Beta Testers Wanted to help make iGrann the best Instagram experience on BlackBerry!

Instagram third party app iGrann hits Release Candidate v1
By DJ Reyes on 20 Jan 2014 01:21 pm EST

If you're an Instagram user, you'll no doubt know that a native client is in the works - iGrann. It is currently available in beta via the CrackBerry Forums. It has gone through four updates and now the latest update is Release Candidate 1, with a nice splash screen and new icon. Hoping that there aren't too many bugs to iron out we could see it hit BlackBerry World soon, pending an approval. If you haven't downloaded it yet, you should give it a try, it's got a long change log and it just gets better and better. 

Release Candidate 1 changelog

  • Stay share to Twitter/Facebook toggle on if it was on during the last upload
  • No results are returned if text contains "@" while tagging (Fixed)
  • User search is case-sensitive (Fixed)
  • Error log is displayed if twitter username/password is wrong (Fixed)
  • "Slow loading" for Facebook page (Fixed)
  • Wrong date for notification (Fixed)
  • Username displayed twice in notification (Fixed)
  • Issue with special chard when commenting (Fixed)
  • Duplicate photos in feed (Fixed)
  • Ugly comment bar (Fixed)
  • Tags repeating while viewing list (Fixed)
  • Profile design issues (Fixed)
  • Like and comments as actions in media page (Implemented)
  • Display message to tap people (Implemented)
  • Added iGrann to notification title (Implemented)
  • Added date to comments (Implemented)
  • jpeg share (Implemented)
  • App icon changed (Implemented)
  • Splashes images changed (Implemented)
  • Faster feed loading when app is opened (Implemented)
  • Registration enabled (Implemented)
  • No check notifications if not logged in (Implemented)
  • Last time notifications (Implemented)

Since it is a .BAR file, you will need to sideload it onto your device. While it is a release candidate, there may still be bugs and if you come across any make your way to the forums to let the developer know.

Download iGrann Release Candidate v1
Discuss more in the forums

Reader comments

Beta Testers Wanted to help make iGrann the best Instagram experience on BlackBerry!


Glad regular IG works for you. For many of us it does not read our cards. So iGrann is a BLESSING!!! And I have 1925 as well. IG just doesn't work for all.

My initial comment on InGrann vs the IG apk is InGrann scrolls much smoother, and you can zoom in on the photos, though that's a bit glitchy (but doesn't work at all with the IG apk). Will be testing further.

you may want to wait until the end of January, there are rumors saying that BB is releasing 10.2.1 by the end of this month. This SHOULD give you access to Google Play.

If you want to be adventurous, you can go into the web forums and search for BB10 leaked OS and how to install the leak. But because it is a leak/beta, do this at your own caution.

Igrann is taking long man holy I forgot it was still in the works, well hope it comes soon.

Posted via CB10

Excited about igrann! I have 1925 on my Q10 so I have the official instagram but that pesky bottom bar won't go away. With a Q10 I need as much screen as possible. Hooray igrann!

Posted via CB10

On my Z10, I can swipe down from the top bezel in any Android application and a Hide Bar button pops up that hides the bottom bar. Don't know if this works for the Q10 too but you could try...

Posted via CB10

thanks to the dev for all the hard work and support. I have this installed on all four BlackBerry devices in my home.

Posted via CB10

what I meant to say is that there is a donate button on the dev's site, I am going to give the special thanks via donation.

Posted via CB10

So you would rather it be an android app, which we already have in the form of the stock android Instagram, than a native made for bb10 app? Makes sense

I have installed every version of igrann and the only one to give me a problem is Does anyone know how to solve the problem where it tells me I need to upgrade my instagram version in order to log in?

Posted via CB10

Looking good so far and I'm able to upload and apply the filters made available in the app. Hopefully the original IG filters will be added soon.

I then tried to view the list of followers and the list of people my friend is following, but couldn't get them to load. All I would get was an empty list with a more option and back button. A potential bug or is it in the works?

This is fantastic overall. Way to go my friend!

Is anyone else experiencing an issue on the older versions where if you refresh the explore tab when you select a picture the page refreshes again?

Maybe it will be fixed in this new version.

Posted via CB10

dear crackberry. pleasant good afternoon to you all, but I am asking yet again if there is any info on when the 10.2.1 OS update would be available for customers running the build currently. I am located in the Caribbean, so i'm not certain who my carrier would be as I bought the phone locally from one of out suppliers. please help? any info would be appreciated greatly as I am really anxious to get the update lol. Best Regards,

Wrong place to ask. And no, CB will not get this information before your provider.

Call them and ask them



I'm using instagram and it works fine, actually damn good but I will definitely support igrann. I appreciate the effort put forth in order to give standard users a chance for a smooth native experience.

Posted via CB10

Nice! Been using iGrann for a while. Last beta started getting a little buggy... auto login decided to stop working but 1.0.0 Release Candidate 1 seems to have fixed it.

Posted via CB10

Igrann runs much faster then android instagram, but the dark theme rarely works and auto login doesn't work all the time.

Posted via CB10

Just side loaded it and how do you add location? I hit the switch and could not type anything and can you use pics in your album or you can only take pics!

Posted via CB10

Playbook manager extension for google chrome

Then type developer mode on your BlackBerry, turn it on, make a password

Then plug it into your computer, run the extension, type in your password

Drag and drop

Posted via CB10

I'm currently using the sideloaded version of Instagram, iGrann is great on my Z10 with 1055 but sharing to Facebook is kind of laggy. Hopefully that'll be fixed by the time it officially releases!

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

I'm on and one thing I've noticed is that the profile page is hit and miss. Sometimes it works but most of the time it just hangs on a blank page.

as much as I would like to see iGrann released to BBW now can it be really?. Its come a long way but it still looks like a work in progress. Still great work Gaspertrix!

This release already makes the original Instagram photo effects available? If not, I will not waste my time to install it... How do you people can say that iGrann is better than the Instagram original?

Posted via CB10

The best Instagram experience is Instagram not this cheap knock off.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

It's been a major let down Instagram hasn't felt BlackBerry 10 was worth the effort in creating a native app, in the meantime, I've been using that useless Blackgram app as a place holder until they decide to finally come around.

If Igrann can measure up then perhaps we can ignore Instagram when they come knocking after BB10 takes off like a bottle-rocket.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Great work to the developer! Runs smooth on my Z30, it's great running it in the dark theme as well! Great job!

Posted Via my Z-30

IGrann is the business! Better then Instagram for sure. Just missing the decline follow request button, and Direct Messages. But great app I'm glad I installed the leak and got this

This is great. The last version wouldn't let me log in. I tried tweeting with the dev, but never got a working answer. This one finally works for me and it seems pretty solid.

BBM Channel: The Group Ride C00055B7C

BlackBerry World. I'm starting to hate my BlackBerry 10 device Z10. No upgrade, no real apps. Unless you side load, upload

Sorry but who has time to fix all the holes on BlackBerry 10

Posted via CB10

While I don't use Instagram, some comments are quite funny and kinda shows the expectations of BB10 users:
Last year, everybody wanted native apps. Improving the flow and UX of each application. Now, with 10.2.1 on the horizon (or available leaked), less and less people care about native apps anymore. "Why do we need this, why do we need that? Just install the Android app fron Snap!"
Now there is a native(!), long waited version for Instagram, even though a 3rd party one, heading to the finish line and many people don't care - "Just download 10.2.1 and install the .apk, you'll have IG right now!"
With such attitudes, why should any developer care about developing native for BB10 in the first place?

Posted via the awesome Blackberry Q10

Totally agree can you please get this in to BlackBerry World would be appreciated....


How can I download Igrann! How??? Can somebody tell me cause i've been trying and not succeeding.

Posted via CB10

Seriously......I was tired of using the real instagram application on my Q10 but iGrann.....its awesome!!!!
All the pictures are square and fit into my screen and the best part
You can download them!!

Posted via CB10

Very good! Using for one day and operating perfectly. The only issue is that it is not being possible to mark the place where you are before posting. You click on the button but it doesn't work. This should be fixed. The rest is excellent.

I love igrann and use it for my instagram needs. Wish instagram filters were there too.

Best native exp.

Posted via CB10

Well damn, I've been ignoring this app. BUT It's actually incredible

In more ways than one, I actually prefer using this app over the android apk.

Keep up the terrific work dev!

Posted via CB10

hi everyone,

im just wondering if anyone would know instagram can revoke your account because your using a third party access?