant messaging service IM+, bringing it up to v9.2. This is a pretty cool update, as they have now added in support for native BlackBerry OS Push service and inbox integration.

Other changes include:
  • Mail.Ru Agent instant messaging service
  • Translator+ service is no longer supported
  • Bug fixes
While IM+ isn't a cheap application, it really packs a lot into just one app, making it worth the $19.99 price tag if you use a lot of instant messaging apps. You can chat using MSN, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo!, Google Talk, AIM, Jabber, ICQ, VKontakte, Yandex Chat, MySpace and use Twitter all from within the app - meaning you no longer need to take up a bunch of room on your device with individual apps for each one. There is a free version of IM+ available (ad supported) as well.

More information/download the free version of IM+ for BlackBerry
More information/purchase the ad free version of IM+ for BlackBerry
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Reader comments

IM+ for BlackBerry updated to v9.2 bringing push notifications and more


Sorry, I understand it is one fine example of a quality app, but 19.99 is way too much for an IM app... Maybe if they had full duplex skype calls...

Probably you were looking at the PlayBook version which has a 20% discount right now. $19.99 is way too much for a smartphone app.

No actually checked it on my blackberry 9930 and on the web it says $7.99 . Kinda weird if you ask me though :S .

whats the battery life like while having this app open all day? I'm assuming that the new push feature helps that a whole lot

Battery life for me (Torch 9800) was not good. I prefer Trillian, and also its $4.99 price. It does exactly the same of IM+ at 25% of the price.

No one even uses most of those messaging services anymore. I'd consider buying this if it had Skype video calling, since there is no app yet on Playbook that does that, but I'm with everybody else in that this is too expensive for too little.

Does anyone know why this is showing up as $7.99, when browsing app world on your phone. But when you go to buy it, the price changes to $19.99?

Pricing is now fixed on App world, for both the Phone and PB versions. Just finished downloading both, I think 7.99 is more than fair, esp with the push functions.

how does "BlackBerry OS Push service" works?

i see that there is an option to select "push/email" in "keep connection". how does "push" option works?

Using it for 24+ hours maybe, but in my case the Push to device didn't work. Have contacted tech support - the response was quick and initially checking that my settings was right. I guess the issue is investigated and will be fixed soon.

Anyone got it working? Will be very cool and usefull to have push notifications for Skype chat etc. - major reason spent the money on IM+ Pro.