Looking for alternatives to Instagram on your BlackBerry? Look no further - we have them!

Instagram like applications for BlackBerry
By Zach Gilbert on 20 Sep 2012 05:50 pm EDT

Oh Instagram for BlackBerry, where are you? This is a question that a large portion of BlackBerry users have been asking for quite some time now.

While BlackBerry has been actively courting high profile developers to the BlackBerry 10 platform, we can’t forget that there are other alternatives available on the platform.

So, because Instagram is one of those ‘hot topic’ applications for BlackBerry users, I’m going to go over a few alternatives that offer BlackBerry users a similar service to that which is provided by the Instagram application.

Continue reading to see how you can add filters and focus points to your photos from your BlackBerry.



LensBoost is available for pretty much every BlackBerry Smartphone that is currently on the market. LensBoost for BlackBerry features a wide range of filters, effects and frames to help you make that special moment even better.


  • Apply Filters, Frames, Overlays in seconds
  • Full screen image support. NO CROPPING
  • Share photos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, BBM
  • TiltShift to simulate depth-of-field (OS7 ONLY)

More information/download LensBoost for $1.99

Photo Pro Free

Starting the creative process in Photo Pro Free for BlackBerry Smartphones is actually quite simple. To start editing a photo, open up the application on your BlackBerry Smartphone, from there you’ll be asked to select a photo or take a new one. Once you’ve got the photo that needs to be edited loaded, you can select from a plethora of filters, effects, and blur options.


  • Blur
  • Recolor
  • Illumination
  • Flip
  • Crop
  • Resize
  • Rotate Mirror
  • *Write Text
  • Smoothen
  • Undo & Redo
  • Save As Wallpaper
  • Send as Email

More information/download Photo Pro free

InstaPhoto – Instagram-Like App

From a foundation standpoint, InstaPhoto is one of the closest applications to resemble Instagram.  InstaPhoto gives you the ability to crop an image and then add filters and blur effects to it. One thing I didn’t like is that you couldn’t add a blur effect over top of a filter, something Instagram is known for.


  • Easy to get started, simply choose a pre-existing photo or snap one right away. Camera integration runs directly within app, allowing you to take a photo and start instantly!
  • Images save to a custom gallery folder and are featured when you load the app, or you can opt to view the latest uploads on Twitter from your friends!
  • Large preview images allow you to see an effect clearly before making a selection.
  • Simple controls with stunning pre-set effects, it's easy for anyone to use with just a tap of the finger!
  • Quick rending, no long loading times for an effect.
  • Unique effects creating interesting themes for your photos; periscope, mugshots, HUDs and many more!

More information/download InstaPhoto for $2.99

A+ Picture Effects and Photo Editor

A Picture Effects and Photo Editor is one of the most fully-fledged photo editing applications I’ve seen on the BlackBerry platform. Not only does the application do the normal filters and blur effects like Instagram, it goes further and adds other effects like mirror and pop art. Overall I liked the ease of use of the application, but one complaint would be the amount of time it takes to apply some of the more complex applications.


  • Basic picture manipulation such as rotate (custom angle), crop, resize or scale, mirror or flip (horizontal, vertical, diagonal)
  • Basic color manipulation such as adjustment to brightness, contrast, gamma, RGB (Red, Green, Blue) filter, HSB (Hue and Saturation), invert (photo film effect), and sephia / sepia tone
  • Advanced effects and distortions such as perspective view, twirl, bulge (fat effect), squeeze, blur, bump, painting, comic, toon, noise, stretch filters
  • Interactive mode. You don't need to input numbers anymore. Just point and click!
  • Image preview
  • Saving image to memory card
  • History of actions, so you can undo very easily
  • Share or post image via Facebook, Twitter via Twitpic, and email

More information/download A+ Picture Effects and Photo Editor


So while Instaphoto has a similar feature set to Instagram, MOLOME goes all out and almost matches Instagram feature for feature. MOLOME allows you to not only apply the normal effects to your photos, but also has its own social network. Once you’ve created your MOLOME account you can follow and comment on other users photos, just like you can in Instagram.

Key Features

  • Fast camera access for instant sharing
  • 14 magical filters, including the all time popular Vignette, Parlo, Croosy, Old Paper, Vintage, Sepia and Black & White
  • New filters for MOLOME™ Blackberry release: Rainbow
  • Sharing to MOLOME™ network, Facebook and Twitter
  • Earn Badges
  • Follow and view Friends' photos
  • View popular photos
  • Love and comment photos
  • Notification
  • Easily view and update your own profile & photo
  • Optimize performance for BlackBerry devices
  • Fast upload speed
  • 100% free and unlimited photo uploads
  • 640x480 screen resolution are fully supported

More information/download MOLOME at no charge.

So as you should be able to tell, developers are working hard to provide the best application experience on the BlackBerry platform. While we don’t have Instagram yet, there are some awesome alternatives that will help you add that retro look to your photos taken on your BlackBerry Smartphone. What great Instagram alternatives have you found? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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Reader comments

Looking for alternatives to Instagram on your BlackBerry? Look no further - we have them!


As screw em I sideloaded adobe photoshop express on the playbook and haven't looked back although photo studio is quite nice and it's available. On phone and tablet.. The free version is good but lacks so many features until you cough up some dough for the full more better version

I want instagram for blackberry simply because instagram is more than just a photo app. It's a social network that most of my friends use. None of the apps above offer that kind of backend coolness. Ya know what I'm saying?

wow u guys didnt include moblie which is available on blackberry, iphone and android. personally i think its better than instagram as u can do videos and its a lot faster. it can upload in the background as well. i say this as i have a bb9900 and a iphone 4s

Kinda weird that PicMix was not included... it's better than all the above and it's free on BB appworld. What's up with Crackberry and the lack of info??? It's a social network with over a million users, BBM connected and you can post pics to Facebook and Twitter etc..

i am tired of "alternatives to" and "workaround for..". i am loosing my patience to wait for stuff, others already have.
bb10 looks nice and i am willing to hold on till it drops. but when bb10 launches in 2013 with 2012 hardware, "top 20"-apps missing, i am jumping ship. i own 3 berrys (i keep my old ones) and a playbook and i liked them alot. but i am not willing to keep spending money for devices with half-hearted apps.
i am using dropbox alot, but the dropbox bb app is just a waste of appspace. it barely does anything and is slow as hell.

like i said, i am a blackberry user and not a stupid troll.
but i am a strugglin fanboy, it's hard to keep up the love for my bb while i feel like i am missing all the fun stuff.

+1 (a very sad plus one, but I feel exactly the same way). I was helping my dad setup his galaxy nexus as a mobile hotspot and he asked me to install google earth. So as I did this I spent some time looking through all the stuff on google play. Wish I hadn't done that :(

No, Instagram is written using native/unpublished interfaces to the camera, not documented APIs and hence does not work in the Playbook Android runtime.

I'll just hold out until the Z10 or the Q10 reaches the U.S. I do agree to some of what raoule_duke is saying. It's hard when all of the hot new apps are going to iPhone and Android first and we get the work-a-round (I just don't agree with moving to another platform). The one thing I noticed missing from all of these alternatives to Instagram (surprised that no one else commented on it either) is that none of them actually uploads or connects to Instagram and communicates cross platform??

These are not the kind of alternatives Instagram fans want. If any of these developers said that your photo's will be uploaded to the Instagram site and actually connected with other Instagram users cross platforms, then you would have some satisfied people. For example. When twitter was first released. Blackberry didn't have a native application. There were all kinds of alternative applications. The difference is that when we updated our status' on these alternatives, they were also updated on the twitter site. If we wanted to upload a photo, we had that ability. We were able to see, create, and communicate cross platform. There was a real race to produce the Best Blackberry Twitter app. Blackberry killed the competition by making their own native twitter app and being the first app that allowed you to switch twitter profiles.

I said all of that as a point to all of the developers that are developing these "alternatives" to Instagram. You're not giving the people what they want. Would you ask a Facebook user to settle for using MySpace instead? No. No one would. So why ask us to use these other social sites that we've hardly or have never heard of instead of giving us the real deal or another way to the real deal? Even being able to access Instagram on our Blackberry Browsers is a better alternative than giving us something foreign and totally different than the real deal.

Everyone is crying for Instagram to release an application. How about these developers that are putting in all of this energy to create and sell us on these "Not quite Instagram" sites put some of that enterprising energy in creating a Blackberry application that ACTUALLY connects us to Instagram and allows us to communicate cross platform just like Facebook and Twitter allows us to?

Um just sayin...

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