iluvmybb finalist - A Day In The Life Without My BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Oct 2009 03:04 pm EDT

Entry #45 - A Day in the Life WITHOUT My BlackBerry | View All Contest Video Submissions >>

* keep in mind we're not announcing the ten finalists in any particular order - 9 more to come! *

The first finalist to be announced in our I Love My BlackBerry Video Contest is Entry #45, by Alexandra Jessome. Take a few minutes to watch the video above and you'll see that Alexandra went above the call of duty with her original flick, enrolling the help of her friends, classmates, and family (even Grandma took part!) to put together the compelling story of not why she loves her BlackBerry, but rather how she wishes she could say she loves her BlackBerry once again. Congrats Alexandra. Awesome job!!!

We'll announce another finalist video right here tomorrow. The suspense continues.... so stay tuned!! And if you haven't had a chance yet to watch all the video entries, jump over to the contest videos page and check them out. There's literally hours of entertainment. Once all the finalists have been posted we'll open up the debate and voting to the community to choose the winners (so keep the comments friendly and non-competitive on these individual posts!). 

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iluvmybb finalist - A Day In The Life Without My BlackBerry



[*** SPOILERS ***]

Awesome vid. I loved your Mom saying "I got you a whole box of blackberries."

And then the hidden scene of your Grandma going "No Blackberry and she cheats too." That's priceless and had me ROTFL!!!!!!

you need a Palm Pre with all it's fun social apps... not a real business tool like the Blackberry! Next contestant please!

Just a little dull and boring. Hope you get a new Blackberry soon, but I don't think it will be from crackberry :(

exactly what i was thinking, she didn't put enough effort into it, just a boring video, hopefully the others are better

good luck with ur dilemna

I think I'd be so humiliated if even my grandma made fun of me for not being on top of the latest trends! :(

Best of luck, and I hope you enjoy mine as well (APPLECALPYSE #33)!

In the 3 years I worked for Bell, no one ever had to give there phone back after there contract ended :s

Little bit confused here?

not a bad video though

I think she mentioned that she had to sell it not give it back! I like the part with her cousin or little brother on the steps...classic

when her old contract ended then winning a new one makes no sense. If she can't afford the data plan then guess what... game over! What would she do with a BB that Crackberry gives her... of course, sell it and pocket the change. Forget it... next contestant please!!

I'll add in the Story Behind the Video as the 1st comment on future finalists posts... but here it is for this one and it explains the device situation (her Curve was on a CDMA carrier and when her contract finished she wanted to got to GSM so sold her Curve):

"Ok, so about my video; I filmed it at several locations, my home obviously, at my school and my uncle's house. I had my mom, my uncle, aunt, cousins, grandmother and classmates in the video. I really tried to be humourous in the film, although I'm not sure I was successful. I wanted it to be funny in the sense that it feels like everyone around me has a BlackBerry except me. It is true that I no longer have my phone anymore. I was on contract with Bell but that ended in August and I wanted to switch to a GSM provider so I could not longer use my Curve. Being a student I really had to choose the cheapest plan out there, so I decided on Fido, however they only have the Pearl and I did not want to go on a 3-year contract. I really do miss my Curve."

Thanks to Kevin for trying to clear up the questions. Since people are a little confused I sold my phone, I didn't give it back.. I realized after I edited the whole video that I shouldn't have said that line, cause I didn't actually give it back to Bell. I then had to use the money from my phone to pay for my books for school.. so in case anyone is saying "Why didn't you just buy one outright?" this is your answer.

And a VERY big thanks to those who enjoyed it and are supportive!

@AngryChineseDriver I saw your flick a couple of days ago, I thought it was really creative! Good job to you too sir!

Who cares if you sold it or if you gave it back. - You made a video, Your Video!

I really like how you had many people involved in this. In the beginning I thought it would be a solo, boring-type of video but turned out to be on the entertaining side too.

Good job and good Luck.

Why did she have to sell her BB after her contract ended? Is this a Canadadian thing? Here in the US nothing changes other than you are on a month-to-month contract.

...but kinda disturbing. For a moment, I though it was kevin in a wig. She looks like she could be Kevin's sister!

Cute idea. Good luck!

Too cute- I loved this it was awesome! Reminded me of a Nickelodeon show, hmm.. "Clarissa Explains It All" maybe?? lol

Anywho I hope u win and btw ur little brother was hilarious- I woulda pushed him down the stairs lol and then offer him too cute I LOVED IT!!

That's what I said he just stole the show and it was an awkward

its like the pie is what saved him from a beat down! lol

I wonder if it were 'Blackberry' pie lol!!

Alexandra, you made a good video! Ignore those who put down you and your video with their unecessary comments. You were very creative with your video. Good luck to ya!

Alexandra, congrats on being the first video picked, and good luck. This was a great contest and I'm glad I got my family to join in and help! Good luck to everyone who entered! I enjoyed all of the videos!

You know I have to say that this is a really good video. You did a good job! I wanted to make a video but seriously, I don't have much creative skills to think of something interesting to record n for ppl to like. so KUDOS to you and good luck =)

Glad to see everyone read the part "so keep the comments friendly and non-competitive on these individual posts!"
Good luck with your entry, and with having to use your non-BlackBerry phone.

You know, as far as I'm concerned, everyone who submitted a video did a GREAT job! I like how all the people who didn't even try have mean things to say! Well, when they (maybe) get to mine, bring it on, cuz I don't care! Not everyone is a professional video editor, actor, or whatever. Some of us have done very little work with videos, nothing with videos, or have never even been on camera before. It's easy to say "oh, that's the coolest video ever" to the ones that are professionally produced (and they are awesome, but...), but don't ever think that there wasn't a lot of work involved for those of us who produced amateur material. The important thing is that those of us who made our videos had fun, we're proud of our BB's, and we want to share that with our fellow Crackberrians. Anyway, remember what your Mother taught you...if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!

My thoughts exactly. I think people should base their votes on a lot more than just whoever has the money/time/resources to make a video with fancy effects, professional actors/producers, etc. (not to diss those who have videos with those).
I know I didn't have a lot of time to do anything fancy because I was working my second job all week/weekend, but I still put a lot of time and effort into my video, and I'm happy with the way it turned out.
I'm not the type of person who likes having my picture taken, let alone video, but I did it with the hope of entertaining others. If I get in the top 10, cool. If I win, even better. I just know I had fun, even though I nearly had a panic attack when Youtube scrambled my video when I first uploaded it.
Good luck to ALL entries, big, small and everything in between.
Tyler "Todd" :D

Thank you! I practically had a panic attack just getting in front of the! I actually have two videos is 33 seconds long and took me a whole day to make because I had to learn some new "tricks" in photo and video editing that would make others laugh. My longer video (I'm the sick guy who can't!) took me three days to put together and it's pretty bad in terms of production. But I'm glad I did it and I learned a lot about using editing programs and about myself in the process. It was definitely a good experience! Good luck to you and the others too!

I am all for offering constructive criticism, the kind that gives praise and offers suggestions for improvement. But, it's noteworthy to keep in mind that YouTube and other sites like YouTube, allow you to put up a video about almost anything you want. If you want to put forth a silly video about why you love the Blackberry, go for it. Great for you. But, don't enter a contest, if you can't handle the rejection. A contest needs a winner. Those of us that are commenting on the videos, we're saying whether we think this particular video is worthy of the title, WINNER. The winner is getting something cool for having the nerve to compete. In all fairness to the other competitors, the winner should be deserving of the title. When the community is doing the voting, then viewer feedback is helping the community make a good choice.

I emphasize nerve to compete, this is not easy to subject yourself to the criticism & universal attention. There'd be a million entries if it were easy. So, yeah, congrats to all who participated, but don't forget it's a contest and we need a winner.

I, too, am all for offering constructive criticism, but Kevin did ask people to keep it friendly and non-competitive on these individual posts on the finalists, and I think the least we can do is fulfill his request.
I also believe in letting people form their opinion on whether a video is worthy of a vote without having to read all of the other people with videos and their friends bashing all of the other videos. That's already been happening on Youtube. Why make it that way here?
That's just how I plan on conducting myself. It's not up to me to tell others how to act.

At least your video has a PLOT!! lol, a lot of the videos were just going in circles or were made just to enter the contest. At least yours is self-sustained!

I hope mine makes the Top Ten! Its "The Scent of a Blackberry" #17!

How the Fck is this in the finals???!!!

I personally think the skydiver shud have been the finalist he roked tht vid.... U bee the man skydiver kudos buddy :D

Not sure why anyone would post negatives. I thought it was great and if I didn't I just wouldn't comment. Ignore the haters :)

Could it be because it's a contest where the winner gets something pretty cool? I don't know anybody who participated but some of the other commenters may have submitted or have a friend who did and they're giving "competitive feedback". The key is not to take it personal. It's a contest, we need a winner, be proud you had the nerve to enter, and just remember, the "haters" may be your competition sounding off in hopes of winning.

Why in the world would you sell your blackberry before your playstation? Even if you don't have your contract anymore you should keep it like it's your brain, but just in stasis for a while. I just can't feel sorry for anyone that decides to sell their blackberry before their playstation.

I thougth the premise of this contest was to show why you love your Blackberry. I didn't get the impression at all that the main character loved the Blackberry. I actually got the impression that the lead had moved on and her friends and family were still stuck on Blackberrry. There was no real emotion being displayed about not having the device. Her friends could have just as easily been using a iphone or other popular phone. I would have liked to have seen some emotion over losing the phone. For example, when the girlfriend exclaims she's got an email, I would liked to have seen the lead look down at her dumb phone replacement and in a sad tone, say something like, "Oh, yea, this phone doesn't have that cool flashing light to let you know you have email. I miss that!" No where in the video does the contest participant illustrate what's she missing out on by not having a Blackberry. Her social scene is Blackberry, but what is it about the phone itself that you're losing out on by not having the device?

For the sake of the contest, the video author made a decent attempt at a having a plot and story. I think she could have gotten more dramatic effect had she opened with a scene with the bill in hand and an empty wallet, then got on the phone with the carrier and negotiated a trade-in of the phone in lieu of payment of outstanding balance. Afterwards got a basic phone because she couldn't afford a better phone. Then, the viewers would know why she didn't have the phone to use. Good luck to the author, though. I think the winner should be somebody who did an excellent job answering the question of why they love their Blackberry, not just a video about Blackberry. IMHO.

We know who is friends with And there is still 9 more entries to be picked :/ No one won yet.

LOL why thank you, Shona!

To be perfectly honest, I don't know who you if you are indeed a friend of mine in real life please let me know on FB or something :P, cuz I'd feel bad.

And if we're truly strangers and you like my vid, then even MORE thanks to you for your support :D. Remember that this is only the first finalist and there are nine more to go before the true winner is decided! ;)

P.S. Stang, I know you're gonna be in Top 10 for sure cuz your vid of your Curve (oh wait...Tour? :P) is top notch, and I hope that Kevin will deem Video #33 good enough to be a finalist as well...the wait is killing me.

Thanks again to all who will support me in the vote, but for now please give Alexandra her due for the honour of being the first finalist in the contest!


I've never entered a major CB contest before so I have no idea what I'm up against.

I just want the Top 10 to be announced ASAP (for better or for worse) so that I can get back to studying for my midterm exams instead of hitting F5 on Crackberry every five mins haha... <:(

Same here! I want them to do this quickly lol! I have too much studying to do! Even when the top ten are finished being picked, then I'll be biting my nails about the winner!!

I thought she was the best part of the video. In fact, i vote to give gramma the blackberry!! she stole the show. Her acting skills were impeccable

That's an awesome video and it shows either some great talent or a lot of desperation! :D Two thumbs up!

some parts of the video were funny but that girl's voice made me want to scream!!! there was something about her voice that i found annoying. but good job

I like this video because it really seems genuine.

She does not appear to be trying hard or over acting.

It's natural.