If you watch 'private' videos on your BlackBerry, make sure you turn off status updates in BBM first

By Adam Zeis on 1 Apr 2013 09:52 am EDT

We stumbled across this one in the CrackBerry forums earlier and couldn't help but pass it along.

As you may or may not know, BBM has an option to share what music you listen to in the media player as your status update. This feature is disabled by default but if you happened to toggle it on at some point, it can of course be disabled if you know where to look.

As it turns out it's a good idea to disable it if you plan to share anything other than what music you're listening to.

In BlackBerry 10, videos played in the browser invoke the media player when played, thus triggering as a "music" update.

So many videos that you play from within the browser will be shown as music status updates on BBM -- this goes for any videos that you may want to be kept private as well. 

So before you go browsing around and watching videos you may want to keep to yourself, make sure you follow the steps below to disable showing your music updates in BBM. 

  • In BBM swipe down from the top bezel then choose Settings
  • Toggle Show What I'm Listening To so it shows Off
  • Tap Back to save

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Reader comments

If you watch 'private' videos on your BlackBerry, make sure you turn off status updates in BBM first


Someone got caught with their pants down... lol. We know Kevin, that is not a screen shot of your device...riiiiight.... lol JK

A couple years ago I saw my friend's BBM status was something of this nature. A learning experience to say the least lol

Posted via CB10

I always found this funny in legacy BB phones as well...you're chatting with your friends in BBM and all of a sudden you see they are "listening" to "Debbie Does CrackBerry" or something LMAO!!

Well then, I guess it's a good thing that I don't have anyone on my BBM anyway. But thanks for the tip!

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This is one thing that disappoints me about the Z10, here in Qatar ALL BlackBerry's can privately search the net, nothing is blocked but the Z10 has the usual middle east censorship crap on the browser.

So... i can't watch porn through my TV on the hdmi. don't lie you've all tried it.

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No need; I've got a media PC hooked up to my 50-inch flatscreen so that I can view all the porn sites I want in HD without hooking up my PlayBook as the browser source.

Okay so let's say I tried out a guy dating site with the Grinder app and now the photo cache for the application is undeletable. Now I have like 502 pictures of shirtless studs in my phone that I cannot get rid of.

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LO f'n L

"But my phone MUST be able to be operated with just one hand!" or "One handed operation is very important to me!"

LMAO, as a long time BB user, the first thing i did after transferring my BBM contacts to the Zee was to deactivate this function ...lets just say that i learned from past experience ;)

Hmmmm now I understand the concept behind the swiping gestures of BB10. All those ecstasy claimed by some of the members here about Z10 being the best phone ever is giving me a second thought.

wait... BlackBerry devices are only used for business and productive activities, cut it out. If you're gonna do other activities do that on an iphone or android devices. :p

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This happened to my friend. I was the lucky friend who got to let him know what his status was doing, and rub it in as much as possible. Involved a screen shot and instagram lol. Best part was I have instagram on BB10 but he only had a bold 9900. So he didnt see all his friends laughing.

So if the show what I'm listening to is off, but the music status update is on, what would happen?

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I wonder how many CB readers just checked their settings to make sure sharing is 'off'? lol

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Lmfao that would suck if it was a company phone during work hours and your employer and Co works have you on BBM haha

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It's not just BBM that does this kind of thing. At least BBM is an "Opt In" setup and not one where you have to manually opt out only after you find personal stuff sent to your mother in law and nephews :/

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I can picture some big CEO getting caught like that and all his workers and connections seeing his status updates lol

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You have to play a string of up to 100 songs or videos. Other people's devices can store up to 100 items in their BBM history list. Most are less than 25, which I think is the default. Play a few seconds of a song, then another song for a few seconds. Repeat up to 100 times. It will flush out the history stored on other devices.

It's a pain, but it works.

The other person's BB can store up to 100 recently played file names from YOUR device, depending on how their options are selected. To clear this out, you must play up to 100 media files for just a few seconds each - to allow the new titles to be pushed out through BBM. That will flush out all the previous titles. Most users have the default of 25 items set on their device. You must share your status while you do this. When completed, turn it off to prevent it from happening again.

I didn't read the whole comments here, but I am wondering if I can turn off receiving updates for others. Old BB OS always has this option!

Anyhow thanks for keeping up with tricks and what not update.


Thanks for your reply bro. Actually my question is not related to the BBM status update...

If you click the video folder, they will show you your recently played video right? I just want to clear that or completely remove the "Recently played" features if possible...

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Just tested with vimeo.com and looks like in desktop mode it will just use the player on the site, but mobile mode will use the bb10 media player and thus show up as a status update. I'm sure other sites are similar...

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I don't know if it has been mentioned, but there is also an option to turn off "music status updates". I'm wondering if disabling this would stop the videos playing even if you keep "Show what I'm listening to" on?

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I have some not very technical staff, from whom I am always getting unintended status updates.... I suppose I really should warn them.....

Haha I never knew it did that! That's hilarious. Good thing I never bothered to turn it on that would be embarrassing

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Have seen this too many times since the BlackBerry 7 days. The best was "So, what vids did you check out on xnxx.com last night?"

"What you talkin about? I was in church! Had no chance to browse!"

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Haha.. luckily mine was off all along. Not to say I'm watching such videos of what. What does private video means by the way? Ok bye.

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Hahaha I noticed this 2 years ago on my bold 9900.... it was actually my girlfriend that noticed and told me

I have my own mother on bbm so I was thankful it was my girlfriend that seen it first

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Hi. I tried the same. Didn't come up if you enable desktop mode as it seems to be loading flash instead and doesn't start the media player.