IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger for BlackBerry Smartphones Adds Dictation Feature for Instant Messages

By Adam Zeis on 15 Jul 2009 10:58 am EDT

IM+ is one of the long running all-in-one messaging clients for BlackBerry. They are adding new features all the time, and the latest update is very cool. Have you ever wanted to IM your friends just by talking? Well now you can. IM+ All-In-One has added voice dictation for instant messages. You simply choose the "Start Dictating" menu option, speak your message and that's that. The feature works well, but as with any voice recognition it is sure to have its share of problems. The client supports AIM, iChat, Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo! and more. The full version of IM+ is available for $39.95. Be SURE to give the 7-day free trial a go before you buy - that's a lot of $$ to shell out for a single app, so you had better love it. 

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IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger for BlackBerry Smartphones Adds Dictation Feature for Instant Messages


Some time ago i've downloaded this app and i was impressive, almost every messenger + translator, but $40?! o_O

I have used this app in the past on my Blackberry and it's cool but why is the iPhone version $9.99 and this $39.95?

Guess I should also add the iPhone version blows the doors off this thing.

Have I ever wanted to send an IM just by talking?


The BlackBerry has a feature to allow me to communicate to my friends just by talking - press dial and make a phone call.

If what TheBeer says is true, frak that... I can see iPhone users needing that though *eye roll* heh, I never got the hang of touch typing.. anyway.
I'll stick to BeeJive, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and ICQ is all I need.

If I remember reading about this dictation feature, it's a trial that is included with the application, and afterwards you have to subscribe to a service (provided by a separate entity) for the voice dictation functionality. (Buying the IM+ app will of course give you all the non-dictation functions just like before.) So, if I'm remembering this correctly, you buy the app for $40, and if you want to add on the dictation feature, it will cost you more. Again, if I'm remembering this correctly. (I just took IM+ off my device because I rarely chat, and the Skype chat option is not currently working for me, which is about the only part I ever used.)

Don't hate on this idea. I've been waiting for this feature ever since they announced a couple months ago that they were working on it. This is great for driving - I'm often tempted to IM while in the car, this fixes the safety risk of typing while driving.

I installed this yesterday morning as soon as I saw the app update email. It worked OK the first couple dictations but after that it kept telling me that it can't hear me. There are no FAQs available yet, unfortunately.

Additionally it's not clear if it supports bluetooth headsets. If not, it's a worthless feature IMHO.

Lastly, I am very frustrated that they have no pricing info. I'm not willing to pay much for this service considering how much I paid for the app - I hope they take that into account.

Hi Got this app a while ago, haven't used the voice dictation. Got the app for $19.99 after using it all the time I would have easily paid $40 for it. Great app. Works with everything and love the push message feature. Not sure what the hell voice dictation is or why I would use it but can't hurt to have it.

i downloaded the trial and i for the life of me CAN NOT get my birthday entered into the thing! and it makes me put it in for facebook. it's really ticking me off!

YEah you can just talk and its accurate. But darn, it is faster to just type and send. Processing voice in IM+ takes a long time.
I have it but i dont think i am going to use it much. Probably when driving