If RIM were to push one native application to the BlackBerry PlayBook developer version of OS 2, which would you prefer?

By Jared DiPane on 9 Nov 2011 12:19 pm EST
BlackBerry PlayBook

As we all know, we unfortunately won't see the official release of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 until February of 2012, but we were still fortunate enough for RIM to allow developers to take part in a beta version. The beta doesn't contain any of the native applications that we had hoped it would, but that led me to some interesting thoughts. If RIM were to add just one of the native applications to an upcoming developer build, which would you want to see? Would you like to see Contacts, Calendar, Email, BBM, Tasks, Password Keeper or Notes? Odds are we won't see any of them until the official release, but it never hurts to use our imagination a little, right? Let us know your pick in the poll above, then tell us why you chose what you did in the comments.

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If RIM were to push one native application to the BlackBerry PlayBook developer version of OS 2, which would you prefer?


^ This.

Maybe I'm the only one who absolutely loves that none of my email, calendar or contacts is on my device except when I'm by it with my phone. I am never without my phone, so none of these items are needed for me. Password keeper might be the exception but again, it's so easy to pull from my phone my login information.

I'm with ya. Give me auto correct, some extra shortcuts, easier way to transport info to and from playbook/phone and some TAT magic and I'm good. The rest can stay bridged for me.

It won't work out for those looking to get the Playbook without a Blackberry phone.

I'm right there with you guys. I think not having those features native is a big plus for the PB. I will be disabling or hiding any native apps that come in the future. I do really need auto correct or at least auto punctuation and auto cap. I know it sounds spoiled and ignorant, but I hate wasting taps just for a single punctuation mark or capitalizing "I"

Honestly though...is it not hilarious we are at the point of hypothetical discussion for one of many native apps more than a year after release?

I personally have accepted my PlayBook as only another way to get on the internet. But its quite hilarious that all these 'native' apps were promised to us by now, and now have been completely minimized or removed from the alleged February os2 launch...16 months after it was launched. You can't make this stuff up.

Also, my advice to anyone with high hopes....lower them. OS2 will merely be a dif layout, and still quite far from the tablet you've read about for 2+yrs.

Err... Wasn't the Playbook released April 19th, 2011? i.e. LESS than one year ago? I agree that native email should be available by now, but at least use accurate dates.

No. Clue why. I was thinking October. As stated though. At least we agree native apps are now hypothetical instead of realistic.

Like I said. Expect to simply browse the web and you won't be dissapointed.

Oh, you mean when the Playbook was ANNOUNCED. Well then, why didn't you just say so? We all know RIM has a track record for announcing new devices/services somewhat prematurely.

Either way, irregardless of when it was announced, the problem people have had with the Playbook is that it was not made available for consumer use with the expected native apps that most would expect a "professional-grade" tablet would have.

I personally don't have one, but I will certainly be getting one (if not the next iteration of the device) once I put away enough money to do so and have a BBX phone to pair with it.

"The beta doesn't contain any of the native applications that we had hoped it would, but that led me to some interesting thoughts. If RIM were to add just one of the native applications to an upcoming developer build, which would you want to see? "

Is there something you know, you're not telling us? this seems fishy :-)

This sounds like you know RIM can't work on everything, and asked you to survey the people which native application they want the most. Clearly all the above is a must, however from the results so far, it seems that e-mail is beating everything, does this mean RIM will ignore Calendar and everything else but e-mail for Feb 2012?


Email - 40%
BBM - 25%
Calendar - 20%
Contacts - 10%
Other - 5%

What is most important for me is the above, but i hope soon we will gonna see at least EMAIL pleases RIM make it Happen you little midget.

Cheers! :)

I don't see the point of having any of these native. Bridge is great, besides, what good is it to have multiple PIN's for BBM? Sounds annoying to me. Sure, polish it up, but in my opinion, having Bridge is a leg up on the competition. Who has a Playbook that doesn't have a Blackberry phone? To me this is where the Playbook differs from the other tablets - in a good way.

I guess if the idea is to push the tablet to non Blackberry phone users then, yes, have all this native stuff, however, I can't see a Professional Grade Tablet being marketed to teens for games or Iphone users.

I agree, most Playbook users will have a BB to bridge with, but those who don't still barely have any native apps whatsoever. I know quite a few people who use their Playbooks for work and use feature phones, and having no native Email is deffinitely a downfall for a tablet that's being marketed towards both a business/profesional and consumer market.

All other tablets on the market, even HP's dead Touchpad, have native Email, so I can't see why RIM didn't include it. And regarding BBM, there are tons of consumers sticking to the Blackberry brand because of BBM, so having it on the Playbook could increase consumer sales.

Just my two cents.

Email for sure, I revieve around 100 Emails per day, and not having a native client on the Playbook is a huge downside.

Other than that, BBM would be a nice touch but not really necessary.

Why are u including BBM as an option? they already clearly stated BBM will not be included natively in the 2.0 release, let alone the developer version... lol..

I don't see the point of having BBM on the playbook. to me it is not necessary.. the UI and convenience of having it on my BB is good enough for me.. Email on the other hand, I would love to be able to see my email on a bigger screen. This to me is a necessary feature for the Playbook. Something that does not get truncated and displays emails identical to those on a desktop. This is the point of having a tablet. To have an enhanced mobile experience.

With that said, again my point with BBM what is the point of having an enhanced BBM experience on a larger screen.. All of my IM clients are minimized to a small window at the corner of my laptop. I dont need a full screen of IM conversation.. BBM on a BB device is ideal and wouldn't mind if it stayed there. If you want BBM on your playbook then Bridge. Lets be honest, how many people that use another platform are actually going to purchase a Playbook just so they can use BBM???

Bridge works just fine for me and I just don't understand the need for native BB apps on the Playbook.

I wish this poll was restricted to those who have a PB so we get the perspective of those who actually use one.

I have used my playbook quite xtensively since i got it over a month ago, and having my 9900 with me all the time i find that i liked things centralized to my berry. And i"ll say it again bridge is the most innovative mobile technology to date. Only thing i ask from Rim is please give us auto correct n spell check, and sms. Other then that i'm quite content with my setup. With vcms installed, playbook is nicely fitted with my car.

Bridge works perfect for me, and I enjoy its implementation. I just wish the files worked better for streaming between the two...I have no use for native apps. I have a blackberry phone, thus, I want everything to work in sync.

Past that, just get android running better and I'll be a happy camper.

Ps: there should be a "none of the above" option in the poll....or "continue to improve Bridge" option.

I completely agree with you about the file between with bridge. It can be xtremely slow esp with large pdf files. I wonder if its the result of using bluetooth as a connection? I hope Rim manages to work it out.

all of those features should be included without a doubt but if i had to choose one, probably email. it seems to be the most used feature :)

I would love to see spellcheck and autocorrect/autotext on the PB! That would make my life easier. Otherwise, I love Bridge on my PlayBook. I don't have to worry about my files being all over the place for prying eyes to see. Even though you can password protect the PlayBook, I prefer to just PW protect my phone. That way, I can let someone borrow my PB to surf the web, while still keeping my files secure on my phone.

I bought a 32GB PlayBook almost right after it was released. Sadly, this device has not evolved into a usable tablet with a selection of popular apps, email, etc. I have waited patiently thinking RIM was committed to pushing the updates and development of this device so that it's on par with it's competitors.

I love the user experience with the gestures and think they nailed it on design and size.

But since the announcement of 7" tablets from Amazon and B&N I have decided those media rich 7" tabs are probably all I will need. My 10.1" Droid tab is going on the block and my PlayBook is going on the block. I love the 7" form factor, and these new devices simply have the PB beat in just about every way -- unless a camera is vital to your tablet. I get magazines, books, TV, movies, Web, email, etc. packed into one snappy, HD portable device. And it's all there out of the box. Plus it has access to top apps. I think there is a slice of the tablet market left behind by Apple where a company can win fans with a low priced, media-ready device as a very compelling alternative to the iPad. PB had first dibs on the 7" market and basically did nothing and allowed devices like the Flyer, Fire and Nook to pass it by.

Now RIM wants us to wait til mid-winter to update a device that will be on the downside of the spec spectrum by that time and personally I don't think whatever is introduced will even then make the PB get much attention. Opportunity lost.

Reminds me of the Apple Newton....

Please - this is like asking which three wheels you'd like on your new car. You'd never take it that way from the dealer, and RIM should have never released the Playbook without a basic set of apps . . .

I have two Blackberry phones but only use one for BBM cannot see any reason to split my BBM contacts. The same with my Playbook why on earth would I want native BBM, Email, Calendar or Contacts when they are are already on there via bridge. My phone wakes up, my Playbook wakes up they synchronise. Simple.
Anybody who's missing any of the native applications listed above doesn't use the Playbook as it should be used, or maybe should be looking at another tablet.
Don't own a Blackberry device don't get a Playbook.
What we do need is SMS and PIN messages via Bridge. RIM should concentrate on leveraging the Playbook closer to home, apparently there are 75 million of us.

Totally agree. My 9900 connects to my PB and my 9700 is just a phone. Don't need any of these as it would split my data. Centalised is better organised. Things we do need and fast is spellcheck/autocorrect, better office suite, A2DP, print capability and better bridge.

What I don't really get is why RIM gives us a free BB Curve with our PB purchases in India but nowhere else.
Give a discount to a BB owner but give a free BB to a non BB owner. Build ur base and keep everyone happy.


BBM - is too limited, and these days non one I know uses it - so would rather have Skype.
Email - email on tablet is great, but I would not use it natively due to to limited memory. It works fine using webmail, bridge - or just teh smartphone.
Contacts - don't see a need
Calendar - Better on smartphone, than tablet
Notes - Better on smartphone, than tablet
Tasks - Better on smartphone, than tablet
Password Keeper - don't see a need for it on tablet if you have it on smartphone

What we really need is VPN to work with the standards (cisco etc) and cross-functional messaging (video and IM on standards like Skype, MSN, Yahoo etc)

am i missing something...? when people talk about not having email on their pb they must be responding to the limited functionality of bridge. it is a great idea, but it just doesn't work the way many people use email. have you tried to cut and or paste content....like hyperlinks....in emails you send out? how about selecting and copying text from an email message...doesnt anybody else do this stuff?. presumably that i s how native email would be better than bridge. better yet add it to bridge functionality.

Due to the lack of encryption, I guess the only app that would make sense is BBM, if one doesn't see conversations as being private.

Two configuration options:

1. Standalone PlayBook without owning a blackberry.

Non BB owners need all native apps. RIM can figure out how to address BBM with wifi only PBs, I don't know.
3g / 4g PBs need all native apps with BBM
Basically anyone can pick up a PB and use it right out of the box without having to own a BB.

2. BB owners: Have the option to use native apps or bridge. RIM can figure out how to address BBM, I don't work there.

Give the people all options and let them decide how to use it.

Since Email and contact go hand in hand one is worthless with out the other might as well make it BBM