iluvmybb contest: Wild Card! You Choose the 10th Finalist!!!

Wild Card Vote!
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Oct 2009 09:51 pm EDT

Watch All of the Videos And Cast Your Vote Below!!!

SURPRISE! And here you thought we were going to be telling you who the tenth finalist in the I Love My BlackBerry Contest is. Nope. This one is on you. Since the final voting for the ultimate grand prize winner and runner-up will be done by the community, we wanted to give everybody a little practice in voting in advance. The judging team only picked nine finalist entries, so the single remaining finalist position is still up for grabs. Haven't seen your favorite video make the final ten? Then you'd better vote.

Wild Card Community Voting Details:

1. Check out the video entries!!!
2. Cast your vote in the giant poll below (current finalists excluded from vote)
3. Voting ends this Thursday (Oct. 29th) night at Midnight PST.

From there we'll announce the 10th finalist in the blogs on Friday. Community voting will begin over the weekend and run through mid-next week (fell a little behind schedule but that's ok). And to all the video entrants out there... feel free to use the comments on this page to tell everybody about your video and why they should vote for you! Good Luck!!! 


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iluvmybb contest: Wild Card! You Choose the 10th Finalist!!!


Wow. I am soo excited right now.

This is my chance to prove to CB why my video should be the tenth finalist.

My film is APPLECALYPSE, #33. My crew and I have never dabbled in anything film-related before, but we've always had ambitions to create a zombie film and Crackberry gave us the perfect opportunity.

We decided to think completely out of the box; no addiction, no love affair themes. When you watch our film, we DON'T want you to think "I'm going to watch a BlackBerry contest vid." No, we want you to think "I'm going to watch a horror flick." After all, it IS Halloween coming up!

Not only do I hope you can enjoy (humorously) APPLECALYPSE as a creative entry into the CB contest, but I also hope you can YouTube it anytime from now until ten years in the future and still get a laugh or a jaw-clench out of it.

That said, the BlackBerry is still an integral aspect of the plot; if it were not for my hasty job of half-stuffing it into my pocket then having it fall out as I’m being chased by an iPhone virus-infected zombie, I wouldn’t have died! I decided against having gratuitous shots of me texting/checking email in the final cut because I wanted to keep the film short, and also because I thought risking my life for the safety of my BB was proof enough of my love for it haha.

Anyway, I'm way too shaky to type properly so instead I'm going to call up all my friends to get them to vote (and to join CB, of course!).

I hope I can count on your support to make APPLECALYPSE the FINAList and the eventual grand prize winner.

Thank you so much, and NEVER FORGET - stay away from dark alleys and buildings, always carry a weapon with you, and BBM your friends about undead iPhone-virus infected zombies!!!

Your vid was soo funny, I think the world would really suck if there was such thing as Iphone zombies lol!

And did you actually make your own music - how? Its a good effort, most other vids used real soundtracks and songs I think so +1 for you.

Thanks, Hank (if that's your name haha...sorry if it's just a username :S)!

My great friend Dean composed the music, he used Garage Band. We spent a lot of time on it simply due to the fact that we were mostly fooling around with the amazing selection of sounds available (I need a Mac so badly!! haha :P).

My favourite part of the soundtrack is our ending credits; Dean actually improvised on the spot to the film and he nailed it beautifully on the first take. Needless to say, I'm very proud of his contributions to APPLECALYPSE.

If you want to hear more from him (he does great piano covers), go to our YouTube video ( and click on his links in the description! :D

P.S. Don't ever think you're safe...because you're not. I've taken up running again in real life just so I won't get my legs chomped on by some d-bag zombie. ;)

It's really surprising that this is your first time making a film! Everything looks impeccable from the directing to the makeup to the soundtrack. The acting was also very good for you amateurs, though I did catch a couple "almost laughs"! I agree that you didn't need to have "gratuitous shots" of your Blackberry because that would have slowed the pace down and killed the suspense. It's pretty clear what the Blackberry's role is.

I voted for you and will do it again if you make it into top 10!

"Not only do I hope you can enjoy (humorously) APPLECALYPSE as a creative entry into the CB contest, but I also hope you can YouTube it anytime from now until ten years in the future and still get a laugh or a jaw-clench out of it."

I wonder if Youtube will even be around 10 years from now!

But you can count on my support, I had your video at the top of my list since Kevin released all the entries.

As I commented to you before, I felt your video had a strong opening and I liked the Zombie acting, but this contest is called "I love my Blackberry", so entries should be about loving your Blackberry not Halloween. Your video as entertainment and as a Halloween theme were good. But, I didn't like how your Blackberry made a cameo instead of being the center of attention. When you love something, you're obsessed with it. For example, there is no doubt in my mind that you love this video and you want to win the ocntest. How do I, as a stranger who doesn't know you, know that? Because it's obvious by the way you've commmunicated with the CB community since this contest began. If you love something, it should be obvious. From your entry, I get the impression that you love Halloween and horror flicks more than you love your Blackberry!

As far you video goes, I liked your opening verbiage, how you addresssed the Iphone taking over the world, soundtrack was good. I lost you once you went to the acting stage, because you entered a room with a gun and then you switch scenes to your friend standing outside. I think you would have more dramatic effect had the zombie been banging on the door trying to get in, while you're calling your friend to come to rescue you. The Blackberry could have been featured as you were texting and BBMing to get help or, like "Scent.." did, make a reference to an outage or some other common issue that Blackberry has. In the end, your struggle was cool, but by that time, the viewer was caught up in the Zombie and lost focus of the BB being important, in my humble opinion. In the end, you're tossing your phone to go get help. I think had you brought the blackberry into the limelight sooner, your ending would have made more sense for the contest theme.

What is love? What is obssession? In my opinion, those words have highly-subjective definitions.

We thought about having a scene of me BBMing or using my BlackBerry in ways other than taking a phone call, but we couldn't think of a good-enough reason why; just because one BBMs or complains about an outage does not necessarily mean they are in love with their BBs (though the inverse can be true).

Thus, we crafted the scenes of where I did a poor job of putting it in my pocket (sorry if that part was hard to see clearly), then where it easily tumbled out of my pocket and eventually sacrificing my own life just so my friend could take it to safety free from the undead hands of the iPhone-virus infected. Without that crucial subplot, the entire film would have taken a widely different direction. I haven't seen any other videos where the main character DIED for his/her BB! To die for something or something is, in our opinion, the ultimate form of love - it's in Shakespeare, it's in the Bible, it's in Hollywood. And in the context of my film, it's also a pathetic obsession because, really, who the hell runs towards a zombie for "just a phone"?!

Like I said, yes this is a CB contest but we wanted to aim big and create a short film, not a mere contest entry. We took the route of subtlety rather than transparency, hoping that complete strangers watching would be able to make their OWN connections and interpretations -- actually, that's worked out pretty well because a lot of people have brought up new themes and details that we had never thought of previously!

However, I do really appreciate your critique, trjnberry. Our video, while we worked overtime to think of a continuity-free plot that kept the BlackBerry in the spotlight, is FAR from perfect. If I'm successful in the contest, I might make a sequel prominently featuring my new BB! ;)

Mines not as creative as a zombie. Not to mention I threw mine together in a few minutes. I dont have editing skills or video skills but when I read about the blackberry contest I unfortunately misunderstood the contest as I thought it was supposed to be about why we love our blackberries not what we could come up with t prove our love. So i thought of why I loved my blackberry and we changed it into a poem. you guys should check it out though its entry number 40 a blackberry poem and its a poem about why I love my blackberry. its simple and short wont waste much of your time.

i know my video might not be as best as some of the other ones, but i made it with the help of my younger brother and sister and my DOG who is the main part of the video! i didn't do a love affair or anything like that because i knew that there would be a million videos on that, so i thought of what could be creative and came up with using actual fruit! (blackberries and apples) i didn't have much time but i hoped you all liked it!... and for whoever wants to know, he is a male boxer named Rocky and is turning two on this October 30th

Everyone of course wants to win a mac and a storm2 or bold2. Well everyones videos were good. I liked every single one of them. I wish I wouldve done mine on my camera but instead I recorded my video off of my Bold. It lags but that shouldn't hurt my chances of winning. Lol. Well in my video I'm just sitting there minding my own business when my Bold starts talking to me and saying rude things. But after a while my Bold starts playing songs that make me say that I love it and could never live without it. I really do love my blackberry. Its freakin glued to my hand everywhere I go. Lol I know everyone is probably gonna just not vote for me because I'm "a kid" and shouldn't need a blackberry. But I think I'm just a good age for one because most kids these days do have one but I'm 18. Most kids are 13. Lol they don't need it. I use mine to write up papers for school and schedule classes and when things need to be done. I don't use a computer and I think I really should start. Haha. That's why I entered this contest. I entered because with the economy today I haven't had the money to pay my phone bill every month and save for a Mac. Then when I came across this site I noticed I could just win one and I felt really excited. So yea Please Vote For Me! And I hope nobody thinks that I don't deserve to be in the running or even win. Because I really do. I Love My BlackBerry Bold (Which I used my own 400$ for :( lol) I can't live without it. And PS I'm not trying to write a sob storie or anything like that. Just telling everyone why I entered and what my video was about :)

Vote for me. #56, cause.....well, let's be honest, I don't deserve it. But hey, everybody else is doing it. LoL.

I would really like it if you would vote for #64. I didn't have all the fancy video equipment so when I edited my video if could only be done in wide screen and my wife and I worked so hard on making a nice short funny video on how much I love my Blackberry!
All of the video's on here were great and I can only hope I could end up with the MAC so I could make a cool video like the other people did! thanks for any and all the support from my friends and family and of coarse all of you fellow crackberrians!

I thought it would be cool to teach you a few signs in blackberry term. Now that I've seen other videos which some of them looked more of "mini movie"! Wow, very good! It made me think, Damn I shoulda gotten few of my students in it and make a video of me actually teaching blackberry signs to them OR of me making a bb video signing a message and shooting that sign language message to a friend which I tend to do sometimes for those who rely on sign language more than English. It's WHY I love my blackberry - ease of communication for the Deaf! Nevertheless, good luck to everyone!!

I can't say my video (#76 - BlackBerry Intervention) is professionally made, because it's not. We're just a group of normal people who thought it would be fun to spoof one of our favorite TV shows, Intervention.
I can't say my video was shot and edited with high-dollar equipment, because it wasn't. It was shot with an old Canon camcorder that looks like it's been to hell and back, and edited on an old version of iMovie.
I can't say my video was the only one featuring a "CrackBerry addiction", because it wasn't. There were several. But I think we did a good job of following the format of the show Intervention.
I can't say my video involved hours of filming, editing, adding effects, etc., because it didn't. We had very little time to shoot it due to our busy work schedules, and no scripts or time to rehearse lines. It was all done on the fly, including the parts with the kids.
What I can say is that no matter if you vote for my video or somebody else's video, my friends and I had a blast shooting the film in the very little time we had to do it in, though we do hope you will consider us for the final video in the top 10.

Yours truly (and truly a BlackBerry addict),

PS- A higher quality version of my video is here:
Also, an outtakes reel is here:



As Crackberry users, we battle in the forums for our favorites. Whether it be an app, an accessory, or even a Blackberry model, we battle for our favorite. Most of the time, we have no vested interest in the winner. We don't get paid for promoting one product over the other. We may not know the developer or work for the company that sells our favorite. We just battle for it because it's OUR favorite. So, we dig in, we critique the competition, we point out all the good things of OUR favorite, so much so, you'd think we owned the company. We do it because we want OUR favorite to be the best, to be number one, to be the best choice for whatever purpose it serves.

Before I battle for my pick for the 10th finalist, I'd like to give big thanks to all the contestants for taking a chance and giving us entertaining content to battle over. Thank you for taking the risk of rejection and criticism to earn the praise of your fellow Crackberry users. The battle has been exciting and thrilling, and I wish all of you good luck in winning the contest!

I'm not being a shill, but trjnberry you deserve much respect for having the patience to comment objectively (for the most part :P) every day on each finalist. I don't know who your overall favourite is, but I'm sure he or would definitely appreciate your support because you can hold some sway on other CB members with your fair criticism/praise!



I was a long time member of Toastmasters International, an oral communication and leadership development club that teaches its members both how to give a good speech and to evaluate one. You never want to criticize or "sugar-coat" a presentation, because it doesn't help the speaker. You help the oral communicator improve their skills by discusssing what worked and how they can improve. When you have contests like the TV shows, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars (all of which are international shows at some version), you have a viewership at large that is making a vote to determine the winner. The feedback of on-site judges helps that viewership make the right decision. Well, the Crackberry panel didn't do a whole lot to tell you why they picked a given video. They let us, the feedback critics, the video evaluators, if you will, do our evaluations. It is really up to the community as a whole to decide if they agree with their fellow CB critics or if they don't. That is what makes the contest so thrilling because our opinions don't determine the winner, the community vote does. Our hope as video evaluators is that we helped the community at large make a good choice.

Well said. I write speeches sometimes for work but I should definitely look into professional development.

Do you write speeches for anyone (POTUS? haha)? I'd love to hear them! ;)

movieman572, whose video is The Scent of a Blackberry, just sent me a PM on YouTube telling me to vote for him and not APPLECALYPSE because his is "better." WTF? Good job, you just definitely lost my vote

movieman572, you are a stuck up ignorant ass. Your directing skills are clearly a juvenile attempt in order to escape your hopeless pathetic life...stop trying to make fun of other people's videos under fake accounts, because it's obvious

I don't know who is movieman572 is, but Stang68 is the CB user featured in the film. Stang68 is Matt Galo, finalist #3.

I never did anything like that! This is getting ridiculous. Why in God's name would I do that? I made the top ten, already. That doesn't make any sense...I'd appreciate it if you could not slander, please. :/

well unfortunately i deleted the message because it was so random and inappropriate, but i wouldn't have created an account on crackberry to slander, that's a waste of time. movieman/stang, you were better off not responding to this at all because now i've caught you in a direct lie. and just because i commented on a video saying it was good doesn't exactly mean i'd vote for them

it doesn't matter how you defend yourself or what others might think, i'm putting this out there to make it clear that it's just a CB contest and you can't insult other videos.

by what you're saying. Why would I message you (someone who did not comment on my video and I would have no idea to contact on YouTube) when my own entry was already picked in the top ten? I have nothing to gain by messaging you. I would love to know who you're writing this for, because I am really insulted by it...

I'd appreciate it if you would stop lying about me. It's just a contest, dude.

Why would Stang68 want to PM you? He's already in the top ten. Whether he wins first or not, is up to all the members of CB, not just you! It doesn't make sense. At all!! Does Matt even know your YouTube username?

I don't want to get involved in this little spat (and hopefully I'm not just because my film was named), but let me just say that I stand behind Matt and I refuse to believe that he PMed YouTube users. He's right...he's already a finalist in this contest (a spot well-deserved) so what does he care whether I get in or not??

Anyway, hope I don't get on your nerves either, triniman, but unless you can prove that you got such a message (take a screenshot?) then your claim has more holes than a report of the Storm2/Bold2 release date.

Like Matt said, it IS just a friendly contest so let's all move on in peace, please?


[Edit: or what techshoe said above, sorry for long comment!]

Look, there are 9 finalists that all have an appeal to different kinds of Crackberry users. Who knows who wins this contest. Let's not play the game of rumors. "He sent me a PM and berated my video." Yeah, but you conveniently don't have any proof. Never freaking happened! Come On, you expect us to believe that crap?! I am all for battling for your favorite, but spreading rumors is not the right way to do it. can say whatever you want, but i just want to warn you that you won't get away with this cause if it happens again then someone else will probably report you. and not that its any of your business, but i'm voting for #70"

Don't. Lie. It never happened. Do you think you hold the votes? You are only ONE vote. What use is it if he gets ONE extra vote? Nothing!

was plugging his video in some responses, but he owned up to it and apologized.
I don't see how he would gain from this.
He has posted reviews of items on this site and to me seems like a stand up guy......
Is his video my personal favorite? Not going to say.
However it was clever and well done, as were the other finalists.
Stang see you on the forums.

Stang68: "I'd appreciate it if you could not slander, please."
Actually, slander is defamation in transitory form, especially speech. Libel is defamation in a fixed medium, especially writing.
So, if what this person is writing about you is not true, it would be libel, not slander. If he or she were speaking the words in an audio or video clip, it would be slander.

Having never done anything like this, I think it turned out really well, and my family had a great time making it with me.

My goal was to show how a BB would simplify my life and be a dependable tool. Hard to do when I don't actually own a blackberry, but I thought basing the video on that challenge would be a cool way to exercise some creativity and humor.

I think everyone did a great job, but I'm so excited that I might have a chance to be one of the top ten finalists. Thanks for giving me a shot!


Was my video proffesionally made?

What did I use to shoot my video?
My Blackberry! Thats right, my "I love my Blackberry" Video was taken with MY BLACKBERRY!!

What makes my video unique?
100% Original Music! Made just for this video!!!(Used Magix Music Maker and Antres Auto-Tuner T-Pain Style) And a hot blonde chick!!!

Places video taken?
England, Spain, Gibraltar, Italy, France, and of course U.S.A.!!

Thank you for your consideration!!

Hi guys,

As some of you may know I have gotten my Blackberry stolen...since then my experience is never the same with the phone I'm using now. I can't stress how much it would mean to me if you would vote for my video which was entirely made by me alone. No fancy cameras. No effects. Just a homemade video of me being silly and trying to be funny. I think I did not get the message of my video through as well as I hoped, but it would mean so much if you guys would vote for mine to be in top ten (that would be enough for me!) Thank you so much for reading this! Mine is Entry #38 One man show and commercial!


More info about my YouTube video, #77.
I am a deaf person, so it's more visual than audio.
This is a real skydive -- no visual effects involved.

I started skydiving as a hobby in 2005 when I heard about the Deaf Skydivers at ... I got inspired as it had been something I always wanted to do. I called two local dropzones listed at the Dropzone Locator to find out if they would let me film this, renting a professional freefall videographer to film me in freefall. (Steve Verner is the freefall videographer). GO Skydive of Ottawa Canada had their new Navajo plane, so I took the opportunity to jump a model of a plane I had never jumped before! They mainly use these videographers for the tandem tourists who want to try their first jump, so that was convenient. It may have been the first time a BlackBerry was used while skydiving. Also, because of the risks of dropping a BlackBerry, I had it duct taped (cleverly) to one of my skydiving gloves, so I am not holding it with two hands. Notice I intentionally have it in the hand opposite the hand I use to pull! Although I was struggling to press keys to do a few operations with gloved fingers as it was slightly below freezing at altitude where I jumped Ottawa, Canada. However, I managed a few. The blackberry jump was my 515th jump, and I used my own gear. Inevitably, many questions and comments of "crazy" might occur, however, I should stress, while a risky hobby, it is no more dangerous than, for example scuba diving, motorcycling, or even ski-jumping. Several layers of safety features exist. I had two altimeters, including one on my wrist, to monitor my altitude and the maximum working time was approximately 60 seconds. The second altimeter is an alarm inside my helmet, with a small deaf-friendly flashing light attach in my visor (can be seen if you look carefully). I pulled before this alarm went off. In the unlikely event I ever become unconscious or incredibly stupid, there is an automatic activation device in one of my two parachutes in my rig, which will open automatically if I go too low without pulling. There are also other little details, such as training, but this is basically the nutshell! It is a very rewarding hobby.

superrr cool. I would love to skydive but I don't know if my stomach could handle it (not a huge fan of rollercoasters!). Nice job, no, AWESOME job on that vid :)

Actually, you'd be surprised -- Apparently, the vast majority of skydivers get more butterflies from a good massive hypercoaster drop, than from a skydive. There's no 'zero-G' feel in a skydive from a plane because of the forward momentum of the airplane. You're just curving from a fast horizontal movement to a fast vertical movement, so you don't get the 'Zero-G' feel, unless you skydive from a helicoptor, a balloon or stationary platform. Surprisingly, it's been mentioned that 40% of skydivers are afraid of heights (i.e. we acclimate to heights high enough to safely open a parachute, but we still get weak-kneed when looking over a balcony or peering over the edge of a roof).

If you just want to be able to 'fly' in the air without heights, one can also do an indoor skydive in high-speed-fan air in a vertical tunnel over a trampoline net (i.e. or etc.)

Check out -- I know many of the girls who jumped that fundraiser world record jump last month. They have a good video, even better than mine! Even if not BlackBerry related...

P.S. Just in case others are having difficulty leafing through all the videos for mine, my video #77 is at:

I was rewatching Band of Brothers today (one of my all-time fave shows ever)...lots of respect for paratroopers. I kinda want to try it one day but am too much of a wimp :(.

Don't chose it because it's the best (though it might be). Vote for #75 because it's got the cutest 2 year old saying "I love my BlackBerry!" Pretty sure he'll cry if you don't.

Please check out my video and vote for me! I'm not one to participate in contests very often, but I knew there were too many times where all I could say is "I love my blackberry" to not make a video.

From being stuck with nothing to do or those long times on the toilet, my BlackBerry has been a great distraction to bring a little bit of joy to a boring or monotonous moment in life. I'm sure many of you have had times just like that where your Crackberry has been a lifesaver, so I would love your support!

Thanks guys, and I do hope that you enjoy my video and are able to relate to it!


I spent about a week thinking about what I wanted to do for this contest. I kept coming up with the same ideas: literal love stories and adultery. They didn't feel right.

Finally, I decided to abandon the idea of any humans in my video and I set up a scene with my iPod and my Curve 8900. Then I just started filming without really knowing where it was going.

I created the story through my editing process. I kept being drawn to all these phrases, which I found ridiculous, yet mildly amusing. So I used them. And called attention to them.

Anyway, I don't know if I deserve to be a finalist, but I'm extremely proud of my video. I hope I can move on to the next level of this contest and have one little victory in my currently drab life. :)


I liked this one, too. I liked the dialog with the complimenting Blackberry functions. Like how you had the comment about the relationship fading as the camera zooms in on the Bold screen fading to black. The Blackberry conversation about being two very different kinds of fruit, when one is an Apple and the other is Blackbberry. I liked the sounds of the Blackberry and the flashing light, it was perfect timing for the conversation. I thought your zooming in on the candle and then pulling away to show the Apple Ipod and the Blackberry at the table with the wine with the candle-lit darkness, really set the mood. Sound was cool. The only thing I think would have made it more exciting is if you had the Ipod some how showing lights or blinking when talking. I'd nominate this for a bonus pick in the category of Commerical Concept, because I can definately see this video on a commercial for a Blackberry over an Apple. Nice concept, good delivery!

thanks trjnberry! i appreciate your words. :)

an idea...if i wasn't trying to be careful about music copyright infringement, i thought maybe i could have the iPod be like Bumble Bee from Transformers, using song clips as its speech.

thanks again and congrats to everyone. i'm pretty stoked about the subscriptions to slacker radio plus and smrtguard.

I liked videos that featured the obsession with the Blackberry in a realistic and entertaining way. Couple O'Berry's does a fun job of showing the transition of a normal couple to a Blackberry couple via the obsession route. I like how it starts out as a couple that is crazy about each other, then one partner gets a Blackberry and the obsession begins. All of sudden, he doesn't care about the dog, the girl, or anything else. Naturally, she had enough and confronts him on getting rid of it, so what does he do... he gets her one! Then, she becomes obsessed with it, then they both become a happy Blackberry couple. I thought the music fit the scenes and the video showed a clever strategy for dealing with the obsession of using your Blackberry, which is to include your family and friends in the experience rather than hiding into your addiction. I could see the future of relationships becoming like this video, where participating parties have their own Blackberries and are "sharing quality time" with each other without direct communication with one another. Scary thought, but society is heading in that direction. Good job to the video author(s).

Don't know if you saw it, but I replied to this on the next page...I'm not really used to commenting on the articles, and missed the now obvious "reply" link. And speaking of involving family members, my dad is switching to Verizon soon, and I'm trying to steer him away from the new WinMo HTC Immagio to the Storm2! If he gets it, I'll be bitterly jealous, but hey, I'll get another BBM contact!! Hahaha. And my Step-Dad and my mom are already Crackberry users!

When I was shopping for a phone, I seriously considering going WinMo, but I read alot of blogs, reviews, and even listened to a few podcasts that just drove home the point that WinMo is not as good as Blackberry at the 6.5 and below versions. If you read the comments of users that got the Immagio on the CNET review site, they cite problems with the system managing resources and battery life. I recall this one comment on a podcast, "Get WinMo use Stylus", or something like that, to point out that a Stylus is typically needed for WinMo phones, even phones like Omnia and HTC. Crackberry definately makes the Blackberry experience more enriching and fun, so tell your Dad to pass on the HTC and go Blackberry with his Crackberry! :-)

Hey Guys,

I tired my shot out for this contest. I made two videos last minute. I tried two different approaches. I made videos #54-Lord of the Blackberry & #74-Blackberry Priceless. I hope you guys enjoy one of them.I really like making videos even if I dont win I still had fun making it. Especially #74 haha...My girlfriend kept making me laugh. Again I hope you watch it and enjoy it and vote.


Ah, there were several very good videos that lost it in the end because they went towards the X-rated end. I was looking forward to your #74 having a cool ending, I thought your Mastercard commercial theme was entertaining. But the getting caught in the bathroom with BB doing something that might be embarassing? Then standing up and having the BB hiding the "evidence"... I don't know if that's what Crackberry wants to show off as the winner. Funny, but definately for a more mature audience! :-)

Hi Crackberry Nation! I also put my video together at the last minute. It's not that I didn't want to create an extroadinary video that would blow everyone away it's just that pesky little thing called work kept getting in the way. I almost didn't submit a video. But then I realized that work was the answer. My Blackberry Bold is my own personal phone. One night I left work and my boss needed me to reroute his flight back from London. As I couldn't run back to the office and this was a priority to get done, I decided to do everything with my blackberry. I was able to look up the airlines and flights, call customer service, and keep conversations going on blackberry messenger with co-workers to get this done. I started everything on the railroad and finished most of it by the time I transferred to the bus, which probably did annoy the passengers around me. My blackberry saved the day literally! All I have is a webcam on my computer the software that came preinstalled. When I saw the little bobblehead I knew to create an interview and since I had prior journalism experience the rest is history. Also, as being a crackberry fanatic runs in the family, my mom decided to make video # 49. At least consider us for the bonus pick categories!

This video was so funny, great singing, scenes and graphics! This was my favorite video of all of them!

Great job! #23!

I liked the Zombie, too. But this is a contest about loving your Blackberry, so I don't like the Zombie being the center of attention and the Blackberry being limited to a cameo roll in the ending. But kudo's to the girl that played the Zombie. She was cool!

I think the #33 guy explained why he didn't have a ton of Blackberry shots, it's one of the first comments so you might have missed it.

But if you watch closely you can see that he uses his Blackberry through out the video.

He uses the Berry throughout the video?? Are you sure? I mean, half the video is his wordy opening against the black background. Then he runs inside a door and falls down, and holds his gun to wipe his forehead. Now, that could have been his Blackberry I suppose. He gets a call and then his friend spends about 1/3 of the video running from the Zombie. No Blackberry featured in that chase. Then he drops the phone on the floor during the struggle and it's not even on. Hmmm, yeah, I can see why he didn't use a "ton" of Blackberry shots. He wanted to feature the Zombie! Like Ive said before, if the contest was a Halloween theme, ACD gets my pick for the best video. But it was a "Love my Blackberry" theme. The contest page even specifically spells out being an Addict, showing how much you LOVE your Blackberry. ACD took a different approach.
It's not that his video is bad, but for me, I just didn't feel his approach was best for the theme. How does dying for your Blackberry show how much you love it? Yeah, all those office suicides that the forums were talking about - they were people just showing their love for their Blackberry! Right?? :-(

Trjnberry, please let me respond point by point:

1) Intro text on black to set up the tone - no BB because it's impossible.

2) BB instead of a gun? Yeah right, because that's effective (is there an app for that - zombie killing?).

3) "He gets a call from his friend" I ask that you not skimp over the fact that it's a BLACKBERRY ringtone and I'm receiving the call on my BLACKBERRY.

4) The BB lover is explicitly identified as me (the main character), not my friend.

5) Again, please DON'T skimp the facts that A) I hastily put my BB half in my pocket, thereby setting up the CRUCIAL scene where B) my BB (not just some "phone") tumbles out of my pocket and C) I die in the process of saving that BB from harm (which was actually on during filming...I don’t waste battery on light).

Further points that I'll repeat here because you may not have read all of my previous comment:

1) I did not intend to make a mere "contest entry vid for". I made a short film of which the BlackBerry was an integral plot device, and can be enjoyed by anyone, CB member or complete stranger on the internet.

2) Dying for something/one DOES indeed show your love. Let me cite a few famous examples: Jack from Titanic, Romeo and Juliet from Shakespeare, or any war movie featuring patriotic heroes. I didn't say dying automatically meant you loved something/someone, so your reference to office suicides does not apply in this context. You interpret my final scene as “dying BECAUSE of my BB”; I’d like to encourage the notion of “dying FOR my BB.”

3) According to the contest rules, as long as it conforms to YouTube guidelines and contains the phrase "I Love My Bl/Crackberry", anything goes. If Kevin included my vid in the contest, then surely it’s perfectly acceptable. We deliberately aimed to stand apart from everyone else, to make them think about greater themes and ideas than just "cool contest entry."

I am NOT out to brainwash you or anybody into voting for me only; there are plenty of great videos in this fun contest. But I do feel the need to defend my film when you're specifically criticizing it on the basis of something it does not attempt to represent. Thank you for taking the time to read this, good night.

Way to battle for your video! Wow! I hope my Trojans show as much as fight against Oregon on Saturday night as you did for your video. :-)

Voted for number 23. I thought the other chosen finalists were all deserving and that number 23 should be right in there with them. I'm curious though what the last finalist would have been before CB "copped out" and left it to the masses to decide.

Thank you so much to chrisy520 and bgwavrder for your votes! I hadn't previously posted any comments regarding my own video because I thought begging for your votes is tasteless. If I make it, it's your decision and I won't try to pressure anyone. But I would really love to hear everyone's thoughts on my video (#23 Yeah!I Love My Blackberry!) I put a lot of time and effort into making it, so please feel free to leave some constructive criticism on my youtube page (OceanaWildFire)!!! Good luck to everyone! All the videos were awesome! I'm deffinately up against some tough

I feel like when we log into CB we should here your song playing. No constructive criticism from me, just thought it was funny and creative. I think it captured the essence of the contest with it's spirit. Also it would be a nice upgrade for you if you won.

Please vote for #11 we worked really hard with the whole family to put this video together. It's one of the few videos that includes kids in it and is family friendly. I had a blast performing CPR on a blackberry and it was fun to pull out the old 7510 device. Our video can't compete on a technical level we think we had a unique way of loving your blackberry. Thanks for watching.

I was surprised your video didn't make it in already, as it was quite good and it had a good message too. A couple things though if I may offer some constructive criticism? Your little guy grabbed the doorknob with his hand. I was always taught to test it first with the back of your hand in case it's hot. Also, some fake smoke and filming the interior shots all in the dark would have gone a long way in making it more real. Even better (and I know this probably wasn't possible) would have been to have a real fire truck show up. Probably can't do that these days though without getting in trouble. Still though, those are just minor things...I mean my video production quality, singing, and dancing was uber lame and I made it into the top! Anyway, good luck to ya!

This was creative, but the scene of the BB sitting on a dresser in a nice "calm" room with no smoke, fire, etc., just killed it for me. It didn't seem real at that point. Nice concept, but with that kind of story, you really do need to use props and special effects for dramatic entertainment.

Chuck, I think your video was chosen over the girl that did a song about her Curve and the rappers that made up rhymes for their videos. There were a small segment of entries that dealt wtih singing or songwriting, so I am figuring you made the finals because your video was representing that segment. Plus it had the "Average Joe" appeal.

I voted for this one... I thought it was brilliant...yes maybe the blackberry was not the center of attention at first, but I thought the whole APPLE APOCALYPSE was brilliant and the fact that he stood strong with his black berry in the face of an Applecalypse is just genius

Thanks for the vote man (woman)! Real life pretty much was the inspiration for our video, because that's almost what happened. I got a Storm because it was the ONLY phone that Verizon had that I really liked, and I had been interested in TMo's G1. But my girlfriend wanted me to have a signal more often than not, and she introduced me to the concept of the storm. My addiction is mostly her fault. In January (that is, if we don't end up winning the Storm2) she'll be able to upgrade her POS Voyager to a Storm2, and we'll have a Crackberry Relationship. I have somewhat curbed my addiction for her and our puppy, but I'm looking forward to her getting one so she "get's it". We didn't really expect to win, but getting into the top ten would be awesome. Again, thanks for the shoutout!

Oh, and Apple + Causing a Zombie Apocalypse = WIN. I laughed my ass off and I'm a huge L4D fan, so I loved your video. If you get this finalist spot instead of me, I'm totally voting for yours.

Thanks, man! :D

Appreciate it, best of luck to you! Cute pup you guys have.

P.S. Are you ready for L4D2?? I must admit, I always play zombie mods on Counter-Strike.

Yeah...she's a cutie. Too cute for her own good sometimes. lol. And yeah, I can't frickin wait for L4D2. I have the demo downloaded already, I haven' t played it yet though, I promised my girlfriend we'd play it together for the first time. Speaking of which, I'm being a Hunter, and she's being Zoey for Halloween. Should be awesome. Again, great video, and best of luck to you as well.

I almost missed the deadline entirely...... so I only came up with a single verse, and fired up the camera on the Macbook. I actually typed the rhyme as an email to myself on the BB......from my primary email to my secondary. Isn't that BlackBerry love?