Icons from leaked BlackBerry OS 6.1 available to download!

By Michelle Haag on 1 Apr 2011 05:15 pm EDT
BlackBerry OS 6.1 icons

Hey theme developers, if you're looking for the icons from BlackBerry OS 6.1 that leaked yesterday, look no further. They have been extracted and are ready to use! You can see how beautiful they look in BBTheme's Six dot X theme that was released really early this morning (like middle of the night early). So fire up Theme Builder and get to work on some new hotness!

Note: The icons are for use in BlackBerry Theme Studio. You cannot just install the icons on your device. 

To download the icon set from BlackBerry OS 6.1

Source: Unreal BlackBerry Themes

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Icons from leaked BlackBerry OS 6.1 available to download!


I was playing around with it yesterday....do you have to change icon by icon? Is there a way to quickly import them since they are all named by RIM convention already?

Guys... you can't just INSTALL the icons on your BlackBerry. They are for theme developers to use in building themes. There is a link in the post for the first theme created with them, if you really want them on your device.

I have a lot missing. Pictures, voice notes, videos, music, Instant Messaging folder, unread icons, the list goes on

If I can decompile it, I think I'll make the 6.x theme for an android device :P looks pretty snappy and hopefully will be great for my Galaxy

Hey what's up everybody I was wondering if there is a video or a tutorial on how to add the leaked blackberry os 6.1 icons. I downloaded it but can't figure how to add it with the theme builder studio. So if anybody out there can help me I would appreciate it thanks.

I was wondering does anybody know if there's updated blackberry simulators because it doesn't have the newest 9700 version on the 9700 simulator is only has I think that's why I'm having issues sampling some of the leaked 6.1 icons on the simulator. So all you theme builders help me out please. Feel free to BBM me if you can help me out. Also I finish making the theme just having issue with the calendar icon but everything else is done. I would appreciate the help here's my bbm pin 225E743A .