CrackBerry Asks: If BlackBerry were to partner with another company, who would you want it to be and why?

By Adam Zeis on 12 Aug 2013 10:30 am EDT

Today BlackBerry dropped the news that the board of directors has formed a special committee that consists of Barbara Stymiest, Thorsten Heins, Richard Lynch and Bert Nordberg, and will be chaired by Timothy Dattels. The committee will have the task of exploring possible new venues for BlackBerry including partnerships, joint ventures and possible even a sale of the company.

We're been hearing all kinds of rumors for the last few months about various partnerships but noting was ever set in stone. While there were no direct names dropped today as to just who BlackBerry would look to partner with, there are plenty of companies out that there would make for a good fit. Big names like Samsung, IBM, Cisco or even Microsoft all come to mind.

We most like won't be hearing too much on the process from here on out as BlackBerry has stated they won't "disclose further developments with respect to this process, unless and until its Board of Directors approves a specific transaction or otherwise concludes the review of strategic alternatives." But we want to know what you think would be a good fit for a partnership for BlackBerry. 

I talked with Kevin a bit this morning on the topic and we know the CrackBerry community are a smart bunch, so we want to hear what you have to say. Drop a comment on this post and let us know who you think would make the best fit for a BlackBerry partnership and why.

Give us some details and be sure to explain yourself and your thinking. We'll take some of the best ones and turn them into a larger post as a follow-up. 

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CrackBerry Asks: If BlackBerry were to partner with another company, who would you want it to be and why?



What possible reason would Samsung need to do this? They are the top Android OEM and get that OS for free.

Samsung, HTC, Apple, Nokia.....Blackberry would be dead weight for those companies.

Samsung has been very public about wanting to reduce their reliance on Android.

If KNOX fails I could see Samsung buying BBRY just for the MDM BES brings. Having another OS to put on phones would just be a bonus for them. BBRY's list of Patents has got to have a lot of value to Samsung as well.

Samsung is already too big and greedy, they are even looking at launching their own OS... what makes you think they would be interested in a venture to "HELP" BlackBerry"? SONY on the other hand makes sense, with PlayStation, Phones, Computers, TV's Home Theater Systems.. just imagine the possibilities if adapting BBOS' features!! Just Awesome!

Are you kidding? The Xbox 360 has obliterated the PS3 in sales. Now, moving forward, Sony is likely to switch that around because of the stigma that Microsoft went and attached to its new console, but currently, the Playstation is not the most popular.

Samsung might be the best option. They've clearly expressed a desire to get into the mobile security market and move away from a reliance on Android. I think Samsung and BlackBerry working together towards the same goal, using BB10 (and future OS) as the foundation for it to create a super OS that will knock Android and iOS off the map would be a good thing. The only thing that Sony has that Samsung doesn't is the gaming console; and even with that in mind, Samsung is destroying Sony on all of those fronts except for the one where they aren't competing against each other.


XBOX obliterating? What are you smoking? In March 2013 PS3 sold 78 Million units to date, XBOX 360 sold that many by June 2013. Where do you get your numbers?

Neck and neck (even though PS3 is slightly outdoing) don't see obliterated.

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"Are you kidding? The Xbox 360 has obliterated the PS3 in sales."

I presume you just mean in North America? Very different story elsewhere:

See VGChartz for the figures (can't post links).


"Are you kidding? The Xbox 360 has obliterated the PS3 in sales."

Wrong, even with the year head start and the PSN hack X360 is now trailing PS3 in global sales. Check your facts.

"Sony is likely to switch that around because of the stigma that Microsoft went and attached to its new console, but currently, the Playstation is not the most popular."

Depends on how you define popular. In terms of lifetime sales the PlayStation brand has been in far more homes than the Xbox brand.

This is my thought as well. Sony would be the best fit and it makes better sense for the mobile computing that blackberry has been talking about.

Imagine being able to see BBM, emails, text, whatever on your TV or while playing a game in your playstation in a toast.

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Sony would indeed be the perfect partner because of their expertise in product design and manufacturing plus their professional photo and broadcasting divisions.

Sony isn't doing great in the mobile market either however, BlackBerry's greatest asset is QNX embedded OS. That would be a huge asset for Sony Pro Broadcasting devision which is market leader. Sony could than have one common embedded platform for their pro products - mixers, CineAlta cameras, signal processors, etc - while also having a great OS for consumer products - point and shoot cameras, consoles, media players, etc.

As for mobile, Sony could find in QNX the market differentiation they so need - their hardware is great yet powered by rubish software.

BlackBerry would benifit from the cashflow and a partner with which to design truly revolutionary hardware. We could see even better hardware from what we see on current OS10 products. Sony has expertise in OLED, manufacturing processes and image processing - BSI cameras, signal processing, video codec - that would hugely boost BlackBerry products media wise.

That could make the next BB products with an excellent camera - with CarlZeiss optics and great low light performance with BSI sensor - excellent audio - Walkman portfolio - and probably the very best screen we've ever seen on a BlackBerry product - Bravia portfolio.

For us powerusers that may not be key but for the media addict masses, surelly that would make the Z series of BlackBerry's get the spotlight.

Last, Sony is a Japanese company - no politic complications - with an excellent work philosophy and a track record of innovation to be proud of.

Perfect fit in my oppinion.

BlackBerry should JV with Yahoo, Sony and Asus but Sony is the most perfect choice to takeover Blackberry, sony's electronics units(consumer, professional, medical) need ONX.

As an Android user I must admit that would intrigue me into returning to Blackberry;the potential for greater App developement is there,too.

SONY! QNX and BlackBerry's security IP could fit in with a lot of SONY's business. Seamlessly integrated all their hardware with security to boot.
SONY make ICE equipment already so further integration into the auto industry would be great. SONY could integrate versions on QNX into its auto industry products as well as home entertainment, hell they could do all their own hardware and slap Apple into the next dimension.

I agree. They are both struggling, and Sony can make amazing hardware. Imagine BB10 with PlayStation Mobile, an amazing Sony camera, screen, and audio output. In a waterproof package. Sony also makes a ton of accessories for their phones, like the smartwatch, Bluetooth speakers, wireless headsets etc. They also own huge media stores and could easily bring that into BBWorld. Sony's makes amazing hardware, but needs to use something other than Android to stand out. These two would be unstoppable

If I'm not mistaken Sony uses Carl Zeiss lenses for their camera's. Couple that with some decent BlackBerry software and you'll have a photo/video powerhouse.
My first response would also be Sony, but I'm gonna take a little more to think about it all.

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Also, SONY Already joined together with Ericsson a while ago, and i'm not sure exactly what happened with that deal although I remember the SONY-Ericsson brand. Now their phones are only branded SONY i'm guessing that venture ended, so maybe SONY would be a bit wary of buying another phone company again.

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Not necessarily. It didnt just end. SONY bought them out fully. They would still be viable with the amount of value they could bring to the table.

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Threatening to reduce their reliance on Android and actually doing so are two very different things.

And if they were going to go to another OS it would be the one they are developing in house.

Why would they develop in house? Makes no sense when they can get BB10 for a good price and customize. You're being far to negative about the intellectual value of a solid OS.

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Samsung would probably do it just to eliminate them in their quest to monopolize the market. And we can thank the consumers for allowing this too because you hear the android fanboys say all of the time how they want Apple and BlackBerry to die. Short-sightedness...

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"If KNOX failes..." ??

Did they even release that? I remember reports of it being broken and at the end of the day... it's Android. Not the most reliant when it comes to security.

as much as i despise samsung and android, samsung may be a good partnership for blackberry since they have all the hardware... (but what are the chances? BlackBerry is a weigh down for samsung and they have their own products in the mobile market.)

however i say they should partner with a wireless provider such as at and t, rogers, verizon or any big named telecommunications. together they can bring low prices to anyone using BlackBerry (which may attract a lot especially here in canada, as people complain about highest phone rates in the world. right now here in canada they(bell rogers and telus, canadas largest telecommunications companies) are fighting against entry of verizon into canada. the government aparently wants competition to lower prices.

so after this insight on canada and their issues, bringing BlackBerry as a partner for say rogers could make a deal to lower phone rates for BlackBerry users, and especially since BlackBerry is our native phone, a lot of canadians support it. lately ive seen a lot of q10 and at least 3 z10's plus my z10 walkin down the streets of toronto.

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Samsung could become completely unreliant on Google. Just use the android runtime in BB10 with like the Amazon app store and there you go app rich and their own OS.

I think Samsung would love to have their own OS. Samsung is such a hardware giant; having their own OS and not being dependent on Google would be great for Samsung.

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Sounds like the best partnership to me. Great business machines. Plus I have a Lenovo for work so I'd really like some awesome integration, the kind of mobile computing stuff that Heins has been imagining.

How long will BB keep it its security certificates with the US government once a Chinese company is in control?

Yes many thinkpads but with Windows running it. No chance for the Chinese to manipulate the software for listening. Whereas with BlackBerry 10 they would have access to the encryption s to listen in and or read info via text email and etc.

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Laptops are not communication devices - see the difference?

They are as secure as the network they use such as a VPN.

Laptops are not communication devices??? Really than why am I using one to communicate on here?

Second why are you assuming BB would loose control? We don't know who would be in control if and when BB strike an alliance. Unless BB is bought out completely no company will be able to modify QNX or BB10 to listen just like they dont with Windows.

I think Sony or Lenovo would be a good fit. I prefer it be Sony though.

It's not gonna happen. The Canadian government already said no due to a risk to national security.

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Exactly what I was thinking. Lenovo is one of the top computer manufacturers in the world, they make durable, high quality laptops (like my thinkpad), they most often target business users, and they value security. Sound like any smartphone manufacturers you can think of?? They've also been moving towards more mainstream laptops with their ideapad line, and have shown an interest in mobile devices. Sounds like a great fit.


This would also assure great sales and distribution channel into the largest smartphone market in Asia.

A Win-Win situation for both companies!

If Lenovo buys BB or partners with them, you will have more issues with the device. Look what they did to Thinkpad...YIKES!!!

The jump in the BB shares today is a sign there is some reached agreement somewhere, whether sale, partnership or whatever. Whatever it is, it's good enough.

No it just implies there is am expectation of a sale. Insider trading laws prevent someone from capitalizing on information not publically available.

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The rise in price is attributable to the value of BlackBerry intellectual property on the open market.

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Samsung - I don't agree. If only to get their marketing prowess but that's it. They've turned everything they touch in a freakshow. Also, they need focus themselves since they're trying to do Android, Tizen and whatever other OS they support.

The right company is Lenovo. In fact they have already have talks with BBRY but both parties were unable to agree on a price. For Lenovo this would be a great fit with their think pad for office for PC and BBRY for mobile. Besides they have great reason to nurture BBRY unlike any of the other companies listed. For them BBRY will be a strong entry into the enterprise market. Of course again price has to be right.

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I see a great fit between Sony and Blackberry. Both have a high quality and premium brand. Sony needs an operating system to differentiate themselves from Samsung and all the other manufacturers, while Blackberry needs a manufacturer with scale that can produce better and cheaper phones. Sony can use BB10 on other "screens" like Television ans tablets. it would also give Sony an entrance into the infotainment systems.But I don't see the deal going through because Sony is very Japan centric and since BlackBerry is not present in Japan, they just won't see the value to the deal

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I agree and think a Sony deal would be amazing. Using BB10 os on their TV, tablets, phone, computer, laptops, etc...

Plus BlackBerry's COO is from Sony Ericsson and a board member was a Sony executive.

This would make me very happy, both as a share holder and a user.

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Plus distribution through the Sony Stores would provide that independent distribution path for products and services outside of the carriers. I believe that would be of immense interest to BlackBerry.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Sony has always been my preference of a partnership. They would integrate well. Both are high end niche companies. Sony has a lot of hardware for BlackBerry to integrate and connect. The big problem with Sony is that they tend to be control freaks who micromanage the he'll out of things. BlackBerry doesn't need to be micromanaged.

Having dealt with South Korea and the China as well as Japan in the CE arena. (30 years) My suggestion if a partnership is formed it would be with Sony. South Korea is that last choice, they will burn you the first chance they get. They can't be trusted and well China is China,read between the lines here.

Sony has the horse power and the clout and the weapons needed for this dogfight. They hate South Korea with a passion.

I agree, Dell seems to be the best fit. There is really know which way this is going to go. I'm hoping this is all a bug stunt to change the media perception of BB.

Other candidates could be Cisco or even Amazon. At the price, it could end up being Fairfax or even Apple. Anything goes. It looks like I made a bad bet on BB. Man did they cock this up. The products are good but the actions of BB have been really poor. Guess I lost my shirt.

I hope I break even, but I'm with you. Microsoft would be great .They have given tons of money to Waterloo University and could do wonders for BB in the states,DOD ect.They have tons of cash, and 10%of it, would help them realize, another 3%of world sales overnite.

I agree, Dell could be a serious possibility. Dell is (typically) respected in business circles and, as you say, they have everything in place. They could even sell servers with BES pre-installed. After all, BlackBerry means business.

Dell has dabbled in mobile devices in the past however they were tied to platforms in which they didn't control their own destiny. Perhaps it was simply that the timing wasn't right. Either way, they be working with an established and respected product and have far greater control.

Now whether they buy BlackBerry, partial ownership or an exclusive partnership, I won't be an armchair QB and presume to know which would be most beneficial for everyone. My personal concern is that the BlackBerry platform and name survives.

So Dell has a software business that has MDM, that said their current go to market is an end to end solutions provider. So one would think that BlackBerry could be a great fit. It would also fit with their focus on innovative offerings and cloud products.
But as there are in the midst of a go-private deal I wouldn't think Dell are going to jump anytime soon.

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Release the handheld hologram gaming system...Atari COSMOS that never saw the light of day.

Just learned about it...and I want one...out of hundreds made for demos, only 2 are known to exist today.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

I'd say that if they were going to partner it would be with a hardware company not a software company, but my crystal ball is STILL broken, so what do I know?

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Samsung. They know to market, a BlackBerry weakness.

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Forgot to say why HTC. They are getting lost in the Android world and may be both interested and desperate to do something to differentiate themselves from Samsung, LG etc.

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They were already burned by the HTC First that they made for Facebook. I think they are going to be very hesitant to do any partnerships again any time soon.

I would like them to partner with Microsoft. I believe it would be a good fit because MS still dominates business with Windows and BB is really a business tool so I feel it would work.

+1, been saying Microsoft for a partnership or even as a buyer of blackberry.

Straight from the Z10 in my hands.

A sale to Microsoft would be detrimental to QNX unless they would be willing to upgrade Windows using QNX technology. Which I'm my opinion needs to happen to the PC. But we know they won't. QNX would go to waste here.

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That's my problem with the Microsoft deal idea. I feel as though BB10 OS would be dead with this acquisition and Microsoft would just use BlackBerry's NOC and security etc...

There is how ever a past where windows was running on top of QNX as the HMI. It was called QWin.

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Would be a great move for the corporate end, but for the consumer end, I think Sony would be a better call.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Microsoft would be perfect but I could also see Apple. Microsoft 's new windows OS for their cell and desktop never took off as planned so they could benefit from using tried and true BBM technology. Plus people are still leary of companies due to potential spying in which BB has an upper hand for security. BlackBerry and Microsoft could work well together PLUS it could be something similar Apple did with Microsoft when they rebooted their property.

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I think it's a stretch saying W8 and WP hasn't taken off. W8 has sold more than 100 million licenses and WP has sold over 40 million devices. Don't forget W8 hasn't even been out for a year yet. People just aren't upgrading their machines as often. As far as WP you can argue it's at least moving in the right direction.

Why would BB even consider selling to any of their main competitors?? If this happens, would be only to rip them completely apart. Hope this NEVER happens. BB has to look for someone who wants to JOIN VENTURES not disintegrate one or another.


Microsoft would just do what they do with all good things they buy... try to place their stamp on it and totally feck things up.

I think a great venture and partner for BlackBerry would be Huawei.

Once you go Black, you don't go back - Q10 baby.

I feel MS would be the worst partner for BB to work with. MS would still be plotting to stab BB in the back so Windows Phone 8 can be the stand-alone #3 option. Especially now that they have third spot, they will only try to chew up BB and regurgitate its parts to the benefit of Windows Phone. This only makes sense if you are a MS fan and have conceded that BB is dead.

BB does work with MS already in the enterprise space (Office 365 with BES), which is fine, but they just need to watch their backs with MS. Remember the BlackBerry World with Steve Balmer to announce their Bing partnership? That fizzled for a reason.

Exactly. That's why Apple released an iOS without ability to send multiple SMS, and a hardware when you held it without a case/bumper, it would drop the signal strength, or an email app where you can't attach a picture when you are composing the email.

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If you'd said "Apple because they make people believe any old BS", you'd have got my vote.

I can see one way how being with Nintendo can be helpful to BlackBerry.

They could possibly give permission to make Mario, Pokemon, and other popular games on BlackBerry's smartphones. This would make them gain traction with children and some teenagers.

In other ways though.... ya it doesn't really make any sense. lol.

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Well, Nintendo is another indie that's not aligned with any of the major ecosystems. They have mobile devices, tablets, cloud, software. Imagine all that running on top of QNX, and converging with the Blackberry system for apps and developer libraries. Nintendo wouldn't be a sole saviour but definitely adding Nintendo to Blackberry would be greater than the sum of the parts. Just like Chris Umiatowski's Sierra Wireless recommendation, I see this as a good idea separately from everything else.

For the future of BlackBerry, though, I'm going to stick with either Motorola Solutions (, the part that Google didn't buy), or Honeywell Scanning & Mobility ( Check them out before you put consumer plays like Sony ahead of them.

I literally laughed my arse off. Nintendo would be the worse. If they owned BlackBerry, no services would be allowed to be on other platforms, just like they do with their own consoles. Stupid.

I've thought this too. Nintendo's software from an OS-perspective pretty much sucks. Imagine the Wii U if it was powered by a QNX-based OS. It's pretty sad that the interface of the Wii U is so slow. BB could also benefit by having some Nintendo IP franchises exclusively on their devices. Obviously I don't think Nintendo would go full-bore to cannibalize their own systems, but I think the writing is on the wall for dedicated gaming machines, so Nintendo could dip their toe in the water and it'd be beneficial to BlackBerry.

Definitely HP. I have a really good feeling about them.

Other than the obviously excellent choice of HP, I'd like to see BB partner with Amazon. Kindle's running BB10 would be a big win. The 4.2 Android runtime on BB10 would make it so that Amazon customers could still run their purchased apps from the Amazon app store.

HP? Are you kidding me? HP destroyed WebOS! Once HP acquired Palm, they decided to screw years of efforts and their refusal to deal with some carriers (especiall a Sprint for which they inherited a legally binding deal in regards to WebOS devices and refused to abide).

Microsoft is also out of the question, especially since they still have not shown enough respect to the Qualcomm Based CDMA community.

A company that can expand BlackBerry10 deployment horizontally into other product lines and who has lots of cash to invest and a non-idiotic management team (sorry HP your out). Dell would be near the top for me, maybe Sony. IBM if they're going to get bought out.

Posted from my Q10 on the West Coast

Sale to Apple or Microsoft would make most sense as both are trying to strengthen themselves into Enterprise space.
JV with Lenevo would make most sense along with Sony.
Most likely it's going private with Prem and Silver Lake

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I guess you don't like BlackBerry with suggestions like that. They will strip the company and feed the rest to the dogs.

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Microsoft tries to strengthen it's foothold in the enterprise segment...??? On what planet are you living, without redmond a lot on this world wouldn't work... sadly...

The only need they would have is security... that's it and then byebye BB... please... all, stop it with msft

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If they had to partner with someone, I would say Android/Samsung...I'd hate to see them go with greedy Apple.
Yes, Apple has a huge market, but they pay most attention to hardware....Android is good with hardware AND OS, which the Blackberry hardware is pretty good, whereas the OS needs some work. The point that I'm getting at is if Apple were to partner with Blackberry, they would most likely try to take over every aspect of BB and BB would be no more. No trace whatsoever. The Android community seems a little more friendly, and cooperative (no offense, iPhone users), and won't go megalomaniacal all over the place. As far as I know, anyways.

I agree! Microsoft already has a tie to the X BOX. Get blackberry cooked into the Playstation. Heck, get QNX to code for playstation!

Hope Sony would consider this. Imagine PS4,Blu ray player,smart tv's, vaio laptop pre installed with BBM and CB that can control by my z or q. Sony Music and Films plus BB World with their own software. Heck forget about iTunes. It would be a BERRY SONY day to all of us.

I agree with Sony. They have a very wide range of products they can put QNX and BlackBerry in to make for first gen mobile computing.

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My only issue with SONY is the complete lack of production of devices for the CDMA community. Perhaps Blackberry owned by SONY may address it.

My other choice would be Nintendo, but that is very unlikely to happen.


After thinking and reading I must concur that Sony would make the best partnership!

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Why do Chinese companies lose? I think Lenovo is a prime candidate. They make quality products, but to my knowledge only sell them in China, this would give them a global presence with their own operating system. They acquired a laptop brand and for the most part have stayed true to that vision. If it means the brand survives by being taken over by a Chinese company that will likely stay true to the vision I don't see what the issue is.

If it comes down to going out of business, being sold to someone other than Lenovo, or being sold to Lenovo, I'd say Lenovo wins as the best alternative.

Because the US government isn't going to recommend a device for secret level use that is entirely made in China. Components perhaps, but not the entire device.

My guess is Lenovo is a non-starter. Doesn't mean Lenovo couldn't use BB10 though for devices to be sold in China and the rest of Asia in a co-marketing deal.

At the end of the day the US Government isn't the primary customer and doesn't even have a say in if the sale goes through.

I'm assuming you forgot to say "/sarcasm"?

In the world of "everything is good", yes, it should not matter where the company originates from. As we've seen though in the world of reality, the US government does not want the Chinese intertwined with anything that carries their information, especially given the recent cyber attacks.

Also, if were to sell and lose its massive government contracts, the company itself would be hard pressed for revenue (in that stream).

This was the reasoning why the FCC ordered Microsoft to update the CDMA code on Windows Phone to be not less than Qualcomm Compliant.

They care about their customers so much they didn't bother to test the radio reception of the iPhone.

And force users to use their store rather than allow them to use any other media provider.

Apple cares alright - but about their customers money.

Sony, Sony, Sony. The angle now is to make your own hardware and software now. Just as Samsung will be doing with their Tizen OS in the coming years. Android is googles baby. Blackberry is all ready to go. Just needs a corporation with deep pockets, advanced hardware engineering, a solid name, and brilliant marketing. Sony, Sony, Sony.

I agree with Sony. Sony has a good touch in the hardware department and is a good name in the market. I'm not sure how well they are doing, but they do make some nice hardware. Imagine a sleek looking device running BlackBerry software. Also imagine incorporating BB10 onto their other products like TV's, playstations, cameras, and maybe even their computers. If done correctly, the partnership could be a good combination of hardware and software.

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You guys are assuming that BB10 is really as great as all of that. I mean, I love it, but it also has really high spec requirements. QNX is where it's at, though I'm not sure BBX is ready to be used on every device from someone like Sony (a huge huge huge corporation).

A QNX based PS5 and PSP3 plus new Sony phones and tablets would be awesome, but that's almost a decade out.

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Partnership suggests that BBRY is playing from a position of strength - I could see Microsoft coming in and asset-stripping the useful bits and a few others but nobody enters into a equal partnership with someone who is weaker than them.

Toshiba or Sony for their Asian reach and brand recognition. They could make the lower to mid range phones while top tier could be built by BlackBerry. If all in for hardware, then Sony.

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+1 Sony was my first choice, mostly because of PlayStation and DLNA, however Toshiba sounds interesting too.

I wouldn't mind a Sony partnership nut didn't the CEO himself say BlackBerry was dead? Also it doesn't have Japanese language support yet. If they sell the company outright to a foreign company or to Samsung I'm done..

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Why would MS adapt BB? This doesn't make sense at all... I'm sure BB isn't looking at companies that just want to buy them out to get them out of the way.


Already a heavy weight in business.
Proven track record of integrating purchased companies.
Was already interested in buying BlackBerry before.
No issues with competing products.
Tons of cash.
Respected name.

Oracle had considered purchasing Palm or RIM, to go after Google.

You know Google? That search engine company? They bought Motorola, a phone company.

If they must, Sony would be a interesting partner.

Only if they really must, personally I would like to see BlackBerry competing against the likes of apple or Samsung.

Having said that, if partnerships is what is required to bring BlackBerry back I'm all for it.

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Samsung! They have access to the best internals + screens and can let BlackBerry come up with the housing + antenna. They also desperately need business software as Android/Knox isn't that great as an enterprise/government solution.
Samsung would not need to mess up with the software. It can stay BlackBerry branded.

Looking forward to the new Pro line, powered by BlackBerry:
- Galaxy Pro. 4.2" | What the Z10 should have been
- Galaxy Pro Mega | 6". What the Z30 should have been.
- Galaxy Pro Tab | 10". What the PlayBook 10 could have been.
- Galaxy Pro Q | Rebadged Q10
And for people wanting a slider, you can get both a Pro and Pro Q at a discount and they'll throw in a kit with some instructions on how to glue the devices together so that you get a keyboard on one side and a full touch on the other. Problem solved!

I don't think they would be interested in having the cheaper models. They have Android phones for that segment (managed by BES if required) and they can heavily discount the Pro models for businesses buying 1000s of devices.
They need to move fast if they want to overtake Windows Phone.

HTC, because it wants to go on with a good business smartphone after leaving the market for something out of their way

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Microsoft, as they are no#3 in mobile space, If MS and BB tie up, they can give decent competition to Apple and Android space. with MS there is lot of scope to get back Enterprise Customers too.

I'd like to see citrix take them over. going with the notion of mobile computing. it would just make sense..

Lenovo, same type of company, business oriented yet entering the consumer market. They are capable of providing an extended screen for our BlackBerry 10 in the form of a tablet.
Or a complementary one such as Sony to have a strong partner in the consumer market. I d rather see a partnership and I want to keep the Brand's DNA and identity...

Sony seems like most "accessible" partner at this point in time. They're already in the TV, gaming, music business (and more) and could benefit by growing their mobile stance through a partnership with a software manufacturer.

From BB's point of view, a partnership with Sierra Wireless or Cisco or Lenovo would be good too because it helps them grow with what they're currently working on. A partnership with Sony would grow them more in the consumer space, less in the enterprise, whereas partnering with Sierra/Cisco/Lenovo would be more enterprise-focused. Interesting to see what comes of this news, if anything. All positives though!

Sony or Lenovo makes sense to me. They're successful companies in different markets and a partnership with BlackBerry makes lots of sense to expand on mobile. As long blackberry, BBM and their devices survive, I don't care what company will be.

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ASUS= solid, quality hardware manufacturer, up to date tech,(i.e. they've been deploying high speed /ac devices for almost a year), worldwide infastrucure,,, i've been thinking this would be a badass partnership for a while now...

Forget partnering with a hardware or software company, I think that's pretty unlikely i.e. why on earth would they want to. Personally I'd try and get Carlos Slim onboard. He has the money for a warren buffet type investment a la GS and also owns various developing countries telecoms markets.

It doesn't look too encouraging for minor shareholders and BlackBerry users. Four members of the board and Special Committee (Stymiest, Lynch, Nordberg and Dattels) with Prem Watsa behind can do with BlackBerry what they want. If they agree on selling company to Walt Disney for $1000, no one will stop them.

Is selling BlackBerry to Walt Disney for $1000 (just example) against the Canadian national interest? Probably not. But it's definitely not in the interest of the BlackBerry shareholders. All I wanted to say was that if the Special Committee decides to rip other shareholders off no one (Canadian government included) will stop them.

I won't mind a Disney BlackBerry phone so long as it doesn't look like the new crazy iOS interface....

Can totally imagine my z10 being Mickey now...

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It's so hard to concentrate on this when you start hearing news which is in a way ... bad.
While i agree with some of you, Cisco and Dell would not be the best options for us consumers ! ... altough it will be a great plus for business users.
Both companies including Blackberry, shine in business security and efficiency, but are not the most cool, hip or good looking devices. This will automatically throw blackberry out of the smartphone business. In order to shine in the next upcoming MOBILE COMPUTING you need a brand which is already there against the current and is doing already well. I'm talking about Lenovo, they came out of nothing through all the bad news on the dead of PC's ... they know how to get out trouble and they own hardware ... which is good looking, thin, good specked. Another option would be Sony, Sony is another company with it's feet dipped in multiple platforms, smartphone, gaming and TV's ... the only missing part of it is business, which blackberry can fill in.

So my short answer would be Sony or Lenovo. Both great designs and great prices in a field where Blackberry lags big time.

Dell probably made an offer this past weekend ,remember all that Texas stuff going on ,just a few days ago.They probably offered,$18.Prem had to leave the board,he wants much more,shake the tree and see who falls out,is what is going to happen.It's time to put up or shut up.Prem won't loose money.

i don't want blackberry make partner with any competitors company like samsung or apple .i want blackberry to be blackberry only cause if that happen it's mean blackberry is Dead :(

SONY makes the most sense as Samsung is kinda' married to Android. SONY has all the hardware for gaming, audio/video and even handsets which adding BlackBerry's OS and features to fully integrate with the rest of the HOUSEHOLD! This would be AWESOME!

My thought exactly, Nereuszeer. Before going into the comments section I figured that, for the most part, I was going to read names thrown around without an explanation. I was not disappointed. =0)

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Dell or sony seem to make sense. Dell Would be able to get the product into peoples hands. Sony has made some great hardware phones in the past and put an amazing operating system on would put it over the top.

I think BB's ultimate vision is to move beyond just phone hardware. For that reason, partnering with HTC wouldn't really get them into any new markets, but someone like Sony could. I think a "simple" partnership would be a cell phone manufacturer, whereas a true company-changing partnership would be a manufacturer of TVs, phones, appliances, etc.

Definitely! Building an Internet of things, all interconnected as Heins has mentioned so many times!

Looking at the members of special committee, Blackberry could partner with Sony, Verizon/Vodafone and Microsoft. Thanks God Apple is not in the game. At least not yet.