iluvmybb finalist - Romantic Evening Gone Wrong

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Oct 2009 07:22 pm EDT

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* keep in mind we're not announcing the ten finalists in any particular order - 4 more to come! *

If you watch all of the video submissions in our I Love My BlackBerry video contest, you'll find a handful of entries that went with a fairly literal take on BlackBerry love. Our sixth finalist, by Justin Brown, fits into that category and made a great video of it with some stellar and hilarious acting. Justin told us:

This video was filmed in West Paterson, NJ. It stars myself, Justin Brown, Susanne Madani, and of course Vanessa the BlackBerry Storm! This is just a hint on how much I love my BlackBerry. 

If there were Oscars for best actor and supporting actress actress in a Smartphone film or documentary, I think Justin and Susanne would definitely be nominated and be in the running to win. They own their roles in this one. Great job!!

Browsing through the comments to our previous finalist announcements, it looks like things are shaping up nicely for a tight race in the final community vote. In case you were wondering on the judging criteria, I instructed the judges to look at, in no particular order: entertainment value and impact, effort, originality/creativity, passion and stickiness. After watching 80 videos, the finalist videos should be the ones that really stand out in the brain hours and even days later. We left the rules on this contest pretty wide open (we were curious to see what kind of entries would result... and were pleasantly surprised!); so while high production quality is always nice, it wasn't a requirement to be considered a finalist here. In future video contests we'll maybe try it out with more rules (like you need to record the video on a BlackBerry). Four more finalists to be announced!

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iluvmybb finalist - Romantic Evening Gone Wrong


That was note bad! Loved the OH face when it was tossed!!! That was the best part! Oh and the night to day switch was kinda weird!!!!!

Your facial expressions were pretty good! Nice job!

Kevin: How is the voting going to work?? Will we be able to see a running tally of the votes or will it just be enter your vote and then it is announced! (I think the second way is much more dramatic and fair!)

Kevin, please reconsider for all of us voters out there. Yes it's more dramatic to make the vote private but a lot of us like to see the progression of votes, just like in the last few contest votes.

Good thing I didn't submit a video or else I'd be mighty mad now that I won't be able to see how many votes I get!

ummm NOT!... so people can start making fake accounts, changing IPs and clearing cookies to vote multiple times? keep the vote results hidden till the end is smart.

LOL, OK! For some reason I thought it was just one of those situations where there wasn't any wine available so they just used plain orange juice or something. Something I would do...

Good to know it was spiked! :)

That had a lot of rough cuts and edits and part of it was shot during the day while the other half was at night! The acting was decent, albeit a little over the top.

Nothing too great, but congrats on making top ten. I still know what I'm voting for already.

That was disgusting. I hope you do not get in. Your video was horrendous. The last think I need to see is you humping your Blackberry.

I don't want to sound rude, but that was terrible. At one point you can clearly see the camera's reflection in a mirror. There was a lot of basic errors, big one - don't stand with a light behind you, tisk tisk. The acting was terrible, the editing lagged. Fail.

I just thank you guys for bringing us in as top 10!! That was wildly unexpected!!! As for the editing job and time of day switch.. well I apologize but it was very last minute I found out about the contest late afternoon (on my blackberry of course) and then we decided to do it so everything was kinda a rush as it was the last day to submit. But either way thanks for watching and uhhhhh....

Def need a copy of that face blown up nice and large ASAP. Had me on the floor dying of laughter!!

I must say that this is probably one of the few videos that used cheesiness to its advantage (even the night/day time continuity made me laugh...unless it was deliberate because you decided that you needed to finish the bottle of mimosa before glancing at the crime scene? ;). Great vid, congrats!


That was cute! At least you kept it kinda classy, there are a few that took the whole "Blackberry love" thing wayyy too far.

It won't win the grand prize, but still, decent.

You know which video is getting the grand prize already? Are you a psychic or something? So who is going to win?
I don't think you know the future, and for you to assume who is winning grand prize is pretty stupid.
This was actually the video I was hoping would make the finals. It was one of two I really hoped to see in the top 10, and now they're both here. This is my vote for the grand prize, but by no means am I going to say that I know who is going to get first place.

I am pretty sure this isn't going to win. There are much better videos that have already been picked. Someone has something up their butt.

I would like to think that the winner is the video we haven't seen yet. Each new finalist is getting the benefit of the community reaction to other finalists, so by the time we get to Ten, we'll have a pretty good idea of who deserves to win. We weren't prepared for the first finalist, so that person can still win. I think many of us were looking forward to the Berry itself being featured in what it can do and what it means to have one, rather than being a device that is perceived as a casual affair. It surprised me how many of the videos, I'd say about perhaps 10 of them, were about a love affair with their BB. Now, I got this question for the CB community... why is the Berry perceived as "the other girl" instead of the primary girl? That would be more fitting to the contest theme. This contest is supposed to be about how "my berry is so important to me that nothing else matters!" Right? That's what I was hoping for, so I hope we haven't seen the winner yet.

From your post, you seem like one of the more logical people on here. There have been trolls, people insulting each other and people just being downright rude when critiquing the finalists chosen thus far. I think it's pretty sad that people feel they need to act that way over a video contest, but that's just my opinion.
I'm not going to use this as a way to pitch my video to anyone because I'm pretty sure I won't be in the top 10 anyway, but in my video, the main character, "Todd", chooses his BlackBerry over his wife, children and friends. I think that's kind of what you were saying about "nothing else matters."

with you, pinksalmon. Personally, I don't think it should have even made it this far, it was way to cheesy, and poorly made. But it was alright. And no, cheesy doesn't add to the humor. Anyone can make a cheesy video; the goal is to make something really clever, and well-made. This was a very typical idea- cheat on your girlfriend with your blackberry. She finds you, throws it out the window, car runs over it, turns out to be a dream. How many times have we seen that?

Well for the ones who put down the whole stupid stuff like one part is in the day and one at night thing and the OK acting... I say that it was great. I love the cheesiness in it. It brings out the humor in it. Great job guys. You have my vote. =). Good Luck.

some really original ideas.
I don't care if you shoot with a hi8 or hd video camera....if you clip is funny, gets your point across, etc, then CONGRATS.
Some may have better video editing, but others are unique. It is all perspective...


That was really good guys, I thought it was funny and if that's a last minute project, I'd like to see how it would have turned out if you had a longer amount of time. Congratulations!

Seriously, those that critique the acting, video quality or anything else other than the entertainment value are being ridiculous. We all don't have great editing or acting skills. That's not what this contest is about from what I understand. Quite frankly, I like the videos that definitely look like they were shot from a blackberry and edited by someone who just taught themselves how to do it. Great video and good luck!

I didn't care much for the videos that featured the Berry as a lover, but this one actually did a pretty good job with the concept. Kept it respectable and realistic. I cringed at the scene of the Blackberry getting runned over by the car and the lead's emotions were pretty good. I would have liked to have seen the Berry featured as the primary girl in the lover themes. Because as a Crackberry Addict, your Blackberry comes first. I don't think any of the lover theme videos featured the Berry as the primary relationship. Perhaps you could have reversed roles, where you are having a dinner with your human girl, and the Berry is buzzing and flashing and going bonkers that you're "cheating on her". Well, perhaps an idea for a future contest entry.

Stop criticizing these movies like you paid for a movie ticket to go see them. The people that have submitted these videos aren't experts at filmmaking or editing, they did it for the love of their BlackBerry. For the people that are so critical, where are your videos cause I'd love to see them.

I don't think any of us are being critical or favorable towards a given video because we love being critics. We state our opinions because this a contest with a pretty valuable prize. Crackberry doesn't determine the winner. We do. Many CB users didn't enter the contest probably because they thought they had to be better than the current crop that did enter! Perhaps, there's a disappointment that they could have entered with their lame attempt (as perceived by themselves) and actually had a chance to win! Others may be critical because they are scared that their video will lose. When feedback is encouraged, one must be prepared for both critical and favorable. It's noteworthy for all contestants to realize that critical feedback doesn't mean you won't win. One look at the CB Forums will tell anyone that CB users love to argue and debate! Only when the actual voting commences, will we know whether the critical feedback hurt your chances.

This is the funniest so far. I just HAVE to leave a comment for this one. ROFLMAO. These two really deserve the Oscars.

If a Storm was sacrificed in the vid, then this gets my vote.

'Cause I give that guy major props for going crackberry-less while waiting for Asurion to send out a new one (unless he's sly enough to get an in-store swap).

Sorry to break it to you but it looks like your blackberry is dying on you man. Funny video. Congrats on becoming one of the top 10.

I can honestly relate to your video.. I am completely obsessed with my BB Storm... My baby "Storm goes everywhere with me :)...