iDEN BlackBerry 8350 Details

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Jul 2008 09:09 am EDT

BlackBerry 8350
YES...I AM a Photoshop Mock Up

During the opening keynote session at CTIA Wireless 2008, Sprint's CEO Dan Hesse slid in a brief comment about the coming of a new iDEN BlackBerry to Sprint/Nextel.

Our pal Jibi posted a few new tid-bits on what to expect:

  • Model # is the 8350
    • so you can expect a Curve-like form factor
  • Launch late in fiscal 2008, or early in 2009 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11 b/g)
  • *should* be running OS4.6.1 at launch
Unlike Jibi's mock-up, we've been hearing this will be the first iDEN BlackBerry to NOT feature an attena.

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iDEN BlackBerry 8350 Details


Am I the only one who is sick of hearing about new Blackberry's with no date attached. Right now we know about 4-6 new berry's but have no clue on if they will even see the light of day. Rim needs to take some notes from Mr. Jobs. GSM berry's still do not have OS 4.5. Rim is just too slow!

the new 8350i has some major downfalls first you cant watch streaming video from the web,you also will have a problem with the mms messege thingy you can send em but cant receive them unless you turn the phone off then on again.alot of dropped calls and also a terrible echo on the recipient end of the call,you cant hear but it annoys the heck out of any one your talkin to.the only thing i find good bout the phone is the dirrect connect part.i was talking to a tech support guy and he said there was a download comming in email form that allows you to fix the mms problem and download the flash player allowing you to watch youboob and porn ahh and other video and tv feeds.hope you find dis usefull dudes

Finally!!! Can't wait to get this one on my hands after using the 7520 and 7100I FOR YEARS NOW.

Thats actually pretty darn close to what RIM described last week. Maybe a little bit thicker, not by much. And most of the functions of the Curve.

I have to wonder WHY Sprint (or RIM) would want to do this? Wouldn't it be in Sprint's (and RIM's) best interests to get a software update for their current CDMA Blackberry smartphones that would allow them to utilize the CDMA PTT service, and transition people OFF of iDEN??? Plus then RIM could market same to Verizon for THEIR PTT service???

Are you sure it's going to be Iden? I'd bet money on a Qchat enabled CDMA EVDO Rev A. phone.
If it's got no antenna, then it almost HAS to be CDMA.

Did you just say Rev A? Do you have any idea what kind outrage there would be for sprint users if the nextel folks got Rev A after we just bought all of our 8330's? What is the point of offering an 8330 then? I would be so ticked off.

If they had Qchat push-to-talk, they'd have to have Rev A, it doesn't work on anything other than Rev A, apparently.
And if they did an EVDO Blackberry with Qchat then technically it wouldn't be the "nextel folks" getting something the sprint folks don't have, because the "nextel folks" would then have to become "sprint folks" (with push-to-talk)!

nextels are the devil. I hope this one is a hybrid. nextel voice service is straight from h e double hockey stix. i had a nextel before my 8830. i had a hybrid but only after having two i701's. if i was driving down the street at or above 30 mph and the wind wind was blowing against my car at a degree greater than or equal to 47.987 degrees... i'd drop calls. if i walk past a tree... drop. turned left to fast ... you get the idea.

Why are we going with a straight iDEN phone? This would have to be the dumdest move in the history of dumb moves! The priority should be at the very least a dual mode CDMA/ iDEN or Q-Chat... I hope they are not going with this as reported!

After seeing all these new bberry's coming and seeing how they now can play music, take pic's i feel like i've been left behind with my 7100i. I cannot wait to see Sprint/Nextel come out with a new DC enable phone!!!

hell yes ... I love my phone ( I have the blackberry 7520 from Nextel ( using Boot Mobile Service on it ) , and I have the 8700c from Att / Cingular . I love my 7520 all day babby , but it doesn't take pics , play mp3's or anythign the other BB's do ... I am glad to finally hear that they haven't given up on the iden line for the blackberry ..

I have had my blackberry 7520 for sometime now and I am a nextel user.

I kept seeing all these new blackberrys coming out with windows based operating systems but did not have push to talk feature. So I just kept the phone I had. I could have got the 7100 but i did not like the keyboard layout.

My priority was to have a blackberry with direct connect. If I was looking for new features I would have switched phones along time ago.

Why nextel/sprint did not keep up with the direct connect is beyond me.

I cannot wait until the new blackberry comes out so I can be back up with times. I do not care how much it costs because beggers cannot be choosey, even though it will be the only new blackberry with direct connect.

hello...Do you have any knowledge of blackberry? They do NOT run on windows OR windows mobile, never have never will (for any carrier). Why you would think that is retarded.

just what I've been waiting for ... An new iden capable crackberry .... ( kudos on the ill photoshop job , had me convinced for a second there , lol) ....

This is great news and I cant wait. Like many of you stated, I too have been lugging around my nextel 7520 for years now watching technology pass me by because of a (bleep) direct connect. I cant wait to upgrade!

Release date for the New Blackberry Curve 8350i will be released 12/01/09.It will be $149.99 after a $100.00 mail in rebate. I will be able to get additional discounts on the device. You can contact me at Our company has locations in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin. We provide sales, service and support for the 5 major cellualr provider. I will be taking pre orders as of 11/2. Take advantage now. They are already have a high demand.

Will the release date be 12/01/09 as stated or is that a misprint? Just curious if it should be 12/01/2008? Waiting a whole other year is crazy...

It has to be 2008 because I received flyer in the mail from Sprint. I don't think that they would send it out if it was not coming out until next year. At least I hope not.

I called Telesales from my Nextel handset (611) today and ordered mine. They were able to offer me an additional $50 telesales-only invoice credit, as well as waive my $18.00 activation fee….NICE! So, with the addtional $50 credit, plus tax, my complete price paid will have been $148.71 after i receive my $100 rebate check… cool beans.

And to think that I came THAT CLOSE to ordering it online… And, to confirm, it is NOT a hybrid phone… totally 100% iDEN… thanks.

Spent the day trying to find a 8350 nextel/BB to no avail. all sales clerks told me jan.15 in stores. broke down and called 611 from my current nextel brick. they tell me blah blah blah ... tc.etc.etc, possibly in stock, shipping end of Jan, early Feb.

Soooo. my question which nobody can answer remains: Can this or any other BB direct link to my adress book and mail app on my apple macbook Pro- the truly preffered operating system for computer users : )

or am I stuck to buying an iphone and a seperate nextel phone-

thanks to all & Happy holidays


If your question is: Can the 8350i sync up with Mac Address Book?

Yes. By use of PocketMac for BlackBerry (which is included with phone) you can sync up with your .Mac account, Mac Address Book, iCal, Mail, and even itunes and iphoto.

I got the first ones that came out mid December. I have been a NEXTEL customer for 10 years and Blackberry 7520 for 4. I almost switched to STORM in December when 8350i got delayed again, I am glad I didn’t, now.

The device works fine. However it has a weak Bluetooth connection to my Motorola H375 headset. It sometimes drops the Bluetooth and switches to speaker phone on its own. It is the only issue I have with it.

The comment about slow data transfer rate is correct, however, it is fast enough for me the business user. I don't watch moves on a 1.75x2.00 inch screen like many other do. I get E*Trade, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Google Maps and others online with great speeds.
The voice quality of NEXTEL, in my opinion is superior to other phones from Verizon, ATT and even Sprint. I live in Orange County area in California and have great coverage where I do work and live. The voice quality of the phone as compared to the 7520 and other Nextel phones is much better in the new 8350i.

I am keeping mine for now.

I finally got mine on Tuesday and love it so far. They even shipped it faster than promised, I ordered Monday with a 2-5 day promised time frame, I got it early Tuesday morning. But it hasn't dropped any calls yet, or lost signal in my house (which is a big deal, the only other phone that could get halfway reliable signal in the house was my i870). But so far so good, I love the features. My only problem is I didn't get a book with it, just the quick guide, and usually I just glance at the book, but I can't find where the DirecTalk feature is on this phone (and they promised me it had it, as the phone is useless to me without that feature). So far- Love it!