iluvmybb finalist - Greased Touch Screen!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Oct 2009 09:25 am EDT

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* keep in mind we're not announcing the ten finalists in any particular order - 5 more to come! *

Warning: If you watch this video you may find yourself randomly bursting into Greased Touch Screen lyrics and funky dance moves for days and days to follow. Don't blame CrackBerry. Instead, you can blame Charles Hedberg, our fifth finalist in the I Love My BlackBerry video contest, for putting together the video above. No, there's no fancy lighting or post production work on this one, but that doesn't take away from this rock'n video with a homemade karaoke flavor. Charles has heart and a definite love for his BlackBerry, that's for SURE. GREAT video Charles. I especially love the dance solo that kicks in at 2m28s. You can find the lyrics and story behind Greased Touch Screen below. 

That's five down, five more finalist videos to come! Stay tuned for more iluvmybb action!

Greased Touch Screen Lyrics

Why this phone is automatic, it's systematic, it's charismatic, why
it's greased touch-screen!
It's got the Blackberry Voice Dial and four berry keys oh yeah, (keep
talkin', whoa keep talkin'...)
Cool stereo Bluetooth, chrome plated trim oh yeah (it's got push
email, I'll get your email...)

With a Qualcomm on the board, they'll be waitin' at the store, you
know that ain't weak you'll be gettin' lots of tweets with greased
touch-screen...(go... go....go... go go go go go go go go gooooo...)

Go greased touch-screen you're surfin' up the world wide web (greased
touch-screen, go greased touch-screen...)
Go greased touch-screen you're postin' through the CB forums (greased
touch-screen go greased touch-screen...)
You are extreme, the geeks will scream for greased
touch-screen..(go...go...go...go go go go go go go go gooooo...)

We'll get some really nice headphones and forty cool apps oh yeah (ooh
ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh)
An Incipio Feather and duel holster twins oh yeah (ooh ooh ooh, ooh
ooh ooh ooh ooh)
With new ringers, themes, and docks, I can get off my rocks..
You know that I ain't braggin' she's a real 3G ragin' greased
touch-screen... (go...go...go...go go go go go go go go goooo...)

Go greased touch-screen you're surfin' up the world wide web (greased
touch-screen, go greased touch-screen...)
Go greased touch-screen you're postin' through the CB forums (greased
touch-screen go greased touch-screen...)
You are extreme, the geeks will scream for greased
touch-screen..(go...go...go...go go go go go go go go gooooo...)

Go greased touch-screen you're surfin' up the world wide web (greased
touch-screen, go greased touch-screen...)
Go greased touch-screen you're postin' through the CB forums (greased
touch-screen go greased touch-screen...)
You are extreme, the geeks will scream for greased
touch-screen..(touch-screen touch-screen touch-screen touch-screen,
touch-screen touch-screen touch-screen touch-screen touch-screen)

The Story Behind Greased Touch Screen

Here's what Charles had to tell us about his entry:

After the announcement of the contest I was thinking about how I'm always holding my Crackberry and trying to hide from people. For example, I will go into the bathroom and surf the internet, even if I don't actually need to go to the bathroom. And I'm always looking around to see if someone is watching me. So, my original plan was to do a music video using the Rockwell song "Somebody's Watching Me." But then I couldn't figure out exactly how to twist that into "I Love My Blackberry." I may still do that video just for the fun of it, but for now I decided the best thing to do was actually sing a song that somehow related to the strengths of the Blackberry. I spent three nights listening to love songs mostly and just couldn't figure out which one to use. I had to keep in mind that anything I used had to be YouTube "OK," so that limited me a bit. For example, I couldn't use an Elvis song like I wanted to! Well, when I least expected it, "Greased Lightning" started playing from my Storm and it hit me...I could re-write the lyrics so they would apply to a Blackberry! I have to be honest, it took me several hours over two nights to put the lyrics together, and I still couldn't get everything to rhyme perfectly. The biggest problem I had was actually the title and trying to rhyme something with "Lightning." After a couple hours of beating my brain over it, I decided that "Greased Touch-Screen" was as close as I was going to get and since the screen does tend to get greasy on the Storm, it was at least fitting. Then I had to decide whether or not I wanted to record the vocals, dub them into the instrumentals later, and the dance and lip sync, or just record the whole thing in one session. With the help of a friend we decided that the best thing was to just play the instrumentals and sing along since it would give it a lot more home-made Karaoke flavor. My friend did the back-up vocals and the hand clapping part despite the fact that he hates that song (he's weird). I used Adobe Audition 3.0 to remove the original vocals from the music and then we just sang along! It took 7 takes to get it to what you get to view. We probably could have done it the first run, but I kept laughing and losing my concentration. Then it was just a matter of putting things together in Premiere Elements and uploading it to YouTube! Oh yeah, I felt the "oh my god" from the Sir Mix A Lot song "Baby Got Back" was appropriate after we finished singing. As well, I figured some credits to the people and companies who made the project and contest possible was in order too!

I have to say that I've NEVER gotten in front of a camera or anyone before to sing. I have always suffered major stage fright and my friends haven't even been able to get me to go do Karaoke. This is one of the most embarrassing things (to me) that I have ever done, but also one of the most fun. Maybe I'll try Karaoke now after a few drinks!

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Reader comments

iluvmybb finalist - Greased Touch Screen!


Haha nice job, I can't sing for my life! I saw yours when I first entered. Nice to see your video up here :)

Thanks! I can't sing either (obviously), but I figured that wasn't what this was about. We had fun! I was glad to see your video made it too. Honestly, as soon as I saw your video I didn't think there was any hope I'd even be in the top would probably take me three months to make what you did and it still wouldn't be as! So, nice work and congrats to you too!

its catchy and funny... its like look at me i'm reading from a cue card now listen to me sign. not all videos have to be done by film students with expensive camera. it defeats the reason for having a community video contest if just high quality film student videos with attractive females are all in the top.

personally i think one of the contest rules should of been video can only be shot with your blackberry or other video recording cellphones. it would of made for some very interesting videos and creativity from everyone.

I would love to see the next contest be that way videos only shot with your blackberry device! That would be interesting to see what the out come would be!

Why are people with nice video cameras being penalized? I don't understand your logic at all. You shouldn't care about what person has what tools at their disposal. It should be about who made the best video AND THAT'S IT.

And you said the contest rules should have been that you had to film it on a Blackberry camera...ok, that would have been interesting. But I would have made the same exact film (The Scent of a Blackberry). It would have had the same action, dialogue, and effects, just with a lower quality camera. I do not see your point at all...

WOW! Slow up deep breath in and out OK better?

Not penalizing just making a thought for the next contest!

I liked yours it was good! but doing it solely with you blackberry throws a challenge and forces more creativity!

Ive seen a few post production high end that were great some that sucked!

It would have been super fun, actually, to have to shoot it on a Blackberry!

Some people, though, have been knocking "film professionals" for entering this contest and it is really pissing me off. I'm a film student for God's sake! I am nowhere near professional level! lol

on the post for your video! Some people believe that gives you an upper had on winning but if the look your the only high production one picked so far!

And correct me if im wrong the final 10 get picked by ratings by us right!

Its a jealousy factor that prompts allot of this!

You said a STUDENT right; that leads me to believe allot of what you used (AV equipment wise) was through your school!

See some people have no powers of deduction to save their life!!!

Yup, the final ten are chosen by CB judges and then we, the CB community vote for the best one!! I just hope people look for the best one, and do not judge videos for having a high production value...I cannot believe I just said that! It's a video contest! lol (And its not my schools camera, I bought it after a few summers in demolition! :) But the editing and stuff was thanks to my school's Mac...hoping I can get my own!)

your video was great, I was just commenting on dont just think only pro quality videos should be in the top. I think it should be a mixature that way it doesn't deter others from submitting.

Thanks! I actually thought about using the video camera on my Storm, but there were two is that (being honest here), it's not always reliable, especially with taking longer takes, and the second one is that I wanted the Storm to actually be in the video. FWIW, my Canon video camera was a $120 refurb!

Because I'm incredibly good looking! No, maybe that isn't it... Maybe because I'm a great singer? Nope, don't think that's it... Maybe I'm a great dancer? nope, that DEFINITELY isn't Maybe because I'm a kick azz video editor? Nope, not quite...

OK, I got it, it must be because I love my Crackberry! ;)

I had watched this video and was hoping that it would be a finalist. When does this song go on iTunes?

Nice job on the song. Very well thought out. Oh yeah and to the person who says with videos who have attractive ladies. Thanks and my wife thanks you to for mine ;).

Nice job again and good luck.

Congrats on being in the top ten. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this - from re-writing the lyrics to getting it recorded.

Close, it's actually an S8 and no I don't actually have one unfortunately! Someone on CB (I feel terrible I can't think of the name right now...) made the wallpaper for me.

Actually, they were cue "papers"! I typed it up in large font and posted the printouts all over the TV behind the camera. I actually had no problem remembering my lyrics for the song until I actually got in front of the camera and the song would start. Then I kept wanting to sing the original version of the song, or parts of it anyway. Even with the lyrics in front of me I was doing it. That's the main reason we had to record it so many times. WOuld have been much easier in that respect to just write a completely new song so the original lyrics wouldn't have kept popping up in my head! Thanks!

The first couple seconds I was like uhhhhh.... then I just couldn't stop but smiling to the song. Great job.

Thanks and you're welcome! Adobe Audition 3 did the best job for me. You can't quite get all the vocal out, but it got it almost completely out AND didn't mess up the rest of the music as much as other programs. Problem is you only get a 30 day trial and then it's like $300 or something for it. You can do it with Audacity too and that's free with unlimited use, but it really hacked up the music. Feel free to send me a PM if you need more help or search YouTube for removing vocals from MP3's and there are how to videos. That's what I did!

Thanks...I like Audis so much I actually had YET another dream about them last night! Time to get another!

Oh my, I am soooo embarrassed! I honestly didn't think I would make the top ten. I thought sure I was done once I saw the fancy (but very awesome!) productions others put together. I really had no idea when I was creating it that I was going to be going up against some major! Brian and I had fun though and it was definitely a learning experience for me. Thank you Crackberry and all you Crackberrians!

For keeping it real, genuine, and down to earth, I think this is definitely a winner!

No fancy props or gear - just a great idea, and a great sense of humor. And of course, a true love for his BlackBerry!

I think this is what this competition should be all about.

Well done!

Aww, shucks, Crackberry! You got to be kidding!!!! I guess the panel decided we were taking this contest too seriously! Haha! We were jumping on quality of production, plot continuity, debating professional versus amatuer.... I guess the Panel wanted to honor the "Average Joe." Well, after watching it a second time, I can offer strong praise to the contestant for creative lyrics, fun song, and love the clapping scene and how it fits the music. Definately one that needs to be watched a second time to appreciate the talent and creativity that went into it. Great Job, Charles. My initial thought when I first watched your video was lame, but I got to hand it to you for the creativity on the song. You outlined what is great about a Blackberry in your lyrics. That combined with a fun beat and hilarious dancing moves, you might just win!

This is one I have watched and enjoyed. I like that there is a variety in the "production" quality of these videos too b/c that keeps it open to everyone. Your lyrics and video were awesome!

That was HILARIOUS. You got my vote to win, anyone who knows they can't sing, but still puts a "singing" vid on youtube should most def win. Great vid, I really needed that, hasn't been the best of days....but that did give me a pick me up!

Thank you! To be honest, I was more concerned about dancing than singing. I didn't mention it before, but I did actually consider working on the correct dance moves for the song, but then I thought it would somehow be more humorous the more I looked like an! Plus I would have had to lip sync to do that. Hope your day is getting better!

This video made me laugh out loud! It's just fun...and creative and witty. I really enjoyed the non-literal, less obvious take on loving the BlackBerry. Great job!

I skimmed through read some of the comments and I am baffled on how so many people try and downsize someone or their work. They sit there and try to talk crap about something that most likely they didn't even submit to. What i say is good job ChuckH0308 because all the rules stated was to show a video that shows how much you love your blackberry... **NOT** make the best **quality** vieo showing it.. HE accomplished this right on the money. Yes of course the other finalist out so far made great movies and had cool effects but he stood up to a fear he had (stage fright) and showed everyone how much he loves his blackberry... SO well done and my hats off to you. .... and other haters.... QUIT HATING!!!!!! Grow up!!