IM+ for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available

By Adam Zeis on 31 Oct 2011 09:11 am EDT

IM+ for BlackBerry PlayBookIM+ for BlackBerry PlayBook

After quite a rough go of trying to make its way into BlackBerry App World, IM+ for BlackBerry PlayBook is fired up and ready to roll. As one of the best-selling IM apps for phones, IM+ looks to be a big hit on the PlayBook as well. With this multi-IM client, you can access AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk and MySpace IM all in one place. This makes IM+ a definite go to IM app for BlackBerry PlayBook users. It does carry a steep price tag at $9.99, but for those that need access to their IM clients on the go you really can't go wrong. We'll be along with a full review shortly, but for now check out more at the link below.

More information/download of IM+ for BlackBerry PlayBook

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IM+ for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available


well you must be fucked up to spend $9.99 for this useless app. How many people uses " MSN, AIM, Yahoo messernger"? people shouldn't be paying for this kind of apps, thay why RIM is going down for allowing useless apps in App World. we wants BBM, SKYPE and great video chat apps, not msn, AIM, Yahoo messenger, ICQ, etc...
I love my playbook and i didn't buy it because of apps.
I am just dissapoited with the numbers of useless apps in App World and most of them don't work as they suppose to.
i will rather have 1 app that works instead of 100 useless apps.

Please guys do not buy this app, you can wait next year for the Os2.0, maybe BBM will be ready.... anyway you have BBM on your you really need another instant messeger app for your playbook?

Hey, I use YM buddy, and its awesome but the're right. At least add Skype (video and voice calls to all these as well) and Google Talk.

This is great! Just paid for this - no questions asked. It'll be great to have an all-in-one messaging application for the PlayBook! :)

By the way I see QNX works, these apps will not work in the background unless you keep the app open.

I bet this is why RIM hasn't jumped out of BBOS right away until they can find a way to make apps stay on and even work with the notification led (which we still dont know why it's there on the PB).

I will purchase this app just because its a must have, all though, I really wish MSN, Skype, Google, Yahoo and the rest came out with their official (free) APPS instead.

Looking forward to some feedback on this app.

I think he means "headless" rather than "in the background", which might be true.

IM+ (and others like it) would need to hook into the OS's notification system, and the OS would have to provide a method for applications to run a headless service.

I have no idea how, or even if, Tablet OS 1.x has a notification system available to apps that aren't Bridge or AppWorld. I certainly haven't seen any other apps use the service.

Yes, i know showcase mode will keep working BUT that is only if you keep that app "card" open.

One of the mayor reasons I switched from Apple's iOS is exactly that apps didn't stay REALLY online on the background, they now kinda stay in idle and use a "push" help to notify you if someone is trying to reach you though on of these apps.

BBOS on the other hand, really keeps IM apps online and you always appear ONLINE to other people, they can chat with you and you will get the instant IM on the APP itself.

Im just curious to see how QNX will handle this on its future phones... and of course on the PB.

with video chat it will be a must buy... but... it doesn't have video chat... if it's good, it will be a 4 star app.

I don't see Skype listed in the article or the product description page on App World. What happened there? IM+ has always been one of the few apps that support Skype on the BlackBerry platform.

Skype is supported.

This is pretty effing glitchy though, but I bet there will be a nice amount of consistent updates which is good. :)

Does it support just text chat on Skype or is there the ability to make video/voice calls as well? Sorry to be a pest, I just don't want to shell out $10 for the app if it doesn't have full Skype support. :)

Hi @kemj,

Alex from RIM here. Just wanted to chime in to help clarify some confusion surrounding the price of IM+ for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The price of the app is $9.99, but our system is still updating – that is why you’ll see $19.99 on the order confirmation screen. Users who have purchased already can contact to request a refund.

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

It is unfortunate to assume that everyone has, is, or will get a PB to use the video chat feature. I do like and use my PB but none of my friends or business associates has one (they have everything else but the PB). I would truly like as would all a Skype video app in order to add the the communication power of this devise.

It would seem that having IM on your phone would be enough for now. But if this is the start of many soon to come functional business production apps to come......bring it on. :-)

Maaaan we have a whole lot of complainers.

This does NOT appear to support Skype video chat. Not sure where you guys are pulling $19.99 out of your hats either - it's $9.99 and I'm in Canada.

The app is really shaky. I made a review - hopefully they update.

In the mean time, people, relax. I absolutely LOATHE coming to this site anymore because it's full of whiney babies who should be spending time whining with all the people "occupying" crap. Relax.

Pretty obvious to see it does not support video (skype) as not all are constant criticisms or whiners but observations and some positive comments.

BlackBerry users are still whiners dude, but I totally missed that and I definitely paid $20. However, I'm not whining about it.

BlackBerry users are complains because RIM five them nothing but things to complain about. with phones that are so far behind the competition in terms of software and hardware that it is really beyond a joke. And the under performing undrt supported playbook. if this is suppose to be the stepping stone to thru qnx based phones then there is no hope. No bbm no email no apps.....why in the world would anyone bother. Make the switch to Android, you won't regret it.

As a former in-denial-BB-user, i find this comment hilarious because you clearly state that the app is full of bugs, yet you justify its 10$ price tag and lack of basic features to yourself by calling everyone else whiny complainers. you then somehow link the masses of dissapointed, cheated customers who bought a PB to the #Occupy movement (as if mobile tech has anything to do with that subject at all) to paint yourself as superior with your "professional" tablet that is outperformed by so many competitors. Maybe you just made a foolish choice in paying for an undersupported tablet based on lies and broken promises, rather than everyone elae being "complainers". video chat works through flash, which means 99% of your contacts won't be able to video chat with you =)

For those seeing $9.99 in App World but $19.99 in Pay Pal its due to a glitch. @implus tweeted that they were looking into it and it will get fixed.

Glad to see more cross platform apps for Playbook !!

Until there is another cross-platform video app, Skype is almost, if not the standard today - and a MUST for any device. Its used extensively and has one of the biggest market potentials.

Blackberry has been lethargic with Playbook and its miss-steps has cost it dearly. Much of their fan-base who after giving it multiple opportunities - have wearily turned their heads - some never to return.

This is the sad truth. My budget only allows for a small amount of $ for tech, and had I not blown it on the playbook I would surely be gonzo. On another note, every time I pickup my 9900 I am reminded why I love RIM so much...

Isn't it 9.99 on all the other platforms as well? I just hate that it does not have video chat. maybe next time

I purchased it when I saw it listed at $9.99; this was a bit pricey, but not completely out-of-line. I was charged $19.99 through PayPal, so the problem mentioned above is real. This charge was refunded and the app removed after a call to RIM support. I was told that I would have to wait 24 hrs to re-purchase it for $9.99. I guess I will get to see some of the early reviews.

I dont understand whats the big deal ive been running imo on my pb since i got it in may for free and it has all the named im's as well as skype and others can some please explan

imo always needs to refresh or reload if you don't stay on that tab even in showcase. I want something that stays active while I'm doing other things.

I hate the fact, that all these applications cost more in British pounds - App World just charges £19.99 instead of $19.99.

Do I really have to travel abroad to purchase the software at the correct price? This is ridiculous.

Also there should be some cool-off period (24 hrs?) to return the app if I don't like it or it is not doing the job I have expected it to do. I would pay $9.99 for IM+ if it supports Skype chat and can do it while in background. But I will not spend £9.99 (not mentioning £19.99) only to find out that it does not support Skype (it doesn't claim to in the description) or at least not while minimized.

I am generally happy with my Playbook, but I think RIM is wasting a lot of potential here by not reacting to feedback.

On push notification, the online App World blurb does say:
"IM Push mode allows you to receive messages even if you close the app (you can switch off this mode in options)."

Not sure if anyone who has already purchased it has tried yet to be sure though?

FWIW, Shape's description page for the app indicates Skype support:
"The most advanced mobile instant messaging application is now available on BlackBerry PlayBook. Chat in Windows Live Messenger/MSN, Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, Yahoo! , AOL/AIM/iChat, ICQ, Jabber and MySpace in one application."

(also showing Skype in the online images, though we all know how much faith to put in such things...)

Or you can sideload the Android version from the forums on OS2. Maybe I'll buy this one, but that one works pretty well for free.

lol yes please ill pay 20$ unknowingly for an app that runs all the chat clients i dont use. myspace IM? really?

Review don't look too good for this app right now.
9.99 is a bit too much..
I think i will continue to use for now.

No wonder why no one develops for RIM compared to Android and iOS! I bet Win7 apps get fater approval! SHAME on you RIM!

They're on crack! $9.99 for this app and it doesn't even support Skype, or calls or even video calling! No thank you...RIM, you owe us, please put this in the freebie bin!

Bought the app (didn't see the REAL $19.99 price tag after the advertised $9.99), realized it still does not connect to my AIM account (verified login and pw on the web version), while connecting to my Skype and GTalk accounts still only works once in every ten attempts....and guess what?

I asked for a refund of the $10 overage and got a reply back saying that they are not in a position to process refunds and that I should instead pick another one of their apps to make up for the $10 difference!!!!

Yeah, so the app doesn't work and my only choice now is to pick yet another one (btw none of their other apps has been ported to the PlayBook as far as I know) ???!!!