From the Forums: If you could design your ideal BlackBerry, what would it be?

BlackBerry Superphone
By Jared DiPane on 11 Sep 2011 02:07 pm EDT

To say that I love the forums here at CrackBerry would be an understatement, the amount of ideas that are flowing through the heads of BlackBerry lovers is amazing. Yet another great post has popped up in there about designing the upcoming BlackBerry superphone, and what it would need for you to love it. So, what would be the perfect combination for you, what hardware, software, and other specs would you like to see? Join us in the forums, and let us know!

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From the Forums: If you could design your ideal BlackBerry, what would it be?


Minimum: dual core 1.5ghz, 1GB RAM, 1280x768 res on a 2.8 touch screen using gorilla glass. 12 megapixel rear facing cam with flash 5 megapixel front facing, both with 1080p video capture and 8x digital zoom. It would have 32GB of onboard storage (it could be used for apps too) and expandalbe microSD up to 128Gb. QNX1 OS with a hole new UI, that would at least allow you to play music and use the camera at the same time. Bluetooth, NFC, Chargig port switched to USB 3.0, and (real) 4G LTE. HDMI out or just perhaps a built in pico projector. Dual Premium Speakers. It would have no plastic just real metal, Glass, Carbon Fiber, and (real) Leather. All power with a 1500mah Battery. And help with Golden shellback to make it water resitant. I would also like to see a second LED just in case I want to spice it up.

I took a little time and did a mock-up of my own. I know some haters are sure to sound off, but I would get this phone:

Also would be cool to see an accessory for this that I dub the "drop in keyboard" which basically is a slide on keyboard accessory that allows the phone to slide in and plug itself by a bottom port (mini hdmi?). It would masks about half the screen (or a bit less); it would also power down half the screen and allow power users to save battery life.

the "dropin keyboard" would be a neat idea - but might be a bit bulky? Either way, that would be pretty nifty - one device with the option of the classical bb keyboard as an accessory. Maybe a slider keyboard case instead of covering up half the screen.

Crackberry Nation!!! HEAR MY CRY!!!

The ULTIMATE Blackberry would be a 3.5 to 3.7 inch device (similar to the Torch 9850/60) and would have a physical keyboard like the Bold 9900!!


The Design from the bold 9900 maybe with a larger screen tho I consider the current screen perfect:)
Juiced up app memory, a little more juiced up processor,and memory overall escalated a little higher
combined with a higher resolution display. QNX OFC as the OS. The silver linings in the keyboard to be replaced with proper aluminum. Better camera with autofocus.

Thats what I personally want to see :)

I agree with you on this. They also need to improve battery life too. On my 9930 as soon as I start to get a little date hungry I start dropping % crazy fast.

After leaving BB to go Android and coming back again to BB.....I can tell you I was thrilled to have my keyboard back. That fairly obvious tid bit aside...what I miss most from the Android experience is the browser, even the stock Android browser puts any BB browser attempt to shame, oh and GPS. I loved the turn by turn voice GPS in Android! I think the 9900/9930 is step in the right direction with keyboard and touch screen worlds coming together. There will be many more bar style qwerty/touch Android phones coming in the future as the demand is certainly there. An improved camera for sure, and flash support. I don't get why people are so preoccupied with the specs, we all know they don't necessarily determine a phones performance capabilities if the OS is bogged down with warez etc......just make it run smooth and be responsive I will be happy. Most important of all....battery life, battery life, battery life :)

bring back the 8700 keyboard (key separation) with the 9900 form factor and the camera from the 9810. AND a rigid holster arrangement like we used to get when we bought the best messaging device available!

The greatest phone, from an AT&T customers perspective, would be a top-of-the-line Blackberry that was released and offered by other carriers a year before AT&T finally offered the phone. We, the proletariat of AT&T, look over the Wireless Wall at the new phones other carrier subscribers are enjoying, and we hope that one day, month and months from now, perhaps a phone such as the Blackberry 9900 will be released to us also.

The latest phones are so Bourgeois. Customers at AT&T take heart in the reliable 2-3 year old models AT&T continues to offer on their website.

1. It would be brilliant if RIM would start experimenting with *horizontal* oriented slider keyboards. (just the opposite of Torch 9800 or Torch 9810).
Sorry to say, it'll be similar to Motorola's Droid3 with separate number keys also.

2. Emphasis on PRINTING stuff from BlackBerry.
I'm surprised that RIM still did not push this area.
(I foresaw the need for printing from BlackBerry 6 yrs ago, and also foresaw the Bold 9900 four years ago--things are moving quite slowly for RIM).

3. Experimenting with a BIGGER screen with horizontal (landscape) oriented slider keyboards.

4. QNX operating system, with a fast duel core CPU (there's only marginal benefit switching from duel core to quad core --> witness the notebook CPU's). If nothing but to finally get a stable platform for Apps (printing from BlackBerry, anyone?)

Sorry, I disagree completely on the landscape keyboard thing you say… It would take the magic off of BlackBerry if they do that. The other aspects are fine to me. The printing option is really necessary for a business phone. 1+ for that.

BlackBerry Slider with the same keyboard on the 9900 and a 4" screen on the thinnest form factor possible. Sleek, original, and classy. Front facing camera, QNX, Dual core processor, better camera WITH AutoFocus. NFC, A separate memory for apps (not using RAM memory) Powerful Battery like a BlackBerry SHOULD have. Things such the classic buttons make them touch and maybe making the optical trackpad a bit sleeker are optional but should be cool too…

Why do I choose the slider form factor rather than the full-touchscreen?
Because I DO want a big screen and so, but I also LOVE that keyboard on the 9900, so, why not putting them both on the Superphone?

That would be SUPER for me!

Epic Failure cause that's what RIM continues to do!

1. Touch Screen/Full Qwerty
2. 1.2 ghz Dual Core processor
3. 16G on board memory
4. Expandable up to 32G micro sd
5. Ability to download and use apps from micro sd.
6. 5 mega pixel flash/zoom/auto focus camera
7. 1080 HD video recording
8. Black/White, Sephia camera/video options
9. Front facing camera for Skype/video call chat
10. More icon options for BBM
11. More folder icons for creating folders
12. Personalized home screen including adding text or ability to add name or slogan.
13. Push to talk ability
14. Micro usb port near bottom of phone for charge/docking compatible
15. FM Radio
16. WiFi 802.
17. Ability to delete preloaded icons, pictures, etc.

People actually still use the radio because using apps like TuneIn (while it's awesome) absolutely rape your data and battery.

Having FM Radio would only rape the battery maybe.

Make it exactly like the Playbook just shrunk down to maybe a 4.3-4.8 inch screen. A little more memory on all ends. What ever is the most current powerful phone, make it 15-20% more powerful. To be ahead of the game. And no one could complain that RIM is lagging behind the comp'. Make the phone in two colors, black and white. People like white phones. Ive seen a lot of folks here in NYC with white Bolds.

A UI that can have widgets on the home screen, and make folders. Add profiles. Mini HDMI port, and USB. A2dp Bluetooth, dnla, and duel camera. Run Android apps ( for the cry babies that need apps on apps)

Really that could make it a stellar device, and should put rim back on the map. Only focus and put all resources on ONE phone, and the energy should Benin services for it. Just like iPhone.

I almost entirely agree with you. As for widgets and what not make it like a continuous scroll. Not pages like phone or android. And it doesn't stop, it just loops from the begining. 4.3 is really pushing it but my DROIDX. Has it and its cool. worst phone ever. Or maybe have a 3" screen with 99xx keyboard. Those 2 phones and a budget curve line too.

Ps, I hate my DROIDX, need this new bb NOW!!!

Parameters of bold touch(but with dual-core processor and 1gb ram) with desing of curve 9360 and 5mpx camera with autofocus... And with QNX system, huuugeee battery capacity and with 2,8" touchscreen

Bold 9930 with QNX and all that brings, plus a longer/larger screen. I think Moto put a phone out with a keyboard and a longer screen, but of course they don't know how to do keyboards or email like BB so I didn't seriously think about it. Still there are ways to make that screen even bigger on the 9930. Let's do it RIM!

I personally (save for Flash and some multimedia) prefer the 9900 browser. Its so quick and responsive compared to the PlayBook. For me, the perfect BlackBerry is the 9900, but with a better camera, better battery life and more apps. I am not a spec hound, but more power so that I can snap a pic while using the cam. Software wise? I would like more bug fixes (obviously) and some home screen widgets and a better Google reader for heavens sake!

In my humble opinion, the BBOS software, at this stage is superior to the QNX software. Things like background-running apps and Universal search, BBMaps, BBM Music, Google Maps, the deep customization, spell-check and auto correct, Super apps are game changers. super Apps are huge benifits and it seems as if it will be some time before these integration features will be available on QNX.

There is room for improvement, but this is a 10+ year old OS with so much refinement. It is easy as a BB fan to take it for granted but many of the things listed above are unique to BBOS and wont be available for QNX.

The reason BB has fallen off is four fold, poor marketing, poor dev relations and a poor 2010 and resistance to proper touch screen implementation.

Design wise it's fine. I, personally just want freakin powerful processor, better camera and better battery. That's it :)

That's what they all said about the 3G in the 9000. RIM's just gotta get to work with a new LTE radio stack.

What I would do for my own custom BlackBerry would be the following with no particular order:

1. Slighlty exaggerated Torch 9860 form factor (Deeper curves, yet thinner)
2. SurePress with on/off option
3. QNX
4. 2 GHz single or Dual-core processor. It needs to be nearly fawless with it's operations. No more hour glassing.
5. 10-15 MP HD/ 1080p camera- front and rear facing
7. Built in professional grade photo editing software (think Adobe CS5) with full touch screen implementation (pinch to zoom, any angle rotate).
8. Fully integrated voice command (search, call, text)
9. Improved BBM (Artistic design, video chat, expansive/animated emoticons, significantly increased file size for transfer)
10. Bose sound system
11. Common Sense- Avoid the need of downloading or purchasing apps to use/unlock built in features of the phone. Example (LED, menu clock, memory optimization, flashlight...etc)
12. App storage on memory card up to 64 GB
13. INSTANT ON. No more of this loading crap.
14.Interchangeable framework/pieces (Screens, cameras, processors, keyboards, outer casings, trackpads...etc)
15. Universal Emulator (Any OS, Any App Compatibility)

1. 9810 form factor with a 3.5 - 4.0 screen.
2. Thinness and keyboard on 9900
3. Dual Core 1.5 Ghz Processor
4. 16 Gigs onboard storage
5. 8 Megapixel Camera, 2 Meg front facing
6. Super Amoled Display
7. Released in Black or White with 9900 build quality
8. QNX????? We will see.
9. App Loading with re-starting.
10. Die-Hard Battery.

2 things are for sure,

1. No SuperAmoLED+ screen as the commercial name (It is patented by Samsung), However it could be a LED screen instead of LCD (yeah, that's not gonna happen).

2. It's not an option to not have QNX. It will have it no matter you don't like it. However it could have Widgets like Android and Symbian Belle, and other cool stuff because it totally supports it. if RIM wants so. (Yeah, not with Mike and Jim still being co-CEO's).

Hope I'm wrong.

RIM just needs to smarten up and stop the BS. Make one berry, not 4 curves, 3 torches and 2 bolds....or whatever denomination you want to run with. Make one decent dual core, 5MP or higher camera with HD recording, full and proper browser, and the ability for software updates within a 1 year life cycle. Come out with a new one every year or may be two, but lets not make the ones bricks like the OS6 devices not being upped to OS7 blah blah blah. How many times can you get a new berry, and have a newer better model come out 3 months later (albeit incrementally better) and not be a jaded consumer seeing other better, faster, more advanced options hitting the market place that have longer life cycles? Marketing 101. I love my berry....and I came back this time....but with all the new devices coming out in the bar/qwerty/touch formats, RIM is gonna have to knock my socks off sooner than later. Now that I checked my Bold 9780 on the buy back program and see it is worth a paltry $85, *cough* maybe $250 for it on Kijiji and new "facebook" phone is the better option?

Come on RIM are you listening here?!?


I would say .. how about a Full Touch Screen BlackBerry with a roll around Keyboard attachment it does not need to be there, but you can attach in a grove on the sides. And just slide it into place with the contacts.

The device would need to be able to play a plethora of QNX apps as well as android apps and have a IOS simulator quad core and Ram to the MAX with option more ram upgradeable and replaceable with app memory able to use the SD card instead of whats allocated.

This is a Full LTE advanced device of course, and has a Projector Built in to Project Video and Images to a Wall from the Camera, On and Off Auto Focus with 200 Zoom and a snap on Additional Lens!

This device would have the strongest signal of any smart phone on the planet with Shielding! and absolutely radiation proof.

And it must have a separate Signal Booster Attachment for really remote places.

Sound Quality must be Studio Elite and so must the Microphone

It must be able to Interface with any computer Wirelessly .. WIFI, USB, in fared etc

It has Satelite Access and it can Interface with TV Signals and all Mobile Devices as well as static devices. Cars, Digital Fridges, TVs, Stores you name it

it would have to have a pen attachment to sign documents
and the software interfere to match

on Supercharged QNX with Infinite Liquid Graphics 20 x what exists to date any where

Voice, Txt, Finger Print, Eye and Bio rhythm Security options

With Ultra Sensitive and Bullet Proof anti scratch, anti oil glass

It has a built in Pheromone adapter to attract the opposite sex, and then integrates all their information into BBM and Instantly back up to BlackBerry Protect World Wide

With a Smooth Silky Unobtainium Black, Grey and Silver Body Substance Borrowed from Wolverine of X-Men!

Oh and how could I forget!!!

It simply must have an Individual Consciousness A.I. Artificial Intelligence so it can sense your moods. It Truly will become a extension of your Psychic Inter Dimensional Soul!

Since you asked :)


there are some interesting things above. the 9900 is a great piece of kit (bigger screen, move logo below keyboard), let down by the 2 SAME PROBLEMS with berries last 5 years.

1/ Battery life. Needs to be double. e.g. running bloomberg professional makes the phone run down in a few hours from max charge. i can go on. Simply make the battery slighty wider fatter etc. At least make one blackberry for the orignsal converts. The professionals that must drawl data and write emails etc on the move when needed.

2/ STOP the pocket calling! top button or corner button (old bolds, storm etc) is ridiculous. Use flick switch like from a NOKIA N900 or a Palm Pre.

Better speakerphone, louder/clearer with better reception also wld be great. think of the old nokia 9500 or E90 for battery life and signal. dont forget its a phone.


Torch 9810 form-factor with updates:
* NFC built-in
* Wi-Fi Hotspot enabled by default in OS
* Backlit trackpad
* Full LTE radio built-in for future proofing
* Front facing 1.3mp or > cam for vid chat
* 1GB ram built-in
* 16GB of onboard device memory
* Actual charging pod contacts built-in
* 1.4GHz dual-core CPU
* Shave 0.5mm-1mm in thickness off
* 640×960 resolution and bump the screen size up to ~3.4-3.5 inches

The usual blackberry form factor, the specs doesn't matter much. ALL I WANT, PLEASE, IS THE D*MN RED NUMERIC NUMBERS ON THE KEYPAD BACK. THANKS

my berry would be a tweaked 9900.

1. slightly bigger screen at 3.2" using more of the available real estate around the screen that making the phone any wider. also would use an oled screen at an higher resolution to at the very least match the dpi of the current 9900.

2. 1.5ghz dual core processor/1gb of ram/16 gbs of on board memory

3. carl zeiss lens with dedicated hd cmos image sensor and canon digic llll processor with dual led flash

4. speaker designed by klipsch and also packaged with the klipsch s4i headset or the jaybird bluetooth stereo headset

5. QNX with all the kinks worked out so native apps and the security and better app selection

6. ff cam (same as playbook)

7. 4g lte of course using a more slim power efficient radio =p

8.1800 mah battery

9. tri color led also fo the tracpad

yep thats pretty much it lol.........well i had more stuff but im tired of typing lol

The ultimate blackberry would
1. Project your screen onto a wall if you are plugged in.
2. Have the most incredible suite of free app's including a droid simulator, an iOS simulator, a Windows 8 simulator, and maybe even a Nintendo simulator of some sort. Everybody knows that it is the broad selection of app's that made Microsoft, and later the iPhone into the juggernauts they are today.
3. 3d camera and 3d projector.
4. Very simple and easy to use voice controls so I can listen to my new emails or RSS feeds while driving.

I think these simple things would make the Blackberry a truly incredible phone. Might be unrealistic, but it would sure be awesome.

Developer support is probably the most important thing for Blackberry to do since there are thousands of developers constantly creating amazing thing. What put Android on the map, too, is all the app's. I remember when Android first came out, google gave free phones to developers.

I have been a huge fan of Bold, used to own 9000 and 9700, and really look forward to own the great 9900.

However, since I lost my 9700 recently, I got a Torch 9800 from my company.

At the beginning, I was thinking that a large screen like Torch isn't a big deal when it comes to work with Blackberry, but after working with the devcie for a couple days, it changed my perception - it IS a big deal having a large screen, not to mention web browing, other works such as document and email also become a lot more comfortable and easy to handle.

Yes, the keyboard of Torch isn't as nice as Bold's but it is still quite workable.

So I have been thinking - while BB's Keyboard (namely bold) is the holy grail and the quality exceeds that of all other brands', touch screen in large size is inevitably something every user need to have (same thing happening to TV : everyone is ditching Tube TVs for Large, Flat Screens) - May be it's time for RIM to combine Bold and Torch and create a Superphone that actually have the best of both world (personally I am ok if the phone end up a little thicker than Torch and Old Bolds, as long as typing is like a breeze and the screen is large and sharp.

The other things that superphoneshould probably have:
1. FAST CPU - not necessarily to be as fast as the next iPhones but 80% of that would still be nice.

2. Sub-User Profiles with quick switch - let's say some dads/moms have some apps, messages and links in their BBs that their kids are not supposed to see and touch. Assigning a sub-user profile specifically for kids and only allow certain apps to be seen and open when the phone is in that profile ... Could be very handy, worry free and make the device more family-friendly

3. Playbook-like Interface - unified experience would be very nice

4. Professional and Simple Mode (switchable)-
- Professional Mode: Same thing here in BB phones, lot of options, lot of customizations, and lot of commands
- Simple Mode: More like Playbook's - Simple, Carefree, Very Handy and Omit (hide) the features and commands that are not wanted by non-blaberry-abusers)

5. Front-face camera: don't really have to be very hi-res, but can't be too pathetic

6. Bold 9000 styled Stereo Speaker - this is one of the things I love the most about 9000 and very bummed that its no longer in the newer bolds (this feature could actually open up an opportinity for stereo-related accessories and apps)

7. Backfaced camera WITH Auto-focus - Please, even if not giving us something kicks ass, don't give us something that's apparently bad

My ideal Blackberry would be an upgraded version of the Bold 9900.

It would have:

- A larger and higher resolution, better quality LCD with a higher refresh.
- Less scratch prone bezel (make it the brushed stainless steel finish everywhere, not just the sides)
- 1GB ram, 16GB internal storage and MUCH more application storage space
- Along with more RAM, heavily updated OS and base applications. RIM seriously needs a UI and functionality overhaul.
- Larger battery, more like 1500-1750mah

Short of that, I've got to say - I love this 9900, excellent phone with some areas for definite improvement.

1. Form factor torch, but make iit bigger like the Bold
2. Speed speed and more speed can someone make the phone with enough Ghz and Cores that actually fast enough?
3. 128gb of ram, until we get flawless cloud and lte everywhere I want gobs of ream
4. 10mp wide angle macro auto focus camera in the back and something simpler on the front
5. Multiple exchange accounts
6. 2 sim cards
7. Can Rim get some developers that they actually develop some apps?

Blackberry bold "statement"(given name)

•1.2ghz proc with dedicated gpu
•1GB rom & 1GB ram(os & some apps)
•16GB - 32GB on board storage
•wifi b/g/n
•LTE antenna with option on/off switch(software)
•radio: world(basically the 99xx series)
•NFC antenna
•antenna placement anywhere but the bottom
•3.0 - 3.2 display(liquid graphics)
•Double expandable sd slots up to 32gb(basically one will be under the battery door for apps & os only so you folks can go app crazy. You can save sms messages, phone records etc here. The other placed on the side somewhere specifically for media. Photosn music etc.)
•Expand the keyboard 8% - 12%(just a lil more space)
•full docs to go with adobe editing(pdf)
•3rd party browser or just borrow patents from ios or android.
•dedicated youtube app(people love youtube)
•improve speakers for speakerphone and media.(Loud but crisp)
•battery 1900mah(I know it will thicken it up)
•come with a holster that doubles as a extended battery/charging station(basically imagin the mophie juice pack plus 2000mah but with a clip & physical on/off switch to recharge your bb) w/bluettoh slot, charging pod/dock and oem a/c charger.
•5 - 8mp cam with zoom, flash, auto focus & lite photo editing software(sorry edof does nothing for me)
•1080p hd recording
•customizable home screen w/widgets(I honestly don't like this one. I think widgets are freaking waste of space)
•improved voice command/service(for specific voices. Mine is kinda deep so vc doesn't respond as well)

All I can think of for now.

While I think you all have a decent idea about the next BB, where are the revolutionary ideas? RIM revolutionized mobile data/phones originally, and iterating or playing catch up to what everyone else has is a losing strategy. By the time they get a product "caught" up it would be late. Think about the question differently, what does RIM need to do with its next BB? Some additional thoughts, although all I'm intending is to try to stimulate the conversation about better ideas (although the pheromone adapter is sweet ;) ).

What do you want it do? - play games, email, make phone calls
- this question is coming from a BB user w/ tablet. I hardly use my BB for anything but making calls, so is there room for a simple BT receiver that can utilize a tablet's connection to make calls? maybe it slides out of the tablet to be held in the hand during a call? I'll see if I can sketch something like this today...

What does RIM need to set the new bar? - it has solid, secure email, but is it simply a new OS? If so, does QNX answer this, or is it something else? This is going to sound super lame, but it certainly needs a better app ecosystem. hate on apps all you want, how they're mostly fart apps, etc, but they're why people chose certain phones. If I want 8-bit email I use my BB, if I want to interact with something digital, I use my tablet.


you guys are all lame, i like how the second guy showed his though nice, this are all just high-end smartphones. the perfect blackberry would go beyond what you guys are saying. how about this.

ok what i'm about to say maybe a little bit into the future and i'm going to base if it is like the 9850 but it could be translated into a 9810 or 9930

-2.5Ghz quad-core
-5gb of ram
-100gb of storage
-4" display (3" for 9930s)
-10000x5000 (8000x4000 for 9930s)
-usb 3.0 & 2.0
-hdmi out
-three short cut buttons+a silence button
-3000mah battery and removable
-removable memory
-4g lte and 5g
-15mp rear camera
-10mp front camera
-full 1080p video and 3d for both cameras without a third and forth camera
-20x zoom and flash for both
-three led message lights
-the crisps sound quality, mic and speaker
-super super amoled display

now that you've heard mine, what do you think of your's.