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By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Oct 2009 09:33 am EDT

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With it being Halloween tomorrow, it's fitting that our tenth finalist in the I Love My BlackBerry video contest center around Zombies! As chosen by the CrackBerry community in our WildCard vote, Kevin Leung's entry puts us in a world where iPhone Zombies have taken over (scary thought, I know!). There were a lot of firsts for Kevin and his crew in putting this entry together - you can read the story behind the flick below. Awesome video!!

That's it for announcing the finalists. But there's plenty of iluvmybb fun left to come. We'll kick off the final vote tomorrow, and while that's open for a few days will be running some bonus round posts and shout-outs highlighting some of the other awesome entries submitted. Huge kudos and thank you once again go to everybody who submitted an entry!


Here's what Kevin Had to tell us...

The film is titled APPLECALYPSE, referring to a world overrun by iPhone virus-infected zombies. Horrifying, I know! (Note: no BlackBerries were harmed in the making of this film.) This experience is one of many firsts. It's the first time I have ever produced and directed a film, let alone in my favourite genre. It's the first time Sam has ever used her acting chops to portray a zombie in front of a camera. It's the first time Katelyn has ever dabbled in directing rather than production (costume and make-up). And last but definitely not least, it's the first time Dean has composed a full soundtrack for film.

Thus, I think it's fitting to admit that if I win this contest, not only will it be the first time I possess a MacBook, but it willl also be the first time I have my very own BlackBerry (I hope this doesn't disqualify me??). I have long held off on purchasing a BlackBerry because I've become too emotionally-attached my my current Sony Ericsson, but the Bold 9700 stood out like a Ferrari in a sea of BMWs. Sure, they're all great, yet no smartphone wooed me like the Onyx. Since June, I've probably used up dozens of MBs solely scouring and the internet on a daily (if not hourly) basis for updates and news on pics/vids, specs and release dates.

Anyway, regardless of our outcome in this contest I can confidently say that there are no regrets, because we had a great deal of fun filming this ridiculous plot of a zombie flick on campus at York University, Toronto. I decided to include jabs at Apple since the debate is always BlackBerry vs. iPhone, but none of us has a hate-on for Apple. The iPhone is good - just not nearly as good as the stuff from Waterloo! In my opinion, the video turned out exactly as I intended: filmed and edited as professionally as possible while learning the basics on the fly, but campy enough so that we can all have a good laugh amongst ourselves.

Many thanks to you folks at for giving us the motivation to express our creativity on camera. Maybe we'll even release a sequel featuring my new Bold 9700 bricking some iPhone zombies? ;)

And in case you're wondering...yes, I probably would do hand-to-hand combat with a zombie if my (future) BlackBerry was in danger.

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iluvmybb finalist - APPLECALYPSE


Thanks so much to everyone who supported me!! :D

I'm very honoured to be the 10th finalist...woke up this morning to my girlfriend frantically calling to tell me the good news! What a great start to my day.

Thanks also to Kevin and the CrackBerry staff for giving my crew the great opportunity to participate!

I hope to count on all of your support in the final vote, and best of luck to all the finalists! :D



We actually contemplated it, or even doing a piano and violin cover, but in the end we decided that audiences would appreciate our efforts more if we did everything 100% on our own. The 28 series is my fave of all time, can't wait for Months!

So how does this show you love your Blackberry? Because you got eaten by a zombie? It's original, I'll give you that, but I feel like it was just a zombie film and didn't revolve around Blackberries. It almost looked like you shot a zombie movie and then threw in the Blackberry elements. I mean, we see this kid running from a zombie for a long time and we do not know his motivation other than not die. Maybe if it was something like he had to get to his Blackberry because it had a zombie-kill app developed by RIM to fend off the Apple fanboys, I would understand. Also, what was with the graininess of the film? I am guessing you did that on purpose, but it was a little too much. Nice idea with that though! I just think if this is to be picked the winner, there should be more Blackberry in it. We don't even really see it at all! Actually, it would be tough to know it was a Blackberry if you didn't say it!

You did a nice job for a first-timer. I just think the video should have been a little more focused. The plot seemed half-baked.

hey! this point has definitely come up in past discussion boards and i feel the need to direct link you to previous convos so you know acd's justifications lol:
(the previous post with the wild card vote poll thing)

honestly, i think this whole thing is a matter of personal interpretation regarding the contest basis. and i think acd's take on it is valid- i actually like the way this video stands out in bunch since it has a twist. but i can see where other people would be coming from so check out the link above :)

You still haven't bashed the other videos and promoted your video enough, have you?
"You did a nice job for a first-timer." As opposed to a seasoned film student? At least ACD's video didn't have a chase scene where the bad guys and good guy were in the same car. LOL What quality work that was.
I guess it doesn't really do any good to say anything on here. We'll just have to see how it all comes out in the end.

I wouldn't be so quick to assume that the other finalists don't have a chance to win. I think many CB users stayed out of the comment feuds between ACD and Matt and their respective supporters. Now, it's open to the community vote, and any finalist has a realistic shot to win. The singer, the lonely girl, the 40's diner, the Therapy session... some very good choices to vote on and we all only get one vote. So, I know the car chase and zombie got the most play in the commnets, but those other finalists are likely to have broader appeal to the CB community. Oh, yeah, I have a feeling this is going to be a thriller coming down the stretch. Good luck to all the contestants!

There is no feud between me and matt or anyone! While i cannot speak for everyone, i can guarantee that my crew does not consider our vid the winner AT ALL. It's real tough competition, especially for such great prizes. I remain adamantly diplomatic and i encourage all, supporters or not, to remain so as well.

Hey, ACD, isn't it funny how people automatically think we're fighting with each other because we both have great videos in the competition? For ALL OF YOU who think there is a feud between me and Kevin, you're wrong. Actually, we've been quite pleasant with each other in our YouTube messages :)

Dont you hate it when people try to start shit?

Again, good luck to you, Kevin, and everyone else! This weekend is going to be great!

(goes off to do more homework on Halloween weekend)

I'm pretty sure there's no such thing as a seasoned film student. You know why we had to shoot in the Acura...I told you on YouTube, dude.

And for the record, your accusations are getting pretty old.

Very nice, but a little violent! My daughter was scared of the zombie! She did point out the nice teeth on the zombie, though :P

I'm really sorry, I should have put a disclaimer!

My favourite cousin, who's only 5, saw a draft cut of my film and still had nightmares the night after :(.

So FYI to everyone, if you have kids please DON'T show them unless you bank on extra sleepovers and candy! ;)

That is probably one of the most heart-warming comments I've received yet.

Let's just say 24 Sussex in Ottawa won't be my own residence, but I aim to frequent it on a regular basis later on in life ;). Unless I live in Vancouver, because Vancouver is awesome...more than Toronto I must admit!

Regardless of my Name, You were going to get my vote. It succeeds on the two main topic people hear complain about.

originality - 10 ( because who hasnt felt like this iphone users really do at like mindless zombies praising a phone that upon release had outdated features; just because it was shiney)

Production 10 ( because it wasnt about the special effects ( not a stab at the car chase vid entry ) just handheld camera acting and makeup

But the most professional one was either finalist #2 which was the Crackberry Anonymous people, or the Scent of a Blackberry. They were beautiful...and I think they had the best acting.

But the zombie girl DID do a good job acting!

This one gets my vote. Best one out of the bunch.

1 - Great way to poke fun at iPhone users. Making them turn into zombies from an iPhone virus was hilarious.

2 - Conveyed the message you love your blackberry so much that you'll get eaten by a zombie for it in order to save it.

Don't mind Pinksalmon. He's probably one of those idiots that sit in a movie and ask questions to his blow-up doll "friend": "What's going on? I don't get it? I'm confused".

"What was up with the graininess of the film?" - You're a f-ing genius pinksalmon. LMAO

I am def NOT one who's into zombie movies. I believe they're for 12 year old boys. HOWEVER, this was a really great video! Short and sweet! Might have to reconsider my original pick now!

As the creative director and make-up artist for APPLECALYPSE, I just wanted to say thanks for all of your comments and your support!!! We hope that you keep voting for us :)

The most original one. I like the opening, describing the iPhone virus chronologically. And it leaves me wanting to see a longer one. Would be nice if the story is much deeper. I vote for this one.

I've been getting a lot of good constructive criticism, and if i have the time i would love to develop a further backstory. And i'll def put in gratuitous shots of the Bold 9700...if i win it. ;)

Congratulations, Kevin! Nobody battled as hard for their video as you did. For every critical thing said about your video, you had an answer why I it should be considered. Like an artist, you took the contest at different approach and staying true to the spirit of an artist, you defended your creativity. Good Job! Not my choice for the winner, but you definately earned a spot in the finals!

Haha trjnberry, you deserve some credit for making me think very hard about why my video should be the winner! So thank you, it was very interesting to debate back and forth with you. ;)

Nice! I havent seen all the videos, but from the ones I have seen this is the only one that shows TRUE BB LOVE...sacrificing one's own life to keep their BB safe :D What a courageous martyr :) Good luck dude!

Thanks again from our APPLECALYPSE team for your warm-hearted comments and support. I've already commented so much over the past couple days that i think i should take a breather, so i didn't respond to each individual member. But i'm still very grateful!

im not really sure waht was dumber, the video or the fact that i just watched the whole damn thing. it was creative tho, good job

I personally feel this video conveyed the love of Blackberry quite well. some people here are going on about how this film didn't feature the Blackberry enough. If I am correct the point of this contest was to feature how much you love Blackberry and I feel as if this video did so accordingly.

Unlike other videos this video did not feature the Blackberry in every single scene, but I found this to only further my interest. He sacrificed his own life in order to save his Blackberry. This created the climatic ending to a remarkably well done plot. If the Blackberry had been featured throughout the whole video, I feel as if the climax would have lost it's affect.

All in all well done video. Best one in my opinion.(Not taking away anything from the other videos) I thought that the Zombie girl was great and the makeup and effects were also very well done. Congrats and I hope you win.

Hey Kevin,
As soon as I saw those stair signs, I knew it looked familar. Then I realized you were at York probably the newer buildings.

Anyways I voted for you but at least you came in second!