How far can you jump with Icy Tower 2 for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 12 Sep 2013 07:44 am EDT

Icy Tower 2 has had huge success on both Android and iOS - in fact iTunes says that over 40 million people have played it! The good news for us is that you can pick it up for BlackBerry 10 on all devices. In fact, there are four editions in total in BlackBerry World - Icy Tower Classic, Icy Tower 2, Icy Tower 2 Temple Jump and Icy Tower 2 Zombie jump.

Although I've only played one of them it's clear that they are all of the same concept where your character jumps up the platforms collecting coins and power-ups. Once you have accumulated some cash you can head into the shop to buy items to assist you on your quest. These include power-ups, boosters and hats. Yes, I said hats. I can't see that they do anything apart from look nice! 

At the start of each game you'll be prompted to spend your coins on a few boosters - such as Blast Off, which gives you a 200 floor head start. Handy, but it'll cost you 1000 coins. 

Control wise there are two options - either touch or tilt. I prefer to tilt on this style of game but it's nice to have the choice. Icy Tower 2 is super colorful and gameplay is fantastic - maybe the best platform game I've played to date. You get some nice variation in terms of the platforms too. Some are normal, some move and some are icy. All in all the game is great on the eye. 

All four of the Icy Tower games are priced at £1.50/$1.99 so if you try one and can't get enough you'll have peace of mind that you can get more Icy Tower action. The only downside, and a whole other topic of conversation, is that the game is free on the other platforms. 

  • Endless and challenging jumping fun! 
  • Easy and smooth controls, tilt or touch! 
  • Catch coins to spend in the shop! 
  • Amazing Power-ups to spice things up! 
  • Upgrade the tower to get advantages! 
  • Tons of Stunts to complete! 
  • Catch rare Ice Cubes for special prizes! 
  • Customize your character with clothes!

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How far can you jump with Icy Tower 2 for BlackBerry 10


Why does all those silly little games always get highlighted.

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!

Other way of looking at it, ,,, if they get enough sale, they will bring it to BlackBerry World sooner and even first, ,,,, and they will know that the platform is alive and well......
Spend a little now for big gains later......

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10

I don't like this. It's like the devs are getting on the wagon to destroy BlackBerry environment. Too many apps that you have to pay in BlackBerry but free elsewhere. This is not a matter of Where' My Water? on iOS free, this is a matter of Major Mayhem on iOS freemium.

IDK about the BlackBerry version brought by Unity, but the Android version, while you can totally get all the weapons and clothes, getting the golden armor is pretty much an impossibility in casual gaming. I've completed all modes and their achievements and I still don't have enough coins to buy everything. Unlike Asphalt ($1) where the progression to obtain all cars are logical: merely by finishing the career mode and playing about 20 quick races you can get the 450 stars required to unlock everything to be available for purchase and the money to buy them. Where' My Water? Took a more honest approach by selling the entire game instead of an expandable free demo

But a game that you have to pay for the privilege of playing levels designed to frustrate you and urge you to buy incredibly limited boosters with more cash? That's like paying a thug to rob you blind so you can practice your beginner level Wushu

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