iluvmybb finalist - I Love MyBlackBerry, The Movie

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Oct 2009 01:17 pm EDT

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* keep in mind we're not announcing the ten finalists in any particular order - 2 more to come! *

Suspense. Drama. Action. Our 8th finalist's video entry in the I Love My BlackBerry contest has them all and then some. Kick back, hit play and watch I Love My BlackBerry, The Movie. Mike Neel packed a lot into this 4minute flick, which flows quick and holds your attention. Great job Mike (and evil girlfriend!)! You can read his overview of the video below.

Only two more entries left to get announced. We'll do them both up tomorrow for Storm2 launch day! Stay tuned!

I Love My BlackBerry, The Movie

Here's what Mike had to tell us about his video....

The video was filmed in my apartment with three of my friends and the girl friend. I thought of this video one day while I was typing an email during "our" TV time. Of Course, the events in the video are purely fictional and no blackberry was harmed in the filming. Here is a little synopsis! You may laugh, cry, maybe even throw up a little bit. The story centers around a guy stuggling to coexist with his girl friend and blackberry. Watch his man misfortunes and rediculous fights up to the end with one of the years best twist endings. "I Love My Blackberry" is sure to be one to endure the times.

Reader comments

iluvmybb finalist - I Love MyBlackBerry, The Movie


Thanks to the judges that give me the oppurtunity to be placed in the top 10! Everyones videos have been great , and I feel honored to stand by them all. This is like the first time i've enterered a contest and hit the top of anything! WOw- I must love my blackberry :) good luck to all!

That was really good!!!! I loved how the fan kicked the berry out the window lol! That was great! I wish I had blackberrys all over my house as backups lol!

...but this shouldn't be first place. It was poorly made, lots of loooong shots with poor lighting. Maybe 3rd place? (compared to some others)

Something lame and forgettable! Then as a honorable mention, perhaps a video we can all agree to debate why it was it chosen in the first place! Just teasing. I think the winner hasn't made the cut yet, and 2nd place will be a battle between 3 of the current finalists. That's just an impression I get from the community feedback so far and having watched all the entries. I didn't vote for the winner in American Idol for the past two years, so my vote may not determine the winner! hahah!

Great job on the video and good luck the top 10 is defiantly going ot be a hard thing to win in. Anyways great job it will be fun to see how ti all turns out.

This was fantastic! You know your an addict when you have an extra blackberry chillin in the toilet. Who needs newspapers now and days?

Very nice! I was a bit worried at first when you reached in the toilet!

- never thought of keeping a blackberry there I going to have to add that to the arsenal inventory!! :)

Showed real creativity. My wife laughed out loud.She really would do something like that. Look forward to your future creations. PS: I love my iphone, but think blackberrys are great.

All i can say is what an ending that was jus crack right there. Fake crying and tears slash laughing all the makings of a good video.

I liked this entry for the realistic plot and the male lead reminded me of Jonah Hill's character in Superbad. I liked how the couple got into a struggle with the phone and then it flies out of control, richotets off the fan & window. I like the part where he runs down to the garage to find the backup and it's not in the car and then hears the sounds, turns on the car light to see that the phone was shred into parts. I could see Jonah Hill's character in Superbad doing this scene. Entertaining and cool twist at the end. Good luck on Thursday!

Did some of our posters that point out the negativites that the makers of all the videos already know about ever see the movie Bambi? Because we all own high end lighting kits and are expert editors and have unlimited time to do a project. I applaud everyone that made something it takes alot of time and effort. The negative nancies may be to scared to make their own video because of fear of failure. It's ok though we all still love you. Again goodluck to all and thanks to all that see positives no matter how small! :)

Oh my gosh I can't believe Kevin will announce the two finalists tomorrow...SO ANXIOUS :S. Freaking out right now.

Good thing I don't have class tomorrow so I can check CB every minute (as opposed to every five mins...thank goodness for unlimited WAP browsing).

all of these have been really good
gonna be hard to pick a winner lol
this one was great also
nice ending :]