iluvmybb contest - Short Video/Commercial Shout Outs!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Nov 2009 11:24 am EST

Entry #12 -Two Different Kinds of Fruit

* Update - We got Eric's Special Time entry back up. Watch it below!!! *

This post is way overdue! Between the BlackBerry Developer Conference last week, and playing catch-up from being away this week, I'm a bit behind on our I Love My BlackBerry video contest shoutouts. Today we've got a couple of the funny short-commercials that were entered. Above you can watch Randall Brown's Two Different Kinds of Fruit video and below you can catch Brian Smith's I Have an App For That skit (this video always wins the award for Best Hair). There were two other entries that I absolutely LOVED in this category, but unfortunately the contestants yanked from youtube (leave your entries up... our final shoutout is coming tomorrow!).  Kudos goes to Entry #34 by Eric Hilliard for Special Time and to Entry #32 by Brad Cook for Unavoidable.

A note to contestants: Just to recap where things are at... the grand prizes winners have their BIG prizes en route to them already. Our finalists will be getting their $50 ShopCrackBerry coupon codes before end of day Friday. Our finalists and shout-out winners will be getting contacted about their custom CrackBerry coveroos before end of day Friday, and then everybody will who entered a video will be getting contacted about their Slacker and SmrtGuard and ShaoSoft and Dream Theme prizes before the end of the weekend. Thanks for the patience!


Entry #59 - I Have an App for That!


Entry #34 - Special Time!


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iluvmybb contest - Short Video/Commercial Shout Outs!


Real surprised mine (#16) didn't even get as far as being MENTIONED in this stupid "contest" after it was snubbed in the top 10 voting. And my screenshot was used on both of their posters.

That's the last time I ever enter in a contest on here.

thanks for the shout out! it's kind of funny how much this actually means to me.

again, congrats to everyone who entered...and especially the finalists and other shout outs!


I wonder why do BB users are so "negative" towards a certain specific company and devices? I think its nicer to bring out why there is more reason to love the BB, rather than why the competing device is bad. Surely, the strength of the BB as a messaging/communication tool can be shown by treating the competition with respect. Disparaging or belittling the competition that is, unfortunately, getting stronger by the day, is rather juvenile IMO.
Its almost as if I sense an "app" envy - iTunes app store has a lovely search tool for the discerning user to filter out the many repetitive and frivolous apps, and go for the best ranked one. Is having many apps a bad thing really?

kind of like how apple has all those mac/pc commercials which belittle the competition? :)

my intention wasn't to disrespect apple. in fact, i feel like mine pokes fun at both "characters" (the iPod and the Blackberry). as well, my main focus was to kind of make fun of what i anticipated a lot of the videos to do...which is use some ridiculous puns.

oh well. :) sorry, apple.


Funny you mention that because I originally had the thought of using our iPhone in some way for my contest entry, but then decided it was way too over played, and yes, maybe even juvenile depending on how it was used. Honestly, I don't see that here though. These videos were tasteful I think in regards to Apple.

I know "unavoidable" was no blockbuster and didn't deserve to win, but I still had fun making it. I sincerely thought all of this stuff was over, so yeah, I yanked the video from YouTube and deleted the native file as well. Oh well. Thanks for the shoutout Kev!!


I personally liked that video but it would have been better if it were an iphone not an ipod. Kudos anyway for creativity imo.

BTW I voted for 'couple o berries' or whatever it was called. I thought it was the most true and simply done. It was cute and spot on for any blackberry couple out there and much better than those overkill winner videos but I must be in the minority. Haven't even seen a shout out for the 'couple o berries' vid yet but the makers of it get my SHOUT OUT!!!!!!!!!!