iluvmybb finalist - Getting Away With CrackBerry Love

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Oct 2009 02:24 pm EDT

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* keep in mind we're not announcing the ten finalists in any particular order - 6 more to come! *

While the third finalist we announced in our I Love My BlackBerry video contest was a 9m13s long BlackBerry tale, our fourth finalist's video is short, but sweet. All of our judges got a real kick out of Jeff Jenson's CrackBerry Love video submission. It's definitely clever. You can read the story behind the video below. Nicely done Jeff!!

More finalist announcements to come. It wasn't easy for our judging team (ten person panel, 5 male, 5 female, varying ages - I'm not on the judging panel) to narrow down 80 entries to ten finalists. I'm sure when all is said and done you have may have a few picks different on your own top ten list (don't forget, we're going to follow up with some bonus round picks as well). But you can't make your own top ten list unless you watch them all, so be sure to visit the entries page to check them all out!

The Thought Process Behind Jeff's Entry

Here's what Jeff told us about his entry:

Well me and my wife have been married for over 3 years now and in that time I have gone between different BlackBerrys and now I have the Storm, with the 5.0 OS of course ;). So I love my cracked OS and CrackBerry for all the play I can do with this. Because of this she tells me I love my BlackBerry more than I do our 3 month old first born baby. But I honestly probably spend more time with my blackberry than I do my daughter. But that doesn't mean I love it more maybe the same.



Great job on the editing and the video as a whole. Good luck and congrats on being in the top 10.


Well done! Nice, short, simple, to the point, with a little surprise. BAM Good editing, excellent camera work, perfect music.


this was a nicely done film


Agree, nicely done,short and sweet. Great editing.
Job well done and congrats.


Very simple and effective! But there wasn't enough explosions or gunfire for me!

LOL, totally kidding, but really, nice job!


Just wanted to thank crackberry for the chance in the top 10. The rest of the videos were great I am thankful to be included in the top 10 with all the other great videos.

Thanks for your comments as well. I appreciate them.


So are we to expect a sequel in a couple years where your daughter learns to write using SureType? ;)

Cute video, congrats!



This makes a great idea maybe I could post a video once a year showing how growing up blackberry is a great way to grow up. :)


So far, you're the only one who has kept things short and simple, and I like that. It's going to be a tough choice between your video and one other I'm waiting to see in the top 10.
Now I'm regretting I didn't do a video, but it would be tough to beat yours.


That was great!!!! Did not see it coming! my 6 year old got it and laughed then compare it to me!!! if you can entertain young to old you've done a great job!




Very nicely done! Do u kno wuts also nicely done.. The new crackberry mobile site. Just posted this comment from it... It is nice!!!


LMAO nuh uh...that was messed up but funny as hell


I got a laugh of this one when I first watched it. I can definately see it on TV as a commercial for the Storm. :-) Good Job!


Definitely my favorite so far. It's actually the only one I have seen that isn't cheesy. Job well done.


Cute :D and clever!!! I especially like how short it is! Like yesterday's finalist was okay but it was so long by the end it just felt really sluggish and dull.

Best of luck! :)


How was that one dull? There were fucking explosions in it lol

i agree, i got board... short and sweet wins it for me. Its much harder, i think, to get someone hooked and laughing in 30 seconds.

Nice work-


lol that was a good one :]


lol that was a good one :]


Thanks for all the comments I was hoping you all would like it.


Looks like you would fit right in to our crackberry therapy group. You are always welcome!

Great video. I love it.


its gonna be a tough vote for the winner!


hahaha! That video was amazing!


Congrats on making it to the top ten. I have a baby coming in March, so I had to watch this twice to make sure how I can position the BB on top of the baby. Thanks for your parenting tips. This is one of the best educational videos I've seen. ;-)


That's just terrible! lol jk jk ;)


Thanks for the comment it was hilarious. You will have to let me know how the parenting goes and congrats on the upcoming addition. It is great being a parent even though its hard work.

Jack Smash

PERFECT! Short and to the point, you didn't spell out the humour, thanks!


Thanks I was hoping it would leave a bit of surprise for everyone. Hopefully people will like enough to vote for it. Thanks for the comments


Where can I get a browser like that?


The browser I had in the video was the basic browser nothing special.


Awesome video! Hey I think your daughter likes BBs too!