iDrive Allows Wireless Back Up Of Your Contacts For Free!

By Bla1ze on 28 Aug 2009 02:29 pm EDT
iDrive Allows Wireless Back Up Of Your Contacts For Free!

Lately there have been a lot of applications coming out that offer wireless back up of your contacts, which is great -- choice is awesome and everyone can have their own personal preference as to which is the "best". Aside from using SmrtGuard I did find iDrive lite to be a great free service to do back up your contacts and only your contacts. Online accounts are created from within the application itself which allows you to administer your contacts all from a nice PC-based user interface.

iDrive is a nice and lite application that does just as it says, backs up and allows you to restore your contacts whenever you choose to do so and stores it all within their secure servers. iDrive lite is available from BlackBerry App World now and is indeed worth checking out to see if it will fit your needs. Keep in mind, this application does contacts and that's all--no emails or anything else will be backed up.

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iDrive Allows Wireless Back Up Of Your Contacts For Free!


Thx plumed.... Everytime i see one of this i jump it to see if i can win something and this time i didnt even read to see if it was a contest or not....

if it actually worked! i keep getting connection to server failed and none of my contacts get backed up. LAME :/

I did a search on BB App World and the company website. I would have loved to install this app but it is not supported yet by the Tour according to the list on the company website. Also asa i said, you cannot find it in app world on your Tour.

I'm guessing that since it works for the Bold it works for the Tour.. :(

Someone needs to extract the file so we can just load it up via Desktop Manager

Sure, I'll send you all of my contacts with their private phone numbers and e-mails to store because I know you will take such good care of them and not sell them.

Sounds like a great idea when I can use DM and back it up in about 30 seconds.


What is the purpose of these applications now. You can do the same plus more with Google Sync. You don't have to use Gmail for email if you don't want to, just use it to autosync (better than backup) your contacts and calendar.

I tried this and it blows. I am not uploading anything to your site and this really isn't a phone app, it is more of a desktop app to back up what is on your computer

Who needs dashwire on the BB platform when this is out....
Purpose of these type of apps is this and it did happen to me on wm:

I live in PA...went to San Diego for business and a computer was not needed.
Had to reset my Q....went to, downloaded their free client and had my contacts back in minutes....
Since I use a BB with BIS now, I physically connect my device to the computer to back up this info.

This program solves this issue.

Program worked fine for me on my Storm - backed up my 3200 contacts in a snap (don't judge me with my tons o contacts).

Don't know why people feel the need to come on and smugly post things like 'why not just use DM' or 'I'm better than you are cuz I use Google Sync'....blah blah. This app and service fills a void for a large number of users out there who are the more basic users. Like my wife and her 45 contacts - I put this on her device and she loves it. She would never use DM and could care less about Google Sync/Cal whatever.

If you don't personally need the app, that's fine, but no need to come and bash it. Lay off, people!

I don't think there was any bitching or smugness going on... There's nothing wrong with pointing out the futility of an application. There's nothing wrong with pointing out the fact that such free services are already readily available in very reliable ways.

Not smug or bitchy, just matter of fact :-)

cp5698a is right.

We are trying to point the most effective way of getting the most out of your Blackberry.

Using DM to backup contacts/calendar to your 1 computer and then Outlook(Express) is dinosaur. First you have to physically connect the Blackberry. Second it only sync to 1 exact computer.

Google Sync (free) or other fee-based service can do that OTA. You don't have to connect a cable and it will sync even when you are away from you computer. Every change you make to you your contact/calendar will be updated over the air.

Especially for Outlook user. The work flow should be

Blackberry <-- --> Google Sync <-- --> Outlook.

This is all for free and without a cable. You have access to the exact same information at your Blackberry, your Outlook on your computer, and anywhere in the world on any computer with a browser and internet connection (Gmail).

Some people out there just do not understand the concept of choice...sure there are about 10-15 other solutions that may..or may not be better, but that's not what it's about. It's about finding one that works for you..and an addition to that list, don't like it...don't use it, simple as that folks.

it will not only back up your contacts but it will also sync your bb calendar with your google calendar. you dont need to download yet another pointless app that will only take space in your smartphone which will eventually lead to your smartphone going slower and slower.

Yes for safety i always keep backup. I didn't have idea about sync. I'm gonna try this soon. I maintain it hardly so there is no question to slow my smart phone. Thanks for sharing this.
Dan Bacon