ICONIC by BerryMobi - Enter to win 1 of 25 free copies!

By Michelle Haag on 23 Sep 2010 11:36 am EDT

ICONIC is a really slick new theme just released by BerryMobi. The design is very professional  with meticulously crafted battery and signal meters, BlackBerry 6 icons, and the functionality of hidden today, hotspots, and shortcuts. What more could you ask for in a theme? Well, BerryMobi has an answer for that. They've taken the home screen on this theme up a notch. The dock is made so that you can have just the standard dock of icons at the bottom of the screen, or you can choose to show the full banner and have 14, 20, or 24 icons showing (depending on the device and the version you have installed).  Neutral blue and gray colors throughout the theme ensure that your favorite wallpapers will shine through in style.

This is a theme you will return to again and again for the versatility and style that ICONIC brings to your BlackBerry. Available now in the CrackBerry store for most devices, you'll want to grab ICONIC while it's on sale.

Contest: BerryMobi was kind enough to give us 25 copies of ICONIC to give away this week! Just leave a single comment on this post to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PDT.

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Reader comments

ICONIC by BerryMobi - Enter to win 1 of 25 free copies!



OMG !! This theme looks GREAT ! Its just what I have been looking for !! I am a theme hoar and have been waiting for something just like this to come out !! Thanks for the opportunity to win one

wow this would be awesome>>i have been dying for different and more icons... hope u pick me please

Looks likes a very cool app. I am currently using the same app that came with my Storm 1 so it's time to change it. So it would be GREAT to win a copy!!! So, please pick me.

I love these CrackBerry.com contests. This theme looks like a great design. BerryMobi makes some of the best themes IMHO. Thank you both for making this available!

Since I cant really afford to upgrade to a new BlackBerry that supports 6...my 9530 is being ignored daily by these new fancy Os6 phones, they wont let her join in their Berry6 games....my poor 5.0 is suffering from 6 envy...please help my Storm get over these issues, I tell her everyday that she is great but everytime I walk by the Verizon store she see's me checking out the newer sexy models and she threatens to brick on me....please save my relationship with the ol girl, let me have one for free

I would love to get this theme. My BB is a work issued one so I can't/don't buy themes. This would be perfect!

My Black Berry just wont shut up about having this on it... It just keeps whining and begging me for it since you posted the contest... I NEED it! LOL

Compact viewing of the important apps and infos and plenty of room for my own pictures as background image.

really pretty

I would love to have a copy of the Iconic Theme please because BerryMobi make such fantastic themes and Crackberry Is the best site for all Blackberry users.

to the tune of Goldfrapps Rocket

i've got iconic
I'm going on it
I'm never coming back

the one with all the icons around the screen looks dope...and i can use it on my 9700!

I shall have it, if it shall have me. Help a fellow American out here crackberry. My S2 screen is cracked like a windshield after a bad wreck. What would help me forgot about the horribly cracked screen is this theme of course ;)

this looks like a really nice theme to have on my phone. it would really go well with the bb wallpaper i have on my homescreen.

Great theme, by BerryMobi. Would love to give this theme a whirl. Looks great, especially with the neutral colours for my wallpaper to show through.

Good luck to all!

This looks fantastic, but I never win anything. Whoever gets this, share the information and let us know how it works out.

I love BerryMobi's work. I have a friend on twitter who has this theme and has been teasing me with it for a while now. I'd love a chance to win this gorgeous theme.

I really like the looks of this theme, I might have to buy it, if I don't happen to luck out and win one..(Finally breaking my amazingly long losing streak ;)

Nice looking new theme. Hopefully this will be on my BB soon. Thanks gang for providing us with a chance to win this!!

Very nice job on the layout style. Looks like the designer new exactly what they wanted with no brainstorming needed. Kudos!!! Nice job!