IM+ Beta Contest Winners!

IM+ Beta Contest Winners!
By Bla1ze on 29 May 2009 08:18 am EDT

A little while back now we had a look at Shape Services IM+ offerings and with that Shape Services was kind enough to give us 30 activation codes for some lucky CrackBerry Nation members to make use of. Read on for a list of our winners and don't forget if you are not among the winners IM+ is available in the Shop CrackBerry Store and does offer a free trial so you can give it a go before you buy. Winners after the jump and thanks to all who entered. 

  1. alextse
  2. all4berry
  3. Amit88
  4. bioberry
  5. blessed2bamommie
  6. coathangar
  7. COYF
  8. crackberryrules
  9. dat1
  10. Dave4
  11. debitsohn
  12. drdk
  13. dreamusa1
  14. glandix
  15. gregmar
  16. gtg
  17. GTiceman
  18. gunze
  19. Hondaalpinestar
  20. Imbored14
  21. jackbox
  22. m.irsyadalmi
  23. man44a
  24. ManSquared
  25. maven454
  26. msnider73
  27. mugents
  28. Noslen34
  29. peterlsc
  30. radiohead_freak

Thanks for participating folks, your codes will be issued to your registered CrackBerry account email addresses. If for some reason you don't get an email before the end of the weekend (be sure to check your junk/spam folder), you can email sitesupport @ for assistance (be sure to send from the email address tied to your account).

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Reader comments

IM+ Beta Contest Winners!


Congratulations to all the winners.. .

Have been using IM+ for over 3 years...really a nice product..


Darn... oh well... being a graceful person, congratulations to all winners. I will have to pick up this application as soon as funds become available or a discount is offered. :)

Great application!


I am using the trial and this thing is AWESEOME.

I hope Crackberry puts out a sale soon, cause 30 some odd dollars is a bit steep, but I have to say, it seems worth it.

I've been looking for something like this, casue i want to get rid of my naitive IM clients, casue they are taking up too much space and I need some space for SKYFIRE!!!

Also, that IM client, FriendplayIM, doesn't seem to be working...

I'll test that one, IF IT EVER WORKS, and then see what happens.

Good stuff.


Oh my gosh, I can't believe I WON....First Time ever! Thank You CB! I am very appreciative!!! I have never used an app like this and can't wait to try it out!!

Thank you CB and Shape Services! Have been the market for an all in one I'm app all month. Tried them all and had decided on IM+. Missed out on the $20 sale as I wasn't sure how to apply it to the Beta I had loaded at the time and had been kicking myself since. Now I am waiting for a sale so I can put it on my wife's HTC too! Thanks again!

Thank you CB and Shape Services , i hv been using IM+ that i won, i really really like it, now can support Facebook chat and also skype chat....