iluvmybb finalist - BlackBerry... A Love Story

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Oct 2009 07:18 pm EDT

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* keep in mind we're not announcing the ten finalists in any particular order - 3 more to come! *

We're into the home stretch in announcing the finalists in our I Love My BlackBerry video contest. Our seventh finalist is entry #69, titled BlackBerry... A Love Story. The vision and handy work of Michael Garcia and Elizabeth Bejarno, this is one hella-creative entry, playing off the mood and theme of an old Hollywood love story. Just hit play and watch. Pretty wicked, huh? You can find the story behind the video below.

Only three more entries left to get announced over the next two days before we get the community vote kicked off on Thursday (will run through the weekend to Monday night). If you've missed any of the finalist announcements so far, here's a recap of our first six so you can get up to speed:

The Story Behind BlackBerry...A Love Story

Michael bought his first Blackberry Curve 8310 about a year ago for $25. It was used and abused, but it's lasted him this far, and he's never loved a phone more. Once an apple iPhone enthusiast, he is now an avid member of the Crackberry community. This inspired the film's storyline.

Both Elizabeth and Michael crafted the idea of editing the film to evoke a mood that recalls old Hollywood love stories, though neither have any experience.

The diner scene was shot at a Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Elizabeth played the ingenue, enamored with her Blackberry but tempted by the prospect of an upgrade. Michael played the salesman. A friend, Juan Garcia Pardo aided in filming.

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iluvmybb finalist - BlackBerry... A Love Story


Very cool looking, but a little slow for my taste. Also, the menu scene was ruined because we could see everything that was on it already even before she pointed out the items that were sold out...

I loved this video when I saw it on the entries page. Glad it made the finalists... but I can't help but laugh that "Digits Diner" clearly has "Five Guys" written every where!

I love it! This is my favorite so far!

All Crackberry addicts can relate - we'd rather go home to our beat up old Blackberries than take home a shiny new iPhone or another pretender to the throne.

This gets my vote. The little goofs just showed it was home made by a Blackberry lover. My wife loved the song and wished it was identified.

Glad you liked the video. Here are the songs we used...
1. Lipstick - David Carbonara
2. Stompin' at the Savoy - Benny Goodman
3. You Belong to my Heart - Xavier Cugat Orch.

By far my favorite so far. I was laughing at "Digits Diner" with all of the Five Guys boxes. I relate though because I would rather have my beat up Blackberry over any other phone.

Nicely shot, but that was booooring. And it was also very repetitive. There are other entries that are better. Nice costumes, though!

Absolutely GREAT. I too often have been tempted in the past by the iPhone and the AT&T coverage in my area sucks. I no longer an torn about the iPhone but had the first Storm and went to Tour and now have opportunity to trade for Storm 2 and am torn since I have 2 Tours and my wife has 1 and we love them. Great video cause I'm 58 and loved the music. Had lots of phones and smartphones and nothing like a Blackberry.

I have noticed a real great crowd of people putting in their submissions and thought I would say so, since they are all excellent ! and have themes and story line very well done no matter who wins. I have enjoyed all the videos

congrats to all!

Nice job on the video very well thought out. Good luck during the final vote. Will be fun to see what happens so many great videos. I am thinking I have a long shot chance everytime I see more great videos come on.

Good job and good luck.

Not only was it a well-written short, but it makes me wants to have a nice burger and fries with a cold soda! Any film that makes me hungry is a good film in my books. Congrats!


I agree with you on the video and on the Five Guys, thier food is excellent. When I saw the "Five Guys" I was saying to my wife look we know where that is.

This was one of my favorites. I liked the concept, how the girl gets the letter in the mail about a free upgrade and then goes to the diner and couldn't find what she wanted. Her facial expressions and music fit the theme well. I liked how she made fun of the Iphone and its keyboard, how she knocked the popular Sidekick for not having push email, and I got a laugh from the "menu price" of the Blackberry Magnum... "keep dreaming"...! Cute, good emotions, nice concept, good humor. I also liked how the contestant used the silent film theme and throwback to the early days. What's funny is that a cell phone didn't even exist in those days, so good job with thinking out of the box. 3 Finalist choices left, I sure hope my overall favorite makes it. So far, I am rooting for Therapy, Scent, and this one, with a dark horse stunner for the songwriter! Still a couple good entries out there, in my humble opinion, so good luck to remaning contestants in making the cut!

WOW! i have a new favorite video. its going to be tough but so far this video is my first choice

By far the best one haha :) Your story and humor came across very vividly without the use of any dialect--thats what makes it so great!

I have to admit, I haven't watched any of the other finalists. When I saw the black and white frame on the site, I couldn't resist.

A love story without words, great music, just excellent.

(One nit-pick: Should've moved the Five Guys boxes, or covered them up.)

Wow, this is gonna be tough. I really liked the car chase but this one is just as good if not better. The acting is better (great job, Elizabeth!) and I really liked the old-time theme. The B&W, the clothes, the subtitles. And of course, the plot was great.

A nice touch would be some kind of editing to make it look like it was actually playing on 60 year-old film. And yes, allowing the prices to be shown prematurely was an error but forgiveable.

RIM should these as commericals and pay royalties to the producers. They could even co-op it with a provider like T-Mobile or Verizon.

First, I just want to say great job on the video Michael and Elizabeth, and congrats for making the top 10. Your video is definitely one of the more well thought out videos of them all.
secondly, I thought this would be a good place to post a link to a video in hopes of getting others to post similar videos.
I'm not sure about everyone else, but while my friends and I were making our video, we had several outtakes. We thought it would be fun to compile these clips for everyone else to view.
Here's the link:
Now, I challenge others (not only the top 10) to post your outtakes for everyone to enjoy.
Peace, and good luck to the finalists.
-Tyler "Todd" Gaskill

This was by far one of my favorites. Very well executed and your idea was original. Five Guys was the perfect place to do the restaurant scene. It had the look and feel you were going for, and that's what matters. Props!

Please pick one and put an end to this horrible promotion....My eyes bleed every time I come to this site.

is the shiz! That place is so good! mmmmm cajun fries and a bacon burger w/ everything! no i want one, and its only 8am.

I love this one too. Though I also love the "Getting away with Baby Love" and Greased Touchscreen (I'm still singing.....LOL).

This is why I didn't enter, I knew there would be videos like this that are creative, well executed, and, well, just better than anything I could have hoped to have done. Outstanding!!!

I love it, very cute. The only gripe I have with it is the fact the very first BB she chose from the menu was the BB Storm while 2 seconds later complained about the iPhone. Hmmmmm - neither have a keyboard.

I Love this video....not as much as my BB but still its down rite witty and full of humor. Love how the diner was a Five Guys Burgers, but personally it would have bin real icing on the cake if instead of unavailable on the "menu" it said unreliable... Great Video.