If blinking lights aren't for you, try Light Up!

By Kerri Neill on 13 Nov 2011 02:14 pm EST
Light Up

I know a lot of us use applications like BeBuzz to notify us of specific app notifications with fancy colors and toasts. Others prefer to stick with the basic blinking red light. If none of these options suit your taste, the folks over at PingDev Ltd have a solution. Light Up will turn on your backlight of your home screen with each new notification.

The following applications are currently compatible with Light Up:

  • Text Messages
  • Email
  • BlackBerry Messenger
  • Facebook
  • Twitter (DM and New Tweets)
  • MySpace
  • WhatsApp

    Light Up allows you to select an active/inactive option for those times when you may not want anyone just passing by to see what's on your screen when that new message comes in. You can also customize which notification types light up your screen, duration and level of brightness. Light Up is available via BlackBerry App World for $1.99 on most devices running OS 4.6.1 or higher.

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    Sounds like a battery drainer, I stick with bebuzz. Been using it since I got my first berry in 09 :)


    I second that notion!


    bebuzz does this with toasts


    Bebuzz is one of the reasons why I still use a blackberry.. It is a great addition to blackberry period! I like the privacy of a simple light blinking than my whole phone lighting up and everyone can see what's going on with your phone.. Just my two cents!


    so true, No need for my screen to light up like that otherwise I'd just get another phone.


    Leave It On has done this for a while too