IM+ Beta / Contest!

IM+ Review And Contest!
By Bla1ze on 19 May 2009 08:03 am EDT

Leave a comment to this post letting us know the Instant Messaging client(s) you use for your chance to win a FREE copy of IM+. 30 FREE Copies to be Won!!

During the first few days of WES 2009 the folks from Shape Services launched their latest version of IM+. IM+ for those who may not know is an all in one messaging client with some great features that extend well beyond just the instant messaging world offering not only discounts on long distance SMS but also including some great translation tools as well.

The list of IM clients supported by IM+ is ever growing from MSN and Yahoo all the way to MySpace, Facebook all of which include a service called "IM Push" so that your messages are pushed to your device much like you how your email is and even includes message list integration. Most recently IM+ has launced their new beta version 7.0.5 which has now included a extremely functional Twitter client as well as includes Skype chat and you all are invited to try it out and offer your feedback on how to make it better.

Having used the application for the past few days on both my Bold and my Storm I have to say I'm throughly pleased with all the included features that come from the current version and can't wait to see the final release with Twitter integration finalized, in the meantime Shape services has given us 30 registration codes to give away to the CrackBerry nation. To enter, just leave a comment and let us know which instant messaging client you use mostly for your chance to win. Contest entry closes this Sunday at Midnight PST.

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IM+ Beta / Contest!



It´s one of the best instant messanger aside of bejiive.
I see it on the trial and would have a full version. =)

Currently looking for a nice IM Client. On the last days of my beejive free trial so getting a copy of IM+ would be spectacular!

For Work it's MSN, for personal use it's Google Talk and MSN. does this software support multiple accounts per chat client? for example i have a personal MSN account and a work msn account. can i be logged in to both accounts at the same time?

also is anyone else familiar with digsby on there computer. by fart the best IM software there is.

I have yet to try my IMs on my Crackberry
I found trillian for my PC an love it
Wish there was a version for BB

I use Beejive. It's been great, and worth every penny spent. It even supports chat over WiFi, and the next version will include Facebook IM.

I disagree. Its a great IM client and such, but its a huuuuuuuugggeee drain on battery life. At least on the Storm.

I actually dont use any client right now because i hate logging into each account seperatly. I also hate spending $20mto $30 for one app. I have Google Talk, Windows Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, BB Messenger and AOL IM loaded on my Storm. Only use BB Messenger and Facebook. The rest are my lost little apps.

Well, on the PC, I use xfire with AIM integrated and also Live Messenger. Kinda wish someone would port xfire to the BB as well. :)

IM+ is awesome, I use MSN, Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo, facebook, myspace, twitter and whatever, wish I could get a free copy.. good luck...

I only use the Gtalk messenger, beacuse the Windows LIve messenger sucks, consumes to much memory.

This is perfect :D

I typically use yahoo messenger. It would be great to have a fecebook integration though. Thanks crackberry for keeping us up to date.

I currently use blackberry messenger only. Looking for skype and facebook chat support, so IM+ would be perfect.

Was using BeeJive, but since migrating from Curve to Storm, I am stuck with standard IM apps. Need more!! Thanks for your help!


looks like a pretty sweet tool, especially since it seems everyone prefers a different IM/Chat app and it gets to be a pain to switch back and forth all the time!

i use the aim client with the bb. its not great, but its usable. i also tried out beejive. i liked the functionality but i dont think its worth 20 dollars.

I primarily use Yahoo so I don't have to remember a thousand different usernames and passwords. Something that encompasses them all would be awesome.

I still like the included AIM/Blackberry messenger app. It is the cleanest for what I want. Back when I used WinMob devices I always used Agile Messenger.

I have tried Beejive but was not a fan. I use AIM the most, but google talk takes a close second. May I win now?

I mainly just use BB Messenger. Since you cannot store apps to the memory card on the Storm, I need to remove as many apps that I don't really use as possible. This does seem like a good program and wouldn't mind a free copy.

I WAS a huge believer in But today I tried IM+ and you cant get any better then this.. It does so much and more then any other IM program out this and plan to play with it as much as possible during 7 day trial.....keep up great work

right now ionly use the default aim and yahoo apps. but i also noticed that IM+ gives you threaded sms messaging which is what ive been waiting for

I use almost all of the major IM platforms. Yahoo, gtalk, facebook, myspace, AIM, and even a little MSN messenger. Each one has a different set of friends so it would be nice to have an app that puts them all in one place.

i use windows live messenger icq blackberry messenger yahoo messenger and google talk, would love to add this too

I use MSN the most, would like to use facebook chat more but thats not on my blackberry....:(
Thats why i want IM+ ;)

I use AOL IM primarily and would love to receive the free beta. I have a Blackberry Bold, love it, and loe this site!

I use the base clients for AOL and Yahoo today. Use Trillian on my PC so haveing the same sort of combine client on the BB would be nice.

I use AIM and Gtalk, but would love an all-in-one client! I would definitely pay for a threaded SMS client though :)

Lets see, Sametime (for work) BB Messenger, AIM, Yahoo, Google Talk, Yahoo messenger and very infrequently ICQ as most folks that usually contacted me though it are no longer using it.

I currently use: Blackberry Messenger, Google's gtalk, and lastly, MSN Messenger (only if absolutely necessary on the MSN).

I am currently using BeeJive and it drives me nuts how unstable it is. I would love a free registration for this product to try on a different competitor.

Sweet! I just hope it is really an all in one! Most of the time they are not. I use BB Messenger, Google Talk, and MSN Now.. I have lots of people that have AOL, but I hate loading anything on my devices that is AOL, if Yall know what I mean.

This is a program I have actually been looking for. Looks amazing. I use the stock instant messengers. Really need this program on my storm. =)

I have been using beejive since its release and it has been fantastic. Prove me wrong by getting me a free copy of IM+ and maybe I'll switch.

Most of my clients are on google talk and MSN messenger. My photo editors and I use the BBM. I communicate with all of my clients and editors using 3 different messengers, and of course there is always skype on my MAC.

I can see me using it when it is finally released. Having one application that covers all of the IM services Would mean that I can uninstall some of the other IM messengers that I have on my BB. Thus, freeing up memory resource for my BB.

Currently I use AIM as my main IM app (24/7/365) bc it is for work and for personal.

But I also use Facebook chat all day long while at well as Twitter.


I never win anything ;(

Shouting out from MINNESOTA where I use BeeJive on my Storm. I'm eager to try out IM+ again to see what the newest build is like!

I use...Blackberry Messenger,Google Chat, Skype and Windows Messenger.

Does IM+ save me memory on my BB?

i'm a Live Messenger-er myself...have some on yahooo, but having them all in one place would just be lovely!

I am using the BlackBerry MSN and The Yahoo Messenger ... It would be great if i got this IM+ !!!!

Woooooooooooooot !

I mostly use BB Messenger to talk to only handful of people, mostly business contacts or family. I use Instango on occassion, but it's not as user friendly as I expected. I prefer a messenger app that uses my data plan and not my limited text messages.

i use yahoo, aim, google talk. thats about it really. what else is out thats hot other than bbm?

I use, gtalk and MSN Messenger. I'm really tired to use diferent apps for diferent accounts, it's so boring. It's cool the translation utility

I would love to be one of the winners!!!!! I use the following the most:


Looking forward to my notification that I am a WINNER!!!!


I use blackberry messenger, aim, yahoo, gtalk, facebook, twitter. I'm too socially connected but this would be great.

I use AIM, Skype and MSN. I bought an IM+ app for my previous bb, the curve. I loved it. I now have the Bold, but don't wanna drop another 40+ dollars.

This seems sweet. Is it similar to beejive, but with perks?

I use mostly yahoo instant messenger, then aol. Haven't really using windows live though.

Well I currently use BeeJive to integrate my Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL, and Facebook chats. I always want the newest thing though and am going to give the new version of IM+ a shot. Come on code!

I currently use BB Messenger, Gmail Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo, Live Messenger

IM+ It's THE most complete IM program to date for Mobile Devices!

I'm a Beejive user! This new version of IM+ appears much improved and Twitter integration is certainly useful. Pick me! Good luck all.

I currently use GMails' client the most, followed up by AIM. It would be great if we could get facebook chat in the on-device application!

love it!
I use Yahoo Messenger, then theres Google Talk. Those are the major IMs im using.
Thank you guys

I use Palringo only because it has all the IM services i use in 1 app , but it is very buggy to me and i am looking for something along the same lines that is more stable. I am gonna try IM+ and see how that works for me.

Honestly, I use AIM+MSN+Yahoo all the time and i hate having to have 3 separate programs open. Having 1 would be much nicer. Also, the new integration of twitter would be wonderful, given that it has the functionality of a program like SocialScope as well as my friends just turned me onto skype. so IM+ all in 1 seems perfect for me.