iluvmybb finalist - The Scent of a BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Oct 2009 07:15 pm EDT

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* keep in mind we're not announcing the ten finalists in any particular order - 7 more to come! *

Friday night is movie night for many, so it's fitting that we announce our third finalist in the I Love My BlackBerry video contest just in time for the weekend. Entry #17, by Matt Galo (Stang68 on CrackBerry), created the epic major motion picture above, titled The Scent of a BlackBerry. At 9m13s you'll want to grab some popcorn and a beverage before hitting play, because you won't want to miss one second once the movie starts. As for Matt's thought process and story behind the flick, you can read that below. Amazing video Matt!

We're going to keep the finalist announcements coming over the weekend (maybe even up it to two a day for Saturday and Sunday) so keep it locked to CrackBerry for more finalist picks.  

The Making of The Scent of a BlackBerry

Here's what Matt told us about his entry:

I starred in it and my brother, along with a few friends, helped me out with the other acting parts. I directed while my brother filmed, making this project a real challenge, being in front of the camera AND behind! We shot the chase scene over one day and the rest of the scenes on a weekend. A lot of work went into this short film, production-wise and post-production-wise! My thought process for the project was this: If your BlackBerry was held for ransom, how far would you go to get it back? Would you call the police? Try to get the money? Or would you take things into your own hands and dispense your own kind of BlackBerry justice? That is the question my character is faced with and I think you'll agree with his one messes with his BlackBerry. 

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iluvmybb finalist - The Scent of a BlackBerry


Congrats, buddy, you made it!

Now you can concentrate on school for a bit. ;)

Well deserved, not surprised at all to see you in the Top 10!


that was rediculous! how did he know where to go? did i miss something?
also, who was in the car chasing him?
maybe i'm readig to far into it but that confused the hell out of me!

I'll help you out! On the phone, the berry-napper tells him the address to bring the money to. Then the main character says "I'll find you first and kill you". The berry-napper responds, "Good luck getting to me", inferring that there will be some sort of obstacle in the way of getting to the address...aka, the Acura bad guys! lol Hope you enjoyed!

This guy is excited that the video he put his own, personal, unpaid, time in to made the top 10. He did an excellent job and because he answered a question that someone else asked you want to be an a$$hole?? If you don't have anything nice to say.. don't say it at all.

Great job Matt! Gonna be hard to beat this one!

I am just answering his question...I hope I don't come across as pompous. In the video, yeah I guess you could say I was acting like that, though! Everything in the video was sort of tongue in cheek.

i really liked how the mustang had the interior of the TL, cute! hahhahah love the burnouts, glad u got the bb curve, i mean tour 9630 back...

I (Matt Galo) was driving the Mustang in the exterior shots because it is my car in real life and I trained with it. My friend John was driving the Acura in the exterior shots (the bald bad guy). We shot those on a separate weekend than the interior shots of me driving the "Mustang". The reason the interior shots were not in the Mustang is because the weekend we shot those were up at my school in CT when my Mustang was in NJ! We did the best we could with that!

Amazing video Stang! Looks like a TON of effort (cough***and traffic violations***cough) went into this film! Good stuff!

great film. and its even sicker seeing at the end it was shot in my home town. i cant really make any of the places out. but just to know how close it is to me is pretty damm cool

Loved the video. Best so far for sure. However I hate the idea of you neglecting your precious Tour if you win. Loved the right wheel squeal on the burnout.

nice video production, the head shot was classic.

next time keep the finger of the trigger until your character is actually about to fire. it makes the character look like a gun-noob ;)

It's funny you say that! One of my friend's dad is a hunter and that was the first thing I was taught at the firing range. I know it is the right thing to do, I guess I just was caught up in the moment in the video. I hope he doesn't see this and yell at me! lol :)

That was great. Where did they come up with that idea. They are doing alot for some blackberries. I think this maybe the winner. The rehab one was funnier though.

I have a Tour, and despite my issues testing out leaked OS's ( is a bitch) I would totally get into a bad ass car chase to get it back. Nice use of the docking cradle, everyone that owns one does the blind reach for it in the morning.

Seriously, this video HAS to win. The production value and effects were excellent for no budget.

The chase scene was AWESOME. That is no easy task to shoot and edit like that. It takes talent.

This is pretty frakking amazing for an amateur filmmaker. Matt you should look into shooting films. With a budget and equipment you would do very well.

Only thing wrong with it is you don't know how to hold and enter a room with a loaded weapon lol....never have your finger on the trigger with the weapon 2 inches from your face. Keep it pointed towards the ground...I gotta give you shiat you do know that : )

You should have hired a tech advisor : )

In all seriousness that was great. I vote for this one. It looks easy but the editing and shooting are no easy task.

You rock bro. Mucho talent

Talk about in-depth! Thank you for that, CK! Love all the comments! But of course you notice the gun :P. Haha, thanks again for the kind words.

This video was great. If you are not in the filming industry, you should get in it. I think you have a future in it. And I think you could use this video as reference to your work. The music you put in the background was good, I was into watching the video. Just like I am watching a movie.

I vote for your video also. GREAT JOB....

PS...The battery pull at the end, was classic blackberry humor.

This video wins... Longer, More effort and time put into it and AMAZINGLY awesome CGI, maybe not movies, but its something the other 2 don't have... I think he WINS!!!

apparently, he would do ANYTHING for his crackberry =)

I am surprised his Tour battery didnt die...and he isnt going to get his security deposit back for the blood splatter haha

Man, I laughed the whole way thru the video. The hand sanitizer was hilarious, as was your "Must be a BIS outage" comment at the end.

You get my vote....So far..

Just two things :)

You end up back at the same building in the same parking lot. All that speeing and breaking the law for no reason.

It must have taken along time to start the "rust"ang as the parking lot was full as you ran up and totally empty as you speed away.

All that shit aside well done, take alot of time and love for you BB to put this together kudos~!

I have watched nearly every video, just to be fair to others that competed, and this is definately one of the most entertianing and realistic film entries submitted. Clearly a lot of effort and creativity went into making it. I loved the lead character's emotions and facial expressions, how the background music fit the scenes very well, and even the BB commentary that the lead makes at appropriate times during the film. I liked the Hand Sanitizer for using a phone that isn't a Blackberry and the comment about the BIS outage. I also liked the display of the charging pod, too. I didn't care much for the shooting and violent scenes, but when I watched it a second time after reading your plot premise, it made more sense and it didn't really take away from your presentation. I hope you win something, if not the whole thing, because your video definately was entertaining, creative, and showed a lot effort put forth, and it was related to the theme of the contest. Surpisingly, a lot of the entries didn't really relate to the theme. They were just other stories that happened to show a Blackberry or use the phrase "I love my Blackberry or Crackberry." I found myself relating to your experience as a Blackberry user and I enjoyed your video. Great job, good luck with winning the contest!

Thank you very much for your comments! They really do mean a lot to this aspiring film student. I'm glad you liked all the little Blackberry jokes, I know they were few and far but I thought they were little gems :) I know some people don't like the action and gore, but it was there more to show the effort that went in to the visual effects!

Its really cool that you've watched every video. I, too, have gotten through almost all 80 of them! Again, thank you for your comments!

It was way too long man!

Not being a hater and I agree with trjnberry above that you definitely deserve some prize, but maybe not the grand. It just doesn't have that wow factor and in my honest opinion it seemed like you put more emphasis on the car chaes and shooting than the BB story instead.

Video is awesome, but why didnt he just download smrtguard and listen-in and track it from the website? or even spend $50.00 for an insurance replacement?

i hope u dont win for someone that can own a car like that u do not need to win a phone let the ppl who dont have much money win

Its about who made the best video. Not about their monetary situation. And for your information, a V6 Mustang is no more than a nice Honda Accord...

I was watching them in order, got to this one, and stopped watching because it was so unbelievable I didn't want to be let down.

I thought that they took your phone and wanted money for it so y would they want to chase you and shoot at u when they all ready had your phone. Or did u just want to show off your car and how they could not keep up with u . And just because u have fast cars and guns does not mean your a good moive maker

Yeah, it does! Have you seen the All Time 150 Movies list??? Half of them got fast cars and guns and explosions! Not much else, but they got that excitement factor. All your critic favorites, the ones that win Oscars, are lucky if they can fill a theater half the time!

LOL. yeah just because its got action and bombs doesn't mean a movie's great. even that needs to be well done, like look at terminator 3 vs terminator 1...3 has hi-tech action but 1 is the best!!!

Ahh, I knew I'd get in trouble with that line of logic! :-) I don't hide that I like Matt's video, but I still think there are couple other videos that are serious contenders to win the contest. I am just real curious to see if the Crackberry judging panel agrees with me. So far, two I liked made the Top 10.

On the phone, the berry-napper tells him the address to bring the money to. Then the main character says "I'll find you first and kill you". The berry-napper responds, "Good luck getting to me", inferring that there will be some sort of obstacle in the way of getting to the address...aka, the Acura bad guys!

The chase scene was in there to really show the effort that went into this...not to show off my car, dude. I wanted to stand apart from the rest of the videos and, well, I obviously did.

What # was yours?

it's funny but too long. there were def some dry patches.

but good job. maybe you'll win one of the prizes but i don't think it'll be the grand prize.

Great job on the video Galo. I like the action essentials. Hope you're keeping QFS alive. Disappointed to see you didn't stick with the Storm.

Your GA editor,

Glad you got to see it! And you'll be happy to know about OS 5.0 for the Storm coming out Sunday! lol

I find it sad that people who do video production for a living are struggling so hard during these tough economic times that they feel they need to undercut the "Average Joe" by entering contests like this in order to supplement their income. (That part was sarcasm, in case you didn't pick up on it.)
I've seen several videos, including this one, that appear to have been made by pros. Just google the guy's name (Matt Galo) and you'll see that he's not just your average BlackBerry user who thought it would be fun to get together with some chums and shoot a quick film. He's obviously got the experience and equipment to do lots of stuff most of the others can't do.
I'm sticking with the "Average Joe" on this one. Not because your video is bad, Matt, because it's not. But because I think with what the others have to work with, some are just as good or better.

But a lot of work and effort went into making this film. If you're basing your vote on the fact that I am a media production student in college who can "easily" whip up a video like this, then something is wrong. The contest wanted to see the best video expressing how much you love you're Blackberry and I did the best job I could.

I really do not think I should be penalized for having a nice video camera...

Are you SERIOUS with that post???!? It's a fcuking video contest! You don't even know this guy, none of us do! He is a kid who made a sick-ass video! People like you are the reason we have cancer in this society.

And the fact that you Googled his name is really weird...

Your video is the one to beat thus far. Good job, and good luck.
And I still say, getting on here trash talking and insulting others really is petty and unnecessary.

I don't know what else to say that everyone else hasn't said. This video is AWESOME!

And I would kill if someone messed with my BlackBerry so I can totally relate! :P

ROTFL@ "It's probably a BIS outage."

as far as im concerned you've already won. great job. the only thing i noticed was a continuity issue in the beginning. brown leather watch to stainless...

very clever use of bullet hole stickers :)

love the score btw.

Was this done in final cut?

Yeah, I used Final Cut and After Effects!

I'm glad you liked all of the music, I love that stuff.

Yeah, the watch and bracelet were on and off during the whole thing. I didn't have a script supervisor! lol

Thanks for the comments :)

It was okay. Not great by any means.
One word of advice though.
If you are going to do any type of movies or short films as an actual career, make sure to check, check and re-check during editing.
During the car chase, an Acura is chasing you in the Mustang, however, when they cut to the video of you inside the car, you are in the Acura and not the Mustang. Just some of those random things that I notice.
Kind of like in T3 when the semi windshield falls out but is back in in the next scene.

I didn't pay too much attention to continuity during this film because I didn't have too much time (my teachers would kill me). The steering wheel thing is because: I (Matt Galo) was driving the Mustang in the exterior shots because it is my car and I trained with it. My friend John was driving the Acura in the exterior shots (the bald bad guy). We shot those on a separate weekend than the interior shots of me driving the "Mustang". The reason the interior shots were not in the Mustang is because the weekend we shot those were up at my school in CT when my Mustang was in NJ! We did the best we could with that! :)

But yeah, definitely agree with you, dude! :)

Im at work now so cant watch the video but.... I sincerly hope that the powers to be lock everyone out of leaving comments on all the videos submited... just read throuygh the ones for this video and now cant wait till I get home to see it but all the haters and tweebs that leave stupid comments... screw them.

this is my seems a good chunk of the videos use copyrighted material, particularly music. i'm assuming nobody bothered to get the rights for any of the songs, but maybe i'm wrong.

yea i noticed the same about the copywrited material, but technically we don't have the rights to use the word blackberry if you are looking at it that way... I was going to stick to public domain music, but if youtube allows it then why not. Also, if any film student wins contests using school equipment thats a pretty big no no for schools because the school owns the stuff not anyone else hence the student doesn't actually owns the rights to his/her own shoot!

very true. i did only use public domain music in mine and was careful about some names (apple, etc) but definitely showed blackberry and t-mobile in the video. oh well. :)

i'm sure we're all boy (and girl) scouts when it comes to copyrights in the rest of our lives. :) haha.

I'm glad to see some people who know stuff about copyrights :P

But seriously, I always try to get a license for the music I use in my videos and "The Scent of a Blackberry" was no different. I cleared everything with YouTube as far as music goes which is why the video is still up. As for the other licenses like...Blackberry!, I think we all broke a rule! Lol

Also, I wasn't using my school's camera or equipment, it was all my own that I purchased (after a few summers in demolition! Haha) for those of you wondering, I used a Panasonic DVX-100B. Really great camcorder!

I gave you static for whoring yourself out in other peoples posts, but...... did a great job man. Seriously. I'm gonna vote for you because I know mine doesn't stand a chance.

Nobody is gonna touch this.

*the sanitizer..."doesn't even have a full qwerty"....hahaha. The best.

Great video! It's definitely my favorite so far. But come on man, a Mustang? :P Kidding, kidding. I am a bit biased. Still, I love it. Wonderful job.

Loved it! That was great. Obviously a great deal of effort went into creating that, and I loved the BB jokes. :-)

Well I loved it! Yes, a low budget film but I thought it was very good. I laughed so hard I nearly rolled on the floor. My favorite part what when he found the bb and did a battery pull and said something about the thief not knowing how to take care of the blackberry. It was long but I thought the camera work was quite good.

Also, the special effects, although low budget, were creative around the limitations of such a project. I was thinking, "gosh that is a dangerous car chase if that is not a closed set." However, lots of film footage and great editing helped you a lot. (I'm guessing.) Perhaps the chase scene could be perceived as long but I really liked this. Be proud Matt! You have a great entry!

That was definetly one of the best low budgets film I've seen. Or should I say, No budget film? Amazing job with everything. Ill be looking forward to the sequel.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has commented so far, good AND bad! It always is nice to hear good comments, but the constructive criticism will help me down the road, as well! I hope you keep "The Scent of a Blackberry" in mind when you vote!

The guy was a one man crew people. Doing a 9 minute short is not an easy task with a full crew let alone 1 person. Cut him some slack with the continuity and other things. He shot it with no budget and no crew. Thats EXCELLENT filmmaking for one person. ONE person : )

Like I said it looks easy to do but trust me it's not. This guy is a very talented student filmmaker.

He wrote a script, put together a shot list, edited, and added effects. When the car slammed into the other one. It worked perfectly and he had no stuntmen, stunt drivers and one camera. Pulled it off perfectly with no $$$$$$$.

Incredible.....and he's just starting out. Amazing stuff....

If he doesn't win I will start a riot in here. I'll burn CB down

Very awesome video bro, it was fun to watch.

...nice drifting action by the way lol, and kinda funny how you "magically" showed up in the acura TL driver seat haha=P

nice video thumbs up

This was so well put together.It was uch longer and mind grabbing.Well done sir...hats off to yu.!

OMG! This was both hilarious and a great short movie!

I can't believe that there's someone else out there that loves the BB ALMOST more than I!

I can only tell you that it's a good thing that they put the silent feature on the phone otherwise I'd get no sleep at all!

Good luck with your filming career! If your films are anything nearly as great as this short film you did - I'd buy it!

easily the best video submission. Love all the sampling of soundtracks; dark knight, bond, oakenfold, etc. Very entertaining. Good work, man.

i like it very real looking see they spent some good time on it cant wait to c others but really good so far

i can tell this took a lot of effort man, and kudos for that, but i dont feel blown away
and i think for something i can tell took alot of effort i should feel blown away

still waiting for someone to vote for

no offence but this was probably the weakest of all the finalists so far. i think some ppl have mentioned above but it's too long and overproduced for something that doesn't have a strong gets berry taken, man gets chased by assassins, man kills kidnapper.

Are you serious?!? How was this the weakest?? It was by FAR the strongest entry. It had the best, wait, ONLY plot of them all! You answered it yourself! It is 9 minutes of Blackberry fun. Holy crap I cannot believe some of you people. I would LOVE to know which video was yours!

great vid, got an actual question.. whats the song used during the car chase.. and the guns used.. airsoft?
the gun your using in the vid looks like a Sig Pro .40.


Yeah, that's the name of the song! As for the gun, it is an airsoft gun but I am not sure what type!

That was an amazing video! I really enjoyed watching it. You definitely have my vote! Your video stands out from the rest and it's obvious alot of thought and hard work was put into this video. Best of luck!!

I know! My roommate (the bad guy) actually ad-libbed that on one take and I love it so I had him say it every time! haha

Man, awesome job...yeah i really did feel like grabbing popcorn and soda. I wouldn't be surprised if ur work wins this video challenge. good luck bro.