If the iPhone Gets Unlimited Data on Rogers Then BlackBerry Smartphones Should Too, Or KEVIN SMASH

Incredible CrackBerry vs. Ted Rogers
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jun 2008 05:46 pm EDT

The Incredible CrackBerry vs. Ted "Wolverine" Rogers

Rogers Data Expensive. New Pricing Bit Better. iPhone Get Unlimited Data? NOOOOOO. Would Make CrackBerry Kevin Angry. Lose Control. Make Fair or KEVIN SMASH GSM Monopoly. Where Mr. Rogers? Found Him. Reasonable Data Rates For All.

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If the iPhone Gets Unlimited Data on Rogers Then BlackBerry Smartphones Should Too, Or KEVIN SMASH


Nice to see more of Mr. Ritchie's graphics on CrackBerry.com. This one is too much, I can't stop Crackin' up. Check out that look on Kevin's face!

I've always got an eye out for Rene's graphics on theiPhoneBlog.com and really hope to see more here on CrackBerry.

Well done, fellahs.


This graphic is pretty awesome. This was actually a great issue of Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine. Too bad they never finshed the series.

Arguing about Blackberry for iPhone is nothing. Rogers and their unjustified, unreasonable, and indefensible data plans are the real enemy.

Consumers SMASH!

Especially after RIM publicly blasted Canadian carriers for their high data prices back in '07 and it STILL remains an issue, their stifling growth even though in their slides they clearly say they want smartphone market growth.

you gotta think like rogers:

how can we:
-charge as much as we can for the blackberry business users,
-subscribe as many iphone users
-offer an unlimited plan?

-separate plans for data and voice
-separate plans for iphone and blackberry
-separate plans for BIS and BES.

Awesome Kevin, I like the graphics, I do believe every carrier should have a unlimited plan with reasonable pricing, for all addicts around the world!

ohhhhhhhhhh man, You're great! love that! lol.

I was thinking about getting the BOLD, and I prolly will. After seeing the Javelin, I was really digging the keyboards and I feel in mad love.

Thanks for all your hard work showing us all the videos and keeping us entertained.

;o)Nice photoshop btw!!!

I knew Kevin was an addict but the thought of the Mr Rogers crawling back to his legs is too funny.... I do however hope this does mean cheaper data rates for you guys up north. I have several friends from my toronto office that always tell me how lucky I am to be paying what I consider a high bill on verizon..

i hate rogers for this dicrimination. its probably the only reason i havent gotten my blackberry....yet. ROGERS, HURRY UP DAMMIT!

Hi Kevin,
I have read your comment on data rates and as an ATT customer, it galls me that the iphony gets better rates than those of us with our bb's. If you go nutsoid on Rogers, please don't forget your long suffering friends here in the USA!! Verizon, ATT, and all the rest of the captains of theft deserve it, too!!

(after Wolverine gets ripped in half)...

So he's ok now, right?! Wolverine's lower torso comes back and kicks Hulk's ass, right?!

Although Rogers is getting both the iPhone and the BB Bold, their data plans are down right horrible so I don't feel so bad. Guess I'll stick to my curve with Telus and my $60 a month with ulimited data. ;)

Spoke to a CS rep at Rogers just after changing my Data Plan to 300MB for $30 (thanks Crackberry.com for the FYI) and I asked him if there's unlimited data available for the Iphone and he said "No". He explained that there's an agreement to not offer this due to Blackberry not having it. Than again who knows if what he told me is the truth or his assumption as well. I guess we'll hafta wait and see.

This is the SECOND time I've spat Dr. Pepper everywhere laughing at this website. Sometimes I hate you in a loving way.

I pay $87.35 a month for 450 minutes 1500 SMS/MMS and an unlimited BB plan this includes all of the taxes and stupid federal fees we have here in the states. I would flip if my rates were that high, well I probably would not have gotten a BB in the first place and that would be terrible. Take them down Kevin.

The pic on this post made me laugh out loud. I just had to let Kevin know that. Hilarious pic!! While I'm here I might as well tell you how much I enjoy your site because of its usefulness and great writing. The contributions from other websites and info provided for us Crackberry users is an awesome tool for us to have and we are fortunate to have you on our side. Thanks again.