If the Porsche Designed P'9981 isn't for you, how about a Ferrari BlackBerry Bold 9700?

By Michelle Haag on 14 Apr 2012 09:07 pm EDT
Ferrari BlackBerry Bold 9700

Just the other week Kevin posted about his Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry and asked the community if RIM was to do any other partnerships with brands, who would you want to see them partner with. In the post, we showed off a hot looking Ferrari PlayBook concept. Now today in CrackBerry's forums, guess what photos showed up? That's right, a Ferrari BlackBerry, but in this case it's actually a Bold 9700.

This isn't a device we remember seeing before, and Google didn't have much to offer regarding it either. Obviously it's an older device, and still rocking OS5. Heck, we aren't even 100% sure that it's a legit BlackBerry, though it sure is pretty convincing. There are a ton more pictures of the device and the packaging in the forum thread at the link below, both from the person who claims to own this device, and an old eBay listing Bla1ze found online.  Go take a look, and let us know if you think it's legit and if it's a design you'd like to see on a newer device. 

More pictures/discussion on the Ferrari edition BlackBerry Bold 9700 

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If the Porsche Designed P'9981 isn't for you, how about a Ferrari BlackBerry Bold 9700?


so ya dont have a BB yet your commenting negatively on crackberry? i wonder if you`d be supprised to be called a troll by people lol

Well.. Not to be rude or anything. But how long do you think it will take you to move on over to a forum didicated to iphone haha

Your in luck then...there is a site called imore all about Apple products and guess what?? The link is even at the top of this page. Lucky you :) bu-buy.

Well you logged into CB, so apparently you still think about us at night while you hold your restricted piece of mainstream hardware that every daughter and their mother's have.

Are you kidding me?! Crackberry cant tell if its a "100% legit blackberry"? Its a simple housing change I can be the owner of the first lambo bold 9780 just gotta go to the flea market and pick up the parts.

I was wondering who was going to be the first to call out the housing switch. I remember my metallic blue and silver 9700 haha. sw-box is a gold mine for them.

Dear RIM,

Less time making shit nobody cares about (Ferrari BB, Porche BB) and more time giving your customers what they actually want.

Your customer base.

as Soren203 said, this looks like a housing change.

Probably one of the China plastic makers continuing to deliver gems for the world/solid waste dumps to absorb.

In other words, ridiculous.

I like it too. Since we are on the subject of sexy, exotic, Italion sport cars, what about a BB10 Lamborghini?
I would definitely put that in my trophy case!


- CB

in the pictures it looks quite official to me. therefore it might be worth a lot of money for collectors.
i wouldn't just go and sell it on ebay. maybe save it somewhere and wait ;-)

OMG terrible. Enzo must be turning around in his grave. But unfortunately it is almost always the same with licensed products. Looks like a boxter with a caravan hook.

I have zero respect for enzo. He cheated and Ferrari still continues to cheat with tuned up press cars.

And what are you talking about with the boxster? That came out of left field.

Porsche Carrera S 997.2
Porsche Carrera S 991 (Coming soon)

This is no way looking like a "Ferrari" anything. What I point out is that this is a unfortunate habit for licensed products (I was shocked visiting the Ferrari shop in London).

I could have say "a Porsche with carpet on the steering wheel and blinking monkeys suspended to the retro"; I just meant this is pure bad taste.

Looks pretty cool I say. I'd have it as a 2nd - 3rd - 4th Blackberry.

Rarer than rocking horse s**t !

This has to be fake. Bold 9700 is old and obsolete. The main issue with this phone is the lack of available memory when updating to OS6. OS5 just isn't cutting it anymore due to more modern apps not properly working with OS5. Slacker radio stops working after more than 5 songs are being played. Some apps refuses to work properly.

OS6 takes care of this, but only leaves 70MB free (no apps installed). So yeah this is fake lol.

I've lived in Dubai, and these covers are a dime a dozen.

These aren't officially licensed ferrari BlackBerry phones. You can see on the keypad the arabic.

On the fancy box, the metal plate inside reads "Ferrari Car Phone". I mean seriously, it couldn't be more obvious than that.

In dubai you get these ferrari style covers for around 100-200 Dhirams. Trust me this is just a fake, to fool someone to buying an old phone in a fancy packing and for the seller to make a profit.

That has to be the ugliest phone I've ever seen.. Also one thing I have to comment on is all the hate towards people who choose a phone other then BlackBerry =P.. Come on, I don't see anything wrong with posting an opinion or experience..

And I admit while I love the Playbook OS, I couldn't care for BlackBerry OS 7.. But I think once we see BlackBerry 10 It will be a compelling experience.. PROVIDED RIM Does it right..

You know what's insane to me? Even with all the money RIM seems to have, they don't invest it on the right people, haven't these people heard of Designers? I think at this point If RIM wants to have an impact on marketshare EVERYTHING needs to be perfect, from user experience, interface design, performance, battery life, camera's, multi-tasking etc..

AND to top it all off they need to start paying companies like Netflix, Hulu, etc.. There has to be a reason to choose a BlackBerry Tablet.. What we currently have unfortunately is not enough at all.. RIM has to innovate..

Even Microsoft with Windows 8 has come up with something pretty great and original for tablets.. It's much different in my opinion then Android and iOS..

The only area I see Playbook shines is Multi-Tasking.. The rest In my opinion needs great improvement to be able to make it that is..

What about a John Deere Phone? Green, smelling like cow dung, Diesel-powered and port for a plow.... The Ferrari phone (alike the Porsche stuff) seems to me like the last covering with make-up: on the deathbed of RIM.....

This is the ugliest phone on God's green earth. Given the choice, I would rather stick with my 10 year old Radioshack flip phone with its antenna, than get this flamboyantly hideous piece.

It's not that pretty! It looks like a kid's phone. The red is too red-candy. Above all, BlackBerry Bold 9700 is outdated. This device does not have enough ram, 256mb and the browser keeps crashing under BBOS 6.0.

You have a dilemma with this device. You stay with BBOS 5.0 and you have more free ram. However you get a terrible browser. But if you get BBOS 6.0, you gave up a big chuck of your free ram but you get a better browser.

With Phones being a fashion piece nowadays neutral colors are the order of the day, you don't see italians running around in droves earnestly buying phone cases portraying their national colors for that same reason. (italians from italy not from jersey shore)

I would welcome ferrari designing the shape of a phone, their skill in the arena of making the best out of curves in the automobile world is unmatched.

The best way to create Caché for these type of designs is too 1. Make them exclusively designed by the vehicle maker. 2. make them out of premium materials 3. Make them exclusive to purchasing a certain model car 4. make the phones model number to be related to the V.I.N of that particular car to certify authenticity for resale like a rolex with its paperwork.

For example if you buy a ferrari 458 there should be a specially designed blackberry that comes with it with free hardware upgrades for a certain amount time subsequent to purchase. This automatically makes even the ugly porsche design phone gain cool points when you know this is the phone that comes with the new 911.

If you have a breitling/bentley phone that comes with the new bentley continental, finished in black and white gold as opposed the chrome, the cool points on something like that would be tremendous.

Just bought yourself a high end audi r8 that comes with a exclusive blackberry 9900 and the blackberry 10 version of it just came out no worries, turn in your 9900 and get the exclusive blackberry 10 version. Thats how you make that shit cool.

With blackberry working with the porsche if they strike the right deal they can have custom made phones in all the highend brands controlled by that company that means audi, lamborghini and porsche and bentley. When the hardware and software capabilities of blackberry step up, the constant advertisement of seeing millionaires and billionaires on their blackberries would go far to keep the company relevant.

The only thing I could say is either it's real or it's simply a housing change done on it. Could've been some limited edition BB9700 back in the days when they were actually NEW devices.... I dunno :| Can't knock a 9700 though..... they were a good phone :)

So much interest on a device iteration that is/will soon b a remnant! Really! 9700 was sturdy n reliable can we focus on BB10 NOW!