iluvmybb finalist - The BlackBerry Addict

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Oct 2009 03:16 pm EDT

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* keep in mind we're not announcing the ten finalists in any particular order - 1 more to come! *

For many readers, watching our ninth finalist in the I Love My BlackBerry contest will be like looking in the mirror.'s tag line is The #1 Site for BlackBerry Users (& Abusers!) and Greg Stee's entry does a great job of portraying just what we mean by Abuser. The video was shot in Brooklyn, NY and stars Aldous Davidson as the BlackBerry Addict and Chris Prine as the ignored roommate. Too funny! Great Work.  

ONLY ONE MORE FINALIST LEFT TO BE ANNOUNCED! The tough thing about narrowing 80 entries down to 10 finalists is that no matter what, there's going to be 70 ticked off entries out there. Our judges took a LOT of time in making their selections, and I think they've done a pretty bang up job. Having now personally watched all of the videos a few times each and seeing soo many awesome vids,  I'm sure there's going to be a few comments about "this one should have made it instead of that one" and vice versa. Hopefully we won't see that, and don't forget, once the finalists have all been announced we're going to be doing some bonus round posts featuring more outstanding videos. 

PRIZES FOR EVERYONE: Also, we've round up a few great prizes that are going to be given to ALL 80 entries. Everybody who submitted a video, finalist or not, is going to receive one year free of both Slacker Radio Plus and SMRTGUARD plus some other goodies we'll announce later. BIG thanks to our sponsors.  

Reader comments

iluvmybb finalist - The BlackBerry Addict


So how did that show he loves his Blackberry? By ignoring his friend? That is kind of lame. Not very creative. Now I KNOW you weren't showing these in any particular order. If anything, I think that kid's other entry was better, the one where he is in the tuxedo.

I know they said to keep the "should have been this" talk down, but if they were going to pick an addiction one, they should have picked the spoof of the show "Intervention". Out of all of the addiction videos, that was my favorite.
I will say there are some real contenders in the top 9 so far. It's going to be interesting to see how this turns out, and to see who gets the last spot on the top 10.

That's the problem! Too many "addiction/rehab" and "love affair" videos, even in the Top 10.

This contest had a lot of wildly creative entries (no pudding girls this time around!) but I find that CB favours gratuitous shots of characters using their Blackberries over anything else including truly original plots - like NOT the doppelganger ones that everybody knows the beginning and ending to right off the bat. Only 2 out of 9 entries so far had a story that required brainstorming. Ten judges and still??

At least I only need to narrow down my vote to two entries now.

Way too many videos were just about either dating your Blackberry, cheating on your wife/gf with the Blackberry, or just being "addicted" to it. In my honest opinion, "Scent of a Blackberry" is still the best one. It has a fun plot, some pretty good one-liners, and it was REALLY well done. There was a friggin car chase lol. Lot of effort went into that, it looked like.

I agree that Scent was the most entertaining, but he won't win because he is perceived as being a professional. I mean, it's not like other Crackberry users can't be employed from the advertising or film industry, they can't be tradeshow presenters, they can't be actors and local theatre stars, they can't be fellow film students and writers... nah, just the kid from New Jersey who has a web site that features of lot of his material, yep, he's got to be pro, we can't vote for that! Absolutely ridiculous. He's a Crackberry user, the contest was open to all Crackberry users, regardless of their talent level, and for people to be ragging on Matt because he's got access to better equipment or he's an aspiring film professional is crap, in my opinion. He can't be the only CB user that knows how to put together a good film. Can he???

I saw those comments on his blog post! They are absolutely ridiculous! The kid made the video by himself lol! I wish I could do that with no help from anyone! He seems to be very talented and I hope he wins. It would be very sad to see him lose because he had...the best video! Hahahah isn't that just ludicrous sounding? Well, Scent has my vote. Maybe, just maybe, more people will see that video as just being a good video and not being "professional". I think Stang stated numerous times that he is a student, how can he be professional? lol Sometimes people tick me off.

EDIT: Actually, the guy that made that "Average Joe" post in Stang's blog post is the TourdeFrank guy a few posts up from here :P

If my favorite one doesn't make the cut, which I think it stands out far apart from all the others but we find out tonite I guess, then I am probably voting for Stang, simply because his plot is NOT a stupid cheating on your gf/wife or addicted "like it's crack". Damn isn't this site CALLED CrackBerry?? "Hey let's take the title of the site and make it into a video, haha we're so creative!"

I don't think I'll be the last finalist picked. With so many other videos out there, especially addiction videos, I don't think I stand a chance. I think for the most part (not completely) the videos chosen for the top 10 so far deserve their place in the running.
I do think it would be interesting to know how many of the comments posted on here bashing some videos while promoting others are from people in the top 10 using other account names to try and sway the vote.
Good luck to all finalists, including the one that has yet to be chosen by the readers.
Tyler ("Todd")

The panel must have read my response to IheartCrackberry, when (s)he asked another feedback critic who they thought would be one and two, and I replied "Something Lame" and another we'll all argue didn't even deserve to make the cut. Well, I think "Something Lame" just identified itself! :-)

I like 11 it was original and no where close to the dating / AA addiction vids everybody is doing. :-)

I was getting real bored of watching those one liners...Borng vids of all the others finalists.
Until this. VERY ORIGINAL. And they actually scripted it like a mini-series!!! EXCELLENT GUYS!