Iconify v0.8.3 Public Beta Released - Quickly Access Your Contacts & Websites Via Homescreen Icons

By Bla1ze on 2 Feb 2010 03:06 pm EST
Iconify v0.8.3 Public Beta Released

A new application has just been made available for public beta. Iconify, comes to us from the same developer of FileScout, Matthias. The basic principle of Iconify is to allow you to create quick access links to all of your favorite contacts and websites, making you and your BlackBerry more efficient then ever.

With Iconify you can make homescreen icons for one of 3 methods of communication. IconifyDial, which allows you to pick and create icons for calling your contacts. IconifyMail, which allows for quick access emailing, SMS, pin messaging. And finally, IconifyWeb which allows you to create instant weblinks to your favorite websites. All of which are user customizable with pictures, web icons.

Since this is a free, public beta user feedback is greatly appreciated. At this time all devices with OS 4.3+ are supported and you can read the full break down of Iconify and it's options via the site or in the CrackBerry forums as well you can take a look at the user manual. After having used the app for a few days now, I can definitely say its made things a whole lot easier for me, so be sure to check it out.

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Iconify v0.8.3 Public Beta Released - Quickly Access Your Contacts & Websites Via Homescreen Icons


when the 14 day trial period is over you can enter any 12 digit code as Registration Code of this public Beta

Go into your address book or browser and hit your menu key, it will show menu items as there is no icon for the app itself. You might also wanna read the manual as it mentions that. :)

Created a couple contact icons for calling, and a couple links to websites and it seems to be working great. I hope it does not end up being too expensive because I might invest in this app if it keeps working as it has.

I would prefer to have an Ok button at the bottom of the create new IconifyLink, and edit IconifyLink menus.


I've been looking for just this type of application and Iconify ran great on my Storm 2 as-is. PictureLink looks like it requires Compatibility mode (either that, or navigation is very difficult on the Storm 2 with PictureLink).

Iconify looks like a winner, even in this early beta.

Yes. It is designed for OS4.3 and higher. You can just disable compatibility mode. Not really a big issue.

I bought PictureLink back on my Storm1, and have been using it on my Storm2. It's not bad, and pretty much does the same thing, but the ease of use on this free app is much greater. It's completely integrated with the OS and provides all the right options.

Sorry, uninstalling PictureLink.

and very easy/intuitive to use. So far so good is right. I agree that a BBM option would be great. If my BB doesn't crash in the next few hours it's a homerun! :-) Thanks.

Combine "IconifyDialLink" & "IconifyMailLink" into a single icon. This way, I create one icon for a contact, instead of 2. The way I envision it working is when I select this combined icon, it asks me if I want to call one of the numbers or email/sms one.

I think I got the idea... Once you have a Mail AND a Dial link for the same person, ask the user, if he want's to use a "combined" IconifyLink - and if the user select "yes", then you will be prompted what to do once you click on the IconifyLink on the Homescreen... (so it might end up in two clicks when you have "Select Each time" iconifyLinks - but I fully agree - it's always good to have a choice)

Perhaps allow the user to create this combined iconifyLink from the initial option click in contacts. The app does not need to wait until the user has a Mail AND a Dial link for the same person. This is more work for the user to create both, then "combine". Just combine from the get go.

But there will be 2 clicks on the iconfiylink icon once it is created. One to select, then one to choose the action (call what #,email/sms what address).

Yeah, combined would be great.

So when you created a single contact icon you'd choose what options you want tied to it, (intelligently) based on the data recorded for the person in your address book:
Call mobile
Call home
Email contact@emailaddress
SMS mobile
MMS mobile

Then when you clicked the created icon, it would show that dialog box asking how you want to contact the contact, much like the call confirmation behaves.

It's not bad as-is, but this combination of methods into a single contact icon would be bliss.

is there anyway to edit the icon once installed (change the pic) or do we have to delete and reinstall with the new preferences?

and why when i delete the icon, it is still on my phone but when i try to select i get an error because the file is not found, or will we need to battpull to completely delete?

cool little app

please be so kind and use the "BlackBerry-Options" - "Iconify-Options" - "Edit IconifyLinks" dialog to edit/unlink/delete previously created links.

i have downloaded it but not used it just yet.

quick question, is there an app that when i go to create an sms, it only shows mobile numbers instead of all the numbers for a given contact? thanks.

If you don't use a custom name for an icon, it says: IconifyLink00001, ...002, ...003, but if you check Use custom Name, it would be nice to have it autofill the contacts name.

Edit IconifyLink for: Jane Doe

It would be nice for the program to put "Jane Doe" automatically in the custom Name field, then let you change it if needed.

actually Iconify should "autoname" a Dial, Mail or WebLink... if that does not work on your device it would be very interesting to know, what Device and what OS you are using - TIA

let's see if that can be changed in one of the next version - I have already couple of requests - that "just" depends on the 3'rd party browsers - for sure I will give that a try!

My biggest issues are that you have to reboot your device after removing a link and that you have to install a file for every contact you want to link. However, the rest of the app is great.

When you want to "replace" an existing IconifyLink just go to the Iconify-Options and edit the existing links - select "unlink" instead of remove [this will keep the link app installed and it will be reused for your next created Web/Mail or Dial Link]

The request for Reboot after the Remove Operation is indeed not nice - and only RIM know why the device "think" a reboot is required after a IconifyLinker app is removed...

The BBM latest version has a a feature that allows to place a contact in the home screen,this creates an icon of the person you chose.When clicking on that icon it opens up the BBM window but L clicking on it opens up choices as call,MMS SMS PIN send file, send pic etc etc. The iconofy App is cool but why do I have to place two icons of the same contact one to call the other to MMS or e-mail it's just creates too much clutter.It would have been nice if one icon could have done it all.Beta version its only good for 14 days although its limited to 10 icons.

1. Needs to work with other browsers, Opera Mini, Bolt, not just BB.
2. Needs just 1 Icon for contact, click that Icon, then give the option to call or email. But have it text/email first (default) since you can already have a hot key for calling. ie., T = call Tisha!
3. Icons from your pix, or from the Internet, not as clear when they get re-sized?
4. 14 day trial, but only 10 Icons? What happens after the trial period?

But really promising at this point ... It works as described!

1) other Browsers need to support the ability to be called with an URL [waiting for response from BOLT team in the moment] - the normal way (how it can be done with other applications) does not work for now.

2) For sure an option I am going to investigate - might be user configurable

3) ImageResize algorithm is the default BB one - when the result is not the best - well not much I can do about that for now - best would be to provide custom images, that are already in the correct HomeScreen Icon size [which is of course device dependant]

4) as said before: when the 14 day trial period is over you can enter any 12 digit code as Registration Code of this public Beta

I really like xweb10's suggestion to combine one icon for calling and sms and allow the user to select which after the icon is clicked. It would be much cleaner than say having call John Smith and sms John Smith right next to each other.

At times I have noticed I need to go into options refresh the links as during the day i loose some of the custom text names under the icons.

Would be interesting to know what happen when the Icons loosing the text below them [anyhow strange behaviour of BB why only the TEXT is lost]... Could it be, that you uninstalled an application - and after that (no reboot) the text is gone?

I had a similar experience.

I installed Iconify.
Made an icon for my wife w/custom name.
Fell in love with Iconify.
Deleted PictureLink (similar app), did not reboot.
Made an icon for my best friend w/custom name.

I then noticed that my wife's icon name got changed to the system-generated one. I just went into options, refreshed icons, and it went back to the right name.

Fantastic application!

Downloaded and item did not show in Options. Pulled battery and rebooted - the end - system crashed BB fried. Maybe just a coincidence, however...
Verizon is Express mailing a new one - ...

so far +3.500 installations - the first time that I am reading about a fatal system crash - well I am not saying, that it's not related to the BETA Version of Iconify - but if there would be a general problem then I would had expected way more fatal crashed - I'll keep my fingers crossed, that this your crash is not related to iconify at the end of the day - do you get something like a 'JVM error 102' ???

I have the blackberry storm and switched from verizon to t-mobile. I just got the phone unlocked and was wondering what else I need to do to get my phone to work.....example the pandora internet radio does not work. The person that unlocked it told me to check out this website and you could help me. Apparently I need to change some settings or something. How do I do this?