If you only watch one video from CES 2014, it should be this one

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Jan 2014 06:41 pm EST

Because it's our #CESlive wrap up video!! Seriously, what a crazy week for the Mobile Nations and GeekBeat teams. We had 70 guests take to the stage over the course of 4 days, which be brought back to you LIVE. On top of that, the entire Mobile Nations team across Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, Windows Phone Central and Smartwatch Fans were blogging like crazy to bring you the stories from the show as they happened.

Be sure to hit play on the video above. We had the cameras rolling the whole week, but for your viewing pleasure we compressed it down to 2 minutes and 33 seconds. Enjoy the video, and be sure to like it on youtube.

NOW, if you want to watch a second video from CES 2014, or third, fourth, or hundredth, just hit up our CES page at the link below where you can view all of this year's coverage.

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If you only watch one video from CES 2014, it should be this one


You sure had fun as well!

On a side note, how would you measure if mobile nations' attendance was cost/benefit effective?


If I recall correctly, I think Simon was actually taller. I'm sure he remembers. I do like that I'm taller than the BlackBerry CEO again. :)

Definitely needed more QNX coverage from CES. Just had the one video from Adam where he unfortunately wasn't really all that inquisitive.

You guys are awesome I've been following CrackBerry.com and the rest of the mobile nation for as long as I can remember it has been awesome watching you guys grow in to the monster that u are now thanks and keep up the good work

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No doubt the best coverage of the show! Live streaming was great, close up shots on the devices was awesome! You guys got a good thing going here. Can't wait to see the team raise the bar next year!


From my Z10 Awesomeness!!

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In the future, please swap Daniel Rubino with Phil Nickinson in placement of pictures. Phil's mug creeps me out every time I see one of the recent promo pictures. It stops me in my tracks and I'm disoriented for a moment. No offense intended, but had to be mentioned.

Sorry but this seemed a bit lame. What new insights were provided? You all had fun, which I respect, but what does it all means for bbry?

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Yeah..you guys are awesome and all but title to this piece was totally misleading and anticlimactic.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Kevin - Jess and I really enjoyed meeting you and the mobile nations team. Next year gotta play some blackjack!

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