iluvmybb contest - Vote For Your Favorite Video Entry!

I Love My BlackBerry Video Contest - Click Here to Vote!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Nov 2009 11:40 am EST

Ok CrackBerry Nation. The time has come to vote your for your favorite entry in the I Love My BlackBerry Video contest! You can click the image above to to see the top ten finalist videos again and cast your vote. Voting will remain open until end of day on Thursday, and we'll announce the Grand Prize Winner and Runner Up on Friday.

Just a reminder, the winner will receive a new Macbook, their choice of BlackBerry Storm2 or Bold 9700, and a Schlage LiNK system, while the first runner up will receive their choice of Storm2 or Bold 9700 as well. Awesome prizes! We have some other great prizes lined up for all finalists and non-finalized entries as well, so everyone who submitted a video will be leaving this contest with a little more BlackBerry goodness.

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iluvmybb contest - Vote For Your Favorite Video Entry!


Hi everyone!

My name is Matt Galo and I am the maker of “The Scent of a Blackberry”! I would love for you to vote for my video. A lot of hard work went into making this short film and I think it really shows why the main character loves his Blackberry!

“The Scent of a Blackberry” is one of the most original entries out there! There is a ransom, a high speed pursuit, a tension-filled negotiation, and of course the reuniting of a man and his Blackberry! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll giggle with glee!

Some people think I am a “film professional”…I am far from it! I am a media production student in college who has a camera and a drive to entertain people! I do not get paid for what I do and I have never won a film competition before! To win the IluvmyBB contest here on Crackberry would be an ultimate thrill! I had a one-man crew while shooting this film, making everything THAT much harder! I starred, wrote, directed, and edited this film with the help of my brother!

I think my character loves his Blackberry more than any other character in the entries simply because he was willing to KILL for little ol’ “Berry”. It’s all said in two lines when the main character’s roommate says, “You swore you’d never kill again”, he responds with, “This is different…I love my Blackberry”. He doesn’t even say he won’t kill again…instead, he justifies killing by saying he LOVES his Blackberry!

The focus of my film was clear from the get-go. Someone stole his beloved Blackberry and now he will do anything to get it back. Imagine the trailer for this flick! As posted by Kevin in the original blog post for my film, here was my thought process: If your BlackBerry was held for ransom, how far would you go to get it back? Would you call the police? Try to get the money? Or would you take things into your own hands and dispense your own kind of BlackBerry justice? That is the question my character is faced with and I think you'll agree with his one messes with his BlackBerry.

Now, I know that this contest basically comes down to a popularity contest because the community votes, not judges. I don’t have a blog or a website or anything like that. I am relying on you, the Crackberry community, to make my video number 1.

Please, when you vote, consider my video, “The Scent of a Blackberry”, as your choice for the best IluvmyBB submission. Thank you!

Hi Matt

Absolutely loved " The scent of a Blackberry", great job.

Thats how much I love my Blackberry lol. I've watched it

over and over again. You got my vote it's brilliant.

best of luck.

Fixed. My bad.  Created it as a static page vs. a blog post, and forgot to make it live for viewing to everybody (just I could see it with editor settings). All good now. Vote away!

Me too.

BTW, Stang68, if I vote for you, it will be because I like your video better. I will not vote for you, or anyone else because you are begging (appears that way to me, IMHO) for votes.

I do like your video, as well as the other 9 finalists.

I hope it doesnt appear I am begging. I am just letting everyone know I would appreciate it if they would consider my video when voting!

Amen, jlb21!
The finalists are all listed and the videos are all viewable. There's no need to spam or beg. There was plenty of that in the announcement of the other finalists.
We're all going to vote for who we want to without expecting all of the finalists to tell us why to vote for them. This isn't a political election.

are you going to say anything to the other finalists who commented on this blog post? No? Ok, not surprised...been watching you.

Fixed. My bad.  Created it as a static page vs. a blog post, and forgot
to make it live for viewing to everybody (just I could see it with
editor settings). All good now. Vote away!

While everyone waits for the CrackBerry voting server to respond, I'd just like to congratulate all of the finalists.

It certainly is a tough call. There's a good mix of production quality, story lines, an crackberry essence.

Anyways, if you want to see a short, casual commentary of CrackBerry Therapy with "Jessica" and the director (me), check out:

This was a cool commentary. I wish more of the finalists did something like this, because it would help those of us that have no investment in the contest (i.e., our video, our friends, etc.) make an informed decision. I like how your commentary said that the bed got broken and you used the sounds from it for one of your scenes with the broken screws. When you watch a lot of film commentary, you learn that many of the best scenes or best dialog wasn't planned, the director just took advantage of a situation that arose. Very creative thinking on your part and I enjoyed your final product.

@trjnberry you pretty much capture the entire reason why I made the commentary. I wanted to add tiny bit of depth to the final product.

Much appreciated.

This will be a tough vote. It's hard to choose between the effort put into the video VS the entertainment value in the video.

Thanks again to Crackberry and everyone who made it possible for me to sing "Greased Touch-Screen" and fully humiliate myself on camera! I promise everyone I will work on at least my! ;) While it's certainly not the best production quality here, I sure had a lot of fun with it and I hope many of you are still singing the song! Good luck to all the finalists!

I'd first like to thank Alexandra, Raymond and friends, Matt, Jeff and cute baby, Chuck, Justin and Susanne, Michael and Elizabeth, Mike and "evil girlfriend", and Greg and Aldous for their brilliant and creative work that helps to promote the growth of our CrackBerry community. Best of luck to you all!

I've had the wonderful privilege of promoting my film, APPLECALYPSE, and explaining why I love it (to death, literally) in full detail over the past few days. I think that since this grand finale will be the most trafficked post, it's fitting to share the publicity with my crew who deserve much recognition for their hard work.

Samantha performed very convincingly as an iPhone virus-infected zombie ("iZombie") despite having no experience and generally being a scaredy-cat of horror movies (I kid you not). She actually almost lost her voice at the end from growling but we gave her lots of juice and cookies.

Katelyn worked her artistic magic on all three characters, bringing to life (unlife?) the emotional depth and physical deterioration expressed by two innocent kids fleeing from a relentless, ruthless monster. But not only was she the makeup director, she also served as the highly-disciplined solo camera crew who provided fantastic suggestions.

Dean is the single biggest reason why our film successfully builds suspense and horror. While at first we contemplated covering the 28 Days Later theme, Dean explained that a film with a completely original plot deserves nothing less than a completely original soundtrack - and improvised a motif right on the spot. After many hours in front of a keyboard and on Garage Band (mostly due to our fooling around with all the different sounds), he composed music that evoked emotions ranging from excitement to anxiety to sadness -- for me, anyway (I almost teared up at the end).

APPLECALYPSE was an incredible amount of fun to film, edit, and promote. It was a project that tugged at our competitive strings while teaching us the importance of teamwork, and for that reason I am very grateful for the warm support from our friends and the CrackBerry community we've received thus far.

I'm very honoured and thankful to you, the CrackBerry community member, for having deemed us worthy enough to be a Top10 finalist in what could possibly be the best CrackBerry contest ever. I would definitely appreciate your support once more in this final vote.

Thanks again! Time to barricade my doors and scrounge for canned foods before the iZombies come out again.

-Kevin (aka ACD)

Good job on the video, and kudos for thanking the other finalists, but I think your post here could have used a little less fluff.
I do think you winning the 10th spot is a testimony to the fact that the readers of really did enjoy your video. We'll see if your success carries over to the final vote. I'm pretty sure it will.


Ah, that's a pretty cool trick! I was checking out AngryChineseDriver.Com the night of the Wildcard Pick and I found it interesting that ACD had his video on the front page with a link to the voting screen and an advisory that said you did need to be a Crackberry user to vote him into the finals! While it's likely unknown how many non-CB users voted him into finals, for a blog that had over 100,000 hits in the two years it's been online, you got to wonder how much that link helped him get in!

Not that it's really for you to know, but I actually haven't been getting many hits for those posts :(. It's probably not working the way I'd expect.

However, thanks for reminding me to update the site about the final vote, and for promoting more viewership to ACD! ;)

I'm very proud of my work and I have no qualms about using the available tools on my belt. CB itself has over 1.7 million members...the chance of an ACD reader already being a frequenter of CB is high if they're internet-savvy. Heck, maybe I'll host my own contest to promote subscribers!

What I don't get, ACD, is why you felt it necesasry to use these "available tools on your belt" to promote your video. If yours is the right winner, then why didn't your content get you picked by the Crackberry Panel? Why did 9 videos get chosen before yours? That link probably helped you more than you want to admit! It's Ok, you have to be a CB user now to vote. So, if you do advise your blog readers to join Crackberry so they can vote for you, at least Crackberry will get some benefit from it via new membership. If you win because you deserve it, then I take my hat off to you. But if you win because you're playing games to get votes, that's not fair to the other finalists.

i wouldn't use the words "tricks" or "playing games". i think that in a contest that involves voting promotion is a normal, even expected, part of the process. i've def seen that kind of rallying in the past, esp in the case of contests over the internet. i think it's a good thing that acd is trying to get the people he knows to vote in the ways available to him because not only does it show off a video i bet he is proud of just because it took a lot of effort but also because it in return promotes the other videos as well (and consequently the entire contest and also, even with his efforts in promotion, none of that guarantees that he actually gets anyone's vote. so really i don't see the harm in his methods of promotion. i actually think it'd be worse if he put all that effort into a video and then just decided not to let anyone know about it or the contest. i can't speak on behalf of anyone else but i know that if i entered this contest i'd want to share my efforts and let everyone know that i'm participating in it. people get their friends and family to support them. i think that's a completely natural and okay thing to do. furthermore, if kevin wanted exclusive voting rights to CB members, he'd have posted the vote in the forums like in contests past.

as for the panel choosing 9 other finalists before acd, i really don't see what you're trying to point out by mentioning that. those contestants weren't chosen in any particular order and by a small panel. the winner will be determined by an open vote. two completely different groups of opinions and criteria. the video that "deserves" to win will win just because it is based on votes- there's no way you can argue merit when the merit is as basic and simple as that.

It didn't look right when I saw the link on his blog's home page, especially the part where he advises readers that they don't need to be CB users to vote, but if everyone is OK with it, then I guess it's no foul. Cool. On to the vote...!

"That link probably helped you more than you want to admit!"

Oh trjnberry, how I wish you were right :(.

I took a close look at my stats and it appears that I failed so bad that I can't help but laugh and crack open a beer in shame. On the bright side, I get to drink a beer.

See for yourself:

Oh, I saw that coming a mile away! haha!

It didn't look right to me, but hey, I wouldn't give you so much static if I didn't think you were the winner! Not necessarily the most "deserving", but if you apply "@upondstreet's" logic, you'll likely win this thing!

As much as I'd love to imagine typing this on my MacBook while chatting with my friends via BBM on my BlackBerry Bold 9700, in the safety of my Shlage LiNK wireless home alarm system...the reality is that I have a 10% chance of winning like the other nine finalists.

We're all working hard to gather votes any way legitimately possible, and I honestly think that it's up in the air. No one's going to slack off for such a great grand prize! ;)

When I re-watched these videos I asked myself "Can this video be essentially about ANY phone or does it reek of blackberry love?" and i found that to be pretty helpful when trying to pick the best out of all of these great videos. To my surprise, a lot of these videos had little or nothing to do with actual blackberries.

For that reason, my top 2 picks for voting were greased touched screen and the black and white 40's diner.

Congrats again to everyone and good luck to all whatever happens I was just happy to be included with the rest of you it is an honor.

As any reader of this contest knows, I have been a very vocal feedback critic throughout the finalist posts. Along the way, I got into a battle with one of the finalists about what defines the contest theme. Readers that followed the battle, learned that I did not submit a video, nor did I know anybody who did. I was representing the ordinary Crackberry user who wants to judge the winner on how well they met the contest theme. If you look at the original contest page, it clearly specifies loving your Blackberry and proving you are the ultimate Blackberry ADDICT. After all, this is a Crackbery contest, not a just a Blackberry or YouTube contest.

As we look at the ten finalists, we are left with a decision about whether we want to see a Zombie, Car Chase, Karaoke singer, Hot Chick in shorts sitting on bed (yeeoooowww!), Dream Sequence, or fight with a lover as our choice as best video. Do we want to consider regret for changing phones or hiding our usage or ignoring our friends as the best interpretation of the contest theme? We are challenged with the prospect of deciding whether we think death, addiction, regret, avoidance, or fear of loss is best descriptive of what a Blackberry lover is all about, especially a Crackberrian.

For me, I will base my vote on who I think did the best job in meeting the theme. I would want the winner to be a video that I could watch at anytime of the year and I say to myself... Yeah, that is a Crackberrian if there ever was one!

Because we all know Crackberrians LOVE their Blackberries...!!

My name is Alexandra, I was finalist #1. I just want to say congrats to everyone who ENTERED the contest. It really does take a lot of guts to face thousands of people on YouTube and CrackBerry. good job to EVERYONE who submitted videos. As for my fellow finalists, good job to you as well. We were fortunate enough to be selected and we should all feel proud.

Secondly, I just want to clear up some loose ends people might have felt in my video. And I'm not saying this for votes at all, I just feel like people misunderstood my entry. In Canada, Bell is a CDMA carrier and my contract had just finished with them in August. I decided I did not want to renew my contract with them and wanted to subscribe to a GSM provider instead. Since I had the CDMA Curve, I could not bring my phone over to my new carrier. People said I should've sold my PS3 instead and I just wanted to say that I didn't absolutely NEED to sell it. I sold it because rather than it sit in my room collecting dust I'd rather someone else get use out of it and love it as much as I did! And I also wanted to point out that I'm a student and I'm fortunate enough for my parents to pay for my cellphone, so I was not going to ask my parents who are being kind enough to foot the bill to pay minimum $45/month for a data plan.

Thirdly I just wanted to say to my fellow finalists that I enjoyed your videos.

Stang68 I am also a media student and while your video looks of professional quality your story is just as rich.

ACD I admire your creativity to employ zombies into your movie. For a first time film it looks very good.

Raymond your film was pretty funny and I enjoyed your storyline.

Jeff your video is absolutely adorable! Congrats on your video but more importantly congratulations on becoming a daddy!

Charles you have GUTS! I could never get in front of a camera and sing. I have so much respect for you just for getting the nerve to make your video the way you did.

Justin I thought your video was really funny! I was impressed with it in the amount of time you said you made it in.

Michael & Elizabeth that was just great cinematography! Honestly it was like a breath of fresh air I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mike your video showed a true addiction! I honestly couldn't believe how many berries you had! I was scared they were harmed in the making of your film! Great film.

Greg your movie is really funny. Typical BB user, hit the nail right on the head! Good job, I really laughed!

Again congrats to the finalists and to everyone who submitted a film. And the BIGGEST thank you of all to Kevin and the CrackBerry team for holding such an awesome contest! You guys ROCK!

Same to you, Alexandra! I really enjoyed your flick, especially the part where the teacher says "pull out your Blackberries" and you're like, "What?!?" Lol that was great. You're expression was perfect.

What a tasteful way to clarify some misconceptions about your video, rather than writing a novel on why people should vote for you and why you are superior to the others.
And even more tasteful are the compliments you paid to the other finalists. What a classy young lady. You have set a good example, and I think the other finalists would be good to follow your lead.


Thank you Stang68! And thank you iheartcrackberry, I just think that those who weren't picked should be recognized as well, I had a great time making my video and I hope everyone else did too!

Why the hell should I vote for some douche to win something when my own video didn't even get picked? Think about it.

I am going to vote for the one I found most funny and creative, I urge all to do the same. Videos like "Scent of BB" or "Applecalypse" were NOT creative (no offense). Just becausr they look professional, does not mean it's original. Car chase? Seen it. Zombies? Seen it. If I wanted to watch a movie, I'd go to the theater...,.not YouTube...I know mine was not good or creative, but I did mine just for fun.

Greased touch screen was the creative one for me, congrats !

And congrats to all finalist, (I do not mean to be offensive, jsut being blunt).

Those two were the best ones. They were very creative and VERY original. Look at the other entries, theres 10 song videos, 30 addiction videos, and 30 "Love affair/in love with the Blackberry" videos. You should vote for the one that had the "WOW" factor, as said in the criteria. Greased Touch Screened was sad and depressing. And what do you mean by, "not YouTube"? Does that mean you think a video has to be shitty to be on YouTube? lol your logic is all wrong.

I know who I'm voting for...a video that had a lot of effort and "WOW" factor. One of those two...

ehhh, i tend to agree with aznhomieboy. Scent and Zombie had a lot of bells and whistles and clearly took a lot of effort but they didn't really do it for me. Don't get me wrong- they were great submissions and definitely in my top 10, but beyond the guns, cars, and explosions, Scent had little to do with blackberries. In the 9 minute film there were only a handful of references to his BLACKBERRY. I think the zombie one suffered from this too. Both were very entertaining and pretty to look at, but again, this contest was more specific than that. It wasn't "how much you love your cell phone", but "WHY you love your BLACKBERRY". In my opinion, neither of those videos answered that.

On the original contest page, it says "Think you're the biggest BlackBerry addict out there?,Can't live without it?, Do you love your blackberry?, Show Us!" That basically means show us that you love your blackberry. Scent answered that fully. The guy was showing his love for his blackberry by showing that he would kill for his blackberry. Also, I thought he made enough references to his blackberry. There's only so many times you can refer back to it. As for the zombie one, I thought it was good, but could of used a few more references so I agree with you on that one. Overall, I thought both were great, yet I think Scent sticks out just a little bit more.

The contest page explicitly states
"Step 1: Make Your "I Love My CrackBerry" Video

Make a video showing us Why You Love Your BlackBerry."

So, no, I don't think Scent, Zombie, or many other finalist fulfilled that "requirement" so to speak.

But of course, you're obviously entitled to your opinion and i'm just humbly explaining mine.

It depends on what YOU define as "WOW" factor, I think their video were ONLY SELECTED because of their ability to make a good movie (one of them did say they were a film student, did they not?). So where does that leave the norms? The people, like Alexandra and Charles, who had very very original ones and seem like home-made are the ones I think it's most effort put into it. For instance, Charles explained that he was not a kind of guy who would do such a thing, but because he and his friend had so much fun, they were able to create a funny lyrics to the song and able to make us laugh. That took more effort, I believe, than Scent of a Blackberry, just because their video seemingly look more professional, does not mean more effort was put into it. It just meant that these people have been previously trained to make good movies and have seen what OTHERS have done and decided to somehow implement it into a Blackberry contest. It took them a lot of time to edit and such, I'm sure, but I'm positive they are used to that by now since Scent's is a film student. Nonetheless, they did have a good entry. But I see them as a distraction and "popular" choice videos, not something that is creative.

In the end, I believe that the other entries, such as Alexandra's and Charles', is being masked by these popular videos, so I was just pointing out that maybe people should look the other videos and I encourage them to think wisely before you vote. That's all.

*EDIT: I hope you don't HONESTLY think that he loves his BB so much that he's willing to kill. And zombies? WHAT THE HECK is that and how does that tell me that he loves a Blackberry, or better yet, addicted to one?

think anybody thinks I would REALLY kill for my Blackberry! lol It is just a short, fictionalized narrative. I don't think people are taking it THAT seriously :P


What kind of statement is that at the end? It's a film, why can't the character be portrayed as willing to kill for his BB?

And I guess you totally didn't understand the Zombie one either or read any of the comments where the guy who made it explained why DYING for his BB is the strongest sign of loving your BB.

Of a BlackBerry! That was great, Matt!

By far, the best video in this competition. It got the point across and really kept it exciting the whole way through! The story was great and you could really feel for the main character! I loved how we got a glimpse of his "past" in those 3 little shots of him with the gun and jacket. Very interesting.

Scent is the best video, production-wise, plot-wise, and Berry-wise! Gotta love the Berry humor!

Hey All Justin here,
Alot has been said here on the boards, most of which I want no parts of, but I will say that there were alot of great videos made. Whether it made the top 10 or not, everyone put in work... whether it was alot, a little, HD quality, shot on a digital camera or what have you. I think everyone should be proud as it's tough to take an idea then manifest it into something for people to either hate or enjoy. So kudos to everyone.
Susanne and I enjoyed making our video as a late afternoon/evening project and we're estatic that we're actually finalists. Do we want to win?? Of course! This is a competition and if you've seen this girl play Taboo you'd know she's a shark! But it's still a friendly competition so I hope that everyone will just vote and comment with integrity.
That being said we want to thank everyone for watching our video and giving their opinions/critiques. For the most part it was fairly positive (next time we'll pay more attention to the editing and such) but either way it's been alot of fun and that's what it's all about.
To all the finalist good luck!! Can't wait for results to come in on Friday... I can't be reading these posts all day it's taking time away from my Blackberry!!! lol
Later ALL

The only two authors battling for their video is Stang68 (Matt) and ACD (Kevin), more affectionately known as AngryChineseDriver.Com. Nobody else is battling for their video. So, I think it's clear that the death theme is winnning this contest, it's just a question of killing or being killed! Car chase versus Zombie. A kidnapped Curve - er, I mean Tour 9630, versus a falling Pearl. (At least it looked like a Pearl.) Whatever happened to the other finalists?

I wonder how many other CB users are like me, where they have more than one favorite. It would help a lot if the other finalists wouldn't just let Matt and Kevin battle it out, because who ever loses of those two, will be the runner-up. The rest of you will just get whatever consolation prize a finalist gets. And, let me just say this because it needs to be said... there are other finalists that are everybit as worthy of the title of Contest Winner as Kevin and Matt are. Don't sell yourselves short. You deserve it as much as they do. They used death as their theme, you may have used addiction or fear of loss or some other theme, but that doesn't make you any less worthy of winning. But you won't win if all the attention is on Kevin and Matt. In my humble opinion...

I can't speak for Justin, but I can say that I don't believe we should be battling for the win outside the actual videos. This contest was about having fun and showing your love for your BlackBerry in a personal way. I produced my video based on how I felt about my BlackBerry and how I interpreted the contest. While I didn't have any fancy effects or anything, I met my goals, which were to have my BlackBerry and I be the main features of the video, show off some reasons I love my BlackBerry, and have fun doing it. That's the best I can do. It is now up to the voters to decide the winner. Sure, I'd love to win, but it's just not me to make a big deal of my video or try to "recruit" people to vote for me. Some people have really taken the fun out of this contest with their pushiness and rude remarks (mostly from people who probably didn't even submit videos). I don't want to be like that and I won't be like that. If I don't win it's OK because I know I had fun and I know I played fair. That's all that matters to me.

Chuck, YouTube is full of amatuer videos that normal everyday people have posted for the entertainment of the internet audience. You didn't need to enter a Crackberry contest if you wanted to sing Karaoke with your Blackberry for the world to see and enjoy. I have no clue who Bluesy13 on YouTube is, but I love his guitar playing, especially a song he wrote. Obviously at over 300,000 views, I wasn't the only one that liked it.

But, you did enter a contest. The winner is chosen by us, the Crackberry community. If I appear "rude" and "pushy", it's because I am fan of the contest. I have a favorite, actually I have 5. So, I have a 50% chance that my favorite wins! But being pushy and rude and hey "let's battle", is what we fans appear to do when we want our team to win, Chuck. I want my favorite to win! I don't care which of my favorite 5 win, but I can only vote for 1. So, I am trying to get my favorites to stand up and say VOTE FOR ME. Nothing more than that. Don't need to put the other guy down. Just put yourself up. Get some friends to say good things about your video so that other voters that are on fence can decide for themselves instead of thinking, "Oh, it's clearly between Matt and Kevin, so let me pick which of those two, I like the best." People do that, Chuck. People want to say, they voted for the winner. So, if the masses think this is battle between Kevin and Matt, my other favorites won't stand a chance.

You could have done your video for a YouTube audience that would be ever so appreciative of the hard work and creativity you put forth, but you enter a contest, where the purpose is to WIN. You don't enter a contest to say you tried. Next contest, I think Crackberry ought to determine who wants to win and just limit the finalists to those type of contestants, because it's not fair to the fans who want to see their favorite win. Especially, when they are being asked to VOTE for them!

That wasn't directed at you. Actually, I think it's nice of you to be concerned about the other contestents. But, this is why I've been staying out of it. Since Crackberry first started posting the finalist videos these threads have been full of "vote for me, vote for him, he said she said," and a bunch of other garbage. It reminds me of a couple childish places I have worked in the past where everything has to be a popularity contest. All I'm saying is that everyone should sit back and let the videos speak for themselves. I'm not a game player, just a guy who entered the contest waiting to see where I end up.

I don't deny that I'm on CB constantly (eh...don't want to do homework), but I wouldn't say that anyone's been "battling" for their video - and I completely agree that all the finalists are equally worthy to win.

Funnily enough, most of the "attention" to me comes from you, trjnberry! Few have been as adamant as you about egging me on to defend my video (plus you keep promoting my site...keep it up ;). I'd say if anyone deserves a "bonus prize", Kevin should give you one for being a dedicated and humble star commentator who doesn't have any vested interest in the contest. I'd vote for you ;).

I personally feel this video conveyed the love of Blackberry quite well. some people here are going on about how this film didn't feature the Blackberry enough. If I am correct the point of this contest was to feature how much you love Blackberry and I feel as if this video did so accordingly.

Unlike other videos this video did not feature the Blackberry in every single scene, but I found this to only further my interest. He sacrificed his own life in order to save his Blackberry. This created the climatic ending to a remarkably well done plot. If the Blackberry had been featured throughout the whole video, I feel as if the climax would have lost it's affect.

All in all well done video. Best one in my opinion.(Not taking away anything from the other videos) I thought that the Zombie girl was great and the makeup and effects were also very well done. Congrats and I hope you win.

This is exactly what Scent of a Blackberry was like. The Blackberry, while being the main focus and plot device, was not featured until really the ending in that little stand-off.

Applecalypse DID do what you said, but SCENT OF A BLACKBERRY did it better.

Hi there CB nation!

I voted for The Scent of a Blackberry and told all of my friends on here to, as well. It conveyed the love for a Blackberry better and with more STYLE than any other entry! I was on the edge of my seat watching this movie. This is a video contest and SCENT is, by far, the BEST VIDEO HERE!

I am all for the people who want to get into things. Personally I had a blast thinking up the idea for this one and purposely making in only about 31 seconds. Like TV Commercials short and sweet is the wya to leave the impression. THat is why I didn't want a drawn out movie I wanted something that showed no matter what I am doing my Blackberry is right there with me. THat includes when I am holding my New Born Baby.

But as much as I want to win and I do. I really have no time to get into and keep responding to everyone and fighting for my video on here. I run my own business I am a new father and still need to spend time with the wife so we still get each other.

For me Those things will come before defending my video or denouncing anyone elses. Everyones is great. I am not a film student and actually borrow a camera from a friend for fun. If I knew this was going to critique how well someone edited and made it the most professional I would not have entered this was supposed to be for fun to show our love.

Anyways I hope people will just vote for what they liked. That is all that matters. I hope my video can be the dark horse. I mean really your only talking 20 people saying who they voted for which is probably nothing in the overall terms so my guess is just cause those 2 videos are the most vocalized doesn't mean a thing in the overall vote. Good Luck to everyone and will be fun to see what happens in the end.

Your film, Jeff, was my favourite of all 80 entries. If I wasn't in the running as well, I'd certainly vouch for you and garner support for your short vid. I certainly hope you do well in the results, you deserve a great prize!

How about taking it a step further I need that new blackberry so I can give my old one to my baby nothing like putting on Baby Einstein in her crib while she sleeps or sits in a chair and learns letters and numbers from her new Blackberry Storm 1 while I get to use the Storm 2 :)

So for everyone who wants to further the Blackberry nation vote for me as it will add the youngest member to our ranks :) lol

Its a video contest...what were you expecting? Of course people are going to be critiquing what you entered. Sure, have fun with it, but some big prizes are up and people are going to be judging the videos pretty hard.

I thought that would be a given...

A video can be great without it being production quality. Thats all I am saying creative and well thought out video's are what the point was not who has had the most practice and classes on how to edit and what angle to shoot from.

Now I am not saying doc the people who have that experience either. But if someone took a bad angle but the story line and plot were great personally to me the value of what was the video was about more than the editing of how they made it look.

Just my opinion I personally think all the videos were great and creative in their own ways.

Like I said earlier just becuase those video's have the loudest people does not mean they are the one's getting the most votes everyone has a chance at this in my opinion.

Thanks ACD like I said I was short simple and the surprise ending hopfully I got those but we will find out if I did it well enough.

Anyways thanks for all the supporters that have voted for mine. Also thanks to everyone who votes at all. I mean participation is what makes voting great. :)

Well, I was really hoping to be the gentleman and sit this whole debate on who has the best video out, but as other members noted scent and zombie flick are getting the most chat about them. As far as I'm concerned publicity wheather it be posititve or negative is good publicity. I mean scent and zombie film are both in the heads of the views just from all the chat. People love controversy and debate I mean we have presidential elections the WWE is still around lol. So I'm going to be the outside 3rd party that tries to sway the votes. My overall goal was to reach just one person with my video and I belive I did that, but this is a contest and I do want to win as much as the other finalists. At&t doesn't have storm lol. Again as I have said before I am very grateful to be considered into the top 10, and honored to be in the voting with so many other great videos!

Now on to my video, I am the proud owner of #48 I Love my Blackberry, The Movie. First off I am going to take a differnt approach towards spinning words towards my video. I will explain all the negatives in it. First off none of us are actors! 2. The editing was quite choppy in a scene in the beggining because I didn't want to actually kill my storm. 3. Filmed in an apartment at the wee hours of the night 1am -3am neighborhood , reshoots were really not an option because of neighbors. 4. Lighting changes in stairwell because there are multiple differnt types of lights incadecent and flaurecent (white balance sucked) 5. Garage scene was not good to light camera couldn't pick up light even though all the lights in the garage were on ( I personally like how the scene came out.) 6.More crummy acting by me :) 7.Audio could have been better but I didn't know how to really fine tune it all on the program that and the deadline was in some hours after editing. 8. Garbage disposal scene the cuts were original quicker and shorter, but didn't have time to go back and correct it :( 9. Forgot the gf's hephenated name it is Saavedra-Alverson! 10. I accidently shut my door on my cat in the scene where I go in the bathroom to cry. oops! Listen for the bell.

Anyways, I am sure someone else will point out more flaws, but thats what I have noticed myself and I hope everyone looks past them and realizes that my video has alot of real interesting thoughts, and a twist ending of course! I still laugh at the blackberry in the fan. I truley love my blackberry and of course I would never hurt one of them , and all that is a scary scenario, but it was purley for entertainment value! None of the phones were hurt :) So with this said I appreciate the votes I do get and any support . Good luck to all it has been a wonderful experience. Good day.

I love the Saw theme in your video. It is just so chilling lol. I liked how yours flowed, nice job, dude!

Matt Galo or Stang68 this is for you: STOP CREATING FAKE ACCOUNTS to insult other finalists and praising your own. Its so damn obvious, your writing style is the same, you keep using the same words like "it kept me on the edge of my seat" and your fake comments are way too enthusiastic for a regular crackberry member to say. You obviously dont think your video will win if you have to cheer for yourself under different accounts. Others have already called you out, when will you learn?

This is a fake account I'm writing from, how do you feel now?

The levels people are dropping to for this contest are horrendous. I do not have a fake account. People have been talking for me and thats fine with me. They could be my friends for all I know, but they are not me. Don't accuse someone of something you have no idea about. I've tried to keep it fair, and I think I've done a good job of that. For all I know, other usernames could be fake from the other people who entered...I dont know. You say people are too enthusiastic about my video? Look at the blog post comments for my video. Did I make ALLLL those fake account? lol And look at the comments for the other vids like Applecalypse...they are all VERY enthusiastic so obviously ACD made a bunch of fake accounts too, right? :/ Stop trying to make waves where there are none.

Being a fellow college student, I know for fact that Matt doesn't have time to make accounts congratulating himself all day. Both of us have just escaped (finally) midterm exam hell.

I must admit though that I haven't been getting as much commentary love as some might think, relative to the other finalists haha :(...the first few entries garnered lots of attention and it's been a steady decline since. I've probably gotten more critical response from one very dedicated CB member (you know who you are ;) than all positive comments combined! (Not to say that I'm shrugging off supporters who HAVE positively commented!) But what I mean is that if the level of fraud is determined by the number of comments X level of supposed enthusiasm, then surely everyone from A to Z is guilty! The reality is that it's simply not true.

There's just one day left, friends...let's not reminisce about the best CB contest in history with a bitter taste in our mouths.

P.S. I tried to submit this comment from my iPod...but it kept failing. Is that a sign?! ;)

I don't think we need to undermine and try to trash someone. I am sure if someone was cheating that crackberry would look into it.

Lets keep it on the up and up yes they are big prizes but really there is no need to be rude and go after people.

Come on this is suppsoed to be fun.

I'll tell you what's not fun, waiting for the results! I have been biting my nails for the past week! Let's please keep it fun for the last 24 hours.

A Coveroo? How cool is that! I could just see Shao's phone, decked out in one of his cool themes he designs with a cool coveroo design and his wallpaper changer. The winner may be get a Bold 9700, but I wonder if Shao's phone will be the talk of the town! :-)

Final day of the polls!!! After today I can finally get back to life... Hopefully with a brand spankin new BB Storm 2 and Mac!!! So let's all start getting those votes in for #6 Romantic Evening Gone Wrong... vote for anything else and your supporting TERRORISM!!! lol