iHeartRadio-Now Available For BlackBerry Storm!

By Bla1ze on 25 Mar 2009 09:20 am EDT
iHeartRadio-Now Available For  BlackBerry Storm!

Hey what do ya know! It seems the developers of iHeartRadio now also heart BlackBerry Storm users as well. Shortly after their release of iHeartRadio for the Bold, Pearl and Curve they now have launched a beta of the application for the BlackBerry Storm.

It's quite refreshing to see an update come so fast after the initial launch, so if you're a Storm user and been wanting to try this application out, get a move on. If you're still not sure of what iHeartRadio is you can check out our previous coverage on the application.

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I don't see the option to download.


The link takes you to their website. when you get there it says "Coming Soon" for the Storm. There is no beta to download.

Must have missed something somewhere.


i tried it says your blackberry does not support your iheartradio at this time.


I just tried to download this and either it doesn't really work for the Storm yet or it doesn't work with .114!!


Just checked and there is no beta download... just says its coming soon for the storm


Do they know that it's available because according to the site it is coming soon, and when you try to do it from your phone it says it is not available yet. Just thought I'd let ya know............


Guys, Gals, children.. GO to the LINK using your Storm Browser and not your computer...


iI tried that and it still says the same thing


Kevin where is the download link.


Didn't download, said it dosn't support the storm


does not work in europe/italy


Says it's coming soon like everyone else. And this IS going to the link on my Storm. Maybe they didn't mean the release it and the blogger got lucky?


just go to the link I provided, it's the direct dl for the app =) http://bit.ly/iheartradio on your Storm browser and you're set


I've been running on my Storm for a while, the dl link does work. Use this from your Storm's browser http://cdn.ccomrcdn.com/cc-common/device_apps/blackberry/storm/iheartrad...


this is awesome i helped all my friends load it on ther curves it sucked listening to them and i couldnt use iton my storm. but the link works thanks


ahhh here is the direct dl... http://bit.ly/iheartradio just send to your device and get link and it will install =)


I went to the link and it still says that the app is not released for my BB Storm device. What's up with that?


I am on the direct dl link right now as we speak...I think you missed something, somewhere...


Go to crackberry.com on your storm and click the link that says "Grab Iheartradio beta for the Blackberry Storm", worked fine for me. I did it from my phone, it wouldn't work from the computer. So if your trying from their website or your regular computer isn't not going to work.

Use the Crackberry link form your phone......


Just tried to d/l and it still gives me the "Your Phone is Not Currently Supported - This Sucks" message!


If you are trying from your internet browser it will NEVER work, you need to use the Storm browser to dl it.


These guys are really fast with perfecting their app..good sign! They're movin faster than Pandora, way to go iHeartRadio!!!
Works well on my Storm but am givin feedback to them as anything goes wrong since it's in beta. They seem like they have a good open ear to what people are saying and makin changes...I see it on their Twitter (their username is "iheartradio_com") they answer a ton of questions there.

You just have to remember to open the link and download it on your phone, guys, and it seems to be working on all Storms now.


Thank you! I tried the dl link..& it download fast..


I followed the link you posted in Cr5ackberry and it was stated that the iHeart was not ready for the Storm 9530.


man this app is uber amazing!


I watched all the hubbub when iHeart was announced, and now that I have it on my Storm, I still think I prefer Slacker. I just think I like to control (to a certain extent) what music comes to me - and iHeart is truly nothing more than listening to the SAME radio stations, with commercials and all, that I can get in my car. The lyrics aspect is pretty cool, but....I guess I'll keep this on my device for the occasional trip down radio memory land, but I'm still rolling mainly with Slacker. And also my 3500 songs I have on my 16Gb....


I just installed the application and damn, even in beta it's pretty good. I love the ease of use for it. Now I can actually use my data plan for something. I never use it up each month not by a mile but this might be something worth using!!


I downloaded it and now I'm going to try it out. Thanks... :D


doesnt work on the storm - please dont post false info


Reading the thread will help you.........

big dawg 23

I got the email from iheart radio being available for Beta yesterday. I have installed and it works pretty good. I have played with going to several stations across the US but many of them develop drop out issues. It says my local sports Station can not stream(KFAN-Minneapolis). I found two channels that did not cut out.

I prefer this over moodio. I tried moodio today but I don't like that it uses the BB media player and sound quality is not as good.


Now I can finally listen to Fox Sports Radio on my storm! :D


This is pretty cool since I can't stream the radio station I want at work, but I can't find the station I want. I know the station streams. Can you add station to this?


Man, I hate being an idiot.

I've tried every one of the links in these comments, I've tried the link on the crackberry.com home page, and nothing.

I'm trying the links from my browser on my Storm but I never get to anywhere where I can see to actually download an app.

Any thoughts?


You should just be able to go to crackberry.com on your Storm, and click on the link and it will take you to the beta page to download the program.


Get rid of the WWW when you type the address into your Storm Browser. Just a thought, something i almost missed when i was doing it


Awesome program! Works great on my storm. Are you folks going to the full URL?


I'm going here from my Storm Browser.


I don't see where on that page to download an app.


Worked fine for me on the Storm on .109


When will this application hit the 8320 for tmo????

big dawg 23

My wife has the 8330 on VZW and it works perfectly. I was jealous last week when it worked for her phone and not my Storm.

will i am

I heart radio does work but with limited stations. There are certain stations that repeat for every city listed. Over all it is okay.


Downloaded and installed via the links in the comments. I've been looking forward to this app for my storm since I heard about it on the local radio stations!

I'm running OS .109.


and the new .113 os makes it even better!!! does anyone have problems with the screen being loose??


So now that there are apps like this, does anyone use any type of "docking station" for the Storm with speakers that I can just set up at work here?


The site says 'Coming soon' for the Storm. There is an option to enter an email address to be notified when the app is ready for the Storm.


I have to say Nice little app ,just hoping they add more stations. BTW I copied the link sent it to myself via email to my BB Storm and click on link and downloaded with no issues


Open the link below in your storm browser and it will give you the option to download the software. I just did it and it works.


Kevin S (starbai)

For some reason, I got the program to install and work and everything but every station i try to play, no matter from what city or what, it says: "unable to connect to stream"

does anyone know if I have to some how enable to phone to allow it to connect some how?

When I first started the program it says that it will start connecting to my data network and i may incur charges, I accepted that screen. And so since i did that I thought it would fix the problem I'm currently having, but its not.

can anyone help me out at all? this is the top #1 program I've been waiting for for the storm since I got it a few months ago.



Im running hybrid .114 v2 and its working great!!!


I am running the 114 Hybrid, and the radio will not play through the headphone jack. Any suggestions?


I downloaded, got the message saying installed but where is the app on my phone? Not on my home screen, not in my applications, not in my extra folder that I moved some stuff too.

In my Options/Applications list, iheartradio is listed as a current app too?

Anyone else having this problem?


It is in your download folder. Press your menu button and click on show all and you should see a download folder. you can move it from download to your home screen by tapping (not cicking) the icon than pressing the menu button and the cick on move to folder


downloaded it ,started using it and just like nobex it cut off every 2 seconds. was hoping this app worked. wanted another app besides slacker as a alternate.so far slacker is only app of this kind that works like a charm on my phone.


just downloaded it on my storm and its working fine.


I downloaded iHeartradio everything runs great BUT it seems to only use my headset not my speaker to listen to radio ... i dont know if anyone has this problem...


...hi guys...is this possible to work in Germany?
if not...any other radio apps suggestions to be work on my area...please...

thanks and best regards to all...



Even in Beta form its a beautiful app. Being the first streaming radio app I tried, gheez oh man I was not prepaired for the hit my battery took though.


When will it be available for the 8820?


I know its at the early stages but this is really a good look, for the Storm. Sweet!


Make sure your browser identification is set to "Blackberry" and not firefox or ie.

You can change this while in your browser blackberry menu button -> options -> Browser Configuration-> Browser Identification

Save the change and go to the link.


Make sure your browser identification is set to "Blackberry" and not firefox or ie.

You can change this while in your browser blackberry menu button -> options -> Browser Configuration-> Browser Identification

Save the change and go to the link.


iHeartRadio got this right. It's so addicting to listen to and I've had no problems. The best is that cool looking randomize feature they have.

A+ application. I love it!!!!!


Not bad.. wish it had local Canadian cities.. but man.. the battery drain was OFF THE CHARTS lol!!


it works!!! i love this i have it on my iphone and this is just as good!!


I have it downloaded and it looks really nice, however none of the streams work? Any ideas?

kevin s (starbai)

I have the same problem, someone please help us! I've been dying for this thing to come out for months and now that its not working for me the suspense is killing mee!


I am using this iheartradio application with my Curve daily since they took WLW off of XM and I love it! I listen to KFI AM 640 out of Los Angeles - from NJ...now hooked up in my car via Aux.

I can't tell you how happy this made me!


Excellent App!! Being a Verizon customer i am not used to being able to get third party apps on my phone without paying an arm, leg, testical, and a kidney straight to VZW for a crAPP DL. Now does anyone know how i can get my Sirius to play through my Storm? That would just be Too Great!!


During setup, I chose not to allow the program to get info from my phone. After that, it always fetches station,but never starts up. I uninstall and install again it will never goes through.


Is there a cost to use this app? I'd hate to start using and find a big cost on my next phone bill?


It doesn't have an option for a headset. It just comes out of the speaker. Stupid app.


Hello, just got to say this is an excellent app for streaming radio. I love it. Downloaded it last night and couldn't stop enjoying the music from all over the country. Hopefully they will add more stations. Can't wait for the official one to come.


is this possible to work in Germany?
if not...any other radio apps suggestions to be work on my area...please...

thanks and best regards to all...


Every time I go on to this it is a dead link. it will not allow me to clink on the "click here" link. I am a new Storm owner but I know who to click a link.

Any Help here? thanks!


Every time I go on to this it will not allow me to clink on the "click here" link. I am a new Storm owner but I know how to click a link.

Any Help here? thanks!


I downloaded it tonight and no joy. Yea, I can use a work around to get a few stations to play using the random search feature but the touch screen has no effect. I cant select any favorites (must be added from blackberry menu) or any of the screen lists for "Local Stations; All Cities; Formats; Personalities; Favorites or the Featured Stations". There is no way to select these items either with the keyboard, touch screen or the Menu.

Further, the program locks up my phone and a battery pull is necessary (3 times). So, it is truly beta.

Hope they get it working soon cause I love this app on my iPod Touch!


i went on iheartradio site and they tell me its not ready for the storm at this time to leave an email and the will contact me when its ready. somebody not telling the truth.


I have the 30 dollars data package with unlimited internet but if I play Iheartradio all day long will it cost me any more??


I just downloaded iheartradio for my 9530 (running .75) and I get this message "On some Storms the volume must be adjusted for audio to be heard. We are working with RIM to fix. Thank you for your understanding during beta." I would prefer Slacker but I had no ringtones when I downloaded it. Any suggestions?

Markuz (NJ)

Try powering off totally and wait for few minutes. Go to the APP, when it's playing press the volume keys on the right side of your handheld. This should enable speakerphone, atleast it dit to mine. I had an issue today but it was resolved magically.


I downloaded IHeartradio yesterday and was using the app with no issues until today. It doesn't want to transfer to speakerphone nor has options to do so. Yesterday I found out how to transfer the music to the speakerphone by pressing the volume keys to the right side of the storm. But today I tried doing this and for some reason it does not want to transfer to the speakerphone. It plays fine via bluetooth/headset and phone but not speakerphone. Tried shutting it off and back on and no juice!

Markuz (NJ)


J n

I can't down load the app. my firmware is updated. every time i enter the link give to me through the email from iheart.. i just takes me to their web page not the app link. any suggestions?


I HEART the iHeartRadio application for my Blackberry and of course I'm a fan of it on Facebook. A couple of days ago on the Facebook fan page I found an iHeartRadio widget that let's you stream your favorite radio station or side channel right from your profile. I immediately grabbed it and put it on my page. It's soooo cool! You can get it here....http://apps.facebook.com/iheartradiostream/ Spread the word! Happy Listening!