If It Ain't Broke, Don't Upgrade - Jessica Simpson Still Uses Her Trusty Old BlackBerry 8700

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Oct 2007 12:16 am EDT

Jessica Simpson still using the BlackBerry 8700

It's been a while since we've ran a CrackBerry Sighting, but thought this one of Jessica Simpson was worth posting. Why? Because she illustrates a good point - if it ain't broke, don't upgrade! It's easy to get consumed with device rumors and long for the latest gadgets, but it's important to remember that at the core all BlackBerrys kick a$$. If you're lucky enough to have any model of BlackBerry, be happy with it!

The last time we saw Jessica, she was sporting a CrackBerry.com T-Shirt. If you haven't seen the post, it's a worthwhile one to check out!

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Yes, Jessica S, She refused to upgrade from 8700 to any blackberry series. Because she thinks that the 8700 is more SUPERIOR to the 8300 series. I admire her attitude and her faithfulness to the 8700 even though someday one of the 8300 curve users she knows will convince her to upgrade from the 8700 to 8300. who knows. ;o)


Has it occurred to anyone that maybe she travels to Japan enough that she has an 8707, the only blackberry that can roam to Japan and back to the USA? There is no Curve or later model equivalent.


Wow that's a pair of legs!