IHeartRadio, Launches Streaming Radio Application!

By Bla1ze on 16 Mar 2009 12:56 am EDT
IheartRadio Goes Live With BlackBerry App!

IHeartRadio has released a new streaming radio application to compete against the likes of FlyCast, Nobex RC and last but not least Slacker. IHeartRadio has some nice features built into it, such as finding local radio stations by utilizing integrated GPS functions of your BlackBerry devices. It also allows you to save favorite stations and even tag them so that they are easily found later on, and finally, a nice lyrics look up feature powered by GraceNote. But while IHeartRadio does come with all these nice inclusions and even packages them into a great looking UI, it is not without faults.

Those faults I'm speaking of may only affect a minor few but still they are present nonetheless. First, from my testing anyways, the application much like Slacker Radio does not work in Canada, nor do I think they have any intentions on fighting to get it to work, unlike Slacker who is at least trying to create some licensing agreement with artists and content providers. The only way I got it to function was to enable WiFi on my Bold and even then it never did stream for any more then 2 mins before going back to buffering only to die and give me a server communication error.

Also, I mentioned this was loaded onto my Bold. Why only onto my Bold? Because no Storm version is yet available. When visiting IHeartRadio from your Storm it reads and detects your browser and kindly invites you to sign up for updates for when it will be available for the Storm. I'm not sure if a direct link download would work, but really if IheartRadio says it won't function on a Storm, it's probably best to leave it at that and save yourself the hassle and wait for the official release. All my issues with it aside, it does seem like a great option for those who can use it to its full potential, but I'll be heading back to using Nobex RC and FlyCast for now. At least Nobex RC shows Canadians love (sorry for the Canuck rant, but this lack of music apps in Canada is driving me nuts!)! Be sure to discuss IheartRadio in the CrackBerry Forums or drop a comment to this post.

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IHeartRadio, Launches Streaming Radio Application!


I will have to check this one out. I had it on my iPhone and it was cool but not nearly as cool as Pandora. We will see what the future holds...

Us canucks get the short end of the stick all too often. -_-;;; OOOH WELL. I agree with Bla1ze, at least I still have my Nobex RC... even tho it doesnt have local stuff... But Ottawa is close enough.

I've been waiting for the IHeartRadio app for awhile now. It seems there are a few local radio stations that I cannot get anywhere else. Need to get a Storm version quick.

I am running this on my storm. You have to run it in compatibility mode. It is kinda tricky to navigate through the menus though. But once you figure them out it works OK. This program is for clearchannel communications. That is why there is only coverage for major cities. It is only covering their radio stations.

I tested this out in my car on my Bold for my 30 minute commute to work. There were a couple spots where the buffer wasn't quite long enough, but it worked overall.

If you're like me and want to listen to live Clear Channel stations, this is the only option I know of. For everything else I personally use Orb.

I think this is a great product. The issues you are pointing out are expected with any brand new roll out of any application. Iheart also said on twitter that the app is only as good as your wifi or internet connection so if it is only streaming for 2 mins then buffering it most likley because of a bad connection or you are getting email or something. I personally love this app. Coming from someone who travels alot it is nice to know i can not listen to my favorite radio station from across the country and not have to sit infront of my computer all day. Great application! You should also check out their website.. you can get all the stations there too. ( http://www.iheartmusic.com/national_radio_tuner/) Enjoy! Music Lovers... finally an app for the rest of the world who doesnt love the iphone!

Finally...I can listen to GOOD RADIO (none of that crappy satellite radio stuff that costs money) and I'm really diggin the local traffic channel. Makes my commute to work a LOT easier.

thanks for this!!

this is a fantastic app so far! you can accually let this app play in the background unlike moodio. I dont know about you all but I can even run the stream and surf using my Opera mini browser and it doesn't interupt the stream! great! (oh btw, 8330,

I downloaded but could never get it to work. After several attempts and several half-hour intervals of "buffering" I couldn't get even a hiss out of my 8310. :-(

It's serving me very well being the fact that I am a music director for a radio station. It gives me the chance to hear what other stations are playing.

I tried to go to it on my 8120 and it said my blackberry does not support iheartradio at this time...... what is going on I am running os 4.5? come on is it a t mob thing?

I have noticed that this program uses a lot of bandwidth for the phone. That is probably why ATT and T-mobile that are on the old EDGE system are having difficulty with it. Maybe in the future they will be able to incorporate a buffer similar to slacker into it.

"Sorry, your BlackBerry does not support iheartradio at this time."

Not available on the Storm? At least Slacker and FlyCast work on my phone.

I've been using this app almost non-stop for the past 24 hours. Its fantastic and free. I removed Slacker. This is the WOW app for the music category.

Ok, I downloaded it to my storm, how do I look for 98.7 kiss and 107.5 wbls...i wanna hear Wendy

TY for the tip on downloading to my Storm...it worked fine and the randomizer works also, playing the stations. However, I cannot navigate the menus. I cannot find where to change the compatibility mode---any tips? TY much for any help !!! chip30@gmail.com

That it doesn't show all the radio stations available for streaming. I live in Nashville and it only shows one local station. If I go to their website, and choose Nashville, it lists four or so other radio stations including the one that I want to listen to. Figures. Hopefully they'll include every station soon.

The random station I tried from New York streamed perfectly with no stutters though on my Sprint Curve 8330. Awesome!

This is probably the only application that I missed when I ditched my iPhone. Lets me listen to Handel on the Law and Leo Laporte Saturday mornings without havng to lug along a portable ratio.

Not a big fan of Clear Channel overall, but those 2 shows are on my must hear list. Working great on my 8330!

I had slacker(still do) Does this program allow you to do personal stations like slacker? or is this only for real radio stations from around the country....that have commercials? Requiring me to keep both? one for local and one for commercial free?

Worked perfectly on my 8330 but the selection is very poor for my tastes. This served as a reminder to why I stopped listening to mainstream radio over a decade ago. Moodio has much better selection (add your own, even) but I have lots of connectivity issues with Moodio.

im sorry this doesnt work for some people but it was just what i was lookin for. I live just out of range from one of the radio stations i love, so i always get static. but now i can plug my bb into the aux of my car and listen no matter where i am. plus i have been listening to it for the past 45 minutes and it hasnt buffered once!!!! thanx CRACKBERRY for lettin me know bout this app!!!

Awesome app! I absolutely love being able to listen to my local AM stations without being tethered to my computer at work.

Downside is it is an absolute vampire on my battery. Ran it for a couple of hours today and I'm down to 30%..... :(

I know, I know, it's using data the whole time but still....

was stoked to hear about this app but when i plug my aux port from my car to my blackberry pearl, it doesn't switch over and play through the speakers like it does with my music on my phone. kinda pointless to listen to radio stations through the speaker phone only.

Not local Radio, but its better then paying 10.00/month for the service from my carrier great for may patrol rounds on the job ROCK ON Ya'll!!

I loaded it onto my Pearl 8130 and it works ok. It cuts out a lot and I have to re-start the stream. Other than that, it's OK.

i really like this program. I had it on my 8330. Well i moved to guam and left my 8330 behind. When i got here i bought the gemini 8520. this was the fisrt program i tried to dl. it would not work. i finally got the beta version downloaded and it would only work when i was connected to wi-fi. took it to my carrier who deleted the program. can anyone help?