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IM+ Pro for BlackBerry 10 gets updated - Skype chat is back in business

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IM+ Pro now available to download for BlackBerry 10

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Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger clients all ready for BlackBerry 10

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IM+ for BlackBerry PlayBook gets a small update with fixes

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IM+ launch a free version of their popular instant messaging app for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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Google Talk, Yahoo and Windows Live IM clients get an update to v3.0.0.23

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Official RIM IM clients all updated to v3.0.0.19


Happy holidays from Shape Services - Leave a comment to win 1 of 15 copies of IM+ Pro!

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IM+ for BlackBerry updated to v9.2 bringing push notifications and more

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PingMe delivers a similar BBM-like experience

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IM+ for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available

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RDM+ from Shape Services gets approved for the BlackBerry PlayBook, Available now

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A status update from SHAPE services regarding IM+ for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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IM+ for the BlackBerry PlayBook now held in BlackBerry App World limbo

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IM+ Pro beta– Won’t you be my Neighbor?

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Mobiola xPlayer for BlackBerry updated to version 2.0

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Review: Photo Translator for BlackBerry

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IM+ Talk out of beta – 20 copies to be won!

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Calling all lab rats! SHAPE Services invites you to join in on Photo Translator beta testing

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IM+ Pro updated to support BlackBerry Torch 9800

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IM+ adds its own in-app messenger called Beep

IM+ Beep
By Ryan Blundell on 16 Jan 2012 03:23 pm EST

Over the years, the IM+ cross platform messaging app, as well as its developer SHAPE Services, has been looked at many times on the CrackBerry blogs. If you haven’t heard about it yet, picture all of your instant messaging accounts poured into a blender and blended into one smooth application, from which you can chat with anyone. In other words, you can chat with friends and family no matter if they’re using MSN, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo!, Google Talk, AIM, Jabber, ICQ, VKontakte, Yandex Chat, MySpace or Twitter. Not too long ago, SHAPE services announced that they released their own in-app messenger application they dubbed Beep.

What Beep does is enable users to chat with contacts that are found in their own native address book, as well as those from various instant messaging platforms. Thus, it brings SMS, MMS and instant messaging together in a neat little package. This update is also seen on other platforms (Android, iOS and Windows phone). Check out the features:

  • Send unlimited number of free messages - Beep uses your Internet plan and all messages sent with Beep are free. We understand how important a message can be, so we added "Sent" and "Delivered" confirmations for each message you send.
  • Express yourself and impress others - IM+ with Beep now offers free alternative to SMS and MMS: customize your status message and share pictures, videos, audio notes, your location with your address book contacts
  • Your Address Book is your instant messaging buddy list - Yes, it's that plain and simple. When you know someone's phone number, you already know their instant messaging ID.

Now keep in mind that you do have to be an IM+ user in order to benefit from Beep. Luckily, IM+ comes in a free version and a Pro (ad-free) version, both of which are available from BlackBerry App World.

More information on the IM+ in-app messenger Beep for BlackBerry smartphones
More information/download IM+ free for BlackBerry smartphones
More information/download IM+ Pro for BlackBerry smartphones



IM+ is now the cross platform iMessage for everyone

Still not my cup of tea, but awesome to see others making the functionality


Can anyone confirm if Beep is also available on the PlayBook?
Can it access Bridge Contacts? (Doubt it but wishing.)



It's like having whatsapp IN IM+. But IM+ is kind of unstable for me... I never really know if I am online or not 0.0


I got IM+ Pro with the last CB contest and so far it pretty good but yes there are issues with Skype where it keeps losing connection every so often. I really think they should split the feature into multiple apps or present them as add-ons with some basic stuff in base version. And 1 thing I would like to see would be support for Lotus Notes Sametime. Something like 'QuipIM for Sametime' on Android.
I activated Beep but unfortunately none of my contacts are on it since we all use don't see a point here unless they offer something new in Beep...


I think, everybody uses WhatsApp as a cross over plaforms messenger. I only miss in WhatsApp a notification if the message was read.


trying to download this app, but i keep getting an error message:

"this product has run out of licenses..." error id 30012....

I tried searching online and on the forums and got nothing :(


What a waste of money! Sure learned a lesson about the app world.