iluvmybb finalist - CrackBerry Therapy

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Oct 2009 05:10 pm EDT

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* keep in mind we're not announcing the ten finalists in any particular order - 8 more to come! *

The second finalist to be announced in our I Love My BlackBerry Video Contest is Entry #43, by Raymond Mendoza. If you're a BlackBerry user and visit on a regular basis, the odds are pretty good that someone you know -- a loved one or coworker -- has probably told you to seek help for your BlackBerry addiction. Watch the video above to see CrackBerry therapy brought to life! Raymond had his friends Aileen, Czar, Glen, Joel and Rohith help him out to get it all done. Raymond let us know that he wanted the video to be funny in a dramatic way. I'd say he definitely succeeded. Job well done!! 

We'll announce another finalist video right here tomorrow. One of the things you'll notice when checking out all of the contest videos submitted is that there are few popular categories of ideas: song / music video, short commercial, original skit/film, etc.. Once all the ten finalists have been announced and the voting is open to the community, we're going to run some bonus round posts here on the blogs looking at other awesome entries in these different categories (and we'll give away some bonus round prizes too!).

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iluvmybb finalist - CrackBerry Therapy


have phone numbers for cute girls like 'Jessica' in these videos! You call her and discuss BB's. : )

hey can sumbody capture that last frame. the we love with the heart bb symbol. would love to have that! Oh yea cool video.

I'll make it available in any format and I'll touch it up a bit more.

I'll post the link around voting time just to remind you ;)

This vid was also in my Top 10! One of the best edited of the bunch, and the cop scene was pretty hilarious (can you imagine?!).

- ACD (Applecalypse #33)

wow - very well done... this entertained me, and maury was on tv reading paternity tests, HAHAHA

good luck!

It's good quality, obviously a great edit. But that just masks the lack of high level creativity.

These videos just make me wish I had made a video. Sometimes work and life get in the way of the important things like winning some dope prizes. Oh well, maybe next time.

i shoulda entered to! went thru only the first 40 before i got bored, and i swear over 30 of them are all about addiction or love affair.

yesterdays video was pointless becuase it didnt show why the girl needed a blackberry and not something like an iphone or palm pree, and todays video is so predictable and cliched.

good camera quality but it doesnt stand out from the other videos AT ALL. so far it looks like im gonna skip out voting for this contest.

i agree that a lot of them are the same, but check mine out. Its "the scent of a blackberry" and is #17. I think its much different than anything youve seen!

What sets this video apart is it's attention to detail and the camera shots. The shots where the girl is shaking her knee nervously, where it shows the people's emotions and withdrawls from the "addiction", those are the things that will make this video tough to beat. It's very well put together, good transition between scenarios... well done for sure, going to be tough to beat.

This site is CALLED The video is about an addiction to, you guessed it, a "CrackBerry".

Attention to detail you're right on, but creativity/originality points = 0. Probably took them about ten seconds to come up with the script.

that girl should be in all the videos.

The part where the guy slams the cop with the door got a big laugh.

Simply because she is an attractive female?

It's disgusting that some of you will vote based on appearance, instead of on the quality of the video with respect to the competition.

Don't be so sexist.


What the heck is YOUR problem!

The girls looks good. She is in shape. The video is better with her in it:) That's it point blank.

Come on give us a break stoopid feminist.

Just because YOUR'RE not like her doesnt mean that we (men) should do the same

haha, i loved the iphone cracking up with some screws laying next to it and a piece of wood. PRICELESS!

Do you really feel the need to post links and/or references to your video on every post?
All of the videos were featured in a post. People can find them all there. Imagine how the comment section would look if every person who submitted a video felt the need to go on all of the top 10 blog posts and spam them with links to their video.
If for no other reason, I will not vote on your video because you are spamming the comments.

You guys need some to learn some basic gun safety rules. One of them is,keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
Thank you.

Trust me, I know that! My friend in the FBI has chided me time and time again at the firing range for that. I have finally begun to learn. IN the video though, the main character was ready to fire at all times...for his Blackberry lol

I wish I had more time to work on an entry. Mine was last minute, and since music is pretty much my life (when I'm not typing emails or texts... lol) I figured, what the hell, just come up with something. Couldn't hurt.

I really liked this video I knew it would be in the top ten. You guys should check out my videos I tried two different approaches. Check out videos #54 & #74. I hope I can make it to the top ten with you guys. Regardless of who wins. I think we all will still love our Crackberry....It never lets you down haha

The best part of the video is when Jessica tosses the iPhone against the wall.

I like the concept though; BB users holding an "AA" stlye meeting and a couple of the abusers wanting to press the keys of the Berry eventhough it wasn't in their hands.

Good story, believable plot, good job! Like many others, I liked the scene with the cop. The girl was hot, too, but let's face it, hot girls sell music, tv shows, movies, and yeah, Blackberries, too! No one should take offense to that; it's just like the word FREE, it's a powerful marketing tool. But I liked the brother with his Iphone and how she took it from him and tossed it! I haven't watched all of the videos yet, but I am still waiting for some of my favorites to make the Top 10. The Scent of Blackberry, if that's the dorm guy that goes on a mission, the music in that video fits the scenes so realistically you feel like you're watching a real tv show or movie scene. That was cool! I also liked the one with the couple and their dog and how once the Blackberry came into their relationship, the face to face time went south. The girl that does a song with her BB Curve, that's cute. It was really short, but I'd got a laught out of the one with the baby and the guy who was pretending to coddle his baby but when the camera zooms in, he's playing with his Blackberry. Well, I got another 30 to watch, so good luck to contestants!

Did you submit a video yourself?? Or are you just a CB member determined to make the winner earn his/her prize? haha either way, respect to you for having the patience to watch all 79 videos.

I hope you don't accidentally skip over #33, if you're a stickler for plot continuity rest assured that I did my best to formulate a thinking-out-of-the-box story that didn't expose any plot holes (not to my knowledge anyway :S)! ;)



No, I didn't submit a video. I was hoping in this contest that I would see some cool videos about the essence of what makes a Blackberry so great. I thought that was the point of the contest. After watcing nearly all of the videos, as a few weren't available, I'd have to say, that perhaps I misunderstood the contest. Most entries were just entertaining or boring, depending upon one's particular interests, but very little to do with why One loves their Blackberry. The guy shooting up the hoodlems, the screaming kids, the stupid lover themes, where the lead character is banging the berry or drinking wine with it. Entertaining, funny, somewhat cool? Maybe, but was that the point of the contest? Wow, what a disappointment!!

Take the zombie video, for example. Strong opening, good background music, the wordy entry was setting up a good scene. But, I lost the author's message in the end, because how does a zombie death show why you love your Blackberry. You could have been tossing your phone to your friend to call for help!

Thank you for your kind words on "The Scent of a Blackberry". They really do mean a lot!

Hope I make the top ten!

I'm really glad you liked my bbcurve song, but if they keep picking all these awesome skits, my song won't stand a chance! LOL everyone did an awesome job, and this one here got a good laugh out of me. People tell me all the time that I need blackberry rehab lmao!!!

You won't reply when I call you out, but you will point out a simple typo in another post I made. I bet that makes you feel smart.
Let's play a little game called "find the typos!"
"Your really impressing everyone with the spam posts yore putting on they're videos." those of you who are whoring your videos under other peoples posts. Stop advertising YOUR vids in the comments for others. If your video is good enough, we will all see it. Don't be so desperate.

/of rant.

These shameless plugs are so annoying. These comments are for the purpose of discussing the current video at hand, not to market your video.

Yea this is goOd...This is like on another level, but i thought that the videos could only be 30seconds long???

The requirement was that the videos must be at least 30 seconds, but up to the YouTube limit of 10 minutes.

now seriously that was so funny when she chucked that iphone....theres no app for dat lol dats the spirit ppl!!!!

I believe this is a winner! Love the fact that they all getting help because they are addicted to their Blackberry!! haahahah..Thats classic

I vote for ENTRY #43!!!!!!!!!!! Very nice video indeed too..