IKEA gives their UK staff a BlackBerry PlayBook for Christmas

IKEA gives their UK staff a BlackBerry PlayBook for Christmas
By DJ Reyes on 14 Dec 2012 04:58 pm EST

Staff at all branches of IKEA in the U.K. have received an early gift from their employer in the form of a 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook. If you follow UK BlackBerry on Twitter, you may have seen them tweet that they were delighted to hear that IKEA gifted their UK staff with a BlackBerry PlayBook. A quick search and you'll find staff members thanking their employers for the awesome gift. Even friends of people who received one are tweeting on how nice it was for them to receive one.

It certainly is an awesome gesture. There are around 19 IKEA stores in the U.K., with around 4000 staff. So that's 4000 happy PlayBook users today. It certainly is a great way to "Believe in BlackBerry". 

Some more Tweets: 

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IKEA gives their UK staff a BlackBerry PlayBook for Christmas


I actually like what I see here, a big European company giving love to our Blackberry's :) I love my PB hope these people will enjoy it as much as I do ^^

Hey guys! we should try and reach other to all these new playbook users and send them this way! CrackBerry is an awesome resource with AMAZING people to help out with anything BlackBerry. If you have twitter, d a quick shout out using #ikea and #playbook and tag @CrackBerry in it :D

I was actually thinking the same thing. Send them in the direction of CrackBerry to help get them started.

I've got/had three Playbooks. People with your username shouldn't get involved in adult discussions.

BTW, what's a Jackwang?

Not sure what puzzled has to do with not being adult in some way, you never wonder "why" anymore?? but whatever...."Jackwang": someone who is determined to find a negative spin on any good story involving BlackBerry aka Jack___s. I chose the light version.

i couldn't find a 64GB PB in vancouver a few days ago... guess this is where they all went. either way, congrats to all those happy new tablet owners.

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB

Tablets seem to be the gift of choice for employees by employers. My wife and I got tablets as presents from our companies; my wife received an ipad mini and I received a surface. Pretty cool gifts! I would still use my playbook over the mini though!

All I got was an invite to a (subsequently cancelled) Christmas Party on a date and time that I couldn't attend anyway in a town I'm not allowed to travel to because of expense restrictions.

Pretty cool idea.

I usually get nothing and a crappy Christmas party with a 3 drink limit. I would take a Playbook over that any day!

Such a great gift! It'll be even better when they get to install BB10. The gift that keeps on giving. Very cool.

I didn't get a Playbook from my company for Xmas :-(

Everyone is getting a fresh turkey instead :-)

Well, there's a recession on you know!

What a great company IKEA is. I will be buying gifts from IKEA this holiday season.
such a wonderful present, and a great idea!

Probably the Playbook was the cheapest Tablet IKEA could find or....... They got them for free from RIM ! :)

I thought about getting one of those way back when, but I had no moola. Now I have a Nexus 10, but I'm keeping my eyes out for the next blackberry tablet to make it big.

Blackberry PB 1st Generation is one of the best hardware devices on the market. There are tablets that are on their 3rd and 4th Generation and Playbook still Rocks them. If you can you better go out and get one. With the addition of BB10 it may make it the best out. BB10 will change how we compute with out mobil devices.

Actually no, it's because the Playbook is one of the best performing tablets in the market and one of the cheapest costing tablets. I can see many other companies following suit. The key thing about the Playbook is it’s for both Play and Work.
Unlike these un-innovative and inefficient iPads people keep drooling over due to their lack of technical insight, such as yourself, that constantly buy into the marketing hype. Sorry to break it to you, but NOT everything with an Apple Logo is better.