Ignite your device with a great free theme by BuiltByRequest

By Michael Hepples on 13 Aug 2010 11:03 am EDT

BuiltByRequest makes some great themes, and I've had the opportunity to deal with him for the weekly Theme Roundup on a couple of occasions. His ability to create a great custom theme with unique function is cause for respect, there aren't many devs that have his ability to work an SVG. He fired me a BBM last week to let me know he was reworking one of his classics, and he has really done it well. It is so rare to see a free theme offered for such a wide variety of devices, and to get premium quality for free makes it all the sweeter. The weather slot shows on both the home and lock screens, and the bottom dock is a very unique concept. Hidden, each icon pops up individually as you scroll across, keeping a clean homescreen no matter what you're doing. The orange hues run throughout this fully skinned theme, flowing nicely from screen to screen. 

Check it out today, it's available for all devices running 5.0 from his site.



Cool beans! I'm the one who requested this theme way back in the day on my 8100! Then he BBM'ed me and asked if I wanted an updated version for my 9700. I've been rocking it for about a month now.


Nice theme with a whole lot of orange. If you wear orange sunglasses, or even yellow, you might not be able to see too much on your screen. Definitely worth taking a look at.


beautiful design
beautiful work.
beautiful theme.
beautiful on my BlackBerry!


would love to see more screen shots of this.....


i was playing around with it and it's pretty cool. Had to read the screenshot above to figure out where the hidden dock was. Mighty impressive and looks ubercool on my trusty Storm 1. Thanks BBR!


really cool theme. Unfortunately I can use it, The type is too small and it's too hard to see any text because of the color. It's really cool looking though.


any pics that we can see?


Looks nice on my Storm. Thanks Crackberry. Love all the orange.


Glad to see you finally made it on the front page. Direct. Great work Zak. We're all proud of you over here. You can hear us roar!! ;)


So generous, thankyou so much I've even got my dad to download it to his blackberry :) thankyou from us both


Thanks for the "change of pace" theme. Most interesting about this is the scroll "up" from the match & flame in the app menu. Flicking up from the flame brings the icons into vivid detail. Also, the email menu (yellow on black) is a great, easy to read provision. This theme provides a welcome individuality on my Storm2. Thanks for the thoughtful effort in your work. Those $6.99 developers can learn something. Here's a value that can't be beat!


I only wish it had the ability to let me use QL with it.

I spoke too soon, I retract my previous statement. I've never had to disable "call from home screen" before, that's what threw me off.


Too much color and low contrast on the message lists. I went back to the default, but my call log background is still black! How do I change that?


awesome theme but, the font size is too large,
and having to scroll through the menu options is a hugh dislike, but i do like the theme would like to see the font at a 6pt.



But I wasn't too hot on the wallpaper. That is, until I was reading a blog on my phone's browser, and saw the PERFECT wall paper for this theme! Here's the link. http://www.komonews.com/weather/blog/101681283.html?blog=y

And for reference, I'm using a Bold 9700, and the photo was either the first or second photo. Highly recommend it! Everyone compliments my phone theme and wallpaper now!