iGrann comes out of beta and arrives in BlackBerry World

By James Richardson on 27 Jan 2014 06:40 am EST

We may not have an official native Instagram application for BlackBerry 10, but that doesn't really matter thanks to iGrann. The third party native BlackBerry 10 app has been in public beta for some time now and we've kept you abreast of when updates have been released. 

The good news is that iGrann is now officially available to download from BlackBerry World - yay! On a personal note - I actually use iGrann as my Instragram app of choice on my BlackBerry. Sure, you can side load the Android version if you like but iGrann caters for all my needs perfectly. 

The full list of features in iGrann are as follows: 

  • Register an account
  • Browse Feed, Photos & Videos
  • Upload Photots
  • Add Photos to Map
  • Auto Share to Facebbok and Twitter
  • Share Photos & Videos
  • Tap Photos
  • Apply native filters and frame photos
  • Like and Unlike Photos & Videos
  • Comment Photos & Videos
  • Receive Notifications
  • Explore Popular Photos & Videos
  • Browse Profiles
  • Follow and Unfollow Users
  • Search Users & Hashtags
  • View News
  • RegRann Photos
  • Edit your Profile
  • Download Photos & Videos
  • And much, much more

iGrann is free to download which is always nice to see and is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. It has only just hit BlackBerry World, so if you don't see it yet, keep checking back as it is making its way through the BlackBerry World servers and if you feel as though it's a great app worth some money, the developer does accept donations.

More information/Download iGrann for BlackBerry 10

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iGrann comes out of beta and arrives in BlackBerry World



I hope they don't be sued by apple for using the letter I as it makes it look like apple made it for blackberry.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

They actually patented rectangle with rounded corners and won $1B fighting Samsung for that "feature" in their phones.

Also filters are limited to the built in editor. That got me thinking that BlackBerry needs to update the editor... this should not be something that this dev especially should worry about in this case (because he is doing the right thing by integrating the app with the OS).

What a great app though!

Posted via CB10

It's a great app and a big thank you to the dev who created it.
Just waiting for headless support for both this and snap2chat.

Posted via CB10

Item Not Available

The item is not available for your selected Device or Country/Region. (EC )

:-( Sad...

Q10, O2 CZ

It's available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and all countries. It probably hasn't reached you yet, keep checking back

And donate I shall. I'm very impressed and very grateful to whomever created it. MUCH better than Blackgran. How do we donate?

Posted via CB10

Had that error message too and a "this item cannot be purchased" one. Just refreshed app world and it was a go

Posted via CB10

Yay!!! So happy it's finally out! Definitely give a donation to the developer if you can for all the hard work gone into developing this app for us.

Close BlackBerry World and try again. I had the same issue, and it worked for me on the second attempt.

Posted via CB10 on Z10.1925

Been following igrann all the way from the beginning. And even tried blackgram (Neva Again)... Igrann is da truth. I'm glad the dev stuck with it. Kudos

Posted via CB10

Agree. It's infinitely better than Blackgram. (that was the only app I ever requested a refund for)

Posted via CB10

If the bb10 android player is better than android, and you can side load the android version of instagram, why are you so excited about igrann?

Posted via CB10

Nice, it took a looooooooong time, just downloaded it and looks amazing. Probably better than the original one. Will delete the side loaded one, nothing beats native!!! Thanks blackberry for showing love!!!

Posted via CB10

Not BlackBerry. It was developed by a kindly developer who has no relation to BlackBerry. The developer is not an employee of BlackBerry.

However, perhaps you are thanking BlackBerry for allowing it in BlackBerry World. If so, then I agree! :)

Finally! Have been waiting a long time for this!. Have been waiting for updates throughout BlackBerry World especially. Bye bye endless side loading!

Posted via CB10

So glad for the developer its finally released, I hope it does really well and the generous crackberry fans make small donations and spread word around it is out

Showing here in Ontario, Canada. If you can't install it yet, just keep trying .. mine gave me lots of weird messages before installing. In-app Purchase I assume is just that Adrian takes donations, which I'd suggest. Everything else is just as functional as the betas and RCs were. I've preferred using this over my sideloaded Instagram app for a long time now. More features, like the looks better, can download, repost, share with ease. Currently there is no Instagram Direct, or video uploads ... but watching the speed at which this developed I'm sure those options won't be too far behind.

Why do I have to log in every time I open it? On the Instagram app, it keeps me logged in. It's a pain to log in every time.

Below the username and password fields, there is an option called "Auto Login". Select it when you login and you won't have to login everytime.

If you are logged in to another instagram app like the android sideload, this will happen too. Log out of other instagram apps and log in to igrann and check the "remember me" option

Awesome, thanks! Great app! Sent a donation to the app builder. Deserves every penny for all his hard work. Encourage others to do the same.

It's pretty cool that you can choose a light or dark theme. Nice, thanks to the developer and I will be donating for sure!!!

Posted via CB10

Does this have the Instagram filters or does it only use the BlackBerry filters like the beta etc.

If so, I'm afraid that's a major fail.

Posted via CB10

It says in the app description it uses the BlackBerry filters, although the IG may come in a future upgrade. If you think it's a "major fail," then please provide me with the IG app that you developed. I'm sure it's much better than this one.

There are really only 2 IG filters I have ever used and you have no control over brightness, color temp, sharpness, etc. I usually edited the image in the native BB editor before posting to IG anyway, so the fact that level of control is baked in is really handy.

Also, you can automatically SHARE TO IGRANN from the multiple photo filter apps that are out there that give you even more filter options - and better ones in many cases - than IG.

I am having problem with viewing my profile anyone else /:

Posted via CB10 using a powerful Z10:)

Being using it since the beginning is a great APP and a great native alternative. Glad it made it to BBW and looking forward to see it mature with the help from all of us

Posted from my flagship Z30

Thanks for all the hard work! I might make this my default version! Slick! Thanks Dev and all those that helped!

From my new z30

Wow this app puts the original instagram to shame. Who needs them when developers like Gas are around. Great work.

Posted via CB10

Don't thank BlackBerry, thank the developer Gaspertrix by leaving a 5 star review

Posted with my Q10 running

I'm pretty sure BlackBerry also helped because Michael Clewley from BlackBerry asked for the dev's contact info when he found out about this app. You can find this on Twitter.

Donate, donate, donate, donate donate. Anything will help to the cause of this amazing developer.

Z10 all the way, used to roll with Q10, I still miss it :-(

Not an Instagram user myself, but now hopefully the "BB's got no Instagram" complaints can and will be met with the appropriate answer.

Kudos to the dev!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

If you want to donate, go to the app world, click on the Igrann app, go to the developer website, you'll see a donation tab, hit it and donate.

Z10 all the way, used to roll with Q10, I still miss it :-(

Just for the record, I got this message when I wanted to donate: 'PayPal does not currently support Donation Payments from buyers in MY. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.'

Any workaround? I really think that the developer deserves every penny for his hard work.

Posted via CB10

People were saying you can donate within the app as an in-app purchase. Maybe try that out?

Posted via CB10

I clicked 'More' in BBW then selected 'Developer Website', being directed to his website. From there I clicked 'Donate' which brought me to PayPal page. Logged in and got the above-mentioned error message.

Posted via CB10

All, please note even in iGrann BlackBerry World page, it says IG filters (along with video and IG Direct) are going to be implemented soon.

Posted with my Q10 running

I love this app and I think it looks better than the IG, just wait till the other functions are added.

Posted via CB10

Now where is CATLINFD??? He owes this dev a donation of fifty bucks. Please screenshot the PayPal screen when you do. Thank you.

Spread the word tell all blackberry 10 owners this app must bring people to blackberry 10 :D

C002C4374 HD wallpapers

Finding it a bit slow at the minute but when the new OS update tomorrow we can just get the proper Instagram

Posted via CB10

Slow?, where in the app?

[URL="bbmc:C0001BBA7"]CLICK HERE[/URL] To Join My Music & Poetry Channel. Please&Thanks.

You'll be straight back to iGrann after using instagram for a few minutes.

Posted from my Z30 via the CB app

It's a great app install was smooth and easy fast but for the life of me I can not upload any pictures anyone else with this problem?

Posted via CB10

What's the problem?

[URL="bbmc:C0001BBA7"]CLICK HERE[/URL] To Join My Music & Poetry Channel. Please&Thanks.

When I try to update my profile pic /upload pix it says ..save failed "application will close" and does nothing ..I try with filter and non filter pix .. I did battery pulls also still nothing

Posted via CB10

I think that all what we need now is Instagram filters... native are kinda poor'ish (for intagram user)

You can automatically SHARE to iGrann from any of the multiple photo filter apps out there that you give you even more options than just the IG ones.

Thank you so much? Might keep my Z10 longer now! Follow me for glamour and fashion photography, no selfie or pics of my supper...


Posted via CB10

It's amazing what can be done when someone wants to do it. One Dev built this for BlackBerry and a entire team working for these companies don't have resources or time? Smh.

A personal thank you for building this app. I love the dark theme.

Looks like a great app. Deleted the instagram sideload but the only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't keep me logged in even when I have checked "auto log in"....
Would be nice if it did.

Did you log out of the android one before deleting?

[URL="bbmc:C0001BBA7"]CLICK HERE[/URL] To Join My Music & Poetry Channel. Please&Thanks.

When you log in, there is a little box that says to automatically log in. Click it and it won't require a password every time.

Posted via CB10

Seeing as that is my instagram photo used without asking permission, and on an iPhone. I will accept a BB as compensation so I can try one out to see what you are all raving about as I jumped ship, ta!

Amazing all the features are there although sometimes it lags a bit when opening another feature but it's still great thanks

Posted via CB10

That's great. Hope it's good For Instagram Blaq did for Twitter.

Now we need a proper update for Facebook. How can it get worse with updates? But strangely it does. Take a look at reviews for Facebook in BlackBerry World. Can't post sometimes, Laggy.

We can't allow this madness anymore.

Posted via CB10

Wow. I'm very impressed with this app, instagram looks so much better on my Z10 than my DROID razr... very fluid, no lag...

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry had nothing to do with this app, besides approving it for BlackBerry World. One developer took it upon himself to make this.

Posted with my Q10 running

I feel so proud of the Dev and the potential my phone has, so proud of what we have gotten in one year and all the good things that will come in the very near future.

BlackBerry will rise!

BBM channel: C0040FF4D..... Proudly Z10 owner...

Great! No need to say good luck - it will burn BlackBerry world!

Posted via CB10 / Z10LE STL100-2/

So thinking about making this my default app but what is the privacy policy? How is my info and pictures being used? Any third party use I should be aware of?

From my new z30

Thank you. That is important info for me. I'm surprised I was the only one asking that question.

We are BlackBerry security minded peeps for the most part :) thanks again!

From my new z30

Thanks so much for the app. I hope that you definitely get recognition for your efforts. I will definitely make a donation as soon as.

Posted via CB10

Nice. It makes me use instagram again. Having been abandoning this for awhile, I guess I'll start taking pictures some more.

from a broken white z10

This is an awesome app! I don't understand people having issues logging in. I have the instagram app installed on my iPad as well as on my Z10 and I'm not getting issues of having to log out of either app. All 3 are logged in on my iPad Z10 and Z30. My Z30 is running the iGrann app and it's by far better. Love the dark theme. Although I do have to say having the Google play store on my Z10 is also cool.

Posted Via my Z-30

Really? How is it crap? Can "proper IG" let you choose different themes? Can you pinch and zoom the pics? Can you fine tune the sharpness, colour and white balance? It is missing a few features that is true, but they are on their way, whereas other unique/useful features were implemented to start and it is very smooth/fast. Incomplete would be a true statement - Crap it is not.

What a tool lol I'm not talking about your comment either, it's your DP that bothers me

Posted via CB10

I just may set up an IG account because of Gas and his wonderful work with iGrann. Kudos! #teamblackberry Forever.

Go Black and Never Go Back.

I always prefer native apps over android apps. And igrann is really awesome, I only miss the filters but that's just it.

Posted via CB10

I don't care about IG filters very much, remember we have an excellent featuring "share with" and i mostly use PhotoStudio filters, which are docens and very goods, plus many effects, and then i "share with" iGrann... that's i call 'taking advantage' of all my wonderfull device featurings...

It is so slow!!! Super loading :'( or did I miss anything? Im sure.its.not.my network because im on LTE :'(

Posted via CB10

Going to be adding in an option to donate to him through carrier billing.

Posted with my Q10 running

Wonderfull !!!! Congratulations Gaspetrix !!!! Perfect Native App of Instagram - Igrann. 100% Bug free.

Posted via CB10

It's only one developer and he doesn't know Turkish. Go collaborate with him and you can translate to Turkish.

Posted via CB10

So it says contains items for sale. I don't use Instagram but would like to "buy" the for-sale portion of the app to support the developer. How do I do this?

Posted via CB10

I dont use Instagram. In fact it has little appeal to me at all. HOWEVER , I did download IGRANN, and I did donate something to Adrian for his stellar efforts. He deserves the support of the BB10 Community to be sure. Well done Adrian. Thank you for the work you did.

Will be most downloaded free app soon, other Instagram viewer apps are not free WTH?

Anyway big ups to The developer Adrian Sacchi.

This app should be "Built for BlackBerry " real soon

Posted via Z30 STA100-6/

I've never in my smartphone/social media life have ever used instagram. I deleted my linkedin and facebook accounts, BBM Channels/Groups are what I use but I think I will give it a try.

I intend on donating if I keep using it longer that a few days. Good job Dev!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

They will be added in a future release. There's great 3rd party pic apps like 'photo studio' that can be of usefulness to you if the native BlackBerry filters don't suffice to you.

Posted via CB10

Great to see the "Compression of the App Gap"....

Donate to these guys and get the word out about this app working so beautifully on BB10..... this one is, even, more important than Netflix to the kids....

Now if they discover this app on Z30....you will sell a few more.

CB10 from the Z30

OK so I just found out that because it's not an authentic IG app it doesn't have the native filters. The bb10 native ones are lame so I fail to see the point of this app to be honest...

Posted via CB10

The point is that you can use any other photo filter editor that gives you even more options than I and then one step automatically share to IGrann to be uploaded to your IG account. I've had people asked me "where did you get that filter/frame? I can't find it on IG" :-)

Posted via CB10

Really good app, very impressed! Much needed for BlackBerry to fill in the app gap. Iif anyone is getting a download error I had to reset my phone and then it worked.

congrats.... had all his beta versions. this kid was working alone and still working to make this app great. his porsche clock design for all devices looks good too

I followed this since the beginning with anticipation, great work Gas.

BlackBerry has quality dev's. Next up Whine.

Posted via CB10

In the future there should be a camera icon in the hub for iGrann notifications. And the name still bugs me. But for now... this is awesome

Posted via CB10

I don't use instagram but I told my friend as soon as I read this and she said she's downloading right away

Posted via CB10

The auto login doesn't work for me.....yes I've clicked the button but it still doesn't work (done it numerous times). And no i don't have an android port!

Brought to you by the letter Z and the number 10