iCrackBerryKevin+ If your next smartphone could not be a BlackBerry, what would it be?

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Nov 2011 12:57 pm EST

Don't panic! I'm not turning my back on BlackBerry. Though after waking up this morning to a dead BlackBerry Bold 9900 sitting on my charging stand (not even a JVM error this time, just a dead black screen dead), I don't think anybody could blame me if I did. That's three times now my Bold 9900 has bricked in one month. Awesome.

After it happened the second time, and I heard that many others were also experiencing bricked 9900/9930s, I reached out to RIM on Nov. 1st letting them know my concern that something seemed to be seriously wrong with the device. That many bricked 99xx's out there among people I knew was not normal. The initial word I got back from RIM that day was that my report seemed to be the first along these lines and was isolated to me and the group of people I knew. Obviously that didn't truly pan out to be the case as on Friday we saw somebody from RIM give CNBC a statement confirming there is an issue with the 9900/9930 and that RIM is working on the fix. I hope they push out this fix soon. I'm even more curious to know what the actual problem is.

As for the poll above, after tweeting out my frustration this morning I couldn't help but laugh at the replies I received from our sibling sites (pictured above), aiming to win my love. Good work boys. It made me wonder for real though... if I was going to have another device other than a BlackBerry as my *primary* Smartphone, what platform would it be?

I own an iPhone 4S but hate using the thing as my primary phone. It's solid as a mobile computer, but to me it sucks as a communication tool which is what I value most when I'm mobile (I own tablets for killing time with apps and games). Android still feels a little sloppy/not elegant/nerdtastic to me, and I hate the fact they have so many phones coming out all the time. I'm the kind of person who wants to have the best device of the platform I'm on. With Android that seemingly changes every few weeks. Don't Android owners get mad when they buy a new phone thinking it's awesome only to discover a few weeks later that it's already been deemed obselete by another new model? I know it's more about experience than specs these days, but still... I want the best experience and specs. As for Windows Phone, I honestly haven't spent too much time on it. It looks kind of fun and pretty, but I kinda gave up on Microsoft a few years back when I went Mac for my computers and have yet to be convinced to give them my business again. As for webOS... well... I know they could use my business, but they're not even making phones anymore (hence I'm leaving them out of the poll above. Sorry guys). Honestly, I'm not even sure which of other three major mobile platforms I would pick as my primary one if I were to switch - which makes me wonder what other crazy CrackBerry addicts like myself would go for, if not BlackBerry. I'll be curious to see how the community votes on this one. Makes me realize it's time for us to do another cross site, cross platform comparison. Stay tuned for that!

I'm just hoping somebody will sell me a Porsche Design P'9981 from BlackBerry this week (or maybe a BlackBerry London or BlackBerry Nevada or BlackBerry Milan) and I'll fall in love with BlackBerry all over again and forget the frustrations of the past month. There's nothing like the fresh scent of a new BlackBerry to make your troubles melt away...

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iCrackBerryKevin+ If your next smartphone could not be a BlackBerry, what would it be?


If Apple would make a keyboard, I would be there, no reason to stick with BB. I will still miss the push email, but I have a feeling push email and keyboard are coming soon to Apple.


Because Apple will not be able to "aw" anybody after a LTE device is out, what more can there be?

For sure keyboard and push...

I agree... I can't deny that the iOS is great. I snagged an iPad2 instead of the Playbook just to have, at least, an iOS device - and it works great. No dull moments with the iPad2.

So I think it would be an iPhone if not for a BlackBerry... just include a keyboard with it.

I would choose iphone purly for apps. In the begining I brought my blackberry 9800 over a iphone4 #ShowsHowMuchILoveIt #teamblackberry

Getting the Galaxy Nexus for sure. Won't abandon my 9900 (and soon the BB London) but the Galaxy Nexus is one hell of a device and I will feel like I have the best of both world when I have those 2 devices with me at all times...and my PlayBook of course :)

waaaaa! that's a cool device! Android claims that this OS will be clean and beautiful with the redesigned interface.

+1. I'm a tech head, and while I certainly don't hate Apple, I don't like the garden walls to be so high. Android is more flexible.

I've wanted Apple to have a keyboard version for a long time. People keep think I'm nuts and should just adapt to the touch screen keyboard. I love touch screens for using apps and navigating around. But I just can't enjoy typing on them. And trust me, I keep trying on my iPod Touch and with my Torch 9800.

My vote here was for an iPhone. Simply because I do like Apple and own several of their products. But BlackBerry will always be first choice for me as long as they are around.

I decided to skip OS7 and got a Samsung Galaxy S2, great device. For my next upgrade I hope the BBX phones are out and have quality apps.

And wanting BB to give me a reason to come back. Native apps, Outlook sync and the solid, integrated OS is so much more productive than my DX. But I've come to rely on business apps that aren't available for BB. Maybe things will change once BBX arrives.

I woke up at morning and my bold 9900 was dead..only red light and black screen..I'm so sad I can't fix it!!!I love my bold I'm a big blackberry fan..but that sux!!please RIM do something!!


I have had my 9900 for almost three months and I charge it almost every night using the standard usb charger. It has never failed me.

yes, i have charged plenty without the charging stand. Though it's funny.. i was traveling the past 10 days and didn't use the charging stand once. just used reguarly usb charger. then last night i did plug the charging stand in and used that to charge and this morning it died.

if it's the charging stand causing issues... that just seems CRAZY

It's perfectly possible that the pod could be nuking the device through the contacts and/or stainless steel rim once it reaches a full charge.

If there are burning ipod nanos, why there can't be nukey Blackberrys once in a while? =)

My Bold 9930 Nuked itself!
I just use the standard out of the box USB Charger.

Verizon was nice enough to give me a refurb no questions asked.

Side Note: To the the Original Post.
iPhone & Android work well. However, they leave out a lot of features that come standard on a BlackBerry. (Without having to get an App for) Which is something I praise BB on all the time.

Although, after my latest issue with my BB having strange Data Hunger issues. I would switch back to Android for the time being once BBX was front and center.

I think Android has a better navigation / user experience IMO compared to iOS. I just get so annoyed with my parents iPhone4 when I want to do something. It should just do what I want without guess work and hunting down settings.

My wife's 9900 seems to have charging issues as well. I bought her the pod and she had a dead phone the other day after a night on the pod. But it wasn't bricked - just deeply discharged. When I took the cable out of the pod and plugged it in directly it started to charge - still took a while for the clock to appear though because it started with so little charge. Then I put it on the pod last night and it lit up with the clock right away. It's almost as if the pod sucks the battery dry if the amount of charge in the battery is too low when you start?

Only used 9930 for merely 10 days before it dies on me, error 517 as it says on the screen.
Now im using 9860 but im keeping my iphone 4 as my main unit. My bb is only for bbm nowadays, i prefer to put all my 15 email address in my iphone, works much better and i can do my work and game at the same time.

Thinking of getting galaxy note but sinca android gotta prove their way yet to my needs, i think im gonna stay with 9860 n iphone 4/4s.

Although I HATE full touchscreen phones, I would probably go Android or Windows. Iphones are just too limited to me. I hate how all i-products look exactly the same and u have to jailbreak it just to do basic customization.

If I went Android, the battery and touchscreen would be a pain, and if I went Windows, the apps and touchscreen would be painful.

I hope I don't have to make this decision anytime soon though. I love my Bold 9930!! :)

Also, is it just me, or does it seem like the 9900's are having the most issues?????

We deployed a fair-sized number of 9900s (about 60) and haven't heard of anyone having this issue. We switched carriers (Rogers to Telus).

A few people, myself included, have seen unrequested reboots (in my case, always while listening to music and/or using UbiNav while plugged in in my car), but no one's had his/her 9900 brick itself.

That said, my Rogers 9900 never rebooted; the Telus one that replaced it had. The 9810 that replaced that (swapped because of the camera) hasn't rebooted either. All used the same version.

I'd be in serious trouble if an appreciable fraction of this deployment was self-bricking. Either it has a specific cause (an app, an action or setting) or we just got lucky.

Got it about a month ago. Red light flashing and black screen found when i woke up. The device had been working fine before i sleep.
Got a new one after a real arm wrestling with my operator.
Hope this would not happen again.

I've hesitated between mango and iOS 5 for a while but i made my decisision, i'll switch back to windows phone very soon . i'll keep my BB Torch for BBM especially.

Step on Soapbox. Windows 7. tried one out (my son has it now), came back to BB. My Torch has been buggy from the start, and since it's BB6, there's now no chance of getting help without an unlock and modified os. Bought a PlayBook early, now have to wait until February to see any improvement.

The biggest bug up my a$$ is RIM's attitude towards customers, which IMHO seems to be "buy it now, we'll fix it soon". Some would argue WP7 had a similar attitude, but they have delivered with constant updates, and an architecture which will allow SW updates for a while without HW changes.

Co-CEOs has been a catastrophic failure. Great when you're #1, sluggish when you end up in react mode. At least Mike had the orbs to stand in front of us and apologize when the outage occurred. Jim was off playing leapfrog.

If the Torch survives until the London Devices emerge, I'll probably stay. If it doesn't.......

Oh and to the fanboys who will say GTFO, I have 4 or 5 black rotary dial landline sets BNIB somewhere in the basement. We can talk.

Off soapbox.

Quite interested in Windows Phone, especially with the release of the Nokia Lumia 800, if there aren't any good new Blackberry QNX phones when I'm due to upgrade in Q3 2012 thats where I'll be going.

I'm now carrying a Droid3 and it's, as you say, not the communication platform the Blackberry was. And before I get flamed...I'm testing it out for work. I still love the Blackberry platform and support it and cheer for it for most users. Now as for the devices coming out every week, It's no different on Blackberry. I'd buy something like a Tour and wam, a month later the bold with WiFi comes out. Buy that and now it has NFC! With 2 year contracts being the norm, it's a tough call on buying any phone on any platform really. It's sad that the best Blackberry yet is the one having the issues although we haven't had issues with the few I support at work. If you do go Android, the Droid Pro is very Blackberryish!

The Droid3 is most definitely NOT a viable communications platform for a high volume email or phone user. Back over Labor Day weekend (US) when Big Red put the Droid3 on BOGO, I purchased a pair for the wife and myself since our contract was up and the 9930 was still a big question mark. Having been a crackberry abuser for many years, I forced myself to fully use the Droid3 (no backup crackberry as a crutch, etc.) for at least 10 full days to honestly put it through it's paces. The Droid3 utterly failed to deliver. I had to perform over 25 full wipes, just to re-activate the device within the 10 day period. The combination of stock gingerbread build and apps I used were all highly rated and recommended for business use over at android central and other sites. But I was not able to assemble a stable and workable combination to make the device stand-up to a day in the life of my crackberry.

So on the day the 9930 came out, I took my Droid3 back to Big Red and walked out with a new 9930 and will not leave crackberry unless forced. The wife, a reformed crackberry addict kept her Droid3. But she has "accidently" left the house with my 9930 quite frequently. I do not currently have a playbook or other tablet, but the only real use of her Droid3 either of us get is to watch videos or play games. For real work, its the 9930 or the laptop.

Like I said, I am not leaving my crackberry behind if I have a choice. But for this post I would use the win phone long before I used an iphone or droid. Microsoft is no more evil than any other corporate conglomerate. However at least they understand that when it is time to 'roll up the sleeves' the device had better be able to work. I cannot say that for android or iOS.

Waiting for the next iPhone and I'm leaving this clunker... Let's face it, BB sucks lol (sorry, just frustrated)

Better than the iPhone 4? Who cares, its better than my blackberry. Anything is an improvement on this freezing clunker.

Without hesitation, my next phone will NOT be a blackberry. Quite frankly, I'm tired of the BS promises from this company. And Ive been with them from their very first product - yes, I'm that old. Another poster is exactley right when he/she said RIM's motto seems to be "buy it now, will fix it soon". And I'm tired of living like that. As to what phone would be my next one - its a toss up between Android and Windows; it sure as heck wont be an Isheep product. :) I'd sooner rather not have a phone then use one of those. :)

I'd have to have the portrait QWERTY keyboard, and the closest you'll come to BB is on Android. The Droid PRO / XPRT keyboard isn't great. Can't say any better for the Admiral or Titanium. The Droid 3 keyboard was pretty good - but couldn't embrace the slider. No one handed / no looking operation. The Samsung Galaxy M PRO is the most tempting. You won't have the latest / greatest Android device - but you'd have the one best able to replace the functionality of a BB.

ElCheapo...try the Smart Keyboard for Android. You can adjust the size of the keys...AND IT HAS AUTOTEXT!!! That's huge for me. With the haptic feedback, typing on my Galaxy Sll had been a pleasure. I will never go back to Blackberry after three bricked 9900's.

That said, I loved typing on the 9900. I could touch-type. But you know, the incredible apps and multimedia experience on Android greatly outweigh the Blackberry keyboard. Too bad that RIM is so poorly managed.

Ive carried both a BlackBerry & iPhone for the last 2 years & i would find it difficult to live without one or the other. The BlackBerry keeps me organised & the iPhone keeps me entertained its as simple as that. I find it quite worrying that BlackBerrys Flagship phone the 9900 is having so many issues & im glad i ditched mne to go back to the 9780 before i experienced a Bricked 9900. Although in light of these problems i realise that i did suffer one of the issues on the first night of having mine, as when i went to bed mine wasnt fully charged so i kept it plugged in & switched the plug off with the intention of flicking it back on whilst hitting the snooze button on the morning. Luckily i was awake when my alarm was due to go off & when it didnt & i reached for my phone i got NOTHING. I FLICKED THE PLUG ON & after 5 minutes the phone booted up as the battery had totally died over night whilst plugged in. So to cut a long story short i would have iOS after BlackBerry :-)

Reading the posts and the comments make me super nervous. I bought 9900 off the shelf with in a week of its launch here in India.
Todate I haven't ever experienced an issue like the one mentioned here(The only issue I have ever faced is the phone locking itself sometimes well before the cut off time).

Its nice to hear that the operators responded to such issues positively. Here if it happened to me - I will be on my own :(

There is supposed to be an 18 month warranty on this device - will this be covered under that?

This happened to me as well, woke up after charging and found my blackberry dead , only a red light flashing.
Plugged into my PC it showed that it was trying to boot but, I kept hearing the plugged/unplugged notification.

BUT wait! There's a fix. Following the nuked blackberry post , i did everything without any luck. Until i loaded the loader.exe from cmd >>> "loader.exe /nojvm"

this keeps the blackberry device from restarting while aplying the new firmware.
So even if your blackberry doesnt even turn on , it's prob just an OS problem. If no red light then hardware problem.

First of, still rockin' the Style, was really looking forward to the Bold 9930, but now almost scared. Gotta say, was @ the Sprint store and some of the HTC Android hand sets feel pretty good in the hand. I have great hatred for Microsoft, and Apple is just too, I don't know, Apple.
I've never liked their products. And no keyboard, plus even worse, no removable battery. F-that. I have Ubuntu on most of my computers anyway so if I can learn that, I'm sure I would be much happier with Android as an OS then iOS.

Sent from my flippin' CrackBerry Style

I was definitly purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S II! The only reason I purchase the Brickberry 9900 was because of the fear of data caps. If both of the phones were not push back, I'd be on a Galaxy now. This is my fourth 9900 in under 2 months!!!

I don't know honestly. BB seems to be floundering. Android seems to finiky. And Apple is too locked down. Good thing I don't have to decide till April.

I don't know honestly. BB seems to be floundering. Android seems to finiky. And Apple is too locked down. Good thing I don't have to decide till April.

Ever thought about handing the reins over to someone who doesn't spend their blogging inches slating RIM and it's products Kevin?

I agree with you, pal. This post could easily fit in places like cultofmac, where the fanboys who write articles there are totally living in fantasy world. There you would see things like 'iphone is better for business than BB', or 'iphone camera is as good as a $3000 DSLR professional camera'.

this is a fan forum, not a sheep forum. as a user i am interested in knowing what's up with the bb and maybe other alternatives which i can approach if this doesn't get fixed. if you are looking for a site which hails bb regardless of what or how they perform, i'm afraid you need to start your own website.

There is so little fair minded commentary on this site now. Coming on to a site and reading blog post after comment after forum post about how crap blackberries are just gets really tiring. I am all for objectivity, but 80% of the content of this site is now about ridiculing Blackberry phones, their users and RIM. And Kevin really should no better than to feed the trolls.

I agree with you completely. I'm sick and tired of the Tech Press condemning RIM to death. I see an awful lot of Blackberries on the streets and I sometimes wonder if I've shifted into an alternate reality. If you believe the Tech Press, people would be burning their Blackberries in great glowing piles.

I wonder if you have a combination of apps that don't get along with the 9900? Seems that people who are having issues seem to be having them repeatedly.

Exactly! Exactly what I was thinking. My second one brick out after upgrading 3 apps and a free song from Amazon mp4.

A co-worker purchase a 9900 2 weeks before me. He hasn't touch a 3rd party app and he never experience any problems. I think you hit it on the nose!


RIM needs to be honest, develop a hardware modification, set-up customer care centers that will quickly migrate an owners 9900 data to the new 9900 Bold, and provide a discount coupon on the next generation phone.

RIM also needs to provide a coupon to 'early adopters' of the Playbook for the discounted purchase of a new BBX phone.


I'm in the minority: Windows Phone is the clear front-runner for 2nd place (after BB, I mean) for me. I love Metro, I love the ecosystem potential with computers and soon tablets. iOS is still not useful enough to me - fast, fun, friendly, but lacking functional. Android is just too fragmented and I want something a bit more stable. If WebOS were still in operation, I'd probably even put that ahead of Android and iOS which just haven't impressed me the way that it has so many others.

Leaving BB for now. Tomorrow my iphone 4s arrives and I'm putting my 9810 aside. I LOVE the BB brand but the lack of apps and incompatibilty just ruins the whole experience for me.

My 9930 is a POS, and a let down. Leaving for droid at the next available chance. 9930 + Playbook is a double negative.

It's funny you say that because my 9900 + Playbook is a winning combination. Never failed me, neither of them, they come with an Office suite out of the box, which can open all kinds of documents at work. I just upgraded to the 64Gb Playbook and all I had to do is bridge it. Now I can load several 1080p movies to add to the entertainment, and finish them on my TV via HDMI in presentation mode while I check other stuff via multitasking. And with 2.0, there is a lot more to come.

Maybe you're not using it right, or you just want appz lulwut. =P

"I hate the fact they have so many phones coming out all the time."

I love this comment. It's tantamount to saying, I enjoy using outdated technology as long as no one shows me there is something better, Win95 ROCKS! = stuff your head in the sand and ignore the rest of the world passing you bye. Sounds a lot like some apple fans I know--'I can crow for a whole year that I have "the best iphone" available. . . . yes, yes, you can.

Whatever gets your through the day ;)

Galaxy Nexus for me. It really is the ONLY Android device (Nexus line that is)--all other devices running Android are really proprietary OEM devices that are dependent on the OEM & carrier for updates, etc., not the OS manufacturer.

I have to have a physical keyboard. I type a lot of emails and can't stand pecking one out on the iPhone. Now if the iPhone came out with a keyboard, I'd be there - just because that is all that my friends have. I'd love to play words with friends.

I own a Bold 9700 now two years. That's longer than any other phone. In the near future I'm going to replace my phone for a new one. I hope it will be the new Bold 9900. I think a good alternative is the new Nokia N9. Sure it's a death platform but I think it has everything that a phone need.

Why is this only happening to the 9900/9930? I mean, I don't want all BB phones brickin' but the Torch 9810 & 9850/60 have the same os and internals right?

you should give wp7 a try. you'll be suprise how good the phone is and how much useless garbage everyone on the internet is talking about it without using it for a while. Android is great, but i don't feel like using Windows Mobile 6.7 aka Android and spend all the time in the kitchen cooking up new roms. Ran with BB and WP7 for a year. WP7 won for now, but won't declare a winner till some playtime with BBX. iPhone, not for me right now. maybe somewhere in the future, but not now. Everyone should pick what then want, not what is trendy this minute. Typing this on a playbook, have a macbook pro, WP7 and BB. I like my disfunctional family.

Going to Android if I leave BB. 2nd place (Windows) and 3rd place (iPhone) not even close. Still rocking the 9700, but about to decide between sticking with BB (9900, 9790 or 9360) or switching to Android (probably Galaxy Nexus). I want to stick with BB...I love the keyboard, security and productivity, but RIM needs to step up its game.

I came back to BB from android thinking better security for my phone. While BB is good at that, the phone I paid 500 bucks for (9930) keeps rebooting. Never had an issue with my EVO. But security on android is the worst. Guess I'm stuck going to apple. No way will I trust rim ever again. Junk phones!

Seems like more 9900's are having the most problems. Anybody else notice this?

I've had my 9930 for a month and a half and haven't had any problems.

My backup phone is a Nokia C7 with Symbian Anna. I wish I'd got an E6, because as amazing as Anna is (and it is), it's taught me (again, experience already confirmed with my iPod Touch as well as my playbook) that I NEED A PHYSICAL KEYBOARD. An E6 with Belle would be my daily driver but it it was something like 200euro more than the C7 which I picked up in Germany last month.

Nokia have announced two more post-Belle versions of Symbian so I'm not seeing the death certificate any more. If they come up with a new iteration of the E6 with the same keyboard and a faster processor and support for future dual-core-reliant versions of Symbian, I am getting it.

I have had my BB9900 for 2 1/2 months and it has worked very well. No issues at all. The one thing I have done with all my phones is keep the charge up. In the old days you were taught to drain your battery down to zero and then fully recharge. With today's batteries that is the worst thing you can do. Charge your battery frequently and don't drain it. Secondly when I charge over night I always I turn it off and the phone turns back on when the alarm goes off. Do not know if that makes a difference. Kevin with all that you have done for BB you should get a free Porsche phone and 24 hour road side service! If I had to switch it would be an iphone because of apps and fully integrated ecosyste.

I have had my BB9900 for 2 1/2 months and it has worked very well. No issues at all. The one thing I have done with all my phones is keep the charge up. In the old days you were taught to drain your battery down to zero and then fully recharge. With today's batteries that is the worst thing you can do. Charge your battery frequently and don't drain it. Secondly when I charge over night I always I turn it off and the phone turns back on when the alarm goes off. Do not know if that makes a difference. Kevin with all that you have done for BB you should get a free Porsche phone and 24 hour road side service! If I had to switch it would be an iphone because of apps and fully integrated ecosyste.

I switched my main phone (my old reliable Curve 8300) to an iPhone 4S a couple weeks ago. I couldn't wait any longer for a new phone, and wanted to try something different. I still have my trusty work 9700, so I'm not in BlackBerry-withdrawal.

There are things I absolutely can't stand about the iPhone. Multitasking is odd (but, it works), switching between apps just isn't as "good" as a Blackberry. Typing is horrible, I keep reaching for my Bold when I need to type out anything that matters. The antenna on the 4S is crap compared to my BlackBerry's (can't hold a connection in an elevator which I use many times per day, for example, and Wifi coverage simply isn't as good).

Overall, I really like the fluidity and consistency and speed of all iPhone software, and plenty of games and apps to amuse me, so it works as a personal phone. But, I can't see myself ever using an iPhone as a serious work phone replacement for my Bold: quick messaging and editing pages of reports/documents is just impossible without a solid keyboard & trackpad.

I totally agree with you. The iphone is an entertainment device, and it does it well. That's why I'm adding some entertainment to my Playbook (games) to see if I really need to carry the 4s for that single purpose. So far, the 4s stays at home. My 9900 is a money maker productivity device.

Glad I have a 9810 with no problems right now, still want a 9900 but I'll wait until they fix the bugs. I remember mt Bold 9000 resetting it self a lot when I first got it but was fixed later with an OS update.

Definately Android. Ive had all three mobile platforms. I love the physical keyboard the moist, but if I didnt have it, I'd need the largest screen possible in order to type effectively. I enjoyed my original Galaxy S.

Good thing my 9900 still works :)

Android has to many versions, lack of security, fragmented, and battery life isn't that great. I tried a friends Android and it was ok till the battery ran out.

CrApple - I would never go back to that POS again. I hated the 3G and itunes.

If I had to switch I'd like to try a win8 phone. I am interested to get my hands on one but I wouldn't switch. I am a loyal Canadian :)

I'm having a good experience with the 9900 + Playbook, and I can only expect better when I bridge it to an even faster/better BBX phone.

There is one reason why i would never go with Apple. That is, you HAVE to have the newest device every year or you are an outsider. You become this mindless slave to Apple. Forking out thousands of dollars every year for iphones, ipads, apps and itunes. AND Apple people seem to the very smug. Nothing is as good as Apple in the mind of an Apple slave.

Windows phones are at the bottom of the pile in my opinion. The worst platform.

Android is alright. I don't care for HTC phones tho. Very cheap feeling

Anything but iPhone. why? I don't want a smartphone that treats me like I'm stupid. I can't mindlessly foLlow the Distortion-ists.

had chances to start from storm thru bold, curve, etc.. this summer purchased a playbook. without saying anything bad, i am simply not satisfied. yesterday ordered a htc device...

This is not just a 9900 issue! My 9850 bricked and had to be replaced after a month.

I too am sick of these undelivered promises and agree with other posters who note RIM's smug "attitude" toward their customer's concerns. They have long treated the media with the same contempt and then wonder why they have such a bad reputation with technology reporters.

Everyone pins all these hopes on BBX. Let's not forget that this is coming from a company that couldn't release new model for a YEAR (and the new models released are obviously defective) and still can't even write an E-MAIL client for their tablet computer. I'm not really expecting anything earth-shattering here.

I am over waiting and hoping--RIM can put up or shut up with BBX. I will no longer evangelize for them or even really recommend anyone buy a BlackBerry smartphone until they produce and reliable and competitive product.

With respect to other platforms, WindowsPhone 7 looks the best to me right now.

I just went to the 4S a week ago. Having been a BB guy for a good while and LOVE the device, I've been too frustrated with the development path for RIM of late, and the PB (64gb bought for 699 on 4/19) really left a bad taste in my mouth. I really wanted to like the 9900/9930 but needed a new phone and the wait for a BBX/QNX device was just too much. Hearing this sort of thing happening to our fearless leader makes me not regret my decision for now - and I actually really like the 4S. Clearly theres a FEW things BB has done better, but the pluses of the iOS / app enviornment outweigh the negatives. It also makes me even MORE frustrated with the playbook - autocorrect, spell check, mag glass/pointer, etc etc -- things a regular tablet should have.. If the next round of devices is better, I'll be back, but RIM is just shooting themselves in the foot too often. (they continue to fire having changed magazines as well, theres really not much "foot" left).

There was a glaring omission to the choices on the poll. "Nothing". I'm sorry, but I just can't stand any other OS so far for mobile devices. I've tried them all, and so far, the BB is really the only thing I can stand to use. If RIM ever went out of business I'd use my 9810 until it died and I would just no longer have a smartphone. In fact, I'd likely just not carry a cell phone at all anymore.

That was a 100% intentional omission.

I didn't want to put a Nothing poll as I'd assume, like me, most on this site would want to stick with BB. I'm saying if you COULD NOT pick a BB, what would you do.  Get it?

Got it, thanks for the explanation. Though, I still think I will stick with my answer. I do believe I would just simply abandon smartphones altogether. Up until I got my BB, I did NOT want a cellphone (2007). The place I worked at the time made me get a phone to be on call. I decided if I was going to get a phone, I was going to get something that I really liked. Only BB appealed to me, and I bought my Curve 8300. Since then, BB's are still the only thing that make sense, and work the way I want them to, without having to follow some arcane architecture or rules. I've tried them, and they just don't work as well. I also don't want to have to "jailbreak" or "root" my phone to do what I want, I don't want to have to do everything on the phone through iTunes, I don't some proprietary plug, I want a standards based experience. I want to use it as a USB thumb drive, and plug it into any computer I wish, without screwing up someone else's iTunes database if I happen to plug into it. I am talking about freedom here, and BB gives it, others don't. I simply do not want anything else and will refuse to take anything else, even if given to me for free. I've already refused iOS devices at work in favor of BB's, much to the consternation of management, who are all Apple fanboys. But watching the problems they have with their phones, and the lack of problems on mine, I'm perfectly ok with this and make this point known often. Again much to their chagrin. In any case, to me the BB is the perfect platform for me, and what my needs are and if that goes away, so does my need (& desire) for a smartphone.

Right now BB's are good for the speed of email, BBm and the physical keyboard.

But all you guys are forgetting the following:
IT appears that the majority of the new bbx phones next year will be touchscreen. This is really bad for rim. There is NO WAY that the 2012 bbx phones will be able to compete with the iPhone 5 and the new flagship droids. NO WAY!!

Plus, iMessage will gain traction, and push email looks likely.

What's the left for rim? Ae they then just able to target users who refuse to switch to a full touchscreen?

This playbook firesale is a downright fiasco. Now that it's 199 bucks, you reckon they will ever be able to move back to full RRP ?

Great questIon Newjack. I'm sure RIM will move back to the $499 retail, but only because they dont have a clue. What a bunch of clowns over there at RIM.

Seriously, how can they move that half-baked thing back up yo $499 when the Kindle Fire is $199 and the Nook is $249? I don't care about how much more powerful the Playbook is...that's a huge price disparity. I guess RIM thinks they're Apple.

The Playbook is so much more than the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet. They aren't even comparable. The Playbook can do most of the same stuff, without the vendor lock-in.

a fire sale is what the doctor orered. If RIM gets more devices in consumer's hands then they can work on the eco system. More playbooks, more app sales. Simple

As for switching, I could only switch to a device with a physical keyboard that's not a monstrosity.

I was an early adopter of the 9930 has been the perfect device for me, even with regards to battery life. The only issue I have had with the current Verizon OS build is scrolling through SMS history. That said, however I am not a big "app" person and only have a few well-known programs installed.

That said, perhaps someone could build a web site using php or such where users could log what issues they have (battery life, bricking, etc.) and what apps they have installed. This might shed some light on the origin of the problem.

I myself was never into the iOS devices but my GF is a real apple fan and she bought me my first apple product (iPod touch 4 gen) I've been having it for about a year now and honestly it's making me fall in love with the OS everyday!! I have been faithful to blackberry over 4 years now and yes I still enjoy my curve 3G everyday.. It's keeps me organized and simple! But I don't rely on it for email anymore I put my email on my iPod and it's looks a hundred times better.. I get mostly HTML emails and my bb can't handle those as well as iOS.. So with that being said my upgrade is next year and I will be keeping my options open an not just looking at RIM products but iOS and windows for my next device! We'll see what happens!

Hey Kevin, sorry to hear ur fatality bra! Fact of the matter is, that there are thousands of people like you and me out there who have given there best shot @ RIM for years, and sadly it hasn't paid out @ all...!!! So sad about this once vibrant and innovative company in general. So many people I know that are either switching or have done it already!!! and to have a bricked after bricked after bricked phone is worse than imaginable!!! that truly does not happen on any other platform that I know off...! You definitely should give another platform a try, probably, who knows we'll all migrate to a better platform amd fall in love all over again...


I would stay with BB because it is still my favorite platform: would just use an older/stable model. I don't need the latest and greatest: give me dependability any day. Right now my 9700 still meets my needs.

Really no other phone or OS interests me right now.

Well, this poll couldn't have come at a better time. I've been a loyal Blackberry user since 2002. I couldn't wait for the 9900 to come out. I bought it on August 31 and brought it home to setup. Within 4 hours it had bricked. Wouldn't even turn on.

I called RIM and they told me that tech support was $49. That's nice for a bricked 4 hour old device that costs north of $500. Tmobile send me a refurbed one.

The replacement lasted about a month, then the JVM 517 hit. I had to pay another $20 for shipping replacement. That replacement phone lasted 12 days, then another total hardware fail.

So now I send the third one back and the honor of paying another $20. The fourth one arrived on Friday. I'm selling that one. I just went out and bought the Samsung Galaxy Sll. I'm in love. I never realized what I've been missing.

I bought the Smart Keyboard. Wow, what a spectacular buy. It has a feature called "Custom Autotext". Yep, you guessed it...it's just like Blackberrys Autotext/Word Substitutiom...one of the main features that kept me with RIM.

The haptic feedback on the keyboard is good, and helping ween me off of the incredible Blackberry keyboard. I'm getting pretty good. Give me two weeks and I will be flying.

I haven't had to do a battery pull yet. I haven't had to reboot. RIM lost me...and I was a loyal Blackberry user. If they lost me, they will surely lose others. What a shame.

Now I actually have a real podcast app, truly quick Internet, working Nav...and a vibrant multimedia experience. And you know what? I would have gladly given that up for a quality 9900 experience. Screw you RIM!

Definitely feel your pain. Things can go wrong, technology isn't perfect on any medium, however, that is some shitty customer service. RIM does need to address this, been waaaaay too long of these same stories.

If you don't improve then what happens to you? Buy a luxury car that bites it or major problems how do you feel? Buy a malfunctioning PC and what happens? Buy a anything with a large value point and it's 9/10 times rectified. Why so much pain with buying almost a $1000.00 BB after taxes? Nevermind getting a deal on contracts. I don't care if it's monitors, TV's, Tools, etc etc....I know I can go back within a year and get it replaced or credit for something else.

Kevin, you have to admit my man, there needs to be 110% improvement in QC and customer satisfaction. Loyalists or not, when it comes to reliability...well this isn't good and neither is the solutions to upset customers.

after almost 5 yeats with BlackBerry, I switched to Android (Nexus S) Mainly I did this becasue I use alll Google products and everythings syncs with my Google account. BlackBerry setup was starting to be too much work and Google products development for BlackBerry has slowed drastically.

After 14 BB (Last one was a 9900), one windows phone (HTC HD7) and a couple of android devices (SGS2, HTC EVO 3D), I moved to iPhone 4s..... Couldn't be happier! I'm not an android/Apple/BB extremist, I just want a trendy, WOW device and actually, that's the iPhone 4s.... Will eventually come back when BB will have a real WOW device, until then...... Goodbye!

interesting my 9900 is working fine without these issues. It will be interesting to find out what the real problem is. Im sick of windows and i have a galaxy tab. Neither are that impressive to me. Until itunes is no longer needed ios is a no for me.

Don't need iTunes now unless you want local sync and backup (in which case, it's a lot better than drag-and-drop or RIM's apps). iOS 5 lets you start using it right away and has both iCloud for remote backup/sync as well as an easy way to re-download any iTunes Store purchases (apps, books, movies, music).

its true, you can pretend itunes sucks all you want as an excuse to avoid the inevitable, but itunes deff isnt required for an iphone anymroe unless u want to sync music...which is done wirelessly and very effiently unlike the primitive support RIM provies for getting content on your device.

yes id like a microSD slot, but you know what? its not that big of a deal.

Still have another year on my contract with my 9800. I have no problem sticking it out for the rest of that time, and feel I'll get another BB then. But, should something happen that changes my mind about that, the Windows phone actually interests me greatly. I don't ever want to use an iPhone (my wife has one and the ties to iTunes is something I don't want).

That sucks man, My 9900 bricked (JVM ERROR) on me about a month ago too. It hasn't been the same since :( I do like BB alot but I've lost a lot of faith in it. Yes the keyboard is great and so is BBM but I'm starting to feel that those two factors are not enough anymore to keep me around. Unless QNX wows me(even though it lacks a keyboard) I'll be jumping on the next iphone or latest android device.

I have no idea!!! It's almost to say that Blackberry is not the best but the only to do what it does. I would have to do some research.

Even if RIM was going out bussiness I wouldn't change what I have, the feeling of the tip of my fingers touching the keyboard is good enough to me to never change!!!!!!! RIM come on baby, miracles DO HAPPEN ( I have faith in YOU don't let me down )

I selected iPhone for the reasons mentioned in Kevin's article. I would preffer android because it is more open, but the insane number of phones constantly coming out and hardware problems make me wary. As for Windows Phone 7, I'm wary of almost anything from Redmond. Then again I don't like the idea of being forced to use itunes, especially since I mainly run Ubuntu.

I just the layout of my 9810. twitter, email and so on. It's all right there. Nice and clear and i can type with two thumbs not just one finger. Im out in the field a lot and i love how i can type a full detailed email on my torch. If RIM went under i would use my 9810 till the day it dies. I was an Android user before but typing was a TOTAL BITCH. Im a mobile welder and BB fits exactly what i need. Theres no way an iphone would last in my line of work. Not a chance.

I am going to switch to Android soon! I'm sick and tierd of relying on a device with crappy software.
RIM asks premium prices without delivering the value. The 9900 can't keep up with the Android or iPhone competition.
Again, Mike failed big!

i already have had a 9900 nuke on me after a week and replaced it with another 9900. four weeks later, the 9900 is working great, and if it gets nuked, my carrier has a nice looking lg with wp7, or the htc incredible s or samsung galaxy s ii, both with android. even though i promised myself i wouldnt go back to samsung after going blackberry, the galaxy s ii is kinda hard to pass up

Hey everybody let's just go Motorola Admiral...!!! Almost the same Blackberry experience without the Blackberry frustration, or crash...!!! hahaha Go figure!!! Running on Android 2.3!!!


Just get a 9810. You have everything you need to rock a blackberry...nice touchscreen and nice keyboard (RIM has improved it over the 9800)and nice auto focus camera and OS7. Oh yeah...no bricking problem. ;)

This is perfect! I have 6 phones in my household: 3 blackberry, 2 android, and 1 iphone. My Torch just crashed (my fault, disconnected it during update) So when i took it in for service info i upgraded an older phone to Iphone 4s. My wife and son upraded a while back and chose htc androids. Here is what we have found.
1. Apple sucks at email a as with and messaging compared to BB.
I cant send a group text as simplily and easily as with bb.
2. Apple is prettier and nicer to look at but I'm comparing a Torch 9800 to top line iphone, so drive a 6 cylinder mustang and then a shelby GT, same car but a bit more power.
3. all in all bb is still my choice for some things and iphone for the other.
I like McChickens somedays and Big Extras somedays,.... just depends on my mood whick one I order.

I'm not at all fond of the UI and look of android but it certainly has a great library of apps and I can't stand iOS inside and out.

I'd probably go windows phone for the fact that I'd love to have another well built nokia phone for the sake of choosing one os on this list. If it was right now? I think i'd head on over to the N9 (which is a meego phone yeah?)

interesting video and take by those analyst. Dead far from it though but QNX/BBX is really the only draw card they have left . I agree with them though that RIM is in trouble but I believe the Software will pull them out of the problems they're in now. I think the tablet market will be hard if they can't carve out a niche. You have the kindles, the ipads and the upcoming windows 8 tablets and where does that leave RIM...
I just hope they don't stumble with QNX as they did with the playbook. I bloody hope they continue with the playbook though as there's still potential!

I hope the day never comes where the only choices are between the iPhone and an Android phone. Let's see...

iPhone = cramped screen, crappy touch keyboard, battery problems, antenna problems


Android = untamed, virus infested wilderness with an inconsistent user interface and amateurish apps

Yeah, great choices. Would make me re-think having a smartphone at all if those were the only options.

My Blackberry Torch does the vast majority of what I need. Yeah, there's no decent music streaming solution, but I can solve that by carrying in iPod Touch. Everything else I do is covered. It's an efficient device and helps me a lot in my day-to-day activities.

I see an awful lot of Blackberries out on the street. I think there's a disconnect between real, "reality" and "reality" created by the Tech Press. There's no question though that RIM underestimated their competition and rested on their laurels. I do hope it's not too late for them and they get their head out of their corporate ass.

Owning a smartphone is about making choices based on your needs. I hope that we continue to have lots of choices moving forward.

I'm not a fan boy or anything but the iPhone problems listed are subjective if not already solved. Some people don't mind the screen (considering the 9900 has a smaller screen), key board as far as i know is decent for a touch screen, battery problems have/are addressed constantly through patches to ios and the antenna problem is solved in the iphone 4s as they have two antennas now.

Androids are also good phones, just don't download any sketchy apps ;)

Speaking of amateur apps, what exactly does BB offer that's so great?

Please keep in mind I've been a blackberry user for a while and I've done through 3 different blackberry phones. So I'm not hating just pointing out the flaw in your argument.

The main battery problem I see with the iPhone is that when it's done, you're pretty screwed as it's not removable. Battery life on Android is pretty atrocious, but at least one can carry a spare, or replace it easily. ( Droid Razor excluded of course)

Sent from my flippin' CrackBerry Style

I love my 9930, and I have been fortunate that I have not had the issues that so many people have had with their 9900/9930. I am trusting that RIM is going to get their rears in gear and continue to provide wonderful phones. There is no other OS that I like as well. I do, however, have a DroidX2 which is really a great phone. I am using it right now for music, some games, an alarm clock, etc., but most of all, I wanted to have another phone in case the unthinkable happened and RIM went under. I will continue to use and love my BB for as long as I can. If BB is not available for some reason, I would go Android. I just don't like iphone, and I can at least tolerate Android. I hope that will never happen!! I love my 9930 and my Playbook.

BB is still king, I would try the Windows phone until the 9900 is sorted-out.
I to left PC for Mac a few years ago.

OK, now that everyone has gotten their dream phone wishes out of their heads and onto this page, let's get back to reality. Almost everyone of you WILL be back or stay with RIM and you all know it! Time to stop all the whining and wait for the update fix (God help us) which will fix the problem, then you can find something else to complain about. "my track pad sticks, I can't see in the dark, Blah, blah, blah...." If you don't like the fix, turn in your 99xx and get a different crappy phone that will have its own set of issues. There's a million options out there, find one you like best and then ZIP IT. Man, I'm just sick of the cryin" all the time. BBerry Forever...

See my earlier post. And if things don't improve, remember to turn off the lights as you leave.

/Sounds like leapfrog Jim will be gone before you anyways.

You know what would be sweet ? Android buys RIM. Blackberry phones running Android. I would love me some Android on my Torch.

My 9930 is functioning well right now. No problems. If it bricks I'll just pull my 9650 off the shelf and use it as a backup. I tried getting a HP Pre2 when they had a firesale a while back. Didn't act fast enough. Missed out. It would have been the only other qwerty smartphone I would have considered.

ewww ios5 on a blackberry...u guys r sick....u want an ios5 then get an apple and move the f on ...blackberry 4 life.....touch MEANS NOTHING 2 ME..lol

HEY KEVIN I BRICKED MY PHONE FOR THE 2ND TIME ....FUNNY WE ALWAYS BRICK THE SAME TIME HMMMMMMMM.....very frustrating seeing as blackberry protect does not update like it says it does...but i will never leave blackberry....berry4life

I'm already time sharing with an Android.
Better camera
Better and more apps
Better browser
Better screen

Would never go for iOS. Too much marketing bullshit and too many restrictions

Guys. I got a telus 9900 my carrier is MTS I use a Sim card. I figured if I'm on MTS might as well use there OS. I installed it but it would only charger for 30 min and quit so I had to do a bat pull everytime I wanted to charge it. So I tried a diff OS and getting away from MTS OS was hard because in the middle of upgrading My BB dissconnected. Luckly I played around for 1 hour and got it to reconnect. I tried about 4 diff OS after that and they all did the same thing. Some charged for 1 hour and dissconnected. Some went a day without a problem. Telus Verson 9900/ is the only OS I found that will not dissconnect.

If I wasn't going to get a blackberry I would probably get an android. I like the looks of Windows Phone 7, but to my knowledge there aren't any keyboard WP7 phones. Even the android pickins are slim but I know there are some.

I do a lot of typing, I prefer the physical keyboard.

If I were ever to switch away from my blackberry ever again, it would be the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone. I own a Motorola ATRIX and I think it sucks. Android gets boring very quickly and dual core performance will just cook the phone.

Hoping that day never comes.. really looking forward to RIM's new BBX phones and loving my 9900 + PlayBook combo!! However if I ever needed to choose something else because BB suddenly became extinct I would go for Windows since it' would be the next best business oriented phone thanks to their Office/exchange intergration - Hoping they also have a good keyboard phone :).


Interesting question and I'm sure it's been on the minds of many of us. In fact, I posted this on my FB profile on Oct 20:

Although I've been a CrackBerry Addict since our worlds collided that glorious morning during Caribana 2008, amid all the recent downturns, I have found myself thinking, "what other device can incite this same sort of passion?" While I excitedly await the release of the new BBX lineup, I have confidently found a suitable successor should I ever venture away from my addiction. Oddly enough, it was in the form of an old love, now relaunched: the Motorola Droid RAZR. Amazing. It's the strong & worthy champion (and sole member) of my non-BB device list.

I thought it would be apt to repost it here.

Have already made the transition to another platform (Android), with the HTC Rezound, and so far...couldn't be happier. So for now it's "hasta la vista" RIM!

I was about to pull the trigger on 9900 Friday. Might wait a week or two. If things don't work out with RIM fixes or at least RIM maning up to what the problem is. I may go to the Galaxy ll. I did like the 9900. I been using BB for awhile really don't want to change.

I've decided that the keyboard, notification light and BBM, which I see as the biggest benefits to BB, are not enough to stay with a BB. Going iPhone 5 as soon as its released. I've had the iPod touch for almost a month now and I use it more than my bb. I don't know how much faster the newer bb's are, but everything just seems to work on iOS. The bb browser and lengthy install time for apps as well as all the reported problems with the new devices has really turned me off. Plus, it just seems like bb is always behind on stuff while iOS seems to always be leading the pack. Looking forward to ditching bb.

So you like to lead the pack, because you are a winner, ha.

This is the way I see it. Blackberry is my money maker because it makes me more productive, while the 4s is the entertainment device, more like an expensive ipod touch. So thanks to my Blackberry devices (9900 + PlayBook), I can afford to get overpriced Apple hardware. =)

I love my Blackberry but I don't how much longer I can take my 9930 bricking on me..................twice in the last week alone. I feel your pain Kevin!!

Hey Kevin,

First off I just wanted to say thanks for this website and all of the members that helped me out throughout my years with BlackBerry.
I was seriously just tired and let down of my BlackBerry devices failing me. I was just tired of the hybrid OSs, reloading, loading, wiping, freezing, battery pulls etc. E-mail was fantastic and the best on any mobile device I have used. Browsing was terrible though.

Unfortunately/fortunately however you want to look at it, I finally upgraded to the iPhone 4s and couldn't be happier. I found that setting up my gmail through exchange on my phone is just as instant as BlackBerry. My other concern was the touch screen, but I found myself typing faster than I was on my Bold. I pulled out my BlackBerry today for the first time since the 4s launch and I was just used to and more comfortable on the 4s.

Yes, I would like a little bit of a bigger screen but it is fantastic how it is now for me. Very good browsing and music/video experience. Apps are incredible and I would barely use any on my BlackBerry because of lack of selection. Often times I would see things advertised for iPhone/Android only apps, no BlackBerry!

I also don't see the big deal about jailbreaking. Yeah I had a few themes for my BlackBerry but even if you did want to customize the iPhone just jailbreak it, simple as that. Then you can customize it any way you would like.

Try using your iPhone 4s as a main device for a little bit, I'm thinking you would overlook some of the things that might be bothering you and see that the iPhone could work for your everyday tasks. Also, Siri is awesome and is only bound to get better!

Thanks again, Kevin. I will still come back to hear what you have to say! Would love to see an appearance from you over at TiPb!

They wish they had a guy like Kevin working on their site day in day out... it would make it a whole lot better that's for sure.

i'm mainly talking about the members over there in the forums. they have been extremely helpful for getting set up with an iPhone and many are ex-crackberry forum members.

and yes I agree, would love to see Kevin working that site too!

There are too many limitations on the iPhone. No LED notification, no Notes Sync to my Outlook OTA. Too many features missing from IOS, it's for simple minded people.

The thing is all the other phone are so much better than blackberry. I hate blackberry this phone sucks so much I never had so many problems with a phone in my life. BLACKBERRY GO FUCK YOURSELF JUMP OFF A CLIFF AND DIE!!!!!!!

After 16 days with my beloved 9900, I got the endless Black screen. I did not want to go through the hassle of reinstalling the OS when I'm still under the 30 days. Went and traded in the dead 9900 for another one. Hoping this one will last at least until RIM can get out a FIX on this craziness.

I would love to purchase a new BB 9900! However, no way with the price AND all the bricking problems! I purchased a T-Mobile 4G Slide for my daughter last month [birthday/graduation present] and it is an awesome phone! The 4G seems faster than WIFI! She has figured out how to conserve battery and seems to be doing well. I love my 8900 - however if I were to purchase a new phone that is not a Blackberry I would go for the MyTouch Slide!

I love Blackberry's but if they don't start getting their act together and/or start releasing on time and communicating better or if they would fold (very unlikely), I know for a fact my next phone would be a Windows Phone 7. I am no Microsoft fan, I use Apple for computing, own an iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhones 2, 3Gs, and use to own iPhone 4 until I sold it to get my Bold 9930. I also have Apple TV. So I could be called a bit of an Apple fanboy. But I just picked up last week a Samsung Focus Flash from AT&T. I read an article that predicted that Windows Phone could move to the #2 spot over Apple, and they are right. While it lacks some important features that Blackberry's have it is a sweet OS. I am enjoying carrying and using it.

So if for some reason you can't have a beloved Blackberry anymore, don't overlook Windows Phone 7. As I said I have had iPhone and liked it (grew tired of the UI and will not jailbreak to customize), had an HTC EVO 4G, loved the build of the phone, didn't like Android. So look at Windows Phone 7. I really believe that BBX will blow Windows Phone 7, iOS, and Android away come on RIM get it done.

LMAO, that sucks kevin. i bought the 9900 the same day you did( in Toronto) and its been working flawlessly ever since. I guess my phone was made on a wednesday. lol.

I will never give up my BlackBerry. But if I have to, then it has to be Windows Phone 7.5 and it has to be Nokia.

Apple has FAR too many limitations with how much you can customize on the phone and what it's capable of doing. Android is very flexible, something iPhone is not, but to me, it seems like it's perpetually in beta. It never seems polished enough to seem like a final product. They are always releasing new releases of their OS to fix problems, and everyone I know with Androids have problems with them every now and then, but of course they will never admit that it's annoying because they are Android fanboys. Your problem with the 9900 is definitely serious, but I think they'll fix it soon and once it's fixed, you'll never look back. My 9900 has been flawless so far, and I love it. My friends around me have everything else, iPhone 4S, various Android phones including the latest and greatest like the Galaxy S2, and I'll have to say, as nice as the Galaxy S2 is, I'm still glad I have my Bold 9900. And no comparison to the iPhone, that thing is just a girl's phone in my opinion... That phone is truly an example of form over function...

Galaxy SII on its way to me today - had enough of not just the bricked phone one morning a month but also the slow browser / app store et etc. Used the Galaxy ace for two days last week (a budget Android phone!) and it wiped the floor with my 9900 in terms of what i wanted to do with it. Sure my emails were 3 mins slower, big deal.........

Shame, because i really wanted to love this phone, but last couple of weeks i just couldn't find any more patience for it.

Bye bye!

Although I love my bold 9900 if this broke honestly I wouldn't go buy any of them and wait till later next year when BBX hits the shelves .

( I nearly died yesterday when I thought my phone bricked an would not turn on at all, instead it was just completely drained, even when I connected the charger nothing happened. I removed the battery 3/4 times, the red light would light up but nothing happened so I tried again ..still the same. So although I don't advise this incase it totally destroys your phone.. i connected the charger without the battery inside ..the red light shown but also the clock timer so I quickly put the battery back in. Then it went off but I new the phone works for sure, luckily. So although I tried charging it (briefly) from the very start and it never did nothing i tried charging again knowing it was the battery and not my phone so I then left it charging for around 20mins. Again at first it showed only the red light but after about 15mins it started up :D When It finally turned on I backed-up everything and then left it to fully charge up.)

Before Blackberry I loved Nokias..I'd therefore love to see Windows OS running on an E71 type device & for there to be a WP version of Socialscope!

I would say Android would come under consideration but as has been pointed out by Ashley Esqueda..with so many Android devices flooding the market you end up tearing your hair out!

I don't think I could go with an iphone just because I'm SO tired of hearing how "great" they are, plus I have a buddy who's ALWAYS trying to hype them up to me, it gets seriously old. I've tried the iphone before (my friend's) & really don't like the touchscreen at all. I'd go Android but it would HAVE to have a keyboard just too used to it at this point.

If I can't get a BlackBerry then I would get a droid and pay the $30.00 bucks to have anti-virus software.
If I can't get a BB or a droid then I would get a dumb phone.
If that fails I'll go back to just using a land line.

I will never support Apple or Microsoft.

I'm likely BlackBerry to the end, but the iPhone has got to the point it can be a work phone for me, but the latest WP 7.5 "mango" OS on Windows Phone looks good too, but I haven't talked to anybody who has it to see how functional/ reliable it is.

If not BB, then I would go with the latest phone that has a keyboard and a touchscreen. I could definitely see myself with the Galaxy M Pro. Never been an iFan.

What really sucks with the bricked phones is that recovering is such a long process. It takes forever, and re-installation of the apps is a long and tired process that sometimes involves finding apps that are outside of AppWorld, and settings within apps are rarely saved. It really shows how broken and dated RIM's platform is. That said, my 9930 had a JVM error once (I have had the phone for about 2 months), but now I am on the following OS

9930, Bundle 1739, (v7.0.0.374, Platform

and it seems stable. Kevin should send RIM his BlackBerry, so that they can get to the botom of this. I would also really like to know what the real cause is.

Waiting for QNX....

Definitely iOS if Blackberry wasn't an option. I don't like Microsoft, and just want a phone that works and that iPhone probably comes closest to meeting my requirements after Blackberry. Android is too tinkerish (sorry I have a life and don't want to spend my free time tinkering with an OS or rooting, overclocking, etc. that people seem to do) and too many phones come out too often.

Just went to rogers with a broken blackberry 9780(Black screen of death) and decided to get the iphone 4s. The 9780 was my 5th blackberry in a row and im sad to go but i dont think rims given me a choice. I hate to say but its an amazing phone. The lack of keyboard is kinda annoying but i think i just need to get used to it. Its amazing how fluid the os is. No waiting for apps to open, no freezing. This will probably be my last post here for a long time if not ever. Wow me with bbx rim and we shall see.

" The initial word I got back from RIM that day was that my report seemed to be the first along these lines and was isolated to me and the group of people I knew."

LOL!!!!!!!!!!! As if it were your aura or something. How could they say this with a straight face?

I have zero experience with current windows phones, but I really loved WM5 and 6 phones by HTC so I would give them another shot. Evo was a fail to me and the Iphone is smooth and great for playing, but I don't like it as a communication device. Windows would be my next choice right now, but even though I have experienced the 99x0 brick, BB is the best phone for me by a long shot.

An apple iphone sorry but I hate the fact that android is on every other phone because you can never be sure if your phone will be defective or will it be updated to the new os and its so fragmented! And also I hate the new interface and having it in a zillion phones makes it look like any other regular phone I mean where is the f*cking android robot on the battery cover of their smartphones?! With bb and apple I get that and I love that the software goes with the hardware and its amazing!! But I seriously hope I don't change to other platform cuz I loooove blackberry!!! :) follow me! @isalguezalex


I voted for Apple's iPhone4S. If I couldn't have a BlackBerry, that's definitely what I'd get. Why? Because I recently bought an iPad2 and wow that thing is smooth !!! And I have "fallen" for iTunes, iBooks, & iCloud. So, I love BlackBerry, but switching to iPhone4S would be seamless for me at this point.

you know your company is a failure when the creator of the biggest fan site you have is complaining about his shitty BOLD bricking 3 times in one month.

throw in the towel RIM, you cant compete with ignorance and fear of change.

got me an iphone4s. ZERO problems. battery life is on par and sometimes better than i experience with my 9930. not to mention, i can actually hear people over the phone unlike the terrible call quality on every BB ive owned.

i dont know why everyones hating on iphone as a communcation device. i have imessage and it works beautifully between iphones, and i have kik messenger which works beautifully cross platforms, even BB. i use my phone for communcation primarily, and this was the hardest thing to face when leaving BB, but the iphone gets emails pushed and there are multiple BBM clones that do just as good of a job only they work over wifi and outside of BBOS!

not to mention u can facetime? wat can u do on a BB for communcation thats soooo great compared to the competition?really? what can u do? yes theres a keyboard. i know that, but beside that there is literally nothing a BB can do better than my iphone.

I almost hate to say it, but you are correct. There is no communication task that I can do on my BlackBerry that can not be done at least as well on an iPhone 4S. iOS 5 DOES have push email and iMessage in case anyone has been living under a rock lately. And regular instant messaging is SO much easier on iPhone than BlackBerry.

I don't care what they say, I'd go pick myself up a Pre 3. The homebrew community is still thriving, and webOS is an excellent OS. It's been my mobile OS of choice for many years, and I'll be picking myself up a Pre 3 off eBay for use until the new BBX phones are released next year (unless webOS is revived).