iconManager 1.0.6 Shows Battery Status & Calendar Date

By Adam Zeis on 5 Oct 2009 01:42 pm EDT


Danny at Toysoft sent me an email to let me know that he has released iconManager, a cool app that shows your battery information and calendar date on your homescreen. We've actually seen quite a few similar apps recently that did each of these, but none packaged together. The bundle includes iCalendar and iBattery. iCalendar shows the current date in the calendar icon, as well as either the month or day as the application name. You can customize the icon with a photo or icon template. iBattery shows the battery charge status as an icon, and the charge percentage as the application name. Both parts of the app have a good amount of features you can customize, and for $0.99 you can't beat the price.

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iconManager 1.0.6 Shows Battery Status & Calendar Date


i like the calendar aspect, but i see all these apps that display the battery status, and i dont know why you would need it because there is already a battery icon on your homescreen.

i can say the same for the calendar - the dates on the home screen. the battery "status" indicator is actually a percentage shown, not just the bards.

battery and calender are already present, it's an idiotic attempt at making money, whoever made this think twice before making useless rubbish.

the calendar does not show you the date on the icon. it is static. also when you put the calendar in focus it will show you the date or day of week. as with the iBattery it can show you the actual percentage of charge.

hmm 1. Date is shown on main screen 2. Battery icon main screen too. All features free by "default"

Your right but it is nice to see it in the icon so that when scanning through your icons its right there.

the phone already has the date on the initial screen, if you can be conned so easily, what are your bank account details? you are probably like a lamb being lead to the slaughter house when it comes to making sensible decisions

So liking a .99 cent peice of functionality that I tend to like makes me gaulible. Wow good job of detective work (rolls eyes) then dont buy it. Ive never understodd how people decide to come into threads, posts etc just to complain about the product.

there 5 different icon templates. if you dont like them then you can create or select any picture to use as the calendar icon.

Great concept about the calendar, but as for the battery... I'm going to have to agree with the previous posters.

Now if there were other interesting features to be added with every update of this app... Then it may be worth while.

Its not a life changing program but its simple and neat. It has always annoyed me that the calendar icon did not have todays date in it. It also works with the hidden today themes. Its only 0.99, it does what it says, if you like it, buy it. If you dont like the idea then dont buy it but also dont run the idea down!!!!
It works and looks great on my 9630 Tour with an L theme and hidden today. Sweet........................

...that a lot of people just don't get it. That's ok though, to each his own. BUT you buy it and use it because it's cool! That's it. Maybe I wouldn't spring $10 for it, but a buck? It's worth that just to look at for a day!

Just wondering if this icon on the home screen when scrolled over will still show the today screen? I bought the one featured last week and it isnt able to show any today appts when u highlight it from the main screen.

yes it does for OS 4.7 and higher. when you touch the system calendar icon on a custom Theme you will see the appointments.

Its a nice app, and I'd gladly pay the .99 cents, but a single digit date (like today) just doesn't line up with the calendar box.