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iluvmybb contest - Other Awesome Entry Video Shout Outs!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Nov 2009 09:31 am EST

Mad Skillz - Entry #51 - Professional Yo-Yo Berry

OK folks, this is our last shout-outs post in what was a purely awesome I Love My BlackBerry Video contest. For this final round, I went through the videos and have highlighted in this post nine entries that really grabbed my attention for different reasons. I'll give a brief overview, and then you can watch all the videos below. As for the video above... well... let's just say it hit a sweet spot with me because back when I was 8 years old (in '88) I remember watching the Smothers Brothers reunion season on CBS. The Yo-Yo Man (Tom Smothers) was my HERO. Seriously, I was addicted to yo-yos long before I became addicted to BlackBerrys.

More Shout Out Awards:

  • Mad Skillz Award - Aron Bendet is the Yo-Yo Berry
  • First Entry In - Props to Matthios Rios for getting this video in just hours after we announced the competition
  • From the Heart - Robert Sinisi's video is straight from the heart. Our best wishes go out to his sister
  • Most Educational - We can now sign BlackBerry thanks to Jenna Endicott's entry
  • More Mad Skilz - Marco Hartig killed his BlackBerry... in style
  • Most Money Spent on a Video - Troy Peterson.. you is crazy! Watch him buy 7,000 shares of RIMM for close to half a million dollars :)
  • Passion & Awesomeness - Troy Reynold's Inglorious BlackBerry Addict tale is a must-watch!
  • Gag Reel Award - Troy Anderson's documentary had an awesome Gag Reel at the end. Kudos to that!!
  • CrackBerry Crazy Awesome - BlackBerrying while Sky Diving? YOU BET!

In addition to our Slacker, SmrtGuard and ShaoSoft Prizes going out to all contestants that put in an entry, all of our shout-out winners will also get their own Coveroo and DreamTheme Prime Theme! 

I Love My BlackBerry Video Contest Shout Outs!

First Entry Submitted - Entry #01 -No Love for the iPhone


From the Heart - Entry #06 - Life Saving BlackBerry


Most Educational - Entry #14 - Learn to Sign BlackBerry


More Mad Skillz - Entry #18 - Things I Would Never to Do My BlackBerry


Most Money Spent on a Video - Entry #21 - $469,000 Worth of BlackBerry Love 


Pure Awesomeness - Entry #22 - The Inglorius BlackBerry Addict



Gag Reel- Entry #55 - "Life One-Handed" Documentary


CRACKBERRY CRAZY AWESOME - Entry #77 - BlackBerry Jumper!


Reader comments

iluvmybb contest - Other Awesome Entry Video Shout Outs!


What is with the pink belt. Is the ring on his pants pocket from the yoyo. What the hell does this have to do with ILUVMYBB. He or should I say She (the pink belt makes me wonder) did a great job with the yoyo but can you imagine how long he spent in his room perfecting this. This video should be under the heading ILUVMYYOYO.

Isn't it kind of sad that our gag reel was funnier than our actual commercial? Ha, we'll plan a lot better next time! Thanks for the shout out Kev!

Wow, thanks for the shout out, Kev! "Most educational" is fitting for my video, hehe. I could teach more BB words in signs!!

By the way, I like entry #18 more than #51 as they're under the same wordings "mad skillz".

Congrats to all!!

That guy is clearly using a dummy phone. Look at the screen. I'm sorry, but yo-yo kid takes the gold as far as "mad skills" are concerned.

All vids were good. I knew he was using dummie phones, but I liked his vid because it is about "blackberry" whereas the yoyo vid doesn't. Everyone has different thoughts, views, whatever you call it. Nevertheless, all vids were good.

i really thought about using an actuall phone, but after i tried it a few things with a dummie it was clear to me that using a real phone would have required a sure win video, and as we all saw, the quality of the other was way to high to ensure this with a bit of juggling and hacky sack ^^

congratz to everyone who entered, all vids were so good!

yoyo kid is pretty sick, i yoyo too, but thats some tight s*it right there!! :)

still, the ending of "Pure Awesomeness - Entry #22 - The Inglorius BlackBerry Addict" had me laughing so hard! hahaha, another parody of letters to my sister! genius!!! and the ending line was killer :P well done!